Happy Saturday with a delicious Grilled Caribbean Lobster meal served with white rice, a bean sauce, fried plantains, boiled carrots, squash, and a basic salad. “Creole”
Bon Samdi, men Woma Karayib griye sèvi ak diri blan, yon sòs pwa, bannann fri, kawòt bouyi, militon et ou salad de baz.
📷 x 📝 By @habitation_des_lauriers
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How to get over someone who you love but who doesn’t love you:

1.) Cry. cry each day until you don’t have any tears left. Go to the restaurants he took you too. Sit in the parking lot of the coffee shop you used to drink chai teas and white chocolate mochas and let your cries start a rainstorm.

2.) Talk about him. Write everything about him down. Tell your little black journal how it felt when his skin first touched yours. Describe his kiss in detail. Let the little white lines hear about how his arms would wrap around you when he was sleepy. Let him consume the pages of your little black book.

3.) Ask your mom how she felt when she first fell in love. Listen as she explains the first boy whoever broke her. Then when she’s done talking ask her how she got over him.

4.) Love yourself before you love anyone else. Yes he was beautiful and yes he made the stars shine a little brighter. But he is a tiny speck and you are the universe. And maybe one day later on in life when you are happy with who you are you can try again, but right now all loving him is doing is hurting your heart.

5.) Be with your friends. They were there before him, and they will be there after him. Drive to see the sunset with them. Go out to eat. Have sleepovers. Laugh until your stomach hurts. Don’t stop and think about him. He didn’t really love you anyways, and that’s gonna hurt you in the back of your mind. But he’s gone and you are here, and you are real. He isn’t.