blanche beach

The leaders on the beach

Blanche: Floating on her Lapras with sunglasses and a sundress on, lapras is pulling kids and team mystic members over the waves.

Candela: Her and her Arcanine playing volleyball against other valor members, when Arcanine sets the ball on fire for the 3rd time and valor members all laugh together.

Spark: Chasing an army of Kinglers who stole all of team Instincts snacks. His Raichu is too busy being called cute by other instinct members to care.

And The World Will Turn To SAND EVERYWHERE - Part 3

It was a dark and stormy night-

“Shut the fuck up, Spark. Nobody cares.”

“Aww, but spooky stories are totally a tradition for camping out! Well, that, and having really loud sex to see if it would scare off the local wildlife. Speaking of which-” He was silenced by the bag of marshmallows beaning him right between the eyes.

“Nice shot,” Go said, sending the Rocket Executive a cheeky thumbs up while his Team Leader whined at him. He, predictably, ignored the complaining blond and instead lifted his toasted treat from the fire. Blowing on it gently, he was pleased to see the outside was a light golden brown as opposed to the near pitch-black of his previous attempts.

“Hey, you finally didn’t burn one!” Spark cheered. His attempt to steal the marshmallow was met with an icy glare that rivaled Blanche’s and he wisely retracted his hand before the other man could bite it off.

“I like the burnt ones,” Syric said, tossing the chocolate and graham crackers at Go and snorting when the other man fumbled with the packages and almost dropped them and his perfect marshmallow into the sand.

“You would,” Noire intoned, nudging him in the ribs. The medic nudged them back, glare weakened by the fact he was obviously struggling not to grin.

“The char adds to the flavor!”

“Yeah, and Spark has a double-digit IQ.”


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