what we miss … fenceless race tracks

all the way through to the early years 2000 it was possible to get pretty close to the track at Francorchamps at certain points of the track, especially around the Bruxelles/Pouhon area
but in the 80’s it was even more easy to get right at the action at legendary corners like Blanchimont
those were the days …

the run up to Blanchimont corner in the rain, 1987 1000km de Spa, Francorchamps

anonymous asked:

Dear Ser Aymeric de Borel (alternatively, Dear Mother)

Ser Borel (@aymeric-the-blue) —

I write you now as parliament has convened to mention a rather peculiar incident that you, as leader of this august body, should be aware of. I am in no small way thankful for my role in the new House of Lords, and am thankful for your acceptance of my presence through the many meetings that came to bring this vision of Ishgard to fruition.

There are, however, other members of our august chambers whom I am far less thankful for.

To put it bluntly, my friend, someone has been leaving dead rats and birds at my desk again. I cannot say I am surprised and on the scale of offenses and indignities I was expecting to suffer as a Minister of Parliament, admittedly this is among the more banal. The problem is the dead animals are drawing more pests to feast upon their carrion, which in turn has lead to more small vilekin buggering around the offices so graciously set aside for our fledgling body politic. 

Obviously, I have contacted several responsible parties to take care of the infestation. Twice. In the one moon we’ve been here assembled. 

Please speak to Lords Blois and Carmina and see them to finding a way to humiliate me that does not shut down the entire House of Lords for two days while I have their messes cleaned up.

Much appreciated, and ever your humble servant,

I Blanchimont.