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som super early tazboys designs……………i’’’m got so much work to do refining them (esp outfit wise lord Jesus)

hey it’s me, your somewhat acquaintance from university or work or something! Click here to buy and support my t-shirts with outdated slang and bland designs :~)

Person: you may not like him as a person…but as an artist Seth Macfarlane *inspired* me
Me: (noticing a rising amount of animated series with characters designed with bland emotionless faces and half open eyelids staring into nothingness)

Me: You should be inspired by someone else maybe perhaps

HENLO so heres that about me post i mentioned (im gonna keep it short)

my name is cato (or party, thats just a nickname tho), i’m an aspiring paleontologist and evolutionary biologst! i’m also a cellist! i enjoy drawing as a hobby and i’m generally really shy and hella akward but i love talking to new people aaaa! 

and the character above is me (or at least how i’m gonna represent myself online), a lonesome clownraptor 

artdigy  asked:

God, when you want to make a character, YOU DO IT. Can you talk a little about your process? Where you got the idea for Mother of Pearl, your jasper ame fusion, etc? Whenever you make them, you go by theme and intense detail. Ily and your art so much

thank you so much!! im gonna describe my design/headcanon process under cut because its kinda a wall of text with some pics of older versions of maxima as an example. hope this inspires and helps you!

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The liveries of the Aérospatiale/BAC Concorde, both used and projected, as during her launch, she received 74 orders from 16 airlines. 

Sadly only two airliners, Air France and British Airways, would actually buy her, limiting her production run to only 14 units (plus 6 prototypes) with a grand total of 4 users throughout her lifetime, as for a short-while both Braniff International Airways and Singapore Airlines leased one aircraft each, where only Singapore managed to get their colors applied to the supersonic airliner, albeit only in half of the fuselage. 

Concorde was the last leap in commercial aviation, the last pioneer, as ever since we have sunk lower and lower into bland, insipid, uninspired designs that the only envelop they seem willing to push of how much fuel they can save. 

i feel like if aquamarine and topaz were like, not official gems or someones unrelated ocs i wouldnt give a shit but it just doesnt fit in with what we have

their designs are bland, aquamarine’s doesnt fit in with the shows aesthetic, and these people are once again, PROFESSIONALS who are BEING PAID to make this shit. these people work in a highly competitive field, went to art school, have been doing art for many more years than most casual artists, and this is the best they could come up with?

forgive me for being a bit pissed off, but there are great artists who are struggling and starving out there, people who could do amazing things if they had the budget and team, and these guys can get paid to serve us first draft unproofread writing, shit designs with no heart, and pretend to progressive while putting racist caricatures of their characters in a concept art book and selling it for 20+ bucks a pop? fuck out of here, im not buying this shit anymore. im done with this show

I gUESs the new in thing for su hoes to do is make generic ass posts about su critics wanting the gems to be more alien like and then ironically hating the new gems because they look ugly.

Topaz and Aqua look “ugly” because they have poor, even bland character design. I don’t know where on earth y'all somehow connected bad character design to them looking more alien. They’re certainly alien to the basic concepts of aesthetic appeal if that’s what you’re talking about.

In between my studies….I finished Fire Emblem Echoes: SoV! I overall enjoyed my playthrough and I am glad this remake was made. Some thoughts about the overall game under the cut. I tried to keep spoilers vague fyi

Disclaimer: My experience with Gaiden was that I watched LPs of the game on youtube and I read up on the lore and characters. I also played the Jpn ver and translated a few things for the game before the English release. So in that sense I am not a “veteran” FE player so judge my opinions based on that I guess.

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anonymous asked:

Reasons why we will never go to Vryn; it'd be just a rehash on what happened on Kaladesh, especially if it's technologically advanced and powered by the Mage Rings. Already heard people say it could be a gritty Steam/Diesel-punk type plane. Amonkhet has a cool circular themed clothing. Sure its meant to mimic Bolas' horns but it looks very circular. It has no interesting looking culture. It'd just be a bland plane with a bland design.

I mean I’m not saying Vryn wouldn’t have a very similar story to Kaladesh’s but I have to argue your stance that “Bolas’ horns are basically circles, therefore fuck you.”

But to address the “Vryn and Kaladesh storylines is the same” topic, Wizards just needs to handle it differently. Here’s what I’ve got:

The Gatewatch arrive on Vryn, for reasons unknown, and get separated, physically. One side finds themselves with the Ampryn League, the other with the Trovian Separatists, and learn their side’s respective stance on the issue.

And then it’s up to Jace to figure out the truth - both because he’s the Blue mage and searching for truth is kind of their thing, but also because doing so may help him recover his memories.

On the opposite side of whatever Jace lands on is Gideon, and Wizards has said that they’ll butt heads over leadership of the Gatewatch, and this would be the block where all of that comes to a head.

Vryn has the potential to be the Civil War block of the Gatewatch story, while also giving Jace the chance to learn about himself. I don’t doubt that the Vryn story will have a lot of parallels to the Kaladesh story, but it can be handled differently and give us a different spin on how the Gatewatch handles certain situations.

Plus, I could totally see Vryn as having some dystopian 1984 vibe to it to clash with Kaladesh’s vibrant, more cheerful mood it has going on.

Torn 20

I was working on Torn earlier when I realized I had so much more to write before I posted both installments. So I just decided to post part of it and make it part 20 to keep you from waiting any longer. This is a long one at 8k plus words and again I am still not done. So I hope you enjoy Eric and the reader and my apologies for the wait.

“So did you really take my granddaughter to see your lover instead of her own father?” Angelina had just burped her granddaughter and you inwardly groan as you were hoping for an uneventful visit. You shook your head at being such a fool. She was after all Eric’s mom. You had not seen her the past couple of days and you had hoped she had went back to Erudite.

“Eric obviously had better things to do then visit his child.” You informed her as you took the half empty bottle of breastmilk off the coffee table.

“If Eric is not with his child he had a damn good reason.”

You stopped in your tracks as you picked up her tone towards you. You whipped around and focused on her.

“I don’t give a damn what reason it is he should be here for his daughter.” Angelina detected the anger in your voice.

“You need to watch your tone young lady.”

You slammed the baby bottle on the kitchen counter.

“YOU don’t get to tell me what to do. You do understand that it is a privilege that I allow you to see your granddaughter. If you as so much as look at me the wrong way you will not see her again. Go run and tell that to your son.” You were heated and you were sick of all things Coulter.

“Eric will never allow that!”

“You want to try me and see?”

Angelina gently placed a sleepy Abigail in her motion seat that Eric had brought her. The seat was a God send as it bounces up and down, swayed back and forth and had many more soothing motion settings for Abigail. Angelina looked you up and down and smiled.

“You know you might just be woman enough for my son.” A look of pride displayed on her face. “I will be back later tonight to tuck my granddaughter in.”

God when was she going back to Erudite?

“That’s fine.” You sighed as you saw her out. You sat on the and pulled your daughter’s infant seat up to you and gazed down at her beautiful face. Abigail yawn and scrunched her cute face. You found your fingers caressing her cheeks.

“I love you baby girl.” You whispered to her as tears of pure joy fell from your cheeks. You loved her so much it ached. You wiped the tears from your cheeks, got up after a few moments on the couch, took Abigail out the seat and went in your room and went to bed as Abigail slept.

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Issues with Echoes:
-“"Bland”“ map design

-The story, a faithful remake of a 1992 game, has the trope of farmboy-turned-hero slaying the evil dragon and saving the princess

-Some female characters are written poorly, though this is already a known issue with the creators before this game.

Issues with Fates:
-Game revolving around family and bonds let’s you marry and have children with your siblings who in one game were supposed to be blood related, and you only find out that you’re not after you choose to marry them.

-Game revolving around family and bonds let’s you marry your companions’ children and have children with them

-All characters suffer from bad writing including the main royals

-Story shafts the female royal siblings and doesn’t give them legendary weapons

-There is a lesbian character that the writers never really wanted to commit to and so she is instead made to be bisexual and forced to submit to compulsive heteronormativity (with only one of her supports ending romantically, which is with the feminine-appearing cross-dressing character) with no same sex romance options available all so that the writers can play off the trope that girls expressing love for each other is just a silly phase and even write her to be a creepy stalker in one of her supports.

-This same character is given a drug which is coded conversion therapy shit

-Both bisexual representatives for the games are written as creepy, one is a stalker and the other is an innuendo-obsessed outlaw which is a little 🤔

-There’s a plethora of ridiculous fan-servicing designs including some for children characters

-World-building and all efforts at a story are half-assed as it is clear that the creators’ focus was on making an incest simulator where you can pet characters faces and make them blush

-Gameplay is only good in one game of the three with no real excuse except laziness. Maps are recycled throughout all three games.