blaming nolan

I am five minutes into the new Anne of Green Gables, called Anne,

And so far it’s really beautifully shot, I deeply wish I could have been an extra because the costumes are great, and

I just HATE it so far. I don’t want grimdark Anne.

I blame Christopher Nolan.

I know he had nothing to do with this but still, he started it.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! This past year I’ve met so many wonderful and amazing new people that I’ve gotten to appreciate and love so thank you for letting me do that. I also want to give a huge thank you to all of these lovely blogs for lighting up my mornings with your lovely post, thank you for caring, just thank you. I want to give a massive shoutout to my amazing followers as well, I love you all. To not make this any longer, I hope y'all have a blessed and happy 2016 surrounded by those who make you the most happy.

In bold are some of my friends and favorite blogs.

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AU. During the journey through the kingdom of King George, the young Queen Regina meets on her way a young man who defeated the knights of Bo Peep. Intrigued, the Queen offers the man a place among her private army.
David, because it was his name, accepts the offer and moves into the kingdom of the Queen and her husband King Leopold, where he improves his appearance. The Queen also takes the care of his mother, Ruth.
David, a shepherd, is trained under the tutelage of other knights and is fast becoming one of the best knights, and hence, a favorite of the Queen.
Between the young Queen and newly appointed knight romance is born. When the King and his beloved daughter are outside the kingdom, someone must watch so that the young Queen never feels lonely at night.

excuse the shitty edit but merry christmas eve! i don’t even celebrate christmas but i thought this would be fun since i was in an edit-y mood (i was wrong, alphabetically ordering your url’s was torture) so i decided to make my first, and probably my last, follow forever. i hope you all have the best christmas and for those who dont celebrate it, i hope you guys have happy holidays! also, i follow over 1,000 people so i know i missed off loads of people on here..if we’re mutuals and you think i missed you off, then just message me and ill add you on :). p.s, youre probably wondering who the fuck i am, i was drewvevo!

the ones in bold are my favorites!


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Yayyyyyyy it’s christmas again!!!! I’d like to thank all of you for everything, for making my dashboard the best one ever and being so nice and there for me :) also i’d like to apologize if i ever have been rude to any of you or/and said something you didn’t like. Whatever. I love you all and i hope you have a good time with your family this christmas.


S/O to my bbs feggat djtayjamess daddykinkash gracieteefey loversinme kliejnner selenangomez idontrecalls justinchrists canadastratford mileycyrauhls rootingforyoubaby jzstinbieber & mialeycyrus. love y’all so much.


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And ofc s/o to mom & dad (mileycyrus& justinbieber who doesnt want to tag but anyway)

❤️💚 Feliz Navidad 💚❤️

Hi everyone! Since I reached another hundred a few days ago, I decided to do another follow forever. I am so amazed and thankful and I never thought that so many people would follow me haha!  First of all I want to say thanks to my mutuals, you are all nice and amazing and so are your blogs, I am completly blessed to see all of you on my dash ^^; and also thanks to all the people who’s followed me, I love and appreciate all of you so much, thanks for everything! 

Special mention to Liv for always being there for me <3 

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I never say this but if you ever need something, I am here for you 

Hi! So I’ve finally decided to make a follow forever, I’ve wanted to make one since forever but I was just too lazy lol. Anyways, I’ve had this blog for about two years now and can’t believe just how many incredible and amazing people I have met, y’all are honestly amazing. I also want to take this moment to give a huge thank you to all my followers, thank you for always being there for me, always talking to me- which y’all should do more often I don’t bite I promise- and just simply for following me, I never thought this many people would follow me, I love you. Also, I follow quite a bunch of blogs so I’m sorry if I miss anyone. Now without further do here’s my ff.

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So i decided to make my 4th follow forever for this summer and it’s been 2 years since i made this blog woow. I met so many different, so many beautiful people here, found amazing blogs that make my dash pretty every day and i can’t thank you enough for that. I started blogging more fashion things lately and there are new iconic blogs i found so thank you too. I like that we go crazy together over good or stupid things our DAD does lmao and it’s so nice to have like second family here. Thanks to each and every one of you, you’re beautiful. I want you to enjoy this summer, go to parties, find girlfriends/boyfriends and have a lot of fun. Love you. P.S. i follow so many blogs and i couldn’t include everyone, so sorry if i forgot someone but i love you too. ♥

Bold are my favorite blogs or favorite people here,, you’re special to me.

Special appreciation for my dad justinbieber​ who didn’t post in like 4 months and i should unfollow him but you knoww lol

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Hi guysss i know i said something about doing my follow forever. so here it is hahaha :) i just wanna thank y’all so much for everything!!! each and every one of you literally means so much to me!! thank you guys thank youuuu! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! I hope you guys had an amazing Christmas and gonna have a blessed New year! Here’s to another year of our friendships ((im so cheesy ik)) lmao I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

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if i forgot someone, im sorry omg please let me know so i could put you. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

HEYYY ITS ERIANA AND IM DOING A FOLLOW FOEVER ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

okay so i thought that since i start hell again in literally a week i would make a follow forever bc i havent done one in a long time ….even tho some one of you probably hate me or have unfollowed me bc i post so much 5sos lmfao ….ANYWAYYYYY i just want to let all know that I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH AND GUYS MAKE MY DAY A WHOLE LOT BETTER AND I HAVE MADE FRIENDS THAT I LITERALLY TALK TO EVERYDAY OMG..THANK YOU <3 :p

and even if i dont put your name i love you just as much i promise :)


(in not order)

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justinbieber - 5sos-official


love you :p


- Well another year is almost already behind us and there’s only a few hours till new 365 days of our life journey. This year has been great to some of us, tough for someone else, a lot of horrible situations happened in the world but on the bright side there were some full of happiness and excitement. Approach the New Year resolve to find the opportunities hidden in each new day. May every day of the new year glow with good cheer of happiness for you and your family.
- As for our fandom - DAMN JB what a year has been. Thank you for sharing every piece of your heart and soul with us, thank you for letting us enjoy it with you, we’re all so proud of the man you’ve become. And damn imma see you next year so you better make those dance moves right. I’m so looking forward to keep living this incredible journey with you.
- And now this is a list of the incredible blogs and people i follow that make each day better for me. Even tho we haven’t talked in such a long time and i don’t even know half of you you’re still in my heart for a reason. I’d love to get to know every single one of you. The bold are my favorite blogs and my friends. I’m really really sorry if i forgot someone!! Happy New 2016 Year, I Love You Guys ♥♥♥ (ps. sorry for the shitty edit) - Andrijana :)

abc: @ayebieber, @ayebutler, @avonsjelena, @allthatmattersisjustin, @allthingskendall, @asntonfletcherirwin, @anticipatedly, @arinasgrande, @adorauhl, @allthatmattes, @blaming-nolan, @baerauhl, @baemez, @bubblybiebers, @bwjustin, @beybers, @bealrightts, @bealrightss, @beystin, @bizzlesblunts, @childrcn, @caucasiontrapgod, @connorswlash, @canadastratford, @canadaprince, @custin, @chirsbrowns

defgh: @downstoearth, @drewsafe, @dadddybieber, @dronkinlove, @drakefromthe6ix, @dyadreamin, @dieinyousarms, @deathsofme, @endofsthedays, @forame, @foreignbiebr, @flatsline, @freshbieber, @fakehoe, @foreversours, @ffondue, @firstmarch, @gomiez, @gihadid, @hometodaddy, @holyfuckselenita, @holdtightjustin, @heavierdirtysoul, @holdtighs, @hometojustin 

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mnopq: @mycanadianhot, @mainthot, @morningsuns, @meuanjodesupras, @mylovekidrauhl, @mcdontgiveafuck @mycobainshirt, @makesusbelieve, @march1st, @manrauhl, @navigatemetojustin, @nudehoe, @onselena, @oohbieber, @outslawthekiss, @ohjustinsbieber, @officerbieber, @onikahminaj, @outoftoswngirls, @pettybitch, @passedthemoons, @purposebitch, @pleaselooklifepositive, @prpose, @perfectjdb, @princesszendayas 

rstu: @rihyves, @rekindleus, @rickthesizzles, @rnbieb, @rbieber, @rihahna, @rihannasclit, @rnbieber, @rightnexttoyous, @revivalera, @stealmyniall, @sameoldheaux, @selenaisfallingnaturally, @sosecute, @sleepingwithjustin, @stratfordspurpose, @selenasg, @selenasquad, @sextingwithbiebs, @sexybieb, @stratfordsbadboy, @shawtymoan, @survvivors, @surprisxbitch, @sluttybutsy, @stillkdrauhl, @stratfordboy, @texas7h19am, @thatforeign, @thotywap, @thabiebsswag @taakeyou, @toughtsofyous@ujstin, @unfselenita, @ustinbieber 

vwxyz: @viewfromthe6, @versaxer, @versacexr, @vguex, @whatdoyomean, @whatdoumeans, @wefuckeduptheparty, @wowjustin, @whaddupjbieber, @weekknd, @wantsyouknow, @whatdoyovmean, @yepbieber, @zendayza, @zendvaya, @zustin​ 

Hey everybody!

This is our second follow forever and at the same time our 5k follow forever because we’ve just reached 5k! So, thank you so much to each and everyone of you and thank you for following us! It truly means a lot to us!

Since our last follow forever (which you can see here: x) we followed many new blogs so uhm yeah..let’s start :)


adoresrauhls, allfredoflores, allbad, aslavetotherhythm, amourbiebs, arianogrande, allthatsmatters, allthatmattersisjustin, analfistingjustinbieber, ayebieber, biebersroses, blaming-nolan, beliebrs, bieberbelongtome, buterabreath, believemovies, baerauhl, bieberslegend, caylinrusso, chasingbieber, canadaprince, coloringbiebers, cieber, crushinonbieber, chazsomeres


destinydrauhl, damnsjustinbieber, dreworlds, diariesbieber, drewbieb, doingmythangs, femalerebell, firstmarch, fllatline, ffondue


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undercoverbelieber, whysoswaggy, waitonyouforevers, wedidntlastnow, withjbieber, wreckmes, wowbieb, yeahimpoppingpellegrino, yesdrew



I’m pretty sure that I’ve forgotten some people so if you think that you should be in here, feel free to message us and we’ll add you :)

I love every single one of you ♥

Check out our blogroll: (x)


so i know i’m really bad at these things but I really wanted to make another follow forever because i’ve followed so many more amazing blogs since my last one. I know I don’t talk to every single one of you but I love having each one of you on my dash everyday. I wouldn’t be on tumblr if it weren’t for you amazing people! Thanks for always putting a smile on my face ♡,kelly

ABC: adoresrauhls, allfredoflores, allthatrnatters, amourbiebs, babysiwould, bacon-zarry, bealrightts, beautyandbeat, beburrbieberslegend, beibervelli, belieber-living-in-paradise, beybers, biebercy, biebers-platinum, bieberyourballs, biebmalik, bizzlesbieb, bizzlesblunts, blaming-nolan, bodyrockks, brotherbieber,catchingfeeling, caylinrusso, chasingbieber, chazsomeers, cutebiebs

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PQR: powerbieb, rauhlablunt, rauhlettes, rightnexttoyous, rightshere, rihahnarollarscoaster, royalzustin, runanwaylove

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