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3 Things I Hate: The Equestrian Version

1. Equestrian Australia

2. Equestrian New South Wales

3. Money grabbers (like Equestrian Australian and Equestrian New South Wales)

Watching fanwars happen while being multifandom is the most infuriatingly interesting shit ever. Like I wanna fight, but I can’t fight for both sides so I just grab the popcorn and observe while the others do the damn deed.

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When you only kinda know a second language

and you’re reading text like

“yeah he said to me [blank] and I was like but my name is [blank blank] and [probably a curse word] and [blank] your mother what a [blank]. I [blank blank] the part where [blank] sauces [blank] birds echo [long string of cultural phrase where I only understand every third word and I’m pretty sure they’re not talking about red oranges but dammit it READS like red oranges] and I [RANDOM ENGLISH WORD] how about you?”


She jet sets around the world collecting men, and she can get any of them, but she’s so clingy that they leave and she cries, and then she gets another one in her web and she traps them and locks them in her mansion and then she’s crying in her marble bathtub surrounded by pearls.

Kyoong Day Ending Thoughts (*translation)

BH: Usually I sing during parties but this time I wanted to talk more because I wanted us to be like good friends

BH: (Thanks everyone) 

BH: I know tickets were difficult but I hope EXO-L’s can always be happy. I saw this all the time and I’ll continue to say it (?) I hope you guys are always happy.

BH: I don’t just perform for me, I do it for people I care about as well. I can’t always see you guys but I know you’re supporting me. You all sat next to strangers but we all felt something special today.

BH: For our comeback, we have to do something fresh since we’ve debuted for 5 years. Soon it’ll be 10 then 15 years…

BH: EXO-L is a formal name so I wanted to call you guys Aeri’s. Let’s talk casually like we’re friends as well!

BH: Ah my throat hurts a bit now but I’ll be ok ;~) We don’t do this often! From now on… (sings lucky one chorus) We’ll do so much more with you guys! More fansigns and bingo and good days like this!

BH and fans: Just wait a little (Music bank goodbye reference) 

BH: make sure to wear your masks (pollution in korea) 

BH: Let’s love like this forever! Let’s take a photo! Are you ready? Should we do an L pose? Okay! L! Let’s say Cheese! 1, 2, 3! 

(flashlight by jessie j starts playing in the VCR and it’s supposed to be emotional but i think something funny popped up lol)

EDIT: BAEKHYUN did adorable aegyo 

BH: I search up your fanmade videos a lot and I feel like we’re closer because of them***

Fans: Eh….

BH: Do you love me?

Fans: Yes!

BH: Say it again! Me too

Fans: Yes!

BH: My power is light but tbh it’s the other way around (?) your lighsticks always brighten up the dark arenas. Please be our light forever and allow us to shine in the dark!

Kyoong Day 170504

***yall be careful bbh is watching



I just love this movie, and considering I’ve Pokemon’d a bunch of stuff before, I figured why not give Moana the same treatment? (And it kinda gives those Sun and Moon vibes y’know?)