The blanket is finally done! It’s finally finished and I couldn’t be more relieved. I know I said I would write a series on this blanket but the fact is, I didn’t have any time to because I was far too busy crocheting.

I must confess, I didn’t finish it on time as I had hoped. But I did get very close. On Christmas Eve, I worked frantically on it with the desperate hope of pulling off a Christmas miracle and finishing it on time. Deep in my heart, I knew it wasn’t going to happen but that didn’t stop me from wanting to try anyway. The fixation grew from this fear I have of disappointing anyone ever. I never want to let anyone down because I’m afraid I will instantly lose their love/ friendship/respect. It’s completely neurotic and an issue I plan on working on this year. But, it was that fear/motivation that kept me perched on the couch for 5-6 straight hours, crocheting like a fiend. I managed to finish 10 hexagons before my mom said “Enough!” and forced me to stop and do other things… like eat something or go outside. 

There was something else besides Mom that stopped me from working any further on the blanket: Pain. Sometime between my 7th and 8th hexagon for the day, a sharp pain developed in my wrists/fingers which I had never previously experienced. More on this in a bit.. 

I failed to meet my goal which really bummed me out but I was 95% done. On Christmas Day, I had all 4 quadrants completed, just not attached to one another. I showed Dad what I had completed and promised I would have it finished that Friday instead. Dad was really understanding about it which was fortunate considering I was ready to throw myself out the window if he had shown a mere glimpse of disappointment. I hated that it wasn’t done but I was certain I could have it done on Friday.

This time I actually kept my promise. I finished the blanket on Friday morning and snapped a picture of it which what you see above. Later that evening, my boyfriend and I drove to my parents’ house and I presented my dad with the blanket. He loves it and texts me whenever he’s using it which is pretty adorable. Despite the fact that it had been delayed so much, it was a pretty great feeling handing the blanket over to him. It feels even better to have that massive project off my shoulders…or is it fingers?

So the question I’m facing is: What now? The answer is: Time off. As I mentioned earlier, I experienced some pain in my wrists/fingers while I was working. I have never had pain in my fingers/wrists before from crocheting but I have never worked so hard for so long on a project. I’m well aware of the dangers of developing issues such has carpel tunnel with too much crocheting so, I’m taking a few weeks off from crocheting so my limbs can have some recovery time.

I’m also taking time off to do other things with my free time such as video games which I’ve had to leave by the wayside in order to make deadlines. Not to worry, this blog won’t be abandoned. While my arms rest, I’m going to be scheming and plotting to push my craft to the next level. I have some big ideas on the horizon and I can’t wait to show you all what they are. This year is going to be incredible. 

(Note: This is probably the first of a series of posts I’m going to be making about this blanket for my Dad.) 

So ever since October, I’ve been working furiously on this blanket for my father. The picture above shows the current quadrant I’m working on. My dad asked me for this blanket over a year ago and my goal last year was to have it ready by Christmas last year.

This did not happen. I only got 25% of it completed due to other things sucking up my free time. However, I am a lady(?) of my word so I aimed to finish it for his birthday in July. 

This also did not happen. Here’s what happened instead: I moved into a new apt, went on vacation with my family which was cut short by the death of my grandmother. This all happened in less than a month. In the weeks following, I found myself in the middle of a crippling depression. Everything was moving very fast and I was emotionally worn out. Just making it out the door to work took monumental effort, nevermind crocheting. I didn’t start to feel better until September when I began work on the burger. 

Even in the midst of my depression, this blanket was floating in the back of my mind, screaming at me to finish it. “Soon,” I kept telling myself. “Soon, I’ll devote all my free time to it.” When my family came to the NC State fair to see my work, he playfully reminded me of the blanket. Beneath the innocent ribbing, I could tell my dad asked because he really did want the blanket. 

So I told him that he would get it this year for Christmas. This time I don’t intend to let him down. I am so determined to get this down that I have refused to take any requests for commissions until January at the earliest. It’s also why I haven’t posted in a really long time. I’ve been trying to devote every ounce of free time to this blanket. Most of my lunch breaks are spent with me sitting at my desk crocheting furiously. I’ve jokingly started calling this project “blankalypse”.

Despite my best efforts, I’m still incredibly behind. As of this posting, I have 132 hexagons completed out of 220. That leaves 88 to go. I have 19 days to complete 88 hexagons. If you do the math, that’s 4.6 hexagons a day. Each hexagon takes me about 40 minutes to complete so to make my daily goal, I have to set aside at least 3 hours for it. That’s a lot of time to find every day during the holiday season.

I’m starting to doubt I’m going to make it but I’m going to try. This whole thing might culminate with me pulling a few all-nighters but if that’s what it takes, so be it. My wish for Christmas this year is to see my dad sleeping on the couch in the afternoon with this blanket. I’ll keep you all updated as how this is going but for now, wish me luck!