people are too busy being victim blaming pieces of shit to acknowledge that:
1. Daryl has just witnessed two of his friends be horrifically bludgeoned to death. He knew Glenn for years and was with him from the start. They quite literally grew up with one another. He has just lost a brother.
2. He, without a doubt, feels entirely responsible. This is daryl were talking about; he blamed himself for Sophia, Herschel, Beth, Denise…he will be feeling unfathomable guilt. Not only that, he probably thinks Maggie and the rest of the group blame him too.
3. He was literally shot in the fucking arm like a day ago.
4. He has been sent off to serve as a soldier to the maniac who just killed his friends.
5. He is all alone and separated from the only family he has ever known.
6. This is someone who has been abused for half of his life and spent the other half fighting to survive in a sick and twisted world. Of course he tried to fight back; that’s all he knows to do.
7. He made a mistake. Humans tend to do that. There was no way for him to know that his actions would result in Glenn’s death.


Hey Guys, Amber Rose started a campaign against slut shaming, victim blaming and sexual violence. The name of the movement is #AmberRoseSlutWalk.

Here is their website  and here can you donate to the cause. 

It is really a great campaign, you should check it out!

So I am absolutely fuming. A few weeks ago, I was called to the dean’s office to discuss the antisemitic bullying I’ve been enduring since freshman year (I’m a senior now). Here’s a brief run down of some of what I’ve had to suffer through these last three years (this doesn’t even scratch the surface):

• A swastika carved into my desk, along with the words “ich haße juden” ie “I hate Jews” in German
• Intentionally spit on, usually accompanied by the word k*ke, the most vile word a Jewish person can be called
• Pushed into lockers/to the ground
• Called a “dirty Jew” more times than I can count, usually once a day

I identified the main perpetrator by name. There is proof he is a Nazi as he has a fucking swastika tattoo on his arm for everyone to see. Close after I went to the dean, the boy I accused was called to the dean. He denied everything, and received NO punishment.

I have several witnesses to these events, he is very vocal about being a Nazi, and he is the head of a neo-Nazi gang that is very active on campus. And the administration did NOTHING. I want everyone to know that antisemitism is alive and thriving, and affects Jews everywhere every day, and the world does not care. The world remains silent.

If there’s anything more pernicious than the notion that one ought to be ennobled by one’s suffering, it’s the notion that not being ennobled by one’s suffering represents a personal moral deficit.

Like, okay, my horrible trauma unaccountably failed to transfigure me into a saint, and somehow that’s my fault?

Respectability politics are garbage,pass it on.

No matter how many non-dysphoric trans people,otherkin,genderfluid people,or neopronoun users you throw under the bus and blame for “trans people not being taken seriously”…

Cis people aren’t gonna stop making “mayo isn’t a gender” or “rock-kin!1!1!1!1″ or “trigender pyrofox from the forest planet jokes”.

Because surprise! Cis people have never needed a “good” reason to hate us.

Not that there are ever any.

Pass that on too.

There is never a good reason to hate trans people.

Amber Heard has done everything that victims of domestic abuse are supposed to do, and people still don't believe her.

She’s given video evidence, picture evidence, text messages, voice recordings. What else does she need to do?

Whereas all Johnny Depp has done to ‘disprove’ these claims is have his ex-partner and daughter (who were not present) say that he wouldn’t do that.


We need to separate the actor from his characters, and stop ignoring abuse.

Victim Blaming 2.0

Dear Tumblr,

I received an ask about this, so here we go. 

Things that ARE victim blaming:

- “its your fault”

- “how could you do this to me/us”

- “You brought this on yourself by doing [x]”

- punishing the victim for being a victim

Things that are NOT victim blaming:

- safety tips for preventing a crime (this includes lists of areas and activities to avoid/take a friend if you’re going there)

- teaching self defense or encouraging the teaching of self defense

- requiring proof of a crime in order to prosecute

- doubting a crime was committed in the absence of evidence

- being angry at being lied to

There is a massive difference between being a victim and playing the victim. Telling you to watch out for yourself, or ignoring the claims of a proven liar, is not victim blaming. You cannot victim blame someone who is not a victim. 


do not tell me about all the “fake bi girls” at your school do not reblog things from me and add comments about fake bi girls do not reblog from me and tag things with “fake bi girl” anecdotes do not send me asks like “but some girl really do pretend to be bi!” i will find you and i will fight you over this do not do it

let’s remember today that anne boleyn was not just a victim, but someone who helped instigate the break from the church, held the first english peerage granted to a woman in her own right, pushed for bibles to be translated and available in vernacular, and gave outrageous sums of charity to the less privileged – to say nothing of her intelligence and bold courage, and how she was the doting mother of a little girl who would later preside over a golden age in england.

whatever your opinion of her, anne was a lively character who has resonated with people, particularly women, for ages.


so today was an interesting experience for me. I received a message from Roosevelt High School saying that since the weather is becoming warmer we must dress appropriately for the season. I decided last night to wear the pants pictured. Mr.Scanga had stopped me going into the school and said that I could not attend my classes because of the holes in my jeans. I then asked to speak with our principal Mr.DeChent about my clothes. I was then told that he was not in the building and would have to get changed or go home. I proceeded to tell Mr.Scanga that I would wait for my parent or DeChent, whoever came first. I was then told I was being insubordinate and would be sent home. Upon arrival of my parental figure Mr.Scanga told my parent that there was a memo sent out to all teachers about enforcing this dress code. When asked for the paper handed out, it was conveniently nowhere to be found. Neither Secretary nor Assistant Principal had a copy. If the said “problem” is distracting for the male student body, they should be taught not to over sexualize the female body so much so that knees and thighs cause a “disruption for the orderly process of teaching and learning”. My outfit does not violate any aspect of the student dress code within Yonkers Public Schools Code of Conduct Page 5 Section 4 Paragraph 1. Roosevelt High School needs to stop this arbitrary dress code and sexist, or dare I say misogynistic practice.