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Delaying the Inevitable - Chapter 15

Song of the Day – BTS “Spring Day”

어떤 어둠도
어떤 계절도
영원할 순 없으니까

(Because no darkness

No season

Can last forever)


“So?” Dong Wook asked as he naturally took Ji Hyo’s cup out of her hand before pouring half of it into an empty cup before giving it back to her as he sat down on an empty chair. Ji Hyo scoffed as she began to drink her now half – empty cup of coffee as she drew a chair and sat down opposite him.
“I told you the gist yesterday.” She shrugged nonchalently.

“Hey! I’ve had to hear about hyung for the past 3 years! I deserve more than that!”
Ji Hyo chuckled in response as she sighed, memories of last night flooding her mind. “It was amazing Dong Wook – ah. The whole setting was so romantic and genuinely made me feel special. It’s cliché but he makes me feel like a goddess Dong Wook – ah. The way he confessed was so romantic to the point that my eyes welled up.” Ji Hyo babbled on making Dong Wook smile. Although he teased Ji Hyo for bragging on about Jong Kook endlessly, he couldn’t deny the effect it had on her. She smiled a lot more, even before they used to date, and she had expressed countless times how she felt safe, knowing that she could call him for anything.

“How did he confess anyway? I’ve always been curious about hyung’s confession style.”

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