It has come to my attention that I never posted this here.
This was well over a year ago and this map had all of the YouTubers that I watched and it became the YouTuber Alley map that a bunch of us played Hunger Games on.
But sadly after moving, it was lost. I didn’t even get photos of the rest of them.
A Rebuild must happen tho!

This was the present that I was working on for Blake for his birthday… which is today! (If you haven’t said Happy Birthday to him yet you can go and do that now ~ or comment on his last video at

I personally think I could’ve done better. But I don’t have a tracker or a tablet so I had to do this with my laptops built-in mouse…. so I’m pretty proud of myself for that! ^^



So, yeah… This is Blake ^_^
(These are all selfies -or editing Facecam pictures- that he has posted. Mostly on Instagram since that’s almost all he’s posted on there XD)
So now you know the guy with the hair, eyes, smile, laugh, personality and voice that I admire so much :3

(Age -since people are asking me-: same age as Mitch and Jerome ;D )


He’s doing it again! ( ^ω^ )

GODDANGIT, Blake! Why’re you so perfect?!

(If you haven’t watched any of his videos -meaning you’ve never heard his voice… Mai gawd his voice!- then I suggest checking him out)

But he is my first art project in over a year… And now he’s favoriting my tweets like crazy :3

Yep- there go my feels for him. Just everywhere!