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Why do you think that Blaine has depression?

Because he does…it was confirmed in Season 6…also his entire characterization has screamed Depressed since season 2. 

He has quite the self destructive personality. The first thing we find out about him is that he “ran”. And its like sweetie it’s not running to get away from the people who hurt you like that. That’s just getting yourself out of a bad situation.

He spent until the day he started a relationship with Kurt, putting on an act like he was self confident. But that mask came down very fast once they were dating. He always looks to Kurt for how he he was doing, really relies on him. In Prom Queen…Blaine without Kurt NEVER would have walked up to someone and asked them to dance in front of everyone. Also he did things like talk to Burt about having the talk with Kurt, because he didn’t get that from his own family. 

When Cooper came around, you could really tell all the tension there. He didn’t even go to Six Flaggs with everyone else. His father left at some point. (Probably around Tested) So he’s got maybe his mother and Kurt. And he got super clingy. Start eating his feelings.

The scandals thing, Blaine thought that’s what Kurt wanted. But once Kurt starts getting mad, Blaine’s just looks painfully confused, because he misread Kurt. And he ends up walking home alone and upset. God knows how far he walked.

The whole debacle in 4x04. That’s pure self destructiveness on Blaine’s part. He’d lost Kurt as far as his mind was concerned. He made an awful choice because at least someone was paying attention to him. And after it happened he confessed it to Kurt and then spent over a month not gelling on weekends etc. He even said Kurt was his anchor. 

Also I’ve got to say, ending up with Karofsky of all people in Season 6? Especially with how not couply they were. It really seems like he was just with him because he got how depression fucks with you. 

God, I could name so many other things… The way Blaine looked when they were in the circle after they found out about Karofsky… the fact that he sang Cough Syrup in the same episode and we never really did find out exactly why he was singing it. I mean obviously Kurt knew but.

His crush on Sam? Fairly certain that evolved because he was being nice to Blaine, and Blaine was pretty much using him as a crutch to keep himself above depression sea. Once he was back with Kurt, that crush vanished into thin air.

His little puppet world in puppet master, telling him how people loved him. He’s got Kurt this time, but everyone was being mean to him. Blaine is the biggest freaking people pleaser…he freaking gave someone $50 to get into their good graces. 

Blaine honestly wants to be loved so much. But just hearing it once, that’s not enough. He needs to be reassured that he’s still loved.

Cooper left him and it took years before that was patched up. His father left at some point. And that never sounded like a good relationship. His mom signed his freaking guest book that she hopes he never leaves her… which I love Pam. But that’s a little…weird. 

His friends at Dalton basically turned their back on him when he transferred to McKinley and Sebastian took over. I mean he gets a rock salt slushie to the face and the warblers don’t even know till Santana tells them! Then they try to get him to transfer the next year, and its clear they only want him for his voice. But Blaine’s all ready to up and transfer because he didn’t really have any support in New Directions.

He FAILED out of NYADA. Like that’s huge! Blaine is talented af. Clearly something terrible happened there. And we see him crying in his bed and trying to do music. He lost all his joy. I doubt laying in his bed like that is just a one time thing


Author: bitterlee

Rating: M

Status: Complete

Word Count: 32,528

Summary: Blaine Anderson’s first year at NYU is documented through a series of meetings with his therapist, and several over-exposed polaroid photos.

Tropes/Genre: future!fic, canon!Klaine, angst, blangst, hurt/comfort,          mental illness!Klaine, romance

Lynne’s review: I loved this fic so much! Exquisitely written! I really adore well written hurt/comfort fics, and despite the pain, this was beautiful. Their love is just…yeah. Truly loved it.

Read at: AO3

Klaine one-shot - “Problem Areas” (Rated PG13)

Kurt comes home from a rare Saturday work day, eager to go out on a date with his husband. But he finds Blaine acting strange, withdrawn, with odd Sharpie marks all over his skin. (2100 words)

Okay, so, I’ve been a little down on myself, and this is something I’ve been toying around with. I just recently got motivated to finish it. This is something that actually happened to me a long time ago when I started modeling, I was just way sassier back then with how I handled it xD I don’t know for sure if they do it now, but to be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised. Warning for angst, body issues, self-esteem issues, and body shaming. Mention of Sam. Kurt and Blaine still attend NYADA, but Kurt works at Vogue.

Read on AO3.

“Hey, honey! I’m home!” Kurt announces while he struggles with full hands to unlock the door to the loft. He’s relieved to finally be home. He hates working on Saturdays. Saturdays and Sundays are the only days he and Blaine get to spend 100% alone with each other. They turn off their phones, stay in bed all day, ignore the occasional knocks on the door from friends who can’t take a hint. Kurt loves his job at Vogue. He loves his boss, Isabelle. But Saturdays are reserved for him and his husband.

Thank God this only happens once in a blue moon.

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Klaine Summer Challenge Day 8- Walking on Sunshine

Word Count: 1,130

Summers often make Blaine feel lonely. (Warnings for depression and anxiety attacks.) AO3

He thinks the heat must be getting to him.

That’s the only explanation he can think of, why else is he tired all the time, or why he’s so hot that he can’t stand to leave the house or even walk down stairs to eat.

More than anything he’s bored.

When he was at Dalton, everything was go, go, go. He woke up and did the same thing everyday, and while most people are ready to escape the tedious routine of school, he misses having something to do everyday. It’s only the end of June, but he spends most of his days waking up at noon (after falling to a restless sleep at 2am) and then taking a nap at around six o’clock.

The time spent in between is spent doing nothing.

He reads, he’s been reading a lot, but the words on the page muddle together and he just gives up and watches another movie instead.

“I miss you guys,” he says to his mom over video chat one afternoon- he can’t even remember what day of the week it is, they all feel the same. “I wish you guys didn’t have to be gone for so long.

“We know sweetheart,” Pam says with a sigh. “But your grandmother is really sick and your father needs me right now.”

But i need you too, Blaine thinks, but doesn’t say in fear of sounding selfish. His grandmother has been sick for a while and the humidity in her retirement residence in Florida isn’t helping her. His parents left at the beginning of the month, right after he finished the school year.

“Have you been having fun? Hanging out with your friends?” She asks.

They’re all with their families on vacation, he thinks bitterly

“A bit,” he lies. “They’re all busy.”

“Oh, well how’s Kurt?” Pam asks, changing the subject with remorse.

While Blaine usually smiles at the mention of Kurt, his heart sinks a bit.

“We’ve gone on a couple dates,” he says, and it’s true. They went to the movies last week - and Blaine was so happy because he didn’t have to talk- and Kurt took him to the New Directions end of the year party, where he mostly sat around and drank soda while everyone else hung out.

He doesn’t blame Kurt for not making him a priority, they’ve only been together for a few months, and when they do hang out Blaine is so nervous because he rarely spends time with people these days.

“We’ll be back in a few weeks honey,” his mom says. “And when we do we’ll all go out as a family- maybe we’ll get Cooper to come back home.”

I’m not even fun to be around, Blaine thinks.

“Yeah mom, that’ll be great.”


Kurt texts him late one afternoon if he wants to go on a picnic tomorrow, and Blaine doesn’t even text back until after nine, a simple “Sure, I’d love to :)”.

When he wakes up the next morning it’s a completely different story.

First off all, it’s Saturday. Which means more people in the park than usual and it’ll be so crowded and it’s so hot outside he spends thirty minutes after waking up walking around in his undershirt and boxers and opening all the windows, his breaths becoming shorter. He starts thinking that he has nothing to wear-  he hasn’t done laundry since the end of May- so he’s thinking that Kurt will make fun of his outfit and ohgodishouldjustcancelnow starts running through his head until he’s sitting on the couch, his leg shaking hard and his head feeling like it’s been filled with cotton and rocks at the same time.

The doorbell rings, and it rings multiple times when Blaine can’t force himself to get up to answer. After what feels like an hour, he picks his body and the edges of his vision are fuzzy as he tugs furiously on the doorknob.

“Hey, I thought you may be asleep- you’re not even dressed?” Kurt asks curiously.

The floor sways under Blaine’s feet. “I’m sorry, oh gosh I’m so sorry.”

Kurt tries to place his hand on Blaine’s shoulder but he tenses up so much he retracts. “Are you okay?”

No no no, Blaine thinks. “I can’t breathe,” he confesses, tears brimming in his eyes and threatening to fall on his cheeks.

“Oh Blaine, let’s sit down,” Kurt says steadily, it the most solid thing Blaine is aware of. He feels a strong hand on the center of his back, his feet trudging forward with its guidance as he’s lowered on the couch.

Blaine is shaking and the room is blurring around him and Kurt says something like “lie” - it sounds so far away- and then he feels himself being laid down on the couch. He starts feeling nauseous so he closes his eyes until the pounding in his ears fades away.

When he wakes up project runway is playing at a low volume on the T.V. and Kurt’s hand is toying with the hair on his head.

“You’re still here?”Blaine asks. He debates sitting up but his head hurts too bad.

“Of course,” Kurt replies immediately, his voice soft. ”Plus you’e kind of on my lap.”

“Yeah. I’m sorry.”

“I think you said that enough earlier,” Kurt says in a slightly teasing tone. “What happened?”

Blaine explains, and he cries again but Kurt stay silent give or take a few hmms here and there. He apologizes mores and Kurt lets him, going in a steady pattern on the back of his head as they watch models on the screen.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Is Kurt’s first question.

I didn’t want to bother you. I thought you wouldn’t care. I was hoping it would go away.

“It’s complicated. I don’t really know..” Blaine trails off.

“It’s okay,” Kurt says and Blaine smiles quietly. “We’re still going on that picnic you know.”

Blaine furrows his brow. “Oh I don’t know if I-”

“Trust me,” Kurt says quickly. “Go get dressed.”

Blaine sighs and goes upstairs, and puts on a pair of shorts a clean shirt from the floor, thinking that there’s no point in lying and trying to look too presentable.

He brushes his teeth and goes downstairs to see that Kurt has opened all the blinds and has the food he packed splayed out on the coffee table.

“It’s too hot out,” Kurt smiles, “But we can still enjoy the sun.”

Blaine finds an old blanket in the hall closet and spreads it out on the floor. He can Kurt rewind the episodes of project runway he missed and feed each other grapes in silence while leaning against the couch. It’s still hot, but now the sunlight feels warm in a more comforting way.

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To the "Blaine's father abused him and the Hummels found out when he got a concussion..."-anon (from march 5 - sorry it's a bit late, I just saw this now). I think the fic is 'One Step At A Time' with the sequel 'It Takes Two to Tango' by annkum on FF. /s/7974560/7/One-step-at-a-time.

Thank you very much!

One Step at a Time by annkum

Blaine passes out at the Hummels one Friday night. As they help him change in to PJs, they discover his whole body covered with bruises. His whole life shatters in the after math. He has to put his life together, one step at the time.

Sequel: It Takes Two To Tango

Updated Links to my Stories on An Archive of Our Own - January, 28, 2017

Just adding the two new stories from the past couple weeks to the list.

I’m going to be doing some writing after this.  Not sure when the next story will be out. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I’ll keep you posted. :)

Here is the list….

Blaine Anderson Stark Series: (In series chronological order)

How I Met My Father:  Blaine has never met his real father. He knows of his father, he just doesn’t really know his father.

A Betrayal Of Trust:   Blaine after a rough week at school decides to pay a surprise visit his father whom he hasn’t seen since he got back from the disastrous trip to Afghanistan. To bad his timing sucks. (2 Parts)

Merry Christmas: When Blaine agreed to spend Christmas with Tony that first year he suddenly realizes that it has been a very long time since Tony had a family for Christmas.

Fake Boxing:  Arriving at Tony’s house in Malibu Steve finds Blaine alone jumping around and talking to himself and gets concerned. Turns out Blaine is just “fake boxing” and he gets a lesson on the video game technological machine.

Furniture:  Tony can’t help but notice Blaine’s energy and a strange fondness for climbing on furniture while performing.

Kidnapped: Blaine gets kidnapped a few days before Regionals.

Happy Birthday!?:  Only a couple weeks into their relationship Kurt meets Tony and the Avengers for the first time.

Doppelganger: While attending McKinley’s Night of Neglect with Kurt, Blaine can’t help but notice someone who looks extremely familiar. ***NEW***

New Directions: Tony finds out Blaine has changed schools and is not happy about it.

West Side Story: Tony being who he is and that no one knows about him and Blaine yet can’t attend opening night for West Side Story. So, Natasha of all people comes up with a plan.

Eye Patches:  Tony visits Blaine in the aftermath of the Bad performance.

Meet the Parents: Burt finally meets Blaine’s mysterious and elusive Father.

Removed: Tony gets the surgery to remove the arc reactor and Blaine waits by his bedside for him to wake up.

Outed:  Blaine wasn’t actively trying to keep it a secret just that they agreed it was best to not draw attention to it. Also known as The One where Sam has a big mouth in more ways than one.

Out In The Open:  The rest of the school finds out that Tony Stark is Blaine’s biological dad.

Code White: Blaine just wanted to get out for a few minutes and Jarvis won’t let him on Tony’s orders. When Clint offers to go with him Blaine quickly realizes that his Dad has been keeping important information from him.

Shooting Star: Blaine and Tony deal with the events of Shooting Star. ***NEW***

Put This On:  Where Tony really wants to spend the day with his son and repeatedly tries to get him to put a pillowcase over his head.

Big Brother:  While the New Directions are in L.A. for Nationals Cooper shows up to see Blaine and shows that he can actually be a supportive big brother to him.

Security Breech:  Blaine is showing Kurt around Stark Tower in New York when there is a security breech.

Graduation Day: Cooper and Tony are in town at the same time for Blaine’s High School Graduation. Things go less than smoothly on so many levels. (2 Parts)

Spotlight:  He thought when he agreed to cover a shift for Rachel at the Spotlight diner that he was in for a quiet night with Kurt and Santana. Unfortunately an old enemy of his father had other ideas.

Going Home: Blaine seeks out the comfort of his Dad after Kurt calls off the engagement. Turns out the rest of his odd little family wants to help too.

Non Blaine Anderson Stark Stories:

Secret and Lies: Based off of Blangst Prompt of the Day # 441: Blaine was lying about his parents reaction to the shooting because they were actually on holiday and told him they weren’t coming home even after the gun shot scare when he called his mum from the choir room.

Untitled Blangst:  Blaine gets attacked in the halls of McKinley by a familiar and angry face.

You’re toxic, I’m slipping under.

Blaine sick fic. Blaine has been getting sick lately, like, a lot. He doesn’t know what’s wrong but he’s scared. But what if there’s something more sinister behind his frequent visits to the emergency room. Canon compliant until halfway through season 3 then diverges slightly, but essentially the same main plot lines apply. Contains mature content, trigger warnings at the end. Read on here 

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Bring Him Home (Klaine one-shot)

Anonymous asked : Can you do a fic where Blaine is a part of the army and he is ‘missing in action’. After a year he surprises Kurt by appearing at the door. (Bonus if Kurt has moved on and Blaine has to get him back).

The kiss.

No, that kiss.

Kurt can still feel it on his lips, hard and lingering. It never goes away, that last kiss they had. The very last kiss before his husband left to fight for his country. Kurt can still feel it every time he wakes up, every time he falls asleep. Those lips, the ones he’d grown so accustom to, the ones he’d vowed to spend the rest of his life kissing, every single day.

When Blaine had told him that he was being deployed to Afghanistan, sheer terror had filled Kurt’s veins and he’d begged him not to go.

“It’s going to be 4 months Kurt. That’s it. Then I’ll be right back home”

Of course, Blaine had always been so optimistic, where as his fiancé had worried over and over their situation every single minute of every single day until he was ready to leave.

Amongst a sea of army greens, Kurt and Blaine had shared their teary goodbye’s, Kurt clinging so desperately to his love that his knuckles were white, his eyes red and raw.

“You come home to me Blaine Anderson, you come home to me” he’d managed to say through broken sobs as he was held in his fiancé’s strong arms. Blaine had smiled at him as tears raced down his cheeks. He’d pressed their foreheads together and held his love as close as he could.

“I’ll never say goodbye to you”

Kurt had laughed softly and they’d kissed, long and hard and desperate.

Kurt had stood, lips trembling as he watched Blaine wave to him until they were all gone, and he was alone.

All alone.

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Catch My Shadow

Author: JennMel

Rating: T

Status: Completed in April 2012

Word Count: 70,350

Summary: Blaine’s family wasn’t perfect. It was just him and his dad, trying to make their relationship work. But when Blaine’s dad is killed in an accident, suddenly everything changes. Kurt tries to help keep Blaine afloat, but what if it’s not enough?

Tropes/Genre: Blangst, angst, romance, hurt/comfort, highschool!Klaine, AU

Lynne’s review: OMG so much pain. So much blangst. Life certainly tested this young, new couple, but they’re definitely strong enough.

Read at:

fic: a lost boy (ready to be found)

This is my fic for the Todaydreambelievers 2016 fic exchange! My prompt was: husbands!Klaine finding each other again after one of them has been missing for a long time (years) because of some dramatic event - kidnapping, amnesia, voluntarily needing time away, midlife crisis, etc … Once they find each other again they have to then start over, getting to know each other, catching up with each other’s lives, etc.
Title is adapted from Troye Sivan’s song, Lost Boy.

warnings for kidnapping, some light physical injury, depression and angst.

word count: 41k | on AO3

for @fearlesslysgleefics. hope you enjoy it!

Kurt will not give up on finding Blaine.

Three years, and he refuses to give up. He still looks for Blaine on the street, listens for his laugh on the subway. Blaine’s clothes are still in the closet, and once every few months he gets them out and washes them, keeps them fresh and spritzes them with Blaine’s favourite cologne. He still goes to sleep on his side of the bed, even though more often than not he wakes sprawled across the entire mattress, or curled around Blaine’s pillow.

He still has his wedding ring, on a chain around his neck. Wearing it was too hard, people would ask after his husband and the explanation would leave Kurt cracked open and raw every time. He prefers it this way - it’s his reminder of Blaine, kept close to his heart, against his skin. He never takes it off.

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Like A Drum

Written for blangstpromptoftheday #848: Blaine was born with a heart defect and was ultimately fitted with a pacemaker when he was very young. Present day Blaine- the pacemaker stops working and he collapses in the middle of class/glee club/on the subway in NYC. Kurt isn’t there so he doesn’t find out til later that his boyfriend/fiancé nearly died. [Ao3]

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