blanchard mountain

tree stump island on Lizard Lake, Blanchard Mountain, WA
I saw two or three beavers at Lizard Lake today; they would frequently (every five minutes maybe) flip under the water to smack their tail on the water’s surface, which made a perfect ‘kerplunk’ sound.
there was also this bird I never laid eyes on, but it was relentlessly sounding a warning cry (?) as I passed into its danger zone. I was spacing out, watching a beaver swim around, but eventually took notice of this non-corporeal bird’s call becoming so labored that its throat seemed to give out and choke for a few seconds, then try to continue.
I guiltily snuck away and found a sweetly creepy scene to sketch: a little sapling growing on the tiniest knoll of a dead stump, looking like it floated freely, but in wait.
There’s just an odd stillness at lakes on overcast days, where it feels as though some terrible scene should really seize the atmosphere: sunken bones suddenly made mobile will quake and ripple the water. They’d surface, bobbing around with a new, dark buoyancy and clink softly in the wake; but nothing –just still.