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Rose didn’t shatter Pink Diamond, Pearl did. Rose saw the beauty in everything and thought all life was sacred. She even poofed and bubbled Bismuth to keep her from using the breaking point to shatter homeworld gems. It has been stated that pearls are servants of sorts and she would have likely been close to Pink Diamond, as she was “a fancy one.” The other pearls had similar colours to their diamonds but, like in Jasper’s case, not all gems match their diamonds. Also Pearl has been called defective. Could this reference her colour? Add to this to the fact that Pearl refuses to shape shift. Early on in the series she states that of course she can but never proceeds to do it. So, what if rose convinced pearl to take her form (or pearl did it herself) so that she could shatter Pink Diamond without taking the fall for it? In the episode “Bubbled” Garnet says point blank that shattering Pink Diamond was the only way that pearl could be free. Also it that episode, Eyeball (one of the rubies) says that she saw it, she saw Rose shatter Pink Diamond. Garnet doesn’t look surprised, but Pearl gasps, hugs herself, and looks worried/guilty. Let’s take this a step further and consider the relationship between Pearl and Rose. When Pearl projected their conversation on the floating island it was clear that she was committed to Rose. This took place before the revolt, as Rose said “You don’t have to do this with me. If we lose we’ll be killed, and if we win we can never go home.” Pearl already loved Rose and she shattered Pink Diamond to be with her and to save the earth. Rose was willing to take the blame for it but Pearl committed the crime. This is also supported by Pearls reaction to Greg and Rose. Pearl did the unimaginable: she shattered a diamond so she could be with the gem she loved. After all of that, after 6ish thousand years together, Rose chose a human over her and it destroyed Pearl. That’s why she can’t move past this, despite it “being over, isn’t it?”. Pearl gave up everything to be with Rose, she lied and schemed, kept things from the other Crystal Gems, and Rose threw that all away. Shape shifting reminds her of what she did and how little it apparently meant to Rose. This could also be the reason behind some of Pearl’s mental health issues. 

This is a long shot (and probably not true at all), but if I’m going to suffer I’m not going to do it alone…

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I find writing/reading fics which feature things which have been traumatic to me comforting rather than feeling ashamed of my past. I've spoken to many readers/writers who agree. My recent fic did feature abuse in relationships which is something both I and close family/friends have experienced and writing that fic helped me a LOT. If the anon wants me to remove that fic I will, but there's 0 need to come for the admins who do an amazing job/for all the writers who always TW their writing -Zula

Im really glad that reading those types of fic bring you, and others comfort. Id like to state point blank that I will never stop posting those types of fics because I dont think its fair for people to lose out on a sense of comfort because someone might potentially ignore a trigger warning.

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last A reveal I was sure it was Lucas and now I think he's AD. or at least he's connected in some way. his coming back and willingly giving hanna his apartment and to never really show up again is sus to me idk idk

I agree, I totally think Lucas is involved somehow. I wouldn’t be shocked (well, I would be shocked in the sense that they actually did it) if Lucas were A.D. I would actually prefer Lucas to be A.D over Noel or Jenna because they’ve continuously written him to be shady. I’m still suspicious of the fact that when Hanna point blank asks him if he was in town the night Charlotte died, he just asks “why?”. It wasn’t “no, why?” it was just a simple “why?”. 

And why did he have so many shovels in his car???? like. He’s just shady. There’s so much about his return that is genuinely shady and I feel like they brought Noel and Jenna back just to be there and creepy like in the first season. 

And not only that, but like, Lucas has always been on the line of good and bad. ALWAYS. You’ve never completely known. But you know what would have been a fucking amazing reveal? If Lucas was the one in the dollhouse helping. I would have lost my shit if that happened. Idk. 

I think it really bothers coworker B that I’m nice to animals.
She suggested I should kick her dog to get it to move instead of just getting the dog’s attention by saying her name. (she prances, she’s a poodle so if I say her name she kind of dances around and out of my way usually)

And I told her point blank I was not going to kick a dog, which made her roll her eyes at me.

Like, yeah, your dog bites YOU, because you yell at her and hit her. I can pick her up and carry her around and I’m glad it hurts coworker B’s feelings. She’s a bad person.

Take Note Conference, Aimed At Students & Young Professionals, Launches
By: Steve Rickinson - Deep House Amsterdam

Electronic music is potentially very lucrative but notoriously hard to break into as an industry, with countless new and talented young people seeking their spot in a saturated market.
Take Note is a new music conference dedicated entirely to music students and young professionals, with less…

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it’s been said a million times before but how is it that months after bryke confirmed that korra and asami are bisexual people still insist on saying otherwise over and over

like i understand if you didn’t know about the confirmation but still calling them “lesbian babes uwu” and pretending makorra never happened is pretty much the same thing as insisting they’re straight and pretending korrasami never happened no matter what distorted angle you’re looking at it’s still erasure