On this day (8/24/16) in Dramatic Skywalker News:

Luke Skywalker, while of course having no problems with Poe Dameron using an X-wing to blow up Starkiller Base, apparently determined that the man’s triumphant words “I flew right into the reactor core and blew it up point-blank” were actually a challenge. 

Today, he flew his X-wing into the reactor of an Imperial Star Destroyer, scraping the wings of his fighter on both sides as he went, and blew up the reactor of the Star Destroyer at point-blank range. 

“You know, I thought, ‘If Lando and Poe could both do it, why not me?’”, Skywalker said. “It sounded like fun, and so I did it, and let me tell you–it was so much fun. I even got to fake my death afterwards and make it dramatic!”

Said drama came in the form of jettisoning the exploding reactor from the Star Destroyer and stealing the entire Star Destroyer itself. There is no word on whether or not Skywalker stole the ship in order to also one-up Poe Dameron’s theft of a First Order luxury yacht, but considering his already-respectable list of ship thefts–including the Emperor’s own shuttle–it is doubtful that this was the case.

Wedge Antilles was also, as usual, present for the attack run, but once again his contributions amounted to little more than “Good luck, buddy!” Antilles has declined to comment.

(Source: Star Wars #22 by Jason Aaron)
No Friend of Immigrants
Democratic presidents have been responsible for some of the most punitive immigration policies in modern history.

In 2014, journalist Christiane Amanpour sat down for a town hall interview with Hillary Clinton. Amanpour asked Clinton what the US should do about the thousands of undocumented, unaccompanied minorswho were crossing the southern US border at the time.

Clearly uncomfortable, Clinton demurred. Amanpour persisted, asking point blank: “Should they be sent back?” After some additional dissembling, Clinton responded: “[W]e have to send a clear message. Just because your child gets across the border, that doesn’t mean the child gets to stay.”

However callous, Clinton’s answer wasn’t necessarily surprising. While such harsh stances often call to mind openly anti-immigrant Republicans like Donald Trump, the Democratic Party’s record on immigration issues is far from progressive.

Over the past few decades, Democratic presidents have implemented some of the most punitive immigration policies and the most draconian enforcement in modern history, as part of a broader push to restructure the US economy and the state’s role in it.


Sora has a heart like that- uncorrupted, willing to see the good before the bad. When he sees the heart in something, it then becomes real. When a connection seems broken, he may have the power to mend it. He has touched countless hearts, he has accepted them, and he has saved them. And some of those hearts have never left him- whether they fell into darkness or were trapped there- whether they sleep in the darkness of Sora’s heart, or were welcomed into its warmth- they can be saved. All Sora needs to do is be himself and follow wherever it is that his heart takes him. It is the best and the only way.