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maybe is just me but .. lapis was not very interesing looking in the first place? sure the eyes were cool but her basic body and design is. bland and uncreative? to me

tbqh i agree lol 

lapis is the least interesting character in terms of the shapes used for her body? like, check out the shape diversity in the CGs:

garnet is lots of squares, pearl is lots of triangles, and amethyst is circles! it’s nice to look at and it adds some interesting shapes to the characters as they move.

and peridot, made of mostly triangles, is dynamic and interesting. (with her limb enhancers. her skinny little gremlin form is depressing imo) but lapis…. i don’t know. she’s made of very few shapes in general, and the shapes that are there are… like. boring.

i thought her water powers were cool in ‘mirror gem’ because the water from the sea was dark and realistic, not shiny and cutesy like it is now. i liked her eyes because it was the first time we’d seen a gem with an interesting alien feature. her design is just boring to me, especially since it doesnt look anything like the gemstone’s palette??

tl;dr i agree lapis is boring and lapis stans need a new fave


The liveries of the Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde, both used and projected, as during her launch, she received 74 orders from 16 airlines. 

Sadly only two airliners, Air France and British Airways, would actually buy her, limiting her production run to only 14 units (plus 6 prototypes) with a grand total of 4 users throughout her lifetime, as for a short-while both Braniff International Airways and Singapore Airlines leased one aircraft each, where only Singapore managed to get their colors applied to the supersonic airliner, albeit only in half of the fuselage. 

Concorde was the last leap in commercial aviation, the last pioneer, as ever since we have sunk lower and lower into bland, insipid, uninspired designs that the only envelop they seem willing to push of how much fuel they can save. 

Women's March Organizers Rally The Runway At New York Fashion Week Show

Those that follow Mara Hoffman on Instagram know that the designer recently attended the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., much like many of her peers in the fashion industry. “Unite with love, resist with love,” read the poster she carried for the march. And she continued to carry that mentality into her latest presentation.

Hoffman’s New York Fashion Week show on Monday kicked off with opening remarks by the national co-chairs of the Women’s March on Washington: Brooklyn-based designer Bob Bland (with her baby in tow), social justice activist Tamika Mallory, civil rights advocate Carmen Perez, and Brooklyn-born, Palestinian-American, Muslim racial justice and civil rights activist Linda Sarsour.

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“Unity, love and strength, with a message that women’s rights are human rights. We stand together in solidarity, recognizing that our vibrant and diverse community are the strength of our country. Hear our voice,” Perez said in the her opening remarks, before each woman took turns sharing an empowering message.

Perez met Hoffman, a designer known for her colorful, peace-love-and-fashion outlook, through a mutual friend, the political activist and performance artist Sarah Sophie Flicker.

“She was inspired to bring together her fashion designer friends and do a fundraiser for the Women’s March, and the fact that she’s creating a platform for us to get our message out there is just really inspiring to people like myself that work on these issues every single day,” Perez, the executive director of The Gathering for Justice, a nonprofit founded by Harry Belafonte, told The Hollywood Reporter post-show.  She added: “She’s trying to ensure that people understand the intersectionality between activism and fashion. … It’s grounded in supporting women.”

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For Hoffman’s part, the show was meant “to shine a spotlight on what’s going on in society.”

The fall 2017 collection was inspired by “a utilitarian way of dressing” through her eyes, she said. That meant clothes that allow for a lot of movement, maybe even marching, including bright yellow oversized trousers, stretchy denim tops and bottoms, and loose-fitting dresses, all worn by models, dancers and special guest, singer-songwriter Yuna.

dancing away at @marahoffman #marahoffmanfw17 #NYFW

- stephanie chan (@stephmchan) February 13, 2017

“It’s a deep honor to have these women even present, and then more so to lend their voices,” Hoffman said of having the Women’s March organizers at her show.

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As feminism continues to appear on the runways as one of this season’s biggest trends, it makes one wonder: When does it go from kumbaya to cashing in?

“As long as they contribute back to organizations that are doing the work, I think there’s always [an opportunity] for diverse fundraising,” said Perez. “We need the people to invest back into our community, back into our work. I don’t have a negative opinion about it, but I certainly feel that it’s important to elevate the people who are doing the work on the ground every single day. I think we need to come together and build collective power.”

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i made some alternate names for a bunch of yandere sim characters

im also planning on redesigning them bc GODDAMN some of these are such bland designs (also if youre wondering why i changed some of the names that could be actual names its bc i might wanna use these if a parody game could be made and i dont wanna get sued™)

(i plan on doingn names for all the characterssss)

Ayano Aishi = Akiyama Aiko 秋山愛子
Mei Mio = Hamasaki Miyako 浜崎美夜子
Koharu Hinata = Hayashi Kaori 林香織
Yui Rio = Himura Yumi 緋村弓美
Saki Miyu = Kawaguchi Misaki 川口美咲
Kokona Haruka = Nakahara Kokoro 中原心
Yuna Hina = Tachibana Yuuka 橘優花
Mai Waifu (i hate her name the most euGH) = Watanabe Mao 渡辺真桜
Musume Ronshaku = Oshiro Momoka 大城桃花
Oka Ruto = Tanaka Kazue 田中和枝
Osana Najimi = Nakajima Rina 中島莉奈
Midori Gurin = Mori Midori 森緑
Sakyu Basu = Abe Sachiko 安倍幸子
Inkyu Basu = Abe Kiku 安倍菊
Kokuma Jutsu = Kurosawa Shinju 黒澤真珠
Mina Rai = Minami Ran 南蘭
Shima Shita = Ishikawa Shizuka 石川静夏
Supana Churu = Suzuki Chiyo 鈴木千世

Let’s all give a nice warm welcome to the new starters, shall we?

Now, I’ll be truthful with everyone…I find their designs rather bland and boring.
that doesn’t mean I hate them or that they’re bad Pokemon, not at all.

I was just…expecting a little more, I guess?

Either way, I thought that if I drew them in my own style, I’d probably like them a little more, maybe.

It kinda worked.

I reaaaalllly think I’m gonna get Popplio, but I suppose I won’t exactly know which one I’ll actually choose until I see their final evolutions.

i’m so mad that xena was literally the most popular show in the world at one point and yet somehow it didn’t spawn a genre full of ruthless action heroines trying to overcome their dark pasts and the temptation to raise an army and take over the world

i mean there’s a wonderful life hercules episode where xena remained evil and ended up ruling greece with an iron fist, that’s so freaking cool

like srsly send in the clones the world needs female action heroines who aren’t brain-washed or reluctant wannabe-pacifists or upstanding pillars of morality or only awesome until their male love interest needs a chance to rescue them or who only exist to teach the bland designated hero what they know

Haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m glad that the headcanon of “the dinosaurs look inaccurate because they genetically altered them to be marketable to the public” is actually canon in Jurassic World apparenly

I mean it’s 100% just an excuse to stick with dated bland designs, but it’s at least it’s an INTERESTING excuse

I never thought I would say this…but the Scooby Doo remake looks like if Family Guy and CTRL ALT DELETE had a merger of bland and dead design…


Foundation, lipstick, eyeliner, eye shadow, some blush, alright. Your makeup was good to go! You’ve already slipped into your red, practically skin hugging dress that was rather bland in design, but it had a heart chest window at your cleavage and two other heart windows sitting on either side of your hips. It had a good hem line at the trim of the dress which you liked a lot because you had a gold colored purse that you could bring along to accentuate the color on your dress. Black thigh highs that ran up to your mid-thigh and finally some black heels that had “Bad Bitch” personally wrote on it in pink from yours truly. Overlooking yourself in the mirror, you puffed your hair a bit and and knocked back some strands before you felt you were ready to go. A light giggle of joy and excitement and the straps of your medium-sized purse was on your shoulder and you were going straight for Wendeline.

And you did exactly as you saidyou were going to do. Cause a scene. When it came to the time where you had to approach the guards, you yelled “BACK OFF, BRUTUS’, I got plans with the FUCKING QUEEN OF… Well I don’t remember what exactly bUT WENDELINE IS EXPECTING ME.” Through the beginning of your yelling, the guards were skeptical until Wendeline was thrown in. They were scrambling to get out of your way, bumping into each other, then running the opposite direction to steer clear as to not be in your general peripherals anyway. You smirk, feeling like a total badass for scaring off the fuckers who dragged you into this place, but most credit goes to Wendeline. A “hmph” and a strut, you’re on your way to Wendeline to the lobby. You don’t even hesitate for one second to throw your arms around her (after you’ve damn near sprinted at her when you saw the only person in the lobby looking ready for a night out) to bring her into a tight embrace.