blaming niall

One common response I’ve noted for a long time about the 1D situation and the climate of abuse that has always prevailed is for fans to blame Harry, Louis, Niall, and Liam, as if they themselves decide to fuck with fans (like fans being encouraged to stalk the boys and then the boys not liking being stalked). And while on the one hand that’s better than a servile attitude I see of being self-abnegating, it’s always about the boys let’s do it for the boys we don’t matter we are nothing–which is an awful attitude–it still helps to see how abusive Modest/Syco has always been to both fandom and band. I still remember the attitude of ‘if I notice what the boys do on camera then they will be punished and I will be responsible for their being punished’.

1DHQ has always been abusive, period.

OTRA Santa Clara 7/11/2015. My show notes. I'll write something much better later. All typos are to be expected. IM FUCKING PUMPED.

if I took a sip of alcohol every time they made subtle heart eyes or watched each other closely (LIKE HAWKS) I would have been drunk before the end or better than words.



disappearing together before spaces Louis was late Harry went to get him

Niall telling on harry (to Louis) before don’t forget where you belong but Louis still blamed Niall but it was Harry he wouldn’t blame his baby THEN LOUIS PICKED ON NIALL THE WHOLE SHOW DOUBLE TIME

okay getting your water bottles together like creepy twins

Harry sings no control like the song is about him getting fucked or something. oh, wait….

cal reminds me of gollum when he slithers around the stage

Louis talking about how he’s gonna go piss. LILO!!!

Harry. prances. so. much. WMYB. fucking cherub muffin pie PUDDING POP.

round of applause to Noel??? and her new job.

HARRY FLIRTING WITH DADS “there we go boys okay!!” FUCK






I always forget that not everyone is a hardcore directioner like a couple friends were telling me about a chick who wrote a whole essay over how hard it is to be a directioner and I was like “shit yeah it’s hard as hell I wrote mine about that” and they stared at me for a good 10 seconds before they were like …..ok anyways….her phone was going off about Harry’s sister and I was like “yeah Gemma” and they basically stopped talking and stared at me like????did you not know?????pretty basic stuff here:/



The backseat of the vehicle was far too crowded for my taste. Everyone of his friends in the backseat were drunk, including me. Theo and his girlfriend sat in the seats next to Niall which meant that I sat on Niall’s lap, not that I minded one bit. As we left the parking venue, I felt Niall’s hand brush my hair to the side while his lips touch the back of my neck. His wet, yet swollen lips from his biting of them, caused goose bumps to appear on my skin. My head rolls back, but Niall grabs my hair and pushes it up.

“No, not yet,” Niall whispers as the back of my neck is exposed. Niall’s tongue trailed along mine skin as his hands slowly pulled up the hem of my dress. I try to stop Niall from doing this in front of his friends, but Niall just chuckles as I squirm. I’m glad it’s dark in the car, but I’m pretty sure everyone in the car knows what Niall is doing, but they’re either concentrating on the road or too drunk to care. My bare ass touches the material of Niall’s jeans, feeling his bulge on my ass, and I feel Niall’s breath hitch.

“No underwear? I like it,” Niall voice floats through the air. “Make things easier when we get home.” My head falls to the side from the amount of pleasure just Niall saying seductive things to me. I close my eyes, breathing in this moment as Niall begins to nibble on my ear. Niall’s hands move to my hips, and I begin to rick back and forth on his ever present growing bulge.

“I can’t wait to get ya home,” Niall breathes. “I almost feel how wet ya are on my leg.” My grip on Niall’s leg tightens as the whispers still continue to come.

“I’m gonna put my mouth all over you until you scream my name.” The car turns into Niall’s driveway, and as it parks, I climb out of the car faster than I have ever done. I hear Niall answer his friends as I unlock the front door.

“I jus think she’s ready to be home,” Niall laughs. Yes I am.

dont blame niall, dont blame greg either. we dont know what’s happening and it’s neither’s fault that greg feels this way. support them, dont make it worse by being ugly.

One direction BSM #69 He bosses you around and annoys you. Age 14-17

A/N: Still haven’t gotten any normal preference requests. We’ve got this one and then another BSM and then, that’s it. After almost 70 BSM’s. That’s crazy.

Request: He bosses you around and annoys you. Age 14-17 (Imma do it a bit differently cause I’ve already written something akin to this.)

LIAM (age 14): “Is that- bloody hell Y/N.” Liam came storming into your room, holding a slab of icing in his hand. “Uh, whatchu doing there, Li?” Your brother in question made a noise akin to a growl. “Why is there icing all over the kitchen?” You closed your laptop and peered at Liam. “I may have tried to make it in the blender and I may have forgotten to put the lid on.” Liam stood, gob smacked. “Why would you make icing in a blender?” You shrugged uselessly. “I didn’t know how to do it and the only one answering their phone was Louis and then that happened and now I’m googling how to get icing off the cloth mum is so fond of.” Liam stared perturbed before dragging the hand covered in icing down his face. He wrinkled his nose at his hand, and the scorching look he send you seemed much less intimidating when he had icing dripping off his nose. “Go clean it up,” he commanded coolly. “What the hell do you think I’m doing?!” you screeched, flailing your arm at the laptop. “Sitting on your arse. Now, go,” Liam snapped, licking his lip and raising an eyebrow. “This is surprisingly good.” You grinned. “Thank you.” Your brother shooed you downstairs, and when he had crowded you into the kitchen, you pulled out your phone. “Louis, you have to come see this, it’s awesome,” you said in lieu of greeting. “I’m on my way.”

NIALL (age 15): “But I didn’t do it!” you defended uselessly, trailing behind your brother as he assessed the damage. “Really? Then who the fuck set our garden on fire?” You stared at the charred remains of the patch of grass beneath your feet. “If I said Louis, would you believe me?” Niall scoffed and kicked at the sad remains of a once blooming flower. “Normally, yes,” he admitted before breaking off in a cough. “But he’s in Doncaster, so, try again.” You groaned and nearly slipped on the remnants of a lawn chair. “Care to explain?” Niall probed. “I wanted to make s’mores, but it got a bit out of hand, and, yeah.” You gestured vaguely at the wasteland of blackened grass-straws. “You clean up, now.” You groaned again and sagged against your brother, who stumbled and almost made you fall on your arse. “That’s not fair,” you whined pathetically, swatting uselessly at Niall’s chest in a feeble attempt to hurt him. “And just how is it not fair?” Niall asked, bemused. “It’s just – not,” you grumbled sourly under your breath. “Can I at least call someone to help?” you called after Niall as he trekked back to the house. “Nope!”  

HARRY (age 16): “Be rational for a minute here, Haz, how would I manage to do this all by myself?” Harry narrowed his eyes at you. “I suppose that would be troublesome,” Harry said slower than usual, voice thick with suspicion. “Y/N when is Harry coming home? We still need to re-fill the pool and pop the balloons and-“ Louis caught off mid-rant upon seeing Harry, and immediately dropped the items in his hands. The empty liquor bottles rolled away from his feet as Harry turned to him with a scowl. “You helped my little sister host a party in my house? Lou, she’s not even legal!” Harry exploded, pushing you back as he stalked up to his best friend. “Uh, well, I-“ Harry whirled around before Louis could finish and thrust an accusing finger in your direction. “Did you drink?” Behind you, Louis squeaked and hurried out of the room. “If I say no, will you believe me?” Harry’s nostrils flared angrily and you took a step back. “Were you drunk?” he tried again. “No?” you said unconvincingly. No one in the Styles family could lie. “Clean. Now.” And yeah, you may have tweaked his nipple, but he send Louis home in retaliation, so you still felt like you lost.

ZAYN (age 17): You winced as Zayn’s gaze flickered over the living room. “Is that blood?” he asked, pointing to the unmistakable stain on the couch. “Well, it’s a mix of period blood and ketchup,” you joked, but the joke didn’t seem to sit well what with the pinched expression Zayn pulled. “Okay, it’s just period blood,” you admitted shamefully, scratching your thigh awkwardly so you had something else to focus on. “There’s period blood on our couch?” Zayn squeaked, very un-Zayn like, eyebrows almost lost in his hairline. You had never seen him so utterly distressed before. “Yes,” you answered slowly. “How?” With a casual flip of your hair, you fluttered your eyelashes innocently. “You see, Louis invited this girl over-“ Zayn scoffed and flicked your ear. “Truth, please?” “Fine, I was home alone and I sat on the couch for four consecutive hours without realizing my period had started and I bled through.” Zayn didn’t even seem surprised, which you found oddly offensive. “It will be clean before I get home from Niall’s alright?” Just to spite him, you simply turned the cushion over before continuing on your merry way.

LOUIS (age 17): “It’s really all your fault, Lou.” There was an indignant squawk from your older brother. “How the hell is this my fault?! Why does everyone always blame me?!” You shrugged as Louis started getting red in the face. “Easy on the heart there, bro.” Louis choked on air. It was all a jolly good time, really. “There’s semen on my pillow!” Louis wrinkled his nose at the pillow in question. “And how do you know it’s semen?” you asked, and Louis seemed stumped. “That’s not the point. The point is, there’s semen on my pillow and it’s not mine.” You narrowed your eyes. “Are you sure?” Louis was positively growling now. “Yes I’m sure,” he seethed. “Now go throw the pillow case out and buy me a new one.” Your jaw dropped as Louis wiggled his finger imploringly at the pillow. “I don’t want to touch it, there’s semen on it!” “No fucking shit,” Louis deadpanned, nudging the offending article with his toe. “You throw it out!” you yelled. “Nope, you put it there somehow, you get rid of it.” Louis stalked out, nose still wrinkled. “Shit.”

Preference #334: Your graduation

Niall: The biggest day of your life so far, and Niall was nowhere to be seen. It hurt, and you couldn’t deny it. “I just wanted Niall here. I know he’s busy, but today meant so much to me,” you mumbled to a friend, who was also about to walk across that stage and receive her diploma. “[Y/N], you can’t blame Niall. He can’t drop everything to be here.” A frown crossed your face. Of course you knew that, but you could still want him here. “Of course not, but I can wish my boyfriend were here for me. I’m always there for him, and it was just one day. I just wish…” You shut up after that. She didn’t get it. You sounded like you were complaining over nothing to her, but it did matter. Maybe it shouldn’t have, but it did. Your heart was heavy, as you tried to prepare yourself to put a smile on your face. Walking across the stage, you forced your emotions to seem okay. You didn’t want everyone to know how upset you were. You got your diploma, and stepped off the stage, “Well it’s done…” Right after saying that, a laughter filled your ear. One you knew all too well. “And you looked miserable the entire time.” That fake smile changed to a sincere one, as you spun around, “Niall! You made it!”

Louis: Traffic. Would traffic really be the reason you were missing one of the most important moments of your life? “Louis, please, just get there!” Louis had no problems taking his eyes off the road, because the traffic was not moving at all. “I can’t just make it go.” “But I’ll miss my graduation,” you cried, refusing to truly believe that would happen. How could it? “I am not missing it Louis. I have to be there.” The chances of that happening, Louis knew, were impossible. You weren’t going to make it. It started in 5 minutes, and you still had a 30 minute drive without traffic. It wasn’t going to happen. “[Y/N], you need to realize you won’t be there. I know it’s hard, but you won’t. We can’t get there in time. there’s just no way.” “There has to be,” you didn’t want to believe that. “There’s not,” he sighed, “We will not make it to your graduation, and I’m sorry. I know it meant a lot to you.” A tear rolled down your face, as it slowly began to sink in, “I’ve been so excited for so long for this day.” Louis had witnessed this excitement firsthand, “I know you have, and I want this day to still be important. So let’s take the next exit, turn around, and just drive until we hit somewhere fun. Maybe the beach.” “What? Why?” “For celebration. You graduated today! Let’s go have some fun.” “Okay.”

Liam: Unlike most of your friends, you didn’t know if you really wanted to go. Why should you? It was just to walk across a long stage in front of far too many people and accept a diploma you could get at any time. It just seemed so formal. You wanted to skip it all, and do something different instead. It was Liam, who was excited to cheer you on, you changed your mind. “It may seem like not a big deal now, but it’s a memory. If you just go pick it up at the school tomorrow, then you won’t even remember that in ten years. You’ll have no story to tell. You’ll remember your graduation though, if you go. That’s a big thing. I know it’s a little too much for you, but you’ll be okay. I really think you should go. If you truly don’t want to, then we’ll do something else, but I think you should.” He speech was a lot longer, and many points were repeated, but those were the words that sunk in for you. For whatever reason, that is what replayed in your mind over and over again. Somehow, such simple sentences, convinced you to change your mind, and go. “I’m only going because of you, so you better be there cheering me on.” Liam laughed at your comment, “I wouldn’t be anywhere else.”

Harry: For months Harry told you he wouldn’t be there. He had a meeting that day, and would miss a moment you were so excited for. It crushed him to tell you he would not be there. To see you at a moment so important to you, when you were always there for him, it was all he wanted. It didn’t seem possible though, so he told you no. He worked on it though, and did all he could to get his meeting postponed, by even just a day. “Fine Harry. You never ask for this, so we’ll give the day off, and you can come in for the meeting the next day. Don’t make it a habit though.” “I won’t!” he exclaimed, so happy. He didn’t tell you this happened though, and waited until that very day to surprise you there. “What are you doing here Harry?” You questioned, after rushing into his arms when you saw him, “I can’t believe you actually made it!” “I knew how much this meant to you, and i did everything I could to make this happen,” he told you, before kissing you gently, “I love you [Y/N], and I’m so proud of you. You’re always there for my big moments, and there is no way I would miss yours.”

Zayn: You had looked to this day for so long. After years of hard work, it was finally time for you to graduate. It was such a big milestone. You never thought you would spend the day you were meant to walk across the stage, in bed sick with the flu. “I have to go. I can’t miss it. This is my big day.” Zayn shook his head, as he placed a gentle hand on you, trying to keep you in bed, “No, [Y/N] you have to rest today. It’s not worth it. You still graduate, even if you don’t go today.” “But…” You tried to argue, but he refused to hear it. “No, you’re sick. It’s really not worth it. We’re gonna stay here, watch a movie, and I’m going to take care of you. Enough about what you’re busy.” “But…” you tried again to get your point, whatever it was, across. Yet again, he cut you off, “[Y/N], everyone knows you won’t be there. No one expects you to be. You care barely move, and you want to go stand for over an hour to get a piece of paper that you can get tomorrow? So what you don’t walk across the stage? It’s okay. You know you graduated, and you get the diploma anyway.” Zayn was right, but it was crushing to miss it. You couldn’t go, you knew that, but you wanted to so badly. “I just never thought i would miss it.” “I’m sorry. I really am. I wish you weren’t sick, and could be there. You know I’d be there the loudest person in the crowd cheering for you.” You smiled weakly, “I know.”