Blanding’s Turtle / Emydoidea Blandingii 

I originally went out herping hoping to find some timber rattlesnakes today but after I couldn’t find the location I was looking for settled for a different one. Within an hour of getting there I was lucky enough to see this endangered Blanding’s Turtle. As soon as I saw the spots on its shell my heart was racing and I immediately went over, laid down, and took numerous photographs. They’re endangered in most of their range and the fact that I found this guy in the grass, perfectly still and able to be photographed with my simple point and shoot camera is incredible. I feel so lucky to have found him and I already submitted an rare species report to my DNR.

Please note: I did not touch him or bother him in any way, and you shouldn’t either! They’re endangered, and may be protected in your state or province.



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source-Fletcher Wildlife Garden

The Fletcher Wildlife Garden (FWG) was initiated in 1990 on a 6 hectare site on the Central Experimental Farm located in the middle of Ottawa, close to downtown. It is adjacent to the Dominion Arboretum and close to the Rideau Canal. our goal is to encourage as many people as possible to create or restore natural landscapes on their urban or rural property for the benefit of wildlife and the environment.


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Blanding’s Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii)

Also recorded as Emys blandingii, Blanding’s turtle is an endangered species of semi-aquatic marsh turtle (Emydidae) which is native to North America, where it occurs mainly in the great lakes region, extending into central Nebraska and Minnesota. Like many other members of its family, Blanding’s turtles are primarily encountered in wetlands, typically with clean shallow water. They are also known to wander far from water, primarily during the nesting season. Blanding’s turtles are omnivorous, feeding on a range of freshwater invertebrates, carrion, berries and other plant matter .

Currently Emydoidea blandgingii is listed as endangered by the IUCN, as it faces major threats from habitat fragmentation/destruction as well as nest predation by introduced predators. 


Animalia-Chordata-Reptilia-Testudines-Emydidae-Emydinae-Emydoidea-E. blandingii

Image: Me!

canadian-turtle submitted to thewhimsyturtle:

This is Bumi (RES), Fingers (painted), and Valgrind (Blanding’s). They like to snuggle

Hello, Bumi, Fingers, and Valgrind! What cute snuggle buddies you all are! And look at those beautiful colors on Fingers’s shell! We know from experience how cute red-eared sliders like Bumi are (the memories of Lunchbox!), but we have never met a Blanding’s turtle before. What a big happy smile you have, Valgrind! And what wonderful names you all have! ♥


My first ever Blanding’s Turtle. One of Ontario’s 8 species of turtles, it is currently listed as threatened. I was leaving my cottage when I saw this gal on the side of the road and decided I would help her cross. Once I took her picture, and put her down on the other side of the road, she decided she didn’t actually want to be on that side of road and much to my amusement she “quickly” scurried back to the other side. Turtles are weird…
The Blanding’s turtle is especially cool because it half of its plastron is hinged, meaning it can partially close the front opening of it shells as a defense mechanism.