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Delaying the Inevitable - Chapter 21

The elevator ride back was a pain for Jong Kook; jealousy still coursed through his body and all he wanted to do was to hug Ji Hyo, or at least hold her hand. But apparently fate had other ideas, and apparently everyone was using the elevator in a department store during the weekday at noon, leaving Ji Hyo and Jong Kook squashed together. Of course, the closeness led to Jong Kook’s quickened heart rate and his mouth suddenly felt dry despite just having something to drink. It was all good for him, until the floor before they were due to get off, when a hoard of people had gotten into the elevator. Jong Kook had been squashed into a corner and had parted with Ji Hyo, reluctantly, and a man had used the opportunity to get close to Ji Hyo. Although she was wearing her mask which covered most of her face anyway, as well as having her hoodie up, so the excuse that her being a celebrity was irrelevant, which definitely didn’t excuse the close contact between the man and Ji Hyo. Thus, it could only be ascertained that the man had gotten closer to Ji Hyo due to her figure, which all men would admit that was beautiful, and that really angered him because the man was overtly sexualising Ji Hyo. Even worse was the fact Jong Kook noticed the jewellery that reflected the elevator lights – his wedding band. He could see Ji Hyo’s uncomfortableness, especially at her eyes that darted to Jong Kook and around the elevator, seeing if there was another place where she could stand. Seeing that, and bearing in mind that both the couple were heavily hooded so that their faces were hidden, Jong Kook immediately took her hand and pulled her towards him, letting her take the corner. Their clothes meant Jong Kook could just about get away with interlocking Ji Hyo’s hand, reassuring her by rubbing his thumb over it, as he made sure he didn’t give an opportunity for the man to get close to his girlfriend. They immediately got off the next floor luckily, as Jong Kook dragged Ji Hyo off the elevator before waiting for the chauffeur, different to the one they had before much to Jong Kook’s luck, as Jong Kook never let go of her hand.

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