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Im baffled when you say you oppose white supremacy, when they hate white jews just as much as you do. Look up any aryan brotherhood/supremacy group and see for yourself. The only reason I'm saying any of this is to try and explain to you why beliefs like yours are the reason for the success of the Holocaust. Its also the reason for the growing antisemitism and violence against jews in the 21st century. PLEASE look up any of this information and think about what you believe

  • I’m in FULL support of any being that practices Judaism who is also adverse to Israel and Zionism.
  • Point blank, period.
  • Israel/Zionism has NOTHING TO DO WITH JUDAISM.
  • Because as I’ve stated before, associating Israel/Zionism with Judaism is the equivalent of associating the Ku Klux Klan with Christianity.
  • Or associating Al Qaeda/ISIS with Islam.
  • Israel/Zionism is WHITE SUPREMACY!
  • White people are so fucking sensitive and hyperbolic when people of color openly and unapologetically discuss white people’s crimes against humanity. BUT I’M ABOUT TO DISCUSS IT ANY WAY!
  • The Holocaust lasted exactly 10 and half years. White Jews have been compensated more than $60 billion dollars over the last 40 years for that terrible atrocity. {Let the record also reflect that the Holocaust was white people killing off other sub-groups of white people.} American slavery lasted more than 400 years, black people received NOTHING. I wonder why that is? Maybe it’s because one group of people who suffered were white and rich, and the other group of people who built the worlds economy on our back with NO compensation for our pain and suffering. Yeah, my people are black!
  • GET OVER THE HOLOCAUST, YEAH I SAID IT. White German’s murdered 4 million white Jews during the Holocaust. The world ONLY cares about this because 4 million “WHITE PEOPLE DIED”. The world doesn’t give a shit about the 80 to 100 million Native American’s that have been murdered by white people. The world doesn’t give a shit about the million innocent Iraqi’s George Bush and company murdered. The world doesn’t give a shit about the 5 million slaves that lost their lives on the boat ride from Africa to America. No African’s, Native’s, or Arab’s has been compensated from white people.  
  • White Jews have received extremely prosperous reparations and more than generous compensation from Germany, Belgium, Austria, America, and the United Nations, all while stealing land, wealth, culture, religion, and murdering thousands of people of color in Palestine.
  • There are more than 500 different Holocaust museum’s around the world, why haven’t Africans, Asians, Latinos, and Natives been compensated and have museums and statues promoted in our honor reminding the world of what we as people of color went through for 600 odd years? Oh, I forgot. The world ONLY cares about that 10 years “White People” went through called the Holocaust.
  • Let’s NOT even talk about what the German’s and the Italian’s were doing to black people in North Africa during that same 10 year span of the Holocaust. Because the Holocaust is a white moment ONLY!
  • Why weren’t POC given Europe like America and the United Nations illegally gave Palestine to the White Jews?
  • Again, White people suffered through the Holocaust for 10 years and they were generously compensated for that horrid nightmare, BUT where are POC’s compensation for 400 years of slavey, murder, rape, torture, genocide, robbery, the building of the world’s economy, and for providing continuous strenuous labor to this day?
  • How do you compensate killing off 100 million Native American’s?

To state and promote these facts is NOT the act of promoting anti-semitism, but IT’S THE ACT OF SPEAKING TRUTHFULLY ABOUT PRIVILEGED WHITE JEWISH PEOPLE WHO ARE ONLY LOOKING FOR SYMPATHY AND FURTHER FINANCIAL AND CULTURAL ADVANCEMENT IN LIFE by using the horrible 10 year occurrence known as the Holocaust.



On April 30, 1989 in Monkseaton, England, 22-year-old Robert Sartin took to the streets dressed in all black with a double-barreled shotgun shooting people at random. He injured sixteen people and killed one. Afterwards, police found him sitting quietly in his car at Whitley Bay and arrested him. Sartin was diagnosed as a schizophrenic, and due to his mental state, the case wasn’t brought to trial until 1996 where he pleaded not guilty by virtue of insanity. The court declared him insane, and he was committed to Ashworth Hospital where he remains today.

Kenneth Mackintosh, the sole victim of the rampage, reportedly pleaded for his life after being knocked down by the first shot. In response, before Sartin fired both barrels into his chest at point-blank range, he said:

“No. It is your day to die.”

Yeah your point. You are trying to trash the established system but praise the creator of it. That says you have no clue wtf you are ranting about.

The Uzamaki and the senju are apart of the same family that branched off from each other. That is nowhere near close to marrying in the village of mist or sand. Where you would have been killed on site. The diplomacy in Naruto was fake and has been established as such ever since the chunin exams Hiruzen point blank said it. Each village was waiting for the other to let their guard down. Hence why the Sand attacked with the sound. Secondly you clearly have no clue how the system works. They are directly in partnership with the land fire feudal lord. Chapter and page of jounin getting paid off of every mission you just pulled that from your ass. Jounin is just a rank in their system. They get paid regardless whether the mission fails or not. Naruto is a genin the majority of the movie and always had money coming in . Naruto letting villains live is something almost every shounen protagonist. Goku friends consist of people who tried to kill him.Yusuke had Hiei and the entire demon world. So you obviously just called every protagonist shit over an established trend in this genre lol.

They already had technology you just failed right off the rip. Most of it was technology they point blank used for combat. So you just failed off the rip. Technology was never even something they specifically showcased in the story but it was always there. Orochimaru experimentation was a direct result of medical advancement not chakra. Your rant proves you don’t read the story but just get your jollies off bashing it. If you are going to do that atleast know what the fuck you are talking about go skim some chapters and come back.



I already said Hashirama left a ambivalent legacy, but the changes were visible, on panel change of a era. Unlike Naruto.

Lol, how do you know the inter village marriages were the works of Naruto? you’re just making this shit up. They just fell in love and got married, did Naruto force arranged marriage on them? if Naruto was the one who promoted inter village marriage, why didn’t he set a example and marry someone from another village? There’s never any evidence of ban of inter village marriage before Naruto became hokage, dun know what you’re talking about. Diplomacy is always “fake”, how do you know treaties and alliances in Naruto’s era can’t be broken? The fact remains, Naruto didn’t have any original or new ideas, everything had been done before. If they failed last time, they can fail this time. About the jounins, you pulled it out of your ass, different class of missions have their own price tags according to their danger, how is it fair they get paid the same regardless of the rank of their missions? Naruto didn’t starve to death as a genin is no evidence of everyone gets the same pay cheque.

Naruto made villains suicidal after defeating them, why didn’t he deal with Orochimaru the same way, he didn’t even try to deal with him. The established convention in shonen is defeating the villains and let them kill themselves, not shonen MC failing to deal with the villains at all.

If they always had technology, why did you try to argue the technology is a reflection of change?? and no, their technology was not for combat, they used a bloody kunai. I don’t know what you’re trying to say about Orochimaru’s experiments, I don’t care if he called his experiments cosmetic or medical, he experimented on babies, period. 

I think I’ve just met one of those narutard King of lightning and Codeprovider hate -_-

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Nuxable, karaoke night: Capable sings Rihanna's "Shut Up and Drive" and Nux just about spontaneously combusts in his seat.

The sisters had always been close, but with Angharad and Toast working Real Jobs and Capable and Dag at college, they became inseparable during the holiday breaks. Tonight they had convinced Nux and Slit to come to a karaoke bar with them. Neither of the boys liked karaoke, but Nux would go anywhere Capable asked, especially since they were long-distance now, and Slit always liked being included. Well, that, and Capable was pretty sure he and Dag were hooking up, but she didn’t want to think about that.

Cheedo was too young to drink, but the sisters still slipped her drinks and sang some very drunk, very silly karaoke. Nux point-blank refused to join them (he was self-conscious about his voice) but Slit got drunk enough to think shouting “Livin’ on a Prayer” at the microphone constituted as good singing. Capable and Toast got up at one point to sing “Shut Up and Drive”.

Capable got very into the song, shaking her hips and throwing Nux come-hither looks. She was still sober enough to be in control of her movement and it was all very…well. Sexy. Partly because it had been almost two months since they’d seen each other, let alone had sex, and party because, well, Nux thought everything Capable did was sexy. The end result was that his pants got very tight.

When the night was over he dropped everyone off at their respective residences (trying not to judge as Slit and Dag not-so-secretively got out together). Cheedo climbed out in front of their house and turned expectantly to Capable. The redhead looked at Nux and then smiled. “Tell Mom and Dad I’m spending the night at Angharad’s,” she said. “Better tell Angharad too so she can cover for me.”

Cheedo looked between them and smirked. “Have fuuuun,” she sang, closing the car door and skipping up the driveway.

“You know Slit and Dag are getting it on at the apartment, right?” Nux checked. Nux was used to hearing his roommate’s various sexual encounters, but he felt like listening to Slit and Dag bang like a screen door in a hurricane might not exactly put Capable in the mood.

She shrugged, smiling at him. “So drive somewhere else.”

Yes, Nux’s pants were very tight.

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I have two close friends. I've been in both of those two houses, but only one of them were in mine... This one always try to avoid being at my home.... She once said "yeah let's go to x house, I love her house" after I tried to convince them to come to my place…and today she said it again. I'm hurt… I don't understand… what's wrong with my house? It's cozy and beautiful and have a lot of animals and pictures... What should I do...? I once said it was hurtful but it didn't help... It makes me sad

Hey Nonnie!

I’m so sorry this has happened to you :( I don’t really know what to say, other than ask them point blank if they have a problem with where you live and if so, why. Because it doesn’t make sense. 

I’m sorry I can’t be of more help :(

Hugs! <3

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nobody said using mami in your url was bad or offensive, period point blank it's a latin word but it idk where racial issues take a part in this

exactly!! then we got anons saying if u use mami its bc of drake like ..???