don’t go again | (listen) {a fanmix about damon salvatore & blair waldorf}

1. your biggest mistake - ellie goulding | 2. look after you - the fray | 3. ride - cary brothers | 4. cosmic love - florence + the machine | 5. come back when you can - barcelona | 6. wicked game - chris isaac | 7. terrible love - birdy | 8. make a plan to love me - bright eyes | 9. i’ll be waiting - adele | 1O.the wind blows - the all american rejects | 11. yellow - coldplay | 12. here with me - dido | 13. mercy - duffy | 14. bones - the killers | 15. two way street - kimbra | 16. one last time - the kooks | 17. speechless - morning parade

sassyroleplays  asked:

Gimme Blamon: "I needed you and you weren't there!" "If this is goodbye, make sure I never see you again."

“Are you serious, Blair? I have been there every other time including the times where you were first trapped with my father, I tried my fucking best to protect you during that time without getting myself killed. The one time I wasn’t able to be there you’re going to put me on a guilt trip when I already feel guilty enough?! I try my best every time, I promised you that. I’m sorry I wasn’t there this one time but God dammit, don’t I always make it up to you?”

“I don’t want it to be goodbye.” He breathed gently as he gaze at her with a sad expression. “And I sure as hell don’t want to live my life without seeing you again.” Damon stepped towards her, taking her hands in to his. “There is something here, Blair and I know before I chose Elena but we both know that ended up not working out in the end after everything we had gone through. But you also wanted me to choose Elena because you couldn’t hurt your friendship with her, it’s about time you make a decision for yourself. Be fucking selfish. If you don’t want this then fine, I’ll leave and you won’t ever see me again. If you do, there’s no way in hell I’m going anywhere. So make your choice." 

Damon propped himself upright as best he could when he felt a figure plop down on his bed. He could have sworn it was the delusions from his bite acting up again that made him see Blair, but his subconscious couldn’t help to be fooled. “Blair, it’s the middle of the night. What the hell are you doing here?” he snapped, the confusion in his voice masking his irritability. 

“Don’t be so cranky. I’m here to take care of you.” Blair replied with a michevious smirk, sitting herself up on his bed.

“…What?” Damon raised an eyebrow, knowing now that he definitely must be imagining things. No way Blair Waldorf would ever offer helping someone without it benefiting her some way. If anything, he’d have thought she’d find amusement in the torture he was succumbing from his damn werewolf bite.

“It’s the least I could do after all you did that night of the comet…” she added on, and Damon relaxed back into his pillows at that. The night hadn’t been spoken of since it happened. His eyebrows creased, remaining silent. Real or not, he didn’t have any will to argue with her; and truth be told, if this was some twisted dream, he hoped he wouldn’t wake.

↳In which Blair shows up unexpectedly to take care of Damon and his werewolf bite.


30 days rolepay challenge:

  • Día 2: Tu primer ship:

 Heimon Salvaturi:

Gracias a ellos empecé a shippear Blamon. No eran perfectos, al contrario, they were just sex friends hasta que se empezaron a gustar, Heidi siempre tenía sangre fresca para ambos. Fue la primera vez que rolee smut, guess what? era horrible ajaja no que haya mucha diferencia con el presente peeero mejoré o eso creo. En fin, para resumir, ellos estuvieron 2 meses tiempo real y después el rp murió :( y aún sigo con feelings desde esa vez, por eso después empecé a usar a Leighton en todos los rps.