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Michael Jackson + his babies

“They (my children) mean… It’s hard to put in words, because they mean everything. The way you would explain how your children make you feel… They’re the world for me. I wake up and I’m ready for the day because of them.” - MJ

Do you know what irritates me the most about people questioning the parentage of Michael’s children? People who claim to be fans always say “well it doesn’t matter if Michael’s the biological father! He raised them so he’s their dad!” It does matter because no one wants to believe a word Michael says, even when it comes to his children. Everything he says is apparently a lie. Paris has even been getting harassed for calling herself black, and it’s completely ridiculous.

If Michael says his kids are biologically his, why can’t fans just believe him? If Michael wanted “white” children so bad, he could have easily just adopted. He talked about wanting to adopt children plenty of times.

Micheal’s kids look like him and the rest of the Jackson family. There are plenty pf pictures online comparing the kids to various Jackson family members. Prince even has vitiligo patches like his father!

Also, it’s 2017 and people still refuse to believe that mixed race kids can favor one race. There are so many examples of black and white kids that are white passing. Genetics are SO diverse, and the Jackson family descend from Europeans, Native Americans, and Africans. It’s not surprising that Prince and Paris are white passing. The kids are black and identify as black. Stop trying to argue otherwise.


Paris: We all loved him to death. He had that good energy where you just didn’t want to leave.

Prince: He would [always] ask us how we were going to help the world. And you can see most of his ideals are inside of me, my brother and my sister.

Michael Jackson through the eyes of his children.


“I pray that my children will give me the benefit of the doubt. That they will say, ‘Our daddy did the best he could given the unique circumstances that he faced. He may not have been perfect, but he was a warm and decent man who tried to give us all the love in the world’. I hope that they will always focus on the positive things, on the sacrifices I willingly made for them, and not criticize the sacrifices circumstances may have forced upon them or the errors I have made and will certainly continue to make in raising them… I hope that my children will not judge me unfavorably, and will forgive me of my shortcomings…”

~ Michael Jackson on his children, Oxford University (2001)


A look inside Michael Jackson’s phone (insp.)

note/disclaimer: this is an idea of what I believe his phone would be like if he were still here. I thought this was a different and creative idea and decided to make an edit out of it.