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Bart wasn't supposed to be in here. He was supposed to be cleaning in the kitchen, as he was kinda on probabtion-- as usual. But he found the prince's room a lot more interesting. Of course, the prince wasn't in here at the moment. And if he showed up, he was cleaning. He couldn't get into any real trouble. He hummed lightly, raking a hand back through his hair as he looked over the room.

Dick was returning to his room. He opened his door to find the normal pest, “Oh you’re back .” He said blandly to the redhead. “Don’t you have anything else to do but mess around in my room?” He asked


1.57 pm

Joël is just about to doze off when he remembers the favour Dom asked him, if he could try and find some photos of Megan amongst the stuff he has stored at his Mum’s place. It’s after lunch and they are sitting in the living room watching TV,  a saccharine, made-for-TV movie about a billionaire who finds himself stranded in an impoverished mining town. Joël announces that he’s just going downstairs for a little while. Athena gives no indication of having heard him, immobilized by the sappiness dredging the TV screen. Jared gives a bored nod, slumped forward with his head in his hands.
Joël doesn’t want to think too deeply about what Dom has tasked him with, and he’s thankful for feeling sleepy and unfocused. His plan is just to get in, find a couple of blandly pretty photos of Meg and then get out. He pushes open the door of his old bedroom and then stands still, looking around at the bare walls. He is disoriented, lost. He spins around, feeling self-consciously idiotic. There’s his bed, his desk, his chair, his wardrobe, a few other items of furniture but his photography equipment is missing, all his boxes of photographs are gone, the cartons containing his personal possessions have been removed. He tries to quash the panicked feeling starting to percolate in his stomach. He opens the wardrobe. It’s empty. His desk drawers are empty too. The room feels like it’s mocking him. He has no right calling it his bedroom. No trace of him remains here.
Athena is unapologetic.
Athena: I donated most of it to the Church jumble sale. All those boxes had just been sitting there for years, gathering dust- 
If Jared wasn’t there Joël would have yelled, slammed his fist into the wall.  
Joël: Why didn’t you ask me, Mum? There were boxes of photos, negatives, memories I can’t replace. Stuff I wanted to keep to show Jared. Old books, school stuff, records, clothes, all my photography equipment. My first camera. Boxes of cassettes tapes. Didn’t it cross your mind to even ring and ask me? Why, Mum? Why didn’t you ask me first?
Athena gets up and goes into the kitchen to scrub the stove. Her back is rigid and unyielding. He knows it’s pointless trying to get an answer out of her.
Joël: Put your hat back on, Jared. We’re going. Goodbye, Mum.
Athena doesn’t answer him, but he wasn’t expecting her to.

you know it’s funny bc like

i love the gold apparel for dragons and shit, i love it it’s pricey and glittering and LIGHT-THEMED

but irl I don’t actually own or wear much gold. only gold i regularly wear is my earrings, because my skin is very sensitive to pretty much everything but pure gold and silver. it’s actually the only consistent jewelry i wear too

i actually like muted greys and monochrome clothes more than flashy stuff, more than half of my wardrobe consists of black, grey, and white


Mermaid AU Part 2

Special thanks to @lycheemilkart for so graciously lending me Elanna <3.

Thenvunin belongs to @feynites

Selene swam home as quickly as her tail and the currents permitted, the feather tucked and hidden safely away under her arm.

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Bad Date Bingo

(This was my favorite story that I wrote for the Kent Parson Birthday Bash fic exchange.)

Summary: Kent comes out. The team takes it surprisingly well. Perhaps too well, honestly.

In which Kent is showered in blind dates by his team. A bunch of times when it goes wrong, and once when it goes right.

Read it in its entirety on AO3! But here’s Kent’s bad date bingo board, because AO3 wouldn’t let me include the formatting lines.

Also, many thanks to @des-zimbits for the loan of Grumpowski to serve briefly as a gruff, Polish Johnson!

Look below the cut for extremely sappy future headcanons about Kent and the guy he actually gets to go on the good date with.

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When Beth arrives in D.C., she hates everything about it: the confusing traffic circles, the ubiquitous Ann Taylor suits. At dinner parties, guests compare their security clearance levels. They speak in acronyms. And once they realize Beth doesn’t work in politics, they smile blandly and turn away. Soon Beth and her husband, Matt, meet a charismatic White House staffer named Jimmy, and his wife, Ashleigh, and the four become inseparable. But as Jimmy’s star rises higher and higher, the couples friendship and Beth’s relationship with Matt is threatened by jealousy, competition, and rumors.

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forbidden love (gang!AU)

CHAPTER 1~ the meeting
You sigh as you look out the tinted window, on your way to a big meeting with your father. Your father is a gangster, just to blandly state. Being the daughter of the leader of a notorious gang has its ups and downs,mainly down. Cant go sertan places without protection, cant have friends you age, and when your dad dies, you have to take his place. And the 2’s its no laughing matter. Theyre called that for a reason,cause you only have 2 seconds to tell them what they want or bye bye you.’hmm why mus-’

“(Y/N)!” your father yells
“Hm?” you say looking at him. He sighs.
“Darling i love you but you have to pay attention when im talking buisness.” he rubs his eyes
“Sorry it’s just you could have Nicky take over?” You sigh resting your head in your hand
“Nicky’s not my kid”
“But he’s the son you wish lived”
“Now young lady don’t talk like that, I tried keeping my children alive but God didn’t want that” he sighs as you both arrive to Nicky, a long time friend of your fathers, tall dark hair, lanky body but you shouldn’t underestimate him, he didn’t get your fathers trust just cause.
“Hello (y/n)” he smiles his toothy grin ‘god he’s creepy sometimes’
“Hi Nicky” your father, you and some security walk in the building, you all get into the elevator, rising up to the 34th floor getting out and walking to a secluded room at the end of the hall way. Nicky opens the door and my father walks in and you follow.
In the room were seven men, and gosh darn they were hot! One the brown hair sat very politely, another with brown, tossed hair was fiddling with the drinks, another looked like he was ready to sleep, another with blond hair looked at me creepier than Nicky, another with white hair was looking around like a curious child, and another brown haired one was trying to get them all to sit down, but one that stood out, gosh he was the most handsome. Black hair slightly tossed, not as bad as the one drinking, he looked scary but his eyes were soft, his arms were muscular and gosh he made that suit look 10x better.

Your father sits down as you do as well, bearly taking your eyes off of him.
“Hello, umm shownu I believe? Sorry my memory is faiding” he just politely smiles’god can he get any better’ and it did. In a deep voice he answered
“No sir you got it correct and your mr. (Y/L/N)”
“Correct my boy and now may I know the rest of their names?” Your father snaps his fingers and is given a notepad
“Yes you may” he points to the man who was rounding up the rest earlier “this is kihyun, our “manager”,” he points to the one creepiely staring at me, “this is wonho, the charmer if you will” he points to the one half asleep”this is hyungwon, our gunman” he points to the one poilietly sitting “that’s changkyun also known as I.m, he may not look like it but he..gets information from people” he motions to the one still looking around”our muscle, and trust me on that” he looks over to the one drinking in the corner, “that’s jooheon, our mechanic/ drunk” and finally he looks straight at your father “and then there’s me, shownu, the leader” he smiles again, but not as politely before, this one, had an edge. Your father cleared his throat as he finished writing.
“This is my daughter,(Y/N) she’ll be taking after me when I go, That’s Nicky and that’s all you need to know” your father smirks “now onto the deal” there it was again, that dangerous smirk
“Now sir we may not be as big as your group but you’re stepping on our territory in your sales and we don’t appreciate that” they nod in agreement
“Well who said it was yours”
“We did and we’ve been selling there for years and so it’s been marked as ours,”
“Well I need to expand”
“So do we and were not going onto your turf so if you would please” slides a paper across the table “take this into concideration” your father takes a look at the paper
“And that’s supposed to impress me?” He glares at your father
“Now sir with all respect you can take the offer or stick it up your ass, your choice, this can go nicely or this can get ugly” your father looks angry but laughs in a turn settling the tension in the air
“I like you kid, you got fire and spunk, fine we’ll take the deal and hey were haven a party soon you and your friends can come along no harm, to show a truce alright?” Your father reached over the table holding out his hand. Shownu soon leans over and shakes his hand, with that everyone started to pack up as my father and the other group left, shownu stopped me by grabbing my arm
“I hope I will see you at the party as well miss~?”
“(Y/N)” you blush and look down
“I look forward to seeing you there miss (Y/N)” and with that he left
“Why the hell am I blushing, I don’t do that” you hold your cheek “I don’t like this” little did you know that nick was watching as he says to himself “I don’t like this either”
Sorry this took along time I’ve been busy and I’ve got a lot to do😅😅 so please forgive me and what do you think of nick, I think he’s an ass but who knows

J.D. Emmanuel—Minimal Electronic Music 1979-83 (Black Sweat)

Back when New Age was a viable subculture, you could walk into bookstores devoted to the topic and scan shelf after shelf loaded with volumes intended to expand your mind and solve your problems. Up near the cash register there were usually some music in bright pastel covers, first on cassette or LP and later on CD, and most of them were blandly tedious stuff. When the whole scene imploded you couldn’t give it away, as Texan keyboardist J.D. (short for James Daniel) Emmanuel discovered in the late 1980s. Ultimately he abandoned a few boxes of his recordings in a Houston attic. Fifteen years later the contents of those boxes found their way to a Half Price Books in Dallas, where they passed into the hands of Douglas Macgowan, future proprietor of Yoga Records. Enamored by what he heard, Macgowan tracked down Emmanuel, who had settled into a very different life, and offered encouragement and connections that enabled him to return to music. Festival gigs, reissues by the Aguirre and Important labels, and now Minimal Electronic Music 1979-83. 

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Kaz/inej!! (: can be anything as Long as it's m not TOO sad HAHHA. Thank you (:

First Fanfiction request ever! Thank you, amazing person! I’m going to write my own personal scenario for her rescue, and I really hope it goes somewhat like this!

Inej closed her eyes. Opened them. Closed them, opened them. No matter what, the dull gray room around her never changed. Neither did the hard steel table she was laying on, or the leather bindings holding her wrists, ankles, and shoulders down. Her hair was matted with blood and her scalp hurt from the dark locks being pulled too much. There were bruises all over her arms and she thought it was a miracle that none of her bones had been broken.


The door opened and she started. Van Eck walked in, flanked by two of his guards. She forced her face to calm and mouth to stay shut. “Good morning.” He greeted blandly. Inej exhaled slowly. “Raise her up.” He ordered. The two guards sneered at her as they wound a crank, and the table slowly tipped until she was vertical.

“It’s a shame your friends haven’t come yet.” He took a seat in an upholstered chair a few feet in front of her. Inej didn’t say anything, but she felt the familiar pain in her chest. She’d never been sure if they’d come for her. Jesper and Nina, maybe, but would anyone else bother? Or maybe Kaz. Money had always been too important to him. Kaz, Kaz, Kaz, such a foolish boy. Her nose stung just thinking about him.

“Not going to talk today?” Van Eck sighed as if this was a disappointment. “Looks as if you’re going to need a little help.” He motioned with a pale, smooth hand. It belonged to someone who had people to do the dirty work for him, someone who got to sit in comfort while others died. The taller guard left and returned with a cart she’d come to despise. On it lay various instruments of torture. He lifted up a blade and smiled.

She bared her teeth in return.

But before it could get anywhere near her, a tremendous crash echoed down the hallway. The three men turned around, but when they turned back they were alarmed to find Inej smiling viciously. “What?” Jan stood up, glancing back at the door. “What is it?”

“Who.” Inej corrected softly. “Who is it.”

The guards fidgeted nervously. A low laugh came out of her mouth, something Kaz would’ve been proud of. “My friends, Van Eck. My friends are here. And they’re about to create hell on earth.”


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ooc:: Wow. Not even a couple days ago I was noting the strange amount of glitches I was seeing trying navigate tumblr. Even commented about it on my personal saying ‘oh boy this can only mean one thing! UPDATE TIME’ 

And lo’. Tumblr doth strike again. You know I’ve learned to just sit back as bit by bit this website destroys itself. Jaded and no longer upset. Only blandly amused by it all. My call on the next update? Tumblr just literally explodes. They’ll call it the new and improved ‘ashy chiq’ aesthetic.

Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey: The Most Bodacious Comedy Sequel Ever?

19 July 1991 saw Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves came to the big screen for the second and, to date, last time as Bill S Preston Esq. and Ted Theodore Logan – and 25 years on, ‘Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey’ stands tall as quite possibly the best comedy sequel of all time.

Some might call that overstatement – but at the same time, calling ‘Bogus Journey’ the best ever comedy sequel may seem faint praise, given that the vast majority of such films range from mediocre to downright awful. 

Consider the two ‘Beverly Hills Cop’ sequels; rapid downward spiral of the ‘Police Academy’ series; or in more recent years, the follow-ups to ‘The Hangover,’ ‘Anchorman’ and ‘Zoolander.’ They all tend to fall into the same trap of blandly revisiting what went before, and singularly failing to recapture the charm.

It seems the best most comedy sequels can manage is to produce something which more or less stands on a par with its predecessor, as is arguably the case with ‘Ghostbusters 2,’ ‘Wayne’s World 2,’ ’22 Jump Street,’ and most recently ‘Bad Neighbours 2.’ 

But hardly any come to mind which truly surpass what went before on every level – with the exception of ‘Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey.’

An improvement in every respect (aside from the less-catchy title), ‘Bogus Journey’ is a better-shot, better-acted production which realises the cartoonish potential of the premise far more effectively than the Stephen Herek-directed ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure.’ 

This may in part be thanks to the increased budget ($20 million to the original’s $10 million), and also due to the vision of the more FX-savvy director Pete Hewitt, who made his feature debut here. 

But the lion’s share of the credit must go to writers Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson, and stars Reeves and Winter, who had the gormless future rock star messiahs Bill and Ted down to a T by this point.  

On a basic level, the plot isn’t too far removed from most sequels insofar as it follows the same essential structure as its predecessor: just as in 1988’s ‘Excellent Adventure,’ we join our dim-witted young heroes – who, we now know, will somehow become world-changing icons in the future – as they reach a pivotal turning point in their lives. 

Where it was a high school history report in ‘Excellent Adventure,’ it’s a battle of the bands contest in ‘Bogus Journey.’ As circumstances conspire against them, Bill and Ted must embark on a bizarre and hazardous race against time, picking up unlikely allies along the way, in order to make it to their goal.

However, ‘Bogus Journey’ steps away from the time travel set-up of ‘Excellent Adventure,’ instead taking an altogether bolder, less predictable approach by literally killing off its heroes in the first twenty minutes – then sending them on a mini-odyssey through the afterlife, taking in Heaven and Hell in the process.

It’s a bizarre premise – but given how extraordinarily odd ‘Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure’ was to begin with, surely the only way to go with the sequel was even stranger.

Also, what the whole death angle, ‘Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey’ is also a much darker film than its predecessor, although apparently not as dark as it might have been. The sequel was initially entitled ‘Bill and Ted Go To Hell;’ while our heroes’ sojourn in the underworld takes only a small portion of ‘Bogus Journey’s 85-minute runtime, this sequence was originally far longer. 

Deleted footage would have seen Bill and Ted informed by a demon (who, just to prove his repulsiveness, pulls a live rat out of his mouth) that they are condemned to break rocks for eternity – only for the affable headbangers to find they actually quite enjoy swinging sledgehammers around.

Upping the darkness factor further are Bill and Ted’s evil robot doppelgangers, sent back from the future by militant usurper De Nomolos (a gloriously droll Joss Ackland) to murder the icons-in-waiting and take over their lives. 

Here too, some footage hit the cutting room floor, as originally we would have seen the evil robots throwing an old lady off a balcony, and eviscerating goldfish in a waste disposal unit; moments which were deemed a little too much for a PG-rated film. (We have to settle for Evil Bill and Ted repeatedly trying, but failing, to kill cats in the street.)     

Nothing unusual about a sequel taking the story in a darker direction, of course (’Empire’ syndrome) – but with the perpetually optimistic Bill and Ted at the centre of proceedings, things can never get particularly grim, even when one of the main characters is Death himself.

One of the great joys of ‘Bogus Journey’ is how, for much of the film, the double act pretty well becomes a trio, as William Sadler’s Grim Reaper – surely the most notable (indeed, probably the only) Ingmar Bergman reference in a 1990s youth-oriented comedy – becomes a key player, and to a large extent winds up stealing the movie. 

Sadler (also seen in ‘The Shawshank Redemption’ and ‘Die Hard 2’) hasn’t done too much comedy, and proves a dab hand at deadpan humour (no pun intended). As straight man to Bill and Ted’s goofballs, the Reaper endures more than his share of indignity, first on the receiving end of a ‘melvin’ (which we gather is essentially the same as a wedgie), then being defeated in a series of popular home games by Bill and Ted. Just as well they didn’t opt for chess.

Earlier drafts of the script saw Bill and Ted recruit a number of historical figures in Heaven to assist them in defeating their evil robot doppelgangers, but it was probably for the best this approach wasn’t taken as it would have seemed too derivative of ‘Excellent Adventure;’ and in any case, the earlier film sometimes struggled to share the spotlight equally across its broad ensemble. 

With just the Reaper, the Martian scientist Station (see, Groot wasn’t the first loveable alien with a vocabulary limited to his own name) and ultimately the good robot Bill and Ted, we have just enough colourful characters to back up our heroes.

Alas, the love interest princesses are every bit as underdeveloped here as they were in the original, although Pam Grier gets a nice cameo, and Amy Stock-Poynton’s Missy (I mean Mom) is given a little more to do, so it isn’t all bad news for the female characters.

And of course, this being Bill and Ted, ‘Bogus Journey’ boasts a hard-rockin’ soundtrack custom designed to get the audience doing air guitar. On top of memorable cameos from rock band Primus and ex-Faith No More guitarist Jim Martin, the film is perhaps best remembered for its climactic anthem, Kiss’ ‘God Gave Rock’n’Roll To You II.’ 

Though this is actually a slightly modified cover version (hence the addition of ‘II’ to the title) of an earlier track by British rockers Argent, the track is now synonymous with the make-up splattered glam rockers, and reportedly remains a staple of their live shows to this day.

The past 25 years have seen plenty of rumours and speculations as to whether or not Bill and Ted will ever return to the screen. Much has changed since; where Reeves has become one of the biggest movie stars in the world, Winter largely retired from acting in favour of a directing career. 

Even so, both the actors, plus screenwriters Solomon and Matheson, have in recent years spoken at length about their plans for a third ‘Bill and Ted’ movie, and if reports are to be believed we may be seeing it in the not-too distant future with ‘Galaxy Quest’ director Dean Parisot on board.

But even without a third movie, we need never look any further than the original two ‘Bill and Ted’ movies to remind us of the importance of being excellent to each other, and partying on, dude (even if, surprisingly, they never use those phrases in ‘Bogus Journey’).

Picture Credit: MGM

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If Severus had a vine account:

>  *Student’s cauldron starts to hiss and an orange fume starts to spread.* Severus stands in front of it, looks to the camera and says blandly, “This is what I have to put up with everyday.”

> Dumbledore making bad puns during their meetings, and him sighing heavily.

> Videos of Gildeory tripping in the corridors when ‘no one is looking,’ and Severus snickering in the background.

> Slytherin erupting in cheer when they win the Quidditch House Cup, and him panning to a disgruntled Minerva.

> Snape filming his trip down the corridor, holding a steaming goblet of Wolfsbane Potion, while grumbling, “Going to deliver the wolf his bloody potion…”

> Videos of his nightly patrols and sending students back to their dormitories, “Honestly, kids these days.”

> *Snape points his camera and waits at classroom door* *Harry steps inside, his eyes go wide* “Late again Potter.”

feel free to add more :) @mysnarkyslytherinsecret

M/K fic

“What appears to be the latest offering from the DA’s office is waiting for you, Oh Fearless Leader,” came the sarcastic drawl of Cecil Callahan the moment Chief-of-Police Kieran Lawson walked into the precinct. “Here to discuss the Womack case.” His top personal crimes investigator was wearing a smirk that Kieran did not particularly care for, but to tell Callahan that would only encourage the shenanigans.

“Okay.” Kieran kept his voice as blandly expressionless as his face. “I’m a bit surprised that Art would send a rookie to take on such a complicated case. Who is it, anyway?”

“Mmm…” Cecil seemed bound and determined to draw it out. “Blonde. Hot. I’m sure, just for your sake, that she’s like Elle Woods in the flesh and the answer to all our prayers, including the one wherein Womack rots in jail and we all live happily ever after. My sources say that she did her undergrad locally before going to law school in Georgetown. Aside from that… Far be it for me to bias you in any way before you even meet the gal.” Assuming a virtuous expression, Callahan filled his coffee mug with a dozen Splendas, copious amounts of creamer and an incidental splash of coffee.
“Back to the grind. Have fun in there, boss.”

Kieran ignored the jibe and strode towards his office. The Womack case was a nightmare of unreliable witnesses, scant forensic evidence and an almost-sociopathically-charming perp who could probably sell someone the Brooklyn Bridge, let alone play a jury like a damn fiddle. And his first glimpse of the ADA that district attorney Arthur Emmett saw fit to send him didn’t particularly inspire optimism. The Elle Woods descriptor definitely fit, from the golden heart-shaped lapel pin to the beach-babe hair. The blonde stood up on strappy heels and proffered a hand with a sunny smile. “Chief Lawson. I’m Miranda Alderton. It’s a pleasure to meet you at last- I’ve heard a great deal about you.”

“I’m sorry that I can’t say the same about you, Ms. Alderton,” Kieran’s voice is polite but cool. “I suppose that you know the details of the case?”

The question was insulting at best, but Miranda Alderton evinced no signs of offense. “I think so, yes. Rape, no priors, no DNA or fingerprints or trace evidence to speak of thus far. Victim– a friend and coworker– was drugged and thankfully doesn’t remember too much, considering the brutality. Night clerk picked him out of a line-up but he passed a polygraph. His wife swears up and down that he was home, but no proof and she’s a scared rabbit. Credit card receipts show that he bought over-the-counter sleeping pills and a kitchen knife at the local Wal-Mart but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. You’re still waiting on cell phone records and a few lab results for his car. Did I miss anything?”

She rattled off the case information with the same type of pleasant voice and total confidence as a person might recite a valedictory speech, then grinned at Kieran’s raised eyebrow. “I’m going to get you guys a warrant for the wife’s car, as well. Day after tomorrow at the latest.”

“Is that so?”

“Mm-hmm. You should trust me.” Another gorgeous smile. “But, even if you don’t– and you obviously don’t– I’ll say ‘I told you so’ only once when the time comes.”

was gonna marathon the harry potter movies but philosopher’s stone was so boring it took me 4 days to finish and i just outright skipped chamber of secrets.  prisoner of azkaban is so different in so many ways - the overture, the cinematography, the director, the dumbledore, harry’s emoting more, things are a bit creepier and a lot more human.  i think there was more of a gap between chamber and prisoner’s movies than between stone and chamber so the actors got visibly older, as would their audience, so they just kinda rolled with it to do things different.  it really benefits from it.  it adds a lot of little flares of its own rather than just being a series of scenes in which stilted 12 year olds just blandly recreate scenes from the books.

the person in the house across from my hotel window installed an air conditioner and they sealed up the window with i think an old political sign? so now there’s some random french politician smiling blandly down at an air conditioner outside my window.