blank photographs

Curse of Winter

This cracky disaster is my super belated birthday present to the amazing @kurisuumakise​ / @leopah​! It’s inspired by Yukine’s arc in her fic Now and Forever


Speaking in tongues I don’t quite understand.
I keep the blank photographs out of my hands.
Pretend we’re okay and we’ve been all this time.
Maybe if we touch them, they’ll come back to life.

Catch each snowflake on my tongue
and taste the winter
as it kills us.

Can you see me as we were?
Why do we
deserve this curse?

You stand here haunting me with my desires.
Does all my hostility make me a liar?
All this while familiar chills creep up my bones.
How can a dead boy feel so much more alone?

I am left with mirrors that can’t catch your face.
I am left with with a blank, broken heart I can’t hate.
I am left.
I am left.
I am left alone again.

Catch each snowflake on my tongue
and taste the winter
as it kills us.

Can you see me as we were?
Why do we
deserve this curse?

Lost in time
I realize
you’re still with me.

In my eyes
you come to life
as you should be.

Catch each snowflake on my tongue
and taste the winter
as it kills us.

Can you see me as we were?
Why do we
deserve this curse?


(Part 2  Part 3)

“Where’s Y/N?” Spencer inquires.

“We’re missing something. Something important,” Hotch sighs. “Start from the beginning. Take down the board. Toss everything out.”

As the team takes down the board and throws aside their folders, Spencer asks again:

“No, really guys, where is she?”

Morgan turns to Spencer and asks, “Who?”

“Y/N! Where is she!?”

As the team pauses, Spencer pulls out his phone to call you.

“Spencer, not now.” As you hang up the phone, Spencer goes to dial your number again.

“Leave it alone,” Morgan says. “She’s been off this entire case. If she isn’t here, it’s for a good reason.”

“Ok, what do we know? Concrete facts.”

“Well we know it’s The Crucifier,” Morgan says.

“And we know he has 107 confirmed kills,” Prentiss adds.

“And we know that he is after someone in the city,” Spencer adds.

“Ok. Something is wrong with our profile. That’s why we don’t have the bodies of these women,” Hotch says.

“Well, he’s a psychopath,” Prentiss states.

“…which means he is cold, calculating, has trouble keeping close relationships, and an expert manipulator,” Rossi adds.

“So, where does his message come into play?” Morgan asks.

“I know what it says!” Garcia comes running in. “I know what this note says!”

Garcia puts the piece of paper on the table. In bold handwriting, it reads, “108 to date.”

“If 108 is real,” Spencer mutters to himself. “The rumor. The rumor of a woman getting away…”

“To date? What does that mean?” Prentiss asks, furrowing her brow.

As Spencer turns to the blank board, he pins all the pictures of the women back up.

“These numbers, written on the pictures. They aren’t random,” he says as he scratches them out. Rearranging them all again, he says “They are dates.”

“Birthdates?” Hotch asks.

“No…” Spencer drifts off.

As the group stands looking at the board, it clicks.

Kill dates,” Spencer says. “They are kill dates.”

As Spencer searches for the blank photograph, he rearranges the numbers once again.


Spencer’s eyes widen with horror. “Get Y/N on the phone.”

“Huh?” Hotch asks.

“Get Y/N on the phone!!” Spencer screams. “I know what the profile is missing!”

As Hotch picks up his phone and dials your number, your voice message picks up.

“To. Date.” says a husky voice.

Hotch redials your number and puts your voice message on speaker phone.

“Garcia,” Hotch says.

“Already on it.”

As Garcia tries to use the voice on the message to identify the speaker, Spencer looks back at the board.

Spencer reaches into his wallet and pulls out a picture of you. Fingers trembling, he tacks your picture next to the date.

“Y/N is number 108,” Morgan says.

“3 days,” Spencer mutters.

“He is gonna try to kill her again. In 3 days.”