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Whatever mess they've got planned in London, like this just blows it out the water because the thing is the person it would have been the most obvious with is Niall. Antis think Harry hates Louis, so they ignore his silence on the baby, though it's ridiculous he loves both. Liam is in his mess right now so it'd be a bit awkward. Niall however was asked point blank if he'd seen Freddie and gave that random excuse that he couldn't but did see Louis, and then meets Bens baby within a week of birth.

Lol yes. And bonus Niall debunking that the basket was for Chiam

Raymond Shen’s final gift to his daughter and the XCOM Initiative was a highly advanced bipedal combat robot that proved that it is possible for machines to exceed human capabilities in all areas, like “missing giant monsters at point-blank range”

SPARK-001 was a true breakthrough in the field of combat incompetence.

Take Note Conference, Aimed At Students & Young Professionals, Launches
By: Steve Rickinson - Deep House Amsterdam

Electronic music is potentially very lucrative but notoriously hard to break into as an industry, with countless new and talented young people seeking their spot in a saturated market.
Take Note is a new music conference dedicated entirely to music students and young professionals, with less…

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it’s been said a million times before but how is it that months after bryke confirmed that korra and asami are bisexual people still insist on saying otherwise over and over

like i understand if you didn’t know about the confirmation but still calling them “lesbian babes uwu” and pretending makorra never happened is pretty much the same thing as insisting they’re straight and pretending korrasami never happened no matter what distorted angle you’re looking at it’s still erasure