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Some more photos from Lilly’s Taylor Swift Halloween! She is OBSESSED with Taylor! Lilly is only five, but I think she totally rocks this dress! She asked me to make this dress for her back in July. She watched the Blank Space video everyday and fell in LOVE ❤️ with this dress! I promised I’d make it for Halloween. I’m still a beginner at sewing. This is the 6th dress I’ve ever made. Everything I’ve made has been for Lilly. The biggest challenge was creating an age appropriate version, but I think it worked out! We all had so much fun on Halloween and Lilly got A LOT of candy!!! @taylorswift 🎃👻😊❤️😍 if you like this one, please check out her Lilly’s Taylor Tuesday photos!!!!


The boys are back!


Beautiful animated short shows a side of Robin Williams we rarely saw

Even though iconic actor and comedian Robin Williams passed away in August, one thing is clear: His artistic spirit and cultural impact will always be here to stay.

The PBS series “Blank On Blank” posted Tuesday a fitting tribute to Williams: an animation of his 1992 interviews with Lawrence Grobel for a Playboy magazine profile.  

Robin gets contemplative about comedy