bland tomtar

TREES in swedish

Illustration: Här är det skönt och vackert, sade hon och slog ihop händerna by John Bauer from the book Bland tomtar och troll 1912

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ek - oak

rönn - rowan

alm - elm

al -alder

björk - birch

asp - aspen

bok - quire

en - juniper

hassel - hazel

gran - fir

tall - pine

lind - lime-tree

lönn - maple

pilträd - willow

popplar - poplar

slån - blackthorn

syren - syringa

“Lena och riddaren dansa” / “ Lena dances with the knight ”
Signed John Bauer and dated 1915.
Watercolour, heightening white, indian ink and pencil on paper.
26 x 28.5 cm.

This illustration was created by John Bauer (1882-1918) for W.E. Björk’s fairy tale ‘Guldnycklarna’ in “Bland tomtar och troll” / “Among gnomes and trolls” in 1915.

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WOW. I think you need to meditate and free yourself from this anger. Although, if it is because you think the term ‘cottongrass’ is racist… Here’s a story you might enjoy! :D
An AMAZING swedish illustrator and painter called John Bauer. His work mainly revolves around landscapes and mythology. He is best known however for his illustrations of Bland tomtar och troll (Among Gnomes and Trolls), an anthology of Swedish folklore and fairy tales. Within these amazing stories, is little princess Cottongrass who sits among the lakes and forests with her forest friends. 

I have been given this name by a dear friend because she is me and I am her. I hope that you will never know me because you seem like a terribly dark soul, but for those who do know I am far from racist. I feel for you that you are so angry, so I hope you seek inner peace soon :)