blanche x agnes

all i’d want is you to be my sweet honey bee

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ladybols  asked:

wanweird, blanche x agnes hehehehe

Blanche isn’t surprised when Agnes lets Hallam move back in.

Veronica had fallen ill, and Agnes had leaned on her almost-not-quite-ex husband a significant amount. Blanche had watched from the wings, taking care of Hector and the house while Agnes was at the hospital, and it was like those months when they’d been happy had simply vanished.

Veronica got better, and came home, and only days later, Hallam appeared with a suitcase and an invitation to Agnes’ bed. Blanche kept silent, stayed out of their way, and considered asking to sleep on one of her colleague’s sofas.

Hallam left after a week, though a few of his shirts stayed.

Agnes slipped into Blanche’s bed that night, hand curling around her hip.

“It was just this week,” she whispered to the skin between Blanche’s shoulder blades, and the older woman sighed, trying to ease the tension in her chest as the brunette snuggled against her back, nose buried in her neck.

Hallam comes back two weeks later.

helensinclairs  asked:

Blanche and Agnes as spies in World War II.

Spies aren’t supposed to get involved.

They’d never really been ones to follow the rules, though.

Two unmarried women living together in order to ‘save money and rations’ had barely been looked at twice by their neighbors, and it’s a small apartment- one bedroom, one bathtub, and not much to do on the weekends.

By the time they’ve been in Germany for two months, Blanche already knows how to get Agnes off in less than five minutes, and Agnes knows that Blanche likes to smoke after sex.


I’m actually in love with this…