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The Day After Tomorrow

Summary:  A weather catastrophe sends Sam and Dean out on a rescue mission.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam, Jody, Claire, Alex

Word Count:  1348

Warnings: fluff, slightly annoyed Dean

A/N:  This is for @supernatural-jackles SPN Birthday Challenge My prompt was the film “The Day After Tomorrow” and I wondered what Sam and Dean would do in a naturally occurring weather catastrophe.  This ended up going in a totally different direction than I originally planned.  I blame the Wayward Sisters announcement.  I hope you like it Jen!  Happy Birthday!

And thank you to the always lovely and wonderful MastaBeta @wheresthekillswitch for checking it over!

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“Babe, I still don’t like you going off to Jody’s alone.”  Dean looks up at you as you enter the library.

“Dean, I’ll be fine,” you say, dropping your bag at his feet.  “Besides, I need a girl’s night.  I’ve been spending too much time here with you and Sam.  It’s testosterone overload.”

“Call me as soon as you get there.”  He stands scooping up your bag.

“I will,” you say over your shoulder as you lead the way to the garage.

“Don’t text and drive.”

“I won’t.”

“Make sure you check the tires when you stop for gas.  Which will be often since the Jeep gets terrible gas mileage,” he says, stepping in line with you.

“Pot,” you sass.  “Indy is worth the extra gas.”

“Baby is too, but she’s all essentials.  Indy’s full of useless crap, not to mention those ridiculous tires.  Your mileage would be so much better if you got rid of all that.”

“Excuse me?  Indy is not full of useless crap.”

“When will you ever need a winch?”

“You never know… And those tires never get stuck.  I can’t believe you’d talk about Indy like that, he’s a good Jeep.”  You bump his hip with yours as you enter the garage.

“Well, just be careful and no talking to strangers.”  He stops next to your Jeep.

You stop too, giving him a hard look.  “Seriously?  You do realize I can take care of myself, right?”

He laughs.

“Just making sure you’re paying attention.  Gotta make sure my girl stays safe.”  He wraps his arms around you, pulling you close.  “I only have one of you.”  His lips capture yours and you can’t help sighing into this kiss.  This man was made to kiss, among other things.

You finally break away, “Ok, I gotta go.”

“Y/N,” he hesitates.

You look up into his peridot eyes and it seems like he’s holding something back.

“Tell Jody I said hi.”

“I will.  Bye, Dean.”

“Bye, Y/N.”

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Forgiveness (Justin Foley x Reader)

Request; Hi how are you? Can I have a 13 reasons why imagine where you’re on the tapes because you gave Hannah hell after Justin cheated on you with her (which you found out through the text that sent around at the beginning of the show) and Justin trying to apologize to you when he realizes that the tapes were passed down to you

A/N; I’m gonna make a post after this about the next batch of imagines coming out.I made this kind of deep I felt like I was writing a chapter for my wattpad book ( sad ending kind of ) Also you didn’t really tell me how to end it so yea 

There are time shifts

Word counter; 1,706(lmaoo long af)

 Warnings;  I guess Maybe talk about death, suicide(Hannah’s ) panic attacks blah blah blah

 Alterations; Justin only has one tape reader it’s tape number 9 

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Present (Wednesday Morning )

We often make mistakes, we are human it is within our nature as we are raised we are taught that making mistakes isn’t as horrible.That those mistakes make us stronger and that we shall learn from them. What they forget to teach us is that a little mistake goes a long way and all actions have consequences.I made her life a living hell and for that, I will always be sorry but who would have thought that a little game would make a girl want to kill herself.Here I am laying in bed before getting ready for school thinking about all the things I could’ve done to save Hannah’s life. I killed Hannah baker I did it along with the others, Hannah didn’t commit suicide, we killed her, we killed her spirit and her will to live and we will carry that with us until the day we die.


It was Monday afternoon I was exhausted making my way home from school, this week has been crazy with Hannah Baker’s suicide and people wanting to create a memorial. I never really got along with Hannah after I found out Justin cheated on me with her. I make my way up the steps to reach my porch I spot a package with my name on it. I pick it up entering my house greeting my mom with a kiss and quickly making my way up the stairs.I reach my room throwing my bag on top of the bed and going over to my desk eager to open the package. I finally get the package open looking at the show box sitting in front of me. I slowly open it curious to see what’s inside but also scared of what it might contain. It didn’t look like a company package and I hadn’t ordered anything online.I open the package to find a set of tapes. Fifteen of them to be exact I look at the box with a puzzled look but decide to listen to it I pop the first tape in the radio and press play.

“Hey, it’s Hannah. Hannah Baker. That’s right. Don’t adjust your…whatever device you’re hearing this on. It’s me, live and in stereo. No return engagements, no encore, and this time, absolutely no requests. Get a snack. Settle in. Because I’m about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically, why my life ended. And if you’re listening to this tape you’re one of the reasons why. I’m not saying which tape brings you into the story. But fear not, if you received this lovely little box, your name will pop up. I promise.”

My blood ran cold as I heard the intro to the first tape something told me I won’t get any sleep today.The first tape was dedicated to Justin, then Jessica, then Alex, then Tyler, and Courtney, and Marcus then Zach,  even Ryan was in it. 

This brings me to my tape number 9 my blood ran cold again as I heard the intro.“I can’t really blame you for what you did or the way you reacted, after all, I did kiss your boyfriend but at the time you didn’t let me explain, see the thing is that Justin never mentioned a girlfriend and since I wasn’t really popular I didn’t keep up with who was dating who. I thought Justin was single I should’ve known better I guess.On the contrary of what you think I didn’t sleep with Justin like everyone thought. That day when you walked in the cafeteria , I was already having a bad day , with the rumor of me sleeping with Justin going around school ,that picture and the fact that even Clay didn’t want to talk to me you turned out to be the cherry on top when you walked into the cafeteria and slapped me calling me a slut in front of everyone. I tried keeping my tears in as I rushed to the bathroom and that was the start of how you made my life a living hell (Y/N) welcome to your tape”

My body shook as I finished listening to my tape. My breathing became shallow and tears began to fall it was happening again.My chest began to tighten, I felt my throat close up making it harder to breathe my muscles began to twitch. I was having a panic attack after 6 months of them being gone they came back. I spend the next half hour trying to calm myself. Usually, it was Justin who helped me whispering sweet things to my ear trying to get me to calm my breathing the thing is that he’s no longer here and even though I miss him I don’t think I could ever take him back. He hurt me too much, he lied not only to me but to other people about Hannah.


I decided to stay home yesterday trying to keep myself together and prepare for school today.Justin has been texting and calling me non-stop since he found out I got the tapes, asking if I was okay if I needed anything asking if we could talk. I’ve been ignoring him after listening to the tapes I needed some time for myself to think and sort things out. Guilt was a constant emotion I felt these past days.That feeling when your heart sinks to your stomach the constant feeling of anxiety or like you’re being watched the sadness that comes with it and the certain feeling of darkness that it’s creeping its way to your heart.

After getting ready for school I walk to my car get in and start the engine in less than 10 minutes I’m parked in the parking lot of Liberty High finding the courage to actually step into the school.I get out the car and make my way to the high school entrance I walk through the halls with my head down trying to go unnoticed.I reach Hannah’s locker and stand in front of it looking at it, they decorated it pictures, flowers everyone acted as if they knew Hannah or cared if they cared she would be alive today. I spot Justin at the corner of my eye and my breathing begins to pick up its pace, looking one more time at Hannah’s locker I feel the tears begin to fall as I push my way through the crowd of people making my way to the bathroom.

My breathing starts becoming shallow and I feel it coming I push into one of the stalls trying to take deep breaths my throat begins closing in, I choke on my breathing as it gets harder for the air to get into my lungs.I feel someone open the door to the bathroom but I ignore it trying to focus on my breathing.The door to the stall opens but I keep my eyes focused on the floor trying my hardest to make air reach my lungs, someone picks me up and sits me on their lap hugging me tightly given the scent I know it’s Justin at any other moment I would’ve protested shoved him away from me but I wasn’t in the right mind and as much as I hate to admitted in moments like this he knew how to calm me down.I sat on his arms as he whispered sweet things to my ear and played with my hair.

My breathing began to slow down reaching its normal pace.I slowly move away from Justin’s arms whispering a hushed thank you as I try to stand up.

“ hey, wait I want to talk to you” he says pulling me down so I’m sitting on his lap again

“ why Justin there’s nothing to talk about thanks for the help but that’s it this is where it ends”  I say my heart shattering with each word.

“ I just want you to forgive me, I’m truly sorry for everything and I love you and I always will and I regret everything from the start I want you back (Y/N) I can’t sleep at night thinking about how bad I fucked up and I miss you I miss you so much, I just wish I could go back and change everything” he says tears streaming down his face 

“ I just don’t understand why you lied to me, you said that Hannah was the one that approached you, I hated her for the longest time for no reason, I drove her to kill herself, you drove her to kill herself, don’t ask me for forgiveness ask her, you killed her , I killed her we all did and everything for what  huh?” I say trying to keep tears from falling

 “ I don’t know what I was thinking, we all make mistakes please forgive me, I just want to be back with you, I know what I did was wrong and I regret it every day I just wanted to be cool and Bryce pushed me to send the picture around so I did but I never meant any harm and I just I love you please forgive me” he says getting closer to me.At this point, I can’t keep my tears in they flow out like a river 

“Justin I’m not going to lie to you, I do I miss you, I miss you so much, my panic attacks started again and you’re the only one that helps me control them and I love you too I love you so much but right now I can’t get together with you we both need healing to do I forgive you I do but I just can’t be with you right now I need time” I say between sobs 

“ can we at least be friends I need you in my life, I promise I’ll give you time , I’ll make you fall in love with me again slowly we can try please promise we’ll try” He says standing up. I hug him tightly 

“ Yes we can be friends and later on when we are fixed we can try,” I say smiling a little

“I have your forgiveness now I only need to win your heart back,” He says smiling 

Meld (Jonerys)

Ok whatever I’m posting this. This is that smut I was telling you about. It’s experimental more than anything else and it’s not really that graphic but…I mean, it’s the first time I’ve actually written a sex scene so I’m not sure how great it is lol. I don’t think it’s going on Ao3 hmmmm….

I didn’t plan on writing it honestly…it just kind of happened um. And I mean, it’s all what we’re thinking about anyway. 

Experimental version of boat sex, so there are some spoilers for the leaks. 

Again, welcome to all our new shippers :) We’re so glad you’re here. If you like this and want to read more I write lots of Jonerys fanfiction and I always take prompts-although I don’t usually write smut. 


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{PART 18} Who Are You? // Im Jaebum

Originally posted by sugaglos

Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (ft. Jackson & the rest of GOT7)

Genre: Angst, slight fluff

Summary; As you, Jackson and Jaebum come to terms with what’s happening, you get let out of the hospital and taste freedom for the first time since your accident. However, you take one step closer to come face to face with Jaebum once again - to hopefully, once and for all, figure out how you’re going to spend the rest of your life.

Please note that this series contains mentions of road/car accidents, amnesia and cheating.

I update this series every Sunday between 9pm-10pm (U.K Time)

This scenario contains text message imagines ^_^

{Part 1} // {Part 17} {Part 18} {Part 19: Next Week}

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Out of Step

Fandom Writing Challenge | blissfulcastiel
Prompt: Marching Band
Pairings: Destiel
Tags: high school au, marching band, enemies, enemies to friends drummer!dean, color guard!castiel
AO3 Beta-ed by @adoringjensen <3

“Everyone reset back to set one. Come on, move with purpose! We haven’t got all day!” Crowley bellows into his megaphone from the top of the scaffolding tower.

Jesus Christ.

Every year, Dean hides that stupid thing but Crowley always seems to find it. Looks like he’ll just have to go for the batteries.

“Dean, can you please take one for the team and ask for a water break?” Jo pants beside him as they hustle back to set one.

“Yeah, we’re dying here, Winchester,” Charlie agrees as she jogs up beside them.

Dean sighs dramatically. “Why does it have to be me?”

“Because Crowley has a soft spot for you,” Jo says with a smirk.

He rolls his eyes. “That’s not true.”

“Sorry brother, but it is,” Benny calls, already in position on his dot about five yards from them. Dean groans, scrubbing a hand down his face where droplets of sweat are beading on the surface.


Jo and Charlie share a conspiring smile before racing ahead to their dots. Dean slows down, hovering around the fifty yard line where The Tower is set up. It stands twelve feet tall, with Crowley barely adding any height on the highest platform. Chuck sits silently, as usual, on the lower platform which is just above head level. Maybe Dean can get away with asking Chuck instead.

“Uh, hey Chuck? It’s been about two hours since our last water break. Think we can take five minutes after this run?”

Chuck glances down at Dean, looking frantic at the question. God, after four years of being in this band, Dean still has no idea how this guy is even the director.



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Tom Kha Gai and Whiskey (a Malec fanfiction)

Hello. My first “shortest” Malec fanfic.

Warning: angst, a lot of angst. Dealing and reflecting with the aftermath of 2x12.

Summary: It’s has been a few days since the switch and the aftermath is rainy and cloudy.


It has been a few days. Slow, unsteady, and uneventful. Until news of a missing girl with unexplained circumstances brought Alec and Jace to an old Downworlders’ spice shop in Chinatown. After 10 minutes of useless interrogation with a few sale clerks. Alec withdraw and decided to let Jace take the lead.

He settled by the opened shop’s doors. Standing on the steps and listening to the soft rain. He distracted himself with the motions and movements of the countless mundanes walking about in a city that never sleeps. Across the street, there was a small noodle shop with a few individuals seated. A soccer game aired in the corner in a tiny television set. Occupying a group of elderly men. A young couple, smiling and whispering among themselves. While a young mother on the opposite side was feeding her toddler son. The smell of the noodles’ broth filled with spices, herbs, and curry was making Alec suddenly hungry and sad.

“I got nothing.” Jace said, standing next to Alec. Jace sighed.

“They don’t want to talk us.” Alec straighten his back. “I don’t blame them.” Alec said softly.

“You hungry?” Jace asked. Jace looked across the street. His fingers still unconsciously playing with the new ring hanging from his neck.

“Yeah, I think I might get something to go and bring Magnus something.” Jace nodded. He looked at Alec, sympathetic and with a hint of pity. Alec knows he wants to say something. Alec looked away and headed across the street. He has been receiving this unconsciously and unintentional “looks” and concerning lectures from both his siblings since the switch. It’s making him uncomfortable and it’s pissing him off. He doesn’t need pity. He quickly rushed to dodge the rain. Jace followed.

He does have to admit, he is pitiful. In the past few nights, Alec continued to find any form of excuses to see Magnus. Food has been the easiest route he can think of. However, it’s still a sad attempt but it’s the only gesture, Alec could think of. His logic was Magnus needs to eat and Alec is very capable in getting food.

When Alec arrived, he knocked. Little wet from the rain from his quick walk. He tried use his speed rune, but it was a little hard with hands full with hot Thai noodles. After a series of knocks, The doors opens automatically. Magnus knows it’s him. It’s a little comforting to know that Magnus still opens his doors for him. The loft is lit and alive, with the balcony doors wide open. Letting in the cool rain and the echoing sounds of the rain drops. Alec isn’t sure if he should closes it.

He walked into the kitchen. Setting the food down. Magnus is no where to be seen. But Alec knows where he is. He’s in his studies, door closed and isolated across the loft. He has been locked in there every day. Alec took his dampened jacket off. He moved around the kitchen to prepare the food. He has made a detailed study of Magnus’ kitchen in the past days. Memorizing every locations of the forks, the knives, and the spoons. Where the bowls, the plates, the pots, and the pans are. The collection of fine China and golden tea sets. As Alec was finishing setting the dinner table, soft footsteps pulled Alec out of a semi-trance of his quiet preparation. It’s Magnus.

A hint of sweet musky sandalwood filled the air when he walked in. He looked perfect. His hair is up. His make up is done and flawless.

Alec misses him, so much. He wants to kiss him. To greet him like he uses to.

“Hi” Alec smiled.

“Hello.” Magnus grinned weakly. “Alec, you don’t have to keep doing this. I can feed myself.” But you don’t. Alec said to himself. Magnus hasn’t been eating much. He nibbles and picks at it.

However, he has been drinking. A lot.

“Tom kha gai? I hope I am pronouncing it right?” Alec smiled again. “Um…it smell so good. I was in Chinatown with Jace. Stumble upon this little Thai noodle shop…I…I hope…it’s good.” Magnus is looking at him, with the same hint of pity he saw in Jace. Alec bite his lips. Holding in his emotions. “…it’s spicy, I got the mild one too…just in case.” He looked away.

“Thank you Alec.” Magnus moved to help him.

They ate in silence. Listening to the rain. Magnus actually ate more this time, half his bowl. When he finished. He thanked Alec again. Putting the leftovers in the refrigerator and return to his office. Shutting the door.

Alec settled in the living room. Unsure if he should leave, but he decided to stay and made a pot of tea. The balcony doors still open. Still raining and cold. And it’s strangely comforting. He spend a few hours looking at some cold cases he has left at Magnus’ early in the week. Scattering them on the coffee table. Busying himself with work.

When Magnus reemerged, passing Alec towards his bedroom. Alec can smell the strength of a few glasses of whiskey coming off Magnus. Somehow, Alec felt a sudden surge of a need to be bold. He followed Magnus, who has disappeared into the bathroom. The sound of the shower was started as the heels of Magnus’ shoes dances on the bathroom marble floor. Alec wants to do something, anything. However, as he approached the bathroom, the boldness is gone. Alec stepped back and seated himself on the bed. Telling himself, that he should go. Leave Magnus alone. It is getting pitiful.

He looked up to see Magnus standing there, body wrapped in his silk green kimono. His face is bare and one hand wrapped around a glass of whiskey and the other around a nearly empty Dalmore’ bottle. He’s looked right at Alec.

“Do you want to know a secret?” Magnus’ voice was soft and hollow. “I actually can’t get drunk anymore. After a few hundreds years. I am grown immune to it’s problematic charm.” He finished the whiskey in one big gulp. “…it sucks.” He chuckled. “…all the pretending…and this was so expensive…Dalmore 62, perfectly aged.” His smile grew. Alec hasn’t seen Magnus smiled for a while now, but this smile. It was sad and broken.

He put the glass and bottle down and walked towards Alec. It’s a slow and uncertain walk. Alec feels weak, looking into Magnus’ eyes. They were red and swollen, filled with fear. The same eyes he saw when he shoved and pushed Magnus against the prison’s walls. While he was in Valentine’ vessel.

“What tragedy to bestow on us. Unlikely lovers…you and I. To love and despise at the same time is an interesting feeling.” He sniffed. Holding in his tears. Alec hated how he is heartbreakingly captivated by Magnus’ words and pain. Alec hates it.

“Darling, I know…I know why you doubted me. I know why you did what you did. I know.” Magnus is so close. The closest he has been since the switch. “But it hurts…still.” He cried, lips pouted, and as he pointed his finger to his chest. “…here…and here.” The he pointed at his own forehead. Alec wanted to reach out, to hold him, to change him, and to make him believe.

“Magnus, I am sorry…I am so sorry.” Alec choked on his words. Magnus runs his fingers softly through Alec’s hair.

“I am sorry too.” He stopped and pulled back. His face is stoned. “What are you doing here?” His voice is cold again. “Tell me…Alexander.” He grinned. “Someone like you shouldn’t be dancing with the devil.” His marked eyes showed, glowing in the dimmed room. They were alluring, beautiful, haunting, and dangerous.

“Because I love you.” Alec answered firmly. Magnus’ wide cat eyes were wet with tears and pulled Alec into an intoxicated trance. He pulled himself up onto Alec’ lap. Seated face to face. Magnus’ arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer. And the tears returned and his muffled cries filled the room. Alec steady and carefully wrapped his arms around Magnus. Slowly pulling him tightly in. He can feel Magnus’ fingers digging into his skin. Magnus tucked his head between Alec’s head and shoulder.

“I should hate you.” Magnus whispered. Filled with tears and pain. “I hate what you did. I hate your kind…so much.” His words were broken. “…I hate that you didn’t see me.” Alec pulled him closer. “I begged you…Alexander.” Magnus’ tone shifted to desperation. Alec head hurts and the tears is pouring out, painfully.

Magnus pulled his face closer to his. His lips seeking for Alec. Alec turned, wanting Magnus to lead. The kiss was weak at first. Then a sudden rage filled them. Blood so warm and pounding. So rush and desperate. Magnus pushed him back, pressing his body on to Alec. Lips pressed hard and sloppy. Old whiskey has never tasted so sweet, so bitterly sweet.

Selfishly, how Alec needed Magnus’ kisses and touch. The absence of Magnus was slowly drowning Alec inside. He was so afraid. Afraid that any wrong motion or act, he would be punished to never touch Magnus again.

Alec knows. He has know for awhile. That Alec is selfish. Incredibly selfish in anything Magnus is. He wants Magnus, in every form, every nature, and every way. He wants Magnus’ happiness, his sorrow, and his pain. And he will take it all.

The shower was turned off. Left unused. They’re in bed, arms wrapped tightly and cocooned in the silk comforter. Alec watched as Magnus’ tired greenish yellow eyes slowly dimming and drifting off. Soon, Magnus was asleep, his body pressed against Alec. The sound of the rain and the faintness of Magnus’ breaths as he slumbered filled the room. Alec kissed his soft raven hair and whispered. “I promise you. I will never hurt you again.”

When Alec arrived at the institution. He was late. But he didn’t care. Magnus let him hold him last night. It was very hard to pull himself away from Magnus this morning. Magnus kissed him and whispered softly in his ears. “It’s okay. I’ll see you tonight.”

Alec knew it will take time. He will wait and he will be patient. Magnus needs time.

“You’re late.” Izzy said, worried. Alec didn’t replied as he seated himself across from her. He sees Sebastian next to her. He nodded at Alec and Alec returned a nod. He’s still uncertain about Sebastian, but Izzy seems confident. Suddenly, he felt a present beside him. It was Jace. He seated himself down and pushed a file towards Alec.

“I thought it’s best that you do this one.” Jace sounded suspicious and guilty.

“What is it?” Alec opened the file. A collection of profiles, pictures of Downworlders. In the stack was a picture of Magnus. “What is this?”

“They want a DNA sample…”

Note: sorry for the angst. And the grammatical errors. Did it on my iPad (late in the night) and posted it using the the Tumblr app and the app kinda of suck.

A Diary Detailing Lovers

Request: “What about some Newt x Leta x Gryffindor!Reader, where first it’s Newt x Leta and Bruno Mars - Grenade and after it’s Reader x Newt Bruno Mars - I think I wanna marry you? sorry it’s just I have a wave of Bruno inspiration, I would very much like if you could do something like that 💕

Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1798

Warnings: None

Originally posted by nightimethinker


Easy come, easy go, that’s just how you live oh
Take, take, take it all, but you never give
Should have known you was trouble from the first kiss

15th March 1913


I have some wonderful news concerning Leta.

Oh great and wonderful Leta, she’s been so sweet to me lately. And now I’m sure she feels the same way about me. She met me after Potions today at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. We took such a romantic walk, and I even introduced her to the unicorn that lives in the Western depths, the one I named Lucy. Well, Lucy loved Leta, obviously. Who wouldn’t? Leta, with her beautiful brown curls, her perfect smile… oh Merlin I’ve really fallen deeply for this girl!

Then after we stopped to watch the moon, she turned to me. She told me that she cared for me profoundly, and that she knew how hard it was to care for creatures. She showered me in an array of compliments regarding the beasts, she’s always been so supportive of me! She said exactly what I needed to hear, exactly what I wanted. And then, she pulled me by my tie, and she kissed me. She kissed me!

It was the most magical thing I’ve ever felt, I know it sounds ironic. Anyway, I should be off, I’ll be writing a letter to Theseus about this! He will be so glad to hear that I’ve finally bagged a girl. I might even have mind to attach a picture of Leta, just to spite him with her sheer beauty. He will certainly be jealous.

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We Can Feel So Far (From So Close) (2/2)

Waiting until your best friend left for a cross country tour was a fine time to realize you’re in love with him. Captain Swan.

Almost 3 months after posting the first part of this story, I’m finally here to finish it off. Believe me when I say I wasn’t planning to take so long, but a rough semester of school kept me from doing as much work on this as I wanted to. I didn’t think I’d be posting this today since this morning it wasn’t even finished, but somehow or another my heartbreak over Jen announcing her exit from OUAT caused me to throw myself into this. (I’ll be completely honest, the only time I haven’t been bawling my eyes out today is while I’ve been writing.) Also, a big thank you to everyone who have read and reviewed this story so far. You honestly don’t know how much the kind messages and reviews have meant to me over the past few months. I hope you enjoy the final part of this two shot as much as I enjoyed creating it. <3  

Part 1 | Rated T | Word count: 9,529 |Also on AO3 and

You could blame it on Neal, on her wavering self-esteem, or on a number of different things she’d been forced to deal with during her nearly twenty-eight years of life so far. Either way, Emma found it nearly impossible to believe that Killian could somehow be in love with her.

If anything, he probably viewed her as the sister he never had. And she’d seen enough movies and TV shows to know how situations like hers typically ended: awkwardly. It was just best all around if she kept all of this hidden, and hoped she would be able to act somewhat normally around Killian when he came back from the West Coast. (This causes her to wonder, not for the first time, if he’ll even be back for long at all once the tour is over with. It’s not likely that he’ll want to stay in Boston and work at the bar again when he’s guaranteed to have dozens of opportunities thrust at him.)

Their next Skype call takes place two weeks later on a Saturday afternoon (morning for him) when he’s in San Francisco, taking advantage of the wi-fi at a cafe near his hotel. Emma tells him he looks like something out of a movie, the outline of the Golden Gate Bridge even visible from a distance behind him. “I feel like you should be writing me a love letter or something with dramatic music playing in the background,” she tells him while she finishes off her second plate of pancakes. She quickly regrets the “love letter” part, and hopes he doesn’t read too much into those particular words.  

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Traffic Jam Session

Pairing: Castiel/Dean Winchester

Word Count: 1,007

Rating: General Audience

Read on Ao3:

Prompt: “We’re stuck in traffic next to each other and you started blaring your favorite song which also happens to be my favorite song so now we’re taking turns singing each verse and holy tomatoes you have the voice of an angel”
Posted by @dailyau and written by @anyah-wtf


Dean Winchester is more than annoyed, even more than angry. He’s absolutely furious.

He has been stuck in traffic for one and a half hours, practically parking baby on the highway in the afternoon heat at around 100 Fahrenheit. His windows are already down but there is just a slight breeze and it barely makes any difference.

Sammy has probably already given up on Dean actually attending his birthday party and even if he could still make it, he would be late, sweaty and accordingly smelly. God, Dean hates traffic.

The way over to Sam’s place usually takes him about 20 minutes but today some kind of accident happened on the highway and here he is, stuck for approximately another 40 minutes, if the radio news are to be trusted.

The worst thing about his situation is that the lane next to him seems to be moving, whereas his own lane is standing completely still. It moves incredibly slow, but hey, at least it moves. Dean only notices this because an eye-catching, yellow Prius slowly shifts forward next to his window. And because Dean has absolutely nothing better to do, he decides to watch the Prius move up next to him.

Even before he catches sight of the owner of this obnoxious car he recognizes the song the driver is playing over the stereo. Hands to myself by Selena Gomez. What are the chances?? Even though he would deny it in front of literally everyone he knows, this song always gets him into a better mood.

Damn, this chick might have a horrible taste in cars but at least she listens to amazing music, Dean muses to himself, grinning at his stirring-wheel.

That’s when the chorus comes on and he simply can’t deny himself to start singing aloud.

“Can’t keep my hands to myself,
My hands to myself,
Can’t keep my hands-“

He doesn’t get further, startled by another deep, husky voice suddenly singing along.

When he looks up, he finds his car head to head with the Prius and inside of it sits the most gorgeous guy Dean has ever laid eyes on. And he honestly isn’t exaggerating.

The man has dark brown hair, kinda mussed as if he’s been brushing his hand through it quite a lot recently, a sharp jawline, slight stubble covering his cheeks- and his eyes! His eyes are of an almost unnatural blue. And he’s super into the lyrics, singing, smiling and not caring about anyone around him.

That is, until he catches Dean’s eyes and, with a big grin, he asks: “So, why did you stop singing? Is it my fault? I quite enjoyed listening to your voice.” With those words he turns the music even louder; wiggling his eyebrows encouragingly.

Why he starts singing with this ridiculously attractive stranger- Dean doesn’t know. He blames the heat and the amazing voice of this guy. But, in the middle of the highway, stuck in traffic and sweating, they start their inharmonic and laughter-filled duet.

Soon, they take turns singing the lines.

“All of the downs and the uppers"
“Keep making love to each other”
“And I’m trying, trying, I’m trying, but I-“

One look into each other’s eyes is enough and they start gesturing, dancing as much as possible in the confined spaces of their cars, never breaking eye contact.


By now, they are straight up screaming their way through the chorus. And they have so much fun doing so, both end the song with heartfelt giggles, hurting cheeks and maybe drenched in a little more sweat than before.

The next song that comes on is by Taylor Swift, not that Dean recognizes that in the first 10 seconds his new duet partner leaves it playing. Dean grabs his water bottle from the passenger seat and turns around to the other man, who had just turned the stereo off to start a conversation with Dean.

“Wow, that was amazing. I mean, the two of us are probably the only people thinking so, especially when I take a look at the woman in the car behind me, who is staring at us angrily, but I believe we would make a perfect band.” He smirks.

“Well, we’d just need some instruments to take the focus off our voices.” Dean chuckles. “That was my absolute favourite song. Though, nobody knows that and if you decide to tell anyone about this, I might have to somehow eliminate you.” He grins, quickly wipes his hand dry on his jeans and reaches through his open window towards the guy. “I’m Dean Winchester, by the way.”

“Pleasure to meet you, Dean. My name’s Castiel Novak,” Castiel answers and shakes his hand, grinning. “I think I don’t need to tell anyone about our emotional duet, though. I’m fairly certain that everyone in an one-mile radius was able to listen to us.”

Dean blushes a little, but Cas’ joke somehow encourages him. “So, since you enjoy singing… my friends and I spend two nights a month in this small karaoke bar near my apartment. You could join us someday? I could, uhm, take you out for dinner before we join them?”

“I’d like that very much, Dean. Wait a second, there should be one of my business card somewhere-“ Cas ducks down and searches his car for the card, finally hands it over and points at his phone number. “Just text me whenever you find the time.”

“I will.”

They keep talking about everything and anything until the cars in front of them finally start moving and they have to say their goodbyes. Dean texts Cas immediately after setting foot outside of his car, even before he enters Sammy’s apartment. It is when he finds the party almost empty, that he realizes he had actually spent another 80 minutes in the traffic with Cas. And he wouldn’t mind being stuck in traffic again, if Castiel would be by his side.

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161106 Super Junior's 11th anniversary letters ♡

Donghae’s letter:


Eunhyuk’s letter:


Leeteuk’s letter:


Kyuhyun’s letter:


Heechul’s letter:


Siwon’s letter:


Yesung’s letter:


Shindong’s letter:


Sungmin’s letter: 


To E.L.F whom I miss
Are you guys doing well? You guys are healthy, right? I have been healthy all these time, and have been diligently learning a lot of things and growing up while living the army life. ^^

Recently, I’ve been going around while getting dispatched with Shindongie and Eunhyukie, we’ve been living life together so it was really fun, we’ve made enjoyable memories and are slowly ending our army lives. Before knowing it, Dongie and I are going to get discharged from the army soon. Even though our Ryeowookie is still in the training centre… The weather has became colder so I’m worried (for him). Hoping for our members to get discharged from the army healthily!

Now that we have lived life while being separated, it makes me think a lot about the times that had passed without resting… It also makes me think about the things (which I) lacked in previously…

I had a lot of things which I wanted to say back then.. Because I really had no idea how to say those words, I was really lost. I’m really thankful that I’m given a chance like this to write a letter. Even though I wouldn’t be able to fit everything that I want to say (in this letter), it would be great if my thoughts/feelings are being brought across. To be honest.. I know that it’s too late.. Even so, I wanted to tell (you guys) about how I feel despite it being late…

I’m sorry…

I’m still hurting and sad from how I hurt and made things hard for the fans before I enlisted… I didn’t do it (to hurt the fans)…

I really didn’t want to hurt anyone, and I really didn’t want to cause any harm to the members, too.. I thought about things for a long time, and discussed with the company.. I had also prepared a lot and thought about how am I supposed to let you guys know about this in the best way… It was confusing and suffocating for me when things didn’t go the way I thought it would.. I couldn’t do anything else but to withstand all these without saying a word…

To be honest.. I thought, “this is not right.. this is not it..”. I couldn’t do anything about it and time was flowing recklessly.. Before I knew it, in the eyes of the people who were far away from me.. I already became someone who wasn’t me… Even though I was indeed sad, I thought about how people could of course misunderstand (this situation) since I wasn’t able to say anything (back then)..

I’m still feeling unfortunate and sad.. Also.. Sorry about this..

My heart hurts..

To the people who still supported and protected me despite me being like this, I’m really thankful, and I want to repay (you guys) with my hard work. Also.. I miss you all..

Before we know it, it has became our 11th anniversary with everyone.. And also the members.. Now that I’ve looked back, I really feel grateful towards the fans who have loved and led me who was lacking so much.

I’ve always put (these words) deep down in my heart… I’ve always thought.. That things became this way because I wasn’t able to express my feelings properly like how I really felt.

I hope for the day where my heart/feelings would reach (you guys) to come…

Please look after me while I work hard..!

We would be able to meet soon.. Salute!

-Lee Sungmin-

Ryeowook’s letter:


To. My babies whom I miss and always thankful for~
Hi? E.L.F. ^^ This is Recruit No. 40 Kim Ryeowook! kkkk Wah~ Our ELF are really the best when it comes to loving Super Junior,even the Suju magnae line are coming into the army~! Are you guys doing well? I got surprised because the weather suddenly got colder >.< The environment here is good, the food here is also especially good, everyone~ You don’t have to worry (about me) too much~ Has in been a little over 20 days?! Our ELF who supported me when I enlisted.. Also ELF who have cried while worrying about me.. To the cool ELF who have coolly sent me off since almost all the hyungs have came back already, thank you everyone~

The first day was really.. I couldn’t sleep well and I looked up at the ceiling thinking.. Where am I.. Who am I.. kk However, I’m doing fine with the rest of the 21~22 year old recruits now~ How do I say this.. I’m hanging out with them so much like friends that I tend to think that “am I really Suju”, “am I a bald high-schooler Ryeonggu” k.. We’re spending everyday relying on each other like family! You saw the photos, no~ ㅠ.ㅠ The photos which even I haven’t seen.. I’ve received letters on the fan-accounts (of the day I enlisted)~ Even so, I was really cool, right? kk I’ll come back again as a brave man! Salute! Yesterdat~ I wrote letters to each of the members and sent them through mail. Really.. The only way of communication in here is through letters and it’s the only precious time to breathe and rest, it’s as refreshing as drinking beer~ I don’t know why but I feel a little nervous thinking about how the hyungs and Kyuhyunie would be reading (my letters), and even though they probably won’t reply me, I end up waiting (for them to reply)~ Our ELFs, please tell them to reply me~ k (I’m half joking and half serious kkk) I wrote cards to the members before on 2005 Christmas.. I think about how the magnae Ryeonggu back then has now grown up to being 30 (years old) and currently in the army~ I ended up thinking about a lot of things while having to stand for night watch almost every night for 2 hours (we prepare for 20 mins and do duty for 1.5 hours).

The feelings and dreams~ Which I had before debuting.. The records.. And memories~ which I made after meeting the hyungs.. And also our ELFs who have walked those times together with us.. I still remember vividly the day, like it was just yesterday, when we went back to the dorm and discussed about the name of our fandom~ Precious memories like that.. Seems like Super Junior was my everything when I was in my 20s. From the start till the end.. There were a lot times where I thought.. Should I give up because it’s too tiring.. I’ve worked so hard but why is it that I can only reach this far.. I also blamed and was disappointed with myself a lot.. I was also really shaken up whenever my mom.. or my dad falls sick, my emotions went through ups and downs frequently.. What should I do.. The times were difficult for me, just like going through puberty. However, whenever I was like this, the hyungs taught and believed in me, and whenever I was sulky, they counselled and held on to me, there were a lot of times like this. Of course, I also thought about our ELF and set my heart to it, and overcame it all! I don’t know if it’s because of this, despite me being Super Junior, but I really love the hyungs and also our name as much as Super Junior fans.

All 19 of us are currently living together in the training centre, we eat and sleep together.. Train and talk together.. I really miss our Super Junior members. I also really really miss the ELFs who love our members… I’m also substituting the characters of our Super Junior members into the friends here in the training centre.. kk If I see similar points, I would say, “you’re like Donghae hyung.. You’re like Eunhyukie hyung”~ kkk Ah~ Now that I’m writing a letter.. I suddenly feel like singing.. After coming here, I haven’t been using my throat, so there seems to be thorns forming~

Even though it’s still very far away, I really want to get discharged quickly and sing (to you guys). With my stories ^^ From when we first debuted, till now. And even in the future, we’ll keep going on together, right? I can keep thinking like that and continue with my trainings, right? Are you guys replying me? kk We’ve (been together for) 11 years~ I wanted to see your faces.. Hear your voices.. And celebrate~ ELFs who have been waiting for (my) letters~ This is okay, right? It has a feel to it, no(?) kk I’ll celebrate (with you guys) all~ I want in the future! (Time) would go quickly if we had belief and love with us~ Don’t fall sick.. Why do I keep thinking about the lyrics to Like a Star… Even when I was recording (the song), it was very sad..

I really am doing well, and I will think of and miss (you guys) every day.. So, our ELFs must eat your meals properly and sleep a lot! It would be great if (you guys) don’t receive too much stress from work or studies~ Don’t kick the blanket away just because it’s not that cold~ Since it gets really cold at dawn, bring along a sleeping bag and use it kk be careful not to catch a cold~ ^^

I’ll be writing a lot of letters in the future~ We shall meet again through the letters~
Sleep well~ Oppa is going to sleep after a roll-call! Another night watch today, heok! kk

My love, E.L.F.
Go on forever, E.L.F.
Self-congratulations on 11th anniversary~ ^^
Recruit No. 40 Kim Ryeowook
Super Junior Ryeowook
From Ryeonggu to our lovely ELF

P.S. Since (the letter is going to be sent) through mailing, I wrote this in advance.
The detail here is (me using) a blue pen (to write the letter) kkk

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waitingforeleven  asked:

Hello, my friend! For your ficlet giveaway, how about FS + THE CROWN :D (any scene/moment you want!) Thanks for doing this! <3

@whatlighttasteslike​ *heavy sigh* do I thank you or scold you for enabling me? XP I had so much fun writing this - but now it’s gonna end up being a full (if shortish) fic at some point when I finish my vastly delayed FSSV present. <3
{Much of this scene includes dialogue from the first episode.}
Anniversary Ficlet 3/8.
Rated G. FitzSimmons. “The Crown” (Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip) AU.

The room’s familiar gilding served as no distraction for Jemma as she paced the elaborate carpet that adorned the floor. Her dress swished around her legs, and she resisted the urge to curl her fingers into the cream-colored fabric. That would not be ladylike. Voices droned on in the room across the hall, and although she knew that it would be seen as very improper for her to be present or even eavesdrop, the latter was precisely what she was trying to do. It just didn’t seem fair for her to be excluded from such an important occasion; but, that’s just how things were done, and Crown Princess Jemma Simmons was excellent at following royal protocol. She’d been an expert ever since she was a child, and she wasn’t going to stop now. Still, she paced back and forth in front of the drawing room door, managing to catch a handful of words:

…From henceforth, he will be known as Lieutenant Leopold James Fitz, Royal Navy. Leopold Fitz, I grant you and the heirs, male of your body, lawfully begotten, the dignities of Baron Greenwich, Earl of Meioneth and Duke of Edinburgh, and Knight Companion of our Most Noble Order of the Garter.”

Reserved applause sounded through the hallway, and Jemma realized that she was grinning in an entirely unseemly way, but she couldn’t convince herself to stop. When she accidentally caught the eye of a nearby butler, she quickly tried to school her face into an expression of polite contentment, and gave him a nod. Then she turned on her heel and paced back to the other side of the room, wholly impatient for the men’s congratulating to finish so that she could finally, finally see her fiancé.

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the parent trap pt10 // archie andrews

The Parent Trap (10/12)

Words: 1.8k

Summary-Archie and (Y/N) separate, splitting their twin daughters between them. what happens when ten years later, the pair seem to be reunited in a twist of fate at summer camp?

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(Y/N) rolled her eyes at Archie as he once again let out a frustrated groan. She looked up at the red haired man, trying to note the differences from when she last saw him. She remembered the fear that shone in his eyes as she said goodbye to her daughter. She remembered the way his eyesbrows were furrowed and how he kept his tears back. She remembered it so clearly. She remembered how much she wanted him to beg her to stay and not leave. She remembered the pain she felt when she left her daughter and boyfriend behind. Even though, Archie Andrews was distressed at the sight of her, he knew that groaning wasn’t going to get them anywhere.

“Why did you leave?” he asked her, sitting down with his back against the doors. “God, I can’t even remember the reason why you left.”

“The twins,” (Y/N) spoke with all intentions on changing the topic, however she was interrupted by Archie snapping up from his previous position and making his way towards her.

“Don’t you dare change the subject.” He grumbled “You d-don’t get to do this to me, (Y/N)! You don’t get to change the subject this time.”

“Archie,” she sighed “I really don’t want to argue. Look, it was ten years ago and you’ve clearly moved on, so let’s not dwell on the past.”

Archie looked at her, his eyes begging for her to do something, to say something else. She was in no way right. He had moved on but it wasn’t so clear to him anymore, not when she was there a mere metre away from him. “No, please, let’s dwell on the past. Tell me why you had to hurt me so bad, (Y/N), because I deserve closure.”

“I left because you really hurt me, Archie, not only that you physically hurt my brother. Archie, we were arguing constantly. I didn’t want the twins to grow up in an unhappy environment.”

“Unhappy? If you think the environment Amelia spent her first nine years in a happy environment, you must really be mad.” He let out a deep sigh as he saw her bow her head slightly, afraid that he might just see the tears in her eyes. “You know, (Y/N), just because you took the arguing out of the equation, it doesn’t mean the environment became this happy place with sunshines and rainbows. I don’t blame you for leaving. God. I blame myself.”

“It was a joint thing, Arch. No one was to blame, really.” she smiled “Let’s not argue, for the sake of Aria and Amelia.”

“They know?” He asked, looking at her as she moved over to sit next to him. “They know about each other?”

(Y/N) nodded, grinning as she looked him in the eye “You did such a terrific job with raising Amelia.”

“What do you mean?” His tone sounded confused and childlike, reminding her of all the times she had spent with him throughout her childhood and teen-hood alike.

“Arch, they found each other at camp and switched on us. I’ve had Amelia for all this time. She’s such a wonderful girl. You’ve done a better job than I ever would’ve.”

“Wait, so I-I’ve had Aria all this time?” Archie asked, his eyes glimmering “Why didn’t I see it earlier?”

(Y/N) raised an eyebrow at him, nodding her head slightly urging him to tell her what he wanted to say. She didn’t want to interfere with him, in case she would disrupt his train of thoughts. “There was this one time, I caught Lillian, you remember her, right? Well, I caught her crying whilst she was looking at Amel-Aria. I didn’t think anything of it, I just thought Lil was proud of her.”

“Oh God, I miss Lillian, she was the only one in the Andrews household who kept me sane.” (Y/N) commented, earning a playful nudge from Archie. “So, I’m guessing we’ll be in here together for while. Catch me up with things.”

Aria and Amelia sat on the cushioned seats, waiting for both their parents to come downstairs. Betty, Jughead, Kevin, Lillian and Veronica were all nearby, waiting in anticipation, much like the twins. Despite the size of the hotel, the seven of them knew that it was just a matter of time until Archie discovered he was under the same roof as his ex-girlfriend. However, it was unknown to them that it had already happened and in the most cliché fashion.

Archie and (Y/N) sat facing one another, their stomachs aching from laughter.

“Oh god, remember that terrible 1963 film you absolutely loved?”

“Loved? I still love that film.”

Archie grinned at (Y/N), seeing her eyes light up from the mention of the film she loved so dearly. “It was the worst thing I had to sit through.” Archie commented, causing (Y/N) to throw a mint at him.

“No, you’re mad. The film is amazing.”

“You only found out about it in our ninth grade literature class. I genuinely told myself I was going to break up with your nerdy ass after you made me watch it the week after.”

“What stopped you, eh?” she raised an eyebrow at him, causing him to grin once more. He couldn’t remember the last time they were like this, without the arguing and without the stress of being parents.

“The Mantle brothers adored you and they were terrifying.”

“Ollie and Reggie. How are they? Oh my god, Tom must be so big now.”

“He’s developed a little crush on Amelia. It’s adorable.”

(Y/N) gasped as Archie continued to catch her up on the Mantles. She had missed so much in her home town. Betty and Veronica never caught her up in this much depth. She beamed as Archie began to talk about the places she used to love.

“Do you think they’re fucking?” Veronica asked, causing Betty to punch her arm.

“Ronnie, the twins are literally eleven.”

“And? Their parents are nowhere to be seen. Only evidence they’re still alive is Miranda acting as if she knows exactly where he is.”

(Y/N) pushed herself up as the lights came on. It seemed as if they two of them had been stuck in the small space forever, although it had only been roughly two hours. “So, what’s going to happen now? We can’t separate the twins now.”

“I guess, I’ll have them for six months and you have them for the other six.”

“How will that work with them being in school?” (Y/N) frowned “We can’t exactly make them move half way through the school year.”

“I could probably move back to Riverdale, get Aria and I a house, maybe ask Jug to move back with us.”

“I couldn’t ask you to do that, you have your shop and your grandparents would be absolutely gutted if you left them once again.”

Aria sighed, she had been waiting for her mum to arrive since twelve in the afternoon and it was nearing six in the evening. Whilst everyone had gone back to their rooms, she stayed sat in the lobby waiting for her mother to finally arrive. In the corner of her eye, she spotted them. Her mother and father sat at the bar, discussing like old friends would. Nothing about them seemed romantic and Aria disliked it. She wanted her parents back together. God knows, what the girl would do to make it happen? Her mother threw her head back in laughter, whilst her father took a sip of his drink, his eyes crinkled up from his smile.

Aria wanted nothing more than to run over there and shout at her mother for skipping their breakfast plans to spend her entire day with a man who was no longer hung up on her, but she noticed the way her mother gave him quick glances when he looked away, almost as if she was afraid for Archie to catch her looking. Aria may have been young but she recognised it then. The look of defeat on her mother’s face as she accepted that the path she had chosen was unrequited love. They didn’t seem to have a romantic vibe because it was a one way thing and nothing broke Aria’s heart more. Nothing could ever make her frown in a childlike manner as the thought of her father not returning her mother’s love for him to her.

(Y/N) looked away from Archie and saw her daughter looking over at them with a small frown on her face. She nodded her head over, inviting her to join them, but Aria shook her head before walking towards the elevators.

“Is Archie still alive?” Lillian asked the trio who were all sat in (Y/N) and Aria’s hotel room. “Wait, is (Y/N) still alive? The pair of ‘em seemed to have disappeared from the face of the earth.”

“Room service and Netflix whilst we wait for our ever so loving (Y/N) to reappear?” Veronica raised her eyebrow at the group in front of her. “By the way, Amelia is covering for Archie and told Miranda, he was out buying her something special.”

Aria walked into the room, out of breath, almost as if she had climbed up the stairs and ran around the corridors. Her face red and his breathing hard. “Mum,” she said in between her breaths “Dad, bar.”

“Ri, you okay?” Betty asked, springing up from the bed, making the rest of the group chuckle.

“No worries auntie Betty, I’m getting my breath back now.”

“What’s wrong? You sound like you’ve just ran a marathon?” Amelia asked, practically rushing over to her twin sister.

“Mum didn’t turn up for breakfast because she been with dad.”

“So they’ve seen each other? Is that why no-one can get in contact with either of them?”

“Aria! It’s time to leave!” (Y/N) shouted as she stood in the corridor, facing Archie. His eyes never coming off her.

“I’ll send Aria back in time for your wedding, I can promise you that, Archie Andrews.”

“Actually, the wedding’s off.” he frowned.

Aria and Amelia stood listening behind the door, giving each other a high-five as their father confirmed their suspicions. Although, Aria was sure her father no longer loved her mother, Amelia had spent every last breath convincing her otherwise. Behind them, Jughead, Veronica and Lillian let out a squeal, whilst Betty shook her head in shock.

Archie took (Y/N)’s silence as his cue to continue. “She hated Amel, no, Aria. God, I’ll never get used to that.” he chuckled slightly as (Y/N) nodded her head in agreement. “I couldn’t marry her. Not like that. I should’ve ended it before it got to this point.”

“What made you change your mind?” (Y/N) raised her eyebrow, looking at him with a playful look on her face.

“You. You did.”

lost | tommy shelby

tommy feels lost without grace and the reader comforts him

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Originally posted by blue-tardis-y

When Tommy came back from the war, he was a broken man. He didn’t have the same happiness that he did before. Tommy would find it hard to talk to people, and never open up. Whenever you brought up the war he would dismiss it, and act as if it didn’t bother him. Grace was the one who fixed him, she brought a new lease of life to him. Tommy had slipped back into his old ways of keeping himself reserved, and Grace wasn’t around to bring him back.

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Jealous Friends

Note: I don’t do requests in order. I write whatever I’m currently feeling so I’m sorry if you’ve requested something and I haven’t responded to it. As I’ve said before, sometimes I’m just not motivated to write about certain people or scenarios.

Request: I was wandering if you do Andy Biersack imagines? If so, could you maybe make a jealous Andy? Kinda similar to your Jared Leto one? Except a little bit of jealous reader as well? And somehow they end up together?

Pairing: Andy Biersack x Reader

Words: 2442

Warnings: swearing

***(Y/BF/N) = Your best friends name

“What?” (Y/BF/N) exclaimed. “Since when?”

“Since yesterday.” You smiled.

“So, you and Jordan?” She asked as if making sure she heard you right.

“Me and Jordan.” You clarified.

“Wow.” She was silent for a moment. “I’m gonna be honest and say that I didn’t see that coming.”

“I know you don’t really know, much less like, Jordan, but once you get to know him, he’s not half bad.” You had recently been asked out by one of your best friends, Jordan. You hadn’t considered having those kinda feelings for him, but when he asked you out on your first date a few weeks ago, you decided why not?

“I bet.” There was another pause. “Are you sure?” She asked

You couldn’t help the laugh that left your mouth. “Yes, I’m positive.”

“Damn, been dating for less than 24 hours and you’re already pregnant.” She teased.

“Mature.” You replied with a light chuckle.

“Always. Well, I’m gonna go. I’ve got some Uni work to catch up on.” (Y/BF/N) said as she concluded your guys’ conversation.

“Alright, I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” You ended the call and smiled to yourself as you went to get ready for bed.

You were about to go to the bathroom and start your nightly routine of washing your face, when your phone started ringing. You groaned as you turned back around and picked it up to see Andy was calling you. You smiled to yourself as you answered the phone and were greeted with Andy’s deep voice.


“Hey, I was actually just about to get ready for bed.” You replied.

“Sleep is for the weak.” he faked a scoff. “Besides, you know you wanna talk to me.” You could practically hear the smirk on his face.

“Fine then, what’s up?” You shook your head with a smile as you sat back down on your bed.

“Well, I’m gonna be in town tomorrow and wandered if you wanted to grab a bite to eat or something?” He asked.

“You’re actually gonna spend time with me?” You asked, referring to the last time you two hung out and he wouldn’t stop flirting with the waitress.

“Ugh, of course you’d bring that up.” Your smile grew at his words.

“Obviously.” You replied.

“Tell you what, I’ve got my hand on my heart as I say this, I solemnly swear to spend time with my best friend and avoid big boobed waitresses.” You laughed as he finished.

“Ok then, but as soon as you become the horny mother fucker we all know you to be, I’m leaving.” You warned.

“Can’t have that, now can we?” You shook your head again.

“Goodnight, Andy.”

“Goodnight, (Y/N).” You hung up and sighed.

Andy was your best friend, well, besides (Y/BF/N). You two didn’t get to hang out that much anymore with you going to school and him working on his music career, but you tried to hang out whenever you could. It saddened you, to be honest.

You weren’t going to deny your feelings to the tall singer. It was one of the reasons you decided to go out with Jordan; you needed someone to get your mind off of Andy. You didn’t want to say you were using Jordan, you did have feelings for him, but you knew they were nothing compared to how you felt for Andy. You would go as far as to say you were in love with him.

You pushed those thoughts out of your head as you went to get ready for bed.


You heard a knock at the door as you finished putting your shoes on. You jumped off of the couch you were sitting on and opened the door to reveal a smiling Andy. “Ready to go?” He asked.

“Yep.” You replied as you stepped outside and closed the door behind you. “So, where are we going?”

“Your favorite.” He winked and you two started walking in the direction of your favorite cafe. You lived almost in the middle of town so taking a car seemed irrelevant.

You arrived at the cafe and placed your order before sitting next to the window and waiting for your drinks to be ready. “How’s the album coming?” You asked as the waitress laid your drink next to you. You noticed her checking out Andy and you wanted to punch her in the face.

Andy only offered her a small smile as she placed his drink in front of him and lightly touched his shoulder. He turned his attention back to you as he responded, “Pretty good. We’ve almost got it finished.”

“Well, when you’re done with that, you can bang that waitress that’s eyeing you like a piece of fucking cake.” You said after you took a sip of your drink.

He shot a quick glance over his shoulder and saw the waitress wink at him while poking her butt out as she leaned over the counter to write something on her notepad. She looked like a complete air head in your opinion. He smirked as he looked back towards you. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were jealous.”

“You wish.” You scoffed.

“I know you’re in love with me, and who could blame you? Have you met me?” He tested while gesturing to himself.

“Yes, I have met you, and I know exactly why a girl, such as myself, wouldn’t want to date you.” You replied.

“You love me.” He pointedly stated after taking a drink out of his cup.

“You keep telling yourself that, Biersack. Meanwhile, I’m the one whose actually in a relationship because people can tolerate me.” You shot back with a smirk of your own.

“What?” He asked, surprised.

“Yep.” You nodded.

“Who? Since when?” He leaned on his elbows that rested on the table.

“Jordan, and since two days ago.” His eyebrows raised.

“Jordan?” He asked, in the same tone (Y/BF/N) had last night.

“Jordan.” You confirmed.

“But he’s an asshole!” He said louder than you liked.

“You barely know him.” You scoffed and took another sip of your drink.

“I know him enough to know he’s no good for you.” He pressed.

“How would you know what is and isn’t good for me? This is the first time we’ve hung out in weeks.” You were starting to get annoyed.

“Because I’m your best friend.” He stated, sounding almost as fed up as you. How had things escalated so quickly?

“And? I don’t say anything about your relationships. Or should I say hook ups since that seems to be all you do with girls?” You retorted.

“Is there a problem? Cause if so please share.” His eyes showed anger as he looked at you and you were certain your expression mimicked his.

“I don’t need this.” You said as you stood up.

“Where are you going?” He asked as you grabbed your jacket and pushed up your chair.

“Away from you.” You spat and stormed out of the cafe. Was it dramatic? Probably, but you didn’t care right now. You barely made it four feet from the front door before Andy grabbed your arm and pulled you to face him.

“(Y/N), I’m just trying to look out for you.” His voice was much calmer than earlier.

“I think I’ll pass.” You said as you pulled out of his grasp.” Just leave me alone.”

You stormed away from him again and made your way back to your house. How dare he say that. He didn’t even know Jordan. He had met him maybe once or twice. He had no right to say he wasn’t good for you when he himself only fucked girls and left the next morning.

You knew he was following me, you could hear his footsteps behind you before he spoke again. “(Y/N), stop! Just slow down for a minute.” He said as he grabbed your arm again.

“What?” You hissed as you looked back towards him.

“Please, I don’t want us to fight on the one time I get to see you.” He said, desperate to get you to listen to him.

“Should’ve thought about that before you were a dick.” You replied.

“I’m sorry.” You rolled your eyes. “I am. Look, let’s just go sit somewhere and talk about this. Yes, I was being a dick. Yes, you’re right, I don’t properly know Jordan. Which is why I don’t like you dating him. I just don’t want you to get hurt.” He spoke quickly, afraid you wouldn’t let him finish.

You sighed as you thought about what he said and the desperation painted all over his face. You didn’t want to fight with him either. In fact, you just wanted to sit and watch Batman with him while throwing popcorn at each other. You just weren’t sure how to respond.

“I’m sorry I overreacted.” You began. “You wanna go back to mine and watch a movie or something?” You asked with a small smile.

You watched as a smile of relief made it’s way onto his expression. “That sounds great.” He said as he let go of your arm and walked beside you the rest of the way in silence.

You made it back to your apartment and Andy set up a movie while you made popcorn. You came into the living room to see Andy sitting on the couch waiting for you so he could press play.

You sat next to him and positioned yourself so your legs were in his lap. He stole the bowl of popcorn from you and laughed as you glared playfully at him. He was about to press play on the movie when your phone started ringing.

“Ugh.” You heard Any say as he laid his head back.

“Oh shut up.” You giggled as you pulled your phone out of your pocket and saw the Jordan was calling you. “Hey.”

“Hey, (Y/N). So, I was wandering if you were busy today?” He asked.

“Um,” you began glancing at Andy who was staring at you with impatience, “yeah. I’m hanging out with Andy today.”

“That fag?” He asked. His question took you back. You could tell Andy noticed by the way your expression completely changed.

“Excuse me?” You asked.

“God, why do you even talk to him?” He scoffed.

“The question is why do I even talk to you.” You corrected and ended the call before slamming your phone on the coffee table. “You can press play now.”

“You’re not gonna tell me what the hell that was about?” Andy looked at you with utter confusion.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“I will worry about it. (Y/N),” he said as he turned his body completely towards you, “what happened?”

“Just Jordan being a dick.” You answered.

“What did he say?”

“Does it matter?”

“Yes, actually, it does.” He placed the popcorn on the coffee table and placed his hand on your shin. “Talk to me.”

“He asked if I was doing anything today, I told him I was hanging out with you, he said ‘that fag?’, and then asked me why I even talked to you. I answered his question with a question and hung up.” You replied, annoyance clear in your voice.

He was quiet for a moment before he looked down. “Do you want me to leave?” His question too you back as well.

“Why would I want you to leave?” You asked.

“Well, I don’t wanna come between you and him.” He looked back up with you.

“Andy, you’re my best friend.” You paused for a moment as you played with your fingers. “And that means I should listen to you when you say someone isn’t good for me.” You sighed. “You were right Andy, he is a dick.”

“Hey,” he moved closer to you and wiped a tear that had unknowingly slid down your cheek. “don’t cry. He isn’t worth it.”

“It’s not that.” You sniffled, pissed that you couldn’t control your tears.

“Then what’s wrong?” He asked.

“It seems like no matter how hard I try, I can never find someone who gives a damn. What do I have to do to get into a relationship with someone who cares about me?” You growled in frustration. Andy knew about your past relationships that consisted of only two guys whom both cheated on you.

“Maybe you’re just looking in the wrong places.” He mumbled.

“Yeah, let me just go to China to look for someone who loves me.” You replied sarcastically.

“You know what I mean.” He replied. “Maybe you’ve already met someone like that you just haven’t taken the time to notice him that way.”

“Andy, you know I hate it when you talk like that. If there’s something or someone I’m missing here, please say s-“

“Me.” He interrupted you.

You looked at him like a deer in headlights. Did you hear him correctly? Did he have feelings for you? Since when? Why hadn’t he said anything before? Well, to be fair you hadn’t said anything either. “You?”

He nodded and looked down again. “Truth is, I’ve liked you for so fucking long now. It’s just with my touring and your school I didn’t think we’d have time for a relationship. Plus, I wasn’t sure if you felt the same. I still don’t know if you feel the same. I’m just tired of watching you date these worthless pieces of shit and not being able to be there for you the way I want to.” He looked back up at you. “I want to be there for you in ways that only I can. This already sounds way to sappy and too much like a fucking romance novel but it’s the truth.”

You sat and stared at him, almost emotionless. You had prayed for the day when he said something like this, but now you had no idea how to respond.

“Please say something. Are you happy? Are you mad?” He asked.

“The only thing I’m mad about is the fact that you didn’t say anything sooner. Andy, I’ve had feelings for you since before I was even with both of those douches.” He smiled as you finished and wrapped his arms around you in a tight hug that you happily returned.

“I’m glad I finally did.” He smiled as he buried his face in your neck. “You know what,” he said as he pulled away from the hug and grabbed your phone.

“What are you doing?” You asked, not able to wipe the smile off of your face.

You watched as he pressed a few things and then held the phone up to his ear. He pressed a finger to his lips and smirked. “Hey, this is Andy, you know the fag? Yeah, I just wanted to let you know that your girlfriend is sitting beside me and she wants nothing to do with you anymore. So, you can go ahead and loose her number.” He said before hanging up and placing your phone back down.

“An-“ you were interrupted as he leaned in to you and pressed a kiss to your lips. You smiled as you placed your hands on his cheeks and he wrapped his arms around your waist.

He pulled away and smirked at you. “How about that movie?”

BTS Bodyguard Yoongi 'Breaking Point' Pt 2


It took a few days for the shock to wane after Yoongi quit. Now in a calmer frame of mind you wanted to talk to him again. Try one last time to get through his stubbornness. His absence was like a raw spot that was rubbed every time you noticed it. Including the earlier vacation time, all told he’d only been gone a week but it had crawled by. So used to seeing him on a daily basis you’d forgotten what it was like not having him there. It was not an experience you enjoyed.

In an effort to try and fix things you went to his apartment unannounced. If he could ambush you then you could do the same. When he pulled open the door you don’t know who looked more surprised. Him to find you standing there or you at his appearance. 

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Love & Friendship of Yuuki Kuran

Or where’s the root of Zero’s unsuccessful romantic relationship

ATTENTION: This article is tagged with “anti zeki”. Therefore my earnest request for those who support this ship would be to scroll down and skip this post if you feel uncomfortable while reading negative content about your ship. Thank you!

At first sight VKM 10 seems to be a ZeKi chapter and to some extent it is, but what in fact is Hino-san trying to show us? Slow step-by-step progress of their relationship? Or Yuuki’s acceptance of the reality? To my mind, this is a mixture of these two important things and due to the following.

Truth be told, Yuuki doesn’t have experience of unhurried romantic start. The moment when she awakens is the moment when she remembers that “everything she truly wanted was hers from the beginning” (Night 66), i.e. Kaname, his love and ties with him. She never had to conquer Kaname’s heart and soul because the feelings he had for her grew up with him. Unlike Yuuki, he wasn’t forced to forget about their true relationship, therefore during entire period they’d been separated Kaname just needed to suppress his emotions. Meanwhile all what Yuuki had to do is to dream about her being one day together with the vampire saviour, which seemed impossible for a young innocent “human” girl. And this is the reason why at the point when Yuuki got to know that they’re actually in official relationship, an engaged couple of purebloods, Kaname was able to act as a lover, and Yuuki was not yet (plus she had problems with her vampire identity, which was a bigger issue than an ability to be playful straightaway). She was in the stage of learning how to be a fiancée, and a lot of chapters in the Kurans’ mansion arc are depiction of Kaname being a protective lover who indulged her desires and Yuuki in process of accepting their new status.

Hence we know that Kaname was a leading partner in their relationship, and that is understandable. But I’m more than happy to add on top that Yuuki had always been sensitive to Kaname’s feelings; whenever he felt desperate or sad she was fast and determined enough to calm him down with her kisses, hugs, words of consolation and love.

As a significant detail of Yuuki’s final acceptance of all sides of her relationship with Kaname and her personal wishes I would like to mention her behaviour in remarkable Night 89. Perhaps my opinion is not popular, but I’m pretty sure it was Yuuki who induced them both to lovemaking due to the fact how she acted towards Kaname’s body during the whole conversation. Yuuki pressed Kaname tightly in her embrace, she initiated the kiss and didn’t want to let him go at any cost. So obviously, Yuuki bearing in mind that she most likely would end up her life sacrificing it for Kaname soon wanted to spend last hours with her loved one in atmosphere of intimacy.

Conclusion of the above is that Yuuki is capable to express her ardent romantic feelings and needs when she feels to. When feelings are so overwhelming that her heart and body tell for herself.

Now, let’s see what’s going on between Yuuki and Zero at the moment when all obstacles to their “happy existence together” are gone. Given the time for anything a regular couple can do, Yuuki and Zero do not know how to communicate properly as lovers. Yuuki, never being a leading partner, doesn’t know how to behave – she’s used to an attitude when it was hers who was caressed and guided. Zero, never being in relationship at all, doesn’t know where to start. He’s trying to find out what’s needed for Yuuki, and I can only say that it’s not a good sign – after having spent side by side with her more than fifty years not to know what turns your beloved woman into romantic mood is ludicrous.

Here’s the point where I come to a question that bothers me a lot. Since we have so many people who believe that Zero was Yuuki’s true love from the very beginning (vibes of unrequited love to another man included) how it happened that she didn’t need him as a lover? Theory about Zero being the only and true love suffers a defeat because of the below:

- Yuuki didn’t feel the need to express any romantic staff in front of Zero for more than half a century -> Zero didn’t know how to act properly with her while in any type of romantic relationship.

- Being an adult woman, Yuuki wasn’t in necessity of kisses and sex meanwhile the “most appropriate object” for satisfying these urges was supposedly alongside her. Supportive fact: Yuuki has never visited Zero’s apartment! (Till VKM 10). It was Zero who joined Yuuki and Ai in their mansion, and maybe, just maybe, Ai was kind of an obstacle to any sexual intercourse, but the princess was asleep at the period when Yuuki offered Zero to date. And still, her “passion” is at so low level that Yuuki doesn’t feel like wanting to have with Zero something more intimate than a conversation about the job.

- The main sign of vampire love (strong desire of blood of the beloved) doesn’t prove its essence in their relationship as soon as it was admitted by Zero that blood drinking between them is not of sexual nature, but more like an issue of taste (VKM 9).

- Despite the fact of blood drinking Yuuki isn’t fully open with Zero, one more thing admitted by him (VKM 9). Zero is aware about Yuuki’s grief over Kaname and Yuuki evidently knows about Zero’s feelings – in this case what can make Yuuki be not frank with Zero? It can be only a desire of love for the sleeping man, but as soon as Zero is also a dear person for Yuuki she is careful not to offend feelings of his heart.

The fact that Yuuki is okay with Zero as her companion, but does not let him go further, only supports ideas about Zero being her second love and not the great one. The woman needed time to resign herself to the reality where Kaname didn’t exist, then come to the stage where she could move on and try to consider the closest friend as a lover, if possible.

But I assume that Yuuki’s love for Kaname is not the only thing that put her relationship with Zero in impasse for a long time. I would make Zero responsible for this failure as well. Though his wish to be patient and wait Yuuki as long as she needs to was born from his noblest motives, it didn’t play in his favour at all. Had he been more decisive with her and behaved in a way as men in love do, to put it in simpler words, courted her, they could have come to official relationship sooner. What I mean by that is a sudden kiss from his side could cause some Yuuki’s unusual reaction, but as we see Zero doesn’t intend to do anything. He doesn’t know how to act and goes on this path, the guy is inexperienced and it leads to his long time fail. And what I’d like to emphasize here one more time, that even considering all the problems Yuuki and Kaname had to cope with, the pureblood King still knew how to talk to her. It was even mentioned by Ai in VKM 4 that Kaname “has a knack for talking to women”. Obviously, Zero hasn’t such knack. He can be a good friend – at least he had a lot of communication with other people to develop this skill, but with women he didn’t have an opportunity to do so. It’s not like I’m blaming him – the guy seems to be head over heels in love with the woman who longs for another man, but as an adult man and supposedly smart one he should have presumed that this could lead to problems in his future private life with this lady. But he chose the way of stagnation letting Yuuki decide when and where to start. He feels comfortable in this type of relationship as well.

Which makes me ask myself another question: is it really that passionate love everyone is talking about? To me Hino doesn’t believe in it herself

Side note: I’m still one of those who believe that Yuuki loved both men, Zero including. However, her love for Zero developed only in decades after Kaname’s “death” and it looked more like she settled than all of a sudden acknowledged her deep feelings which is no wonder, she didn’t have such towards Zero at that time. And these are the facts Hino gives us to understand how difficult it was for Yuuki to get over her grief. So don’t fool yourselves.


She Ain’t You.

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REQUEST: Write one with Gally using this prompt; “I don’t love her. I love you!”

FANDOM: Gally [The Maze Runner]

AUTHOR: MK (purityimagines)

TAGS: none

I watched as my boyfriend Gally laughs and chats with Teresa, the new girl of the Glade. I came back from the Maze and found that Gally wasn’t in the fields where the Builders were. I thought he had a Keepers meeting so I headed to the hut to get dinner. Turns out I saw Gally talking to Teresa, leaning against the nearby tree, laughing. 

This wasn’t the first time he has done this. No. Of course I didn’t mind him talking to other people- boy or girl. I’m not his parent. But ever since Teresa came, it was like he completely forgot I existed. It was like he didn’t want me around anymore.

My blood is boiling. He has done this so many times. Teresa has been new here for two months and all the guys treated her like a Queen and glancing at me with a short smile before going back to Teresa’ attention.

I wouldn’t blame them. She was so pretty. A unique face, a slim body. I probably wouldn’t even beat her to a beauty pageant. A rock would have a better chance of winning. Gally deserves a girl like Teresa, not me.

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All I Wanted; C.H. 20

part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10**, part 11*, part 12*, part 13, part 14, part 15**, part 16, part 17, part 18, part 19

“He is such a fucking prick. I – I feel so foolish. I kept defending him. I kept taking blow after blow for him. I honestly believed he at least had a bit of genuine interest in me. Boy, was I wrong.” I laugh humourlessly, tears slipping from my eyes as I squeeze them closed. I’ve kept them inside until I stood in front of his apartment.

Eventually, Harry and I ended up here. In his flat. And somehow, I needed to be around him. I felt safe. He is quiet, letting me be. Tears are slowly but steadily pouring from my eyes, my gaze cast upon the ceiling. He is sitting near my legs, gently rubbing them, trying to calm me, soothe me. But it’s not helping the slightest bit.

“Are you alright?” He speaks, his voice seems to have a slight tremor. He takes his stare off of his television and glances over at me, just as I lift my head off of his sofa. “What do you think?” I bite at him, but can’t help but let a hopeless laugh follow immediately. I feel his hands squeeze the skin of my knee before patting it.

“It’ll be alright, in the end, you know.”
“Ah, I do. But right now it fucking sucks and it hurts and I want him to stop breathing.” I wipe my tears from my face, my make-up probably stained beyond belief. I press myself in an upright position, tucking my legs underneath my bum. “Come here.” He smiles, opening his arms for a hug and another sob leaving my lips as I fall into them.

“You know your phone keeps vibrating. Maybe your mate is worried about you.” Harry reaches over and holds my lit up phone in my direction, my fingers reluctantly curling around the rectangle.

Are you alright? Luke said you felt sick. Why didn’t you say anything? Xx

One from Meredith. I type my reply, apologizing for my rapid departure and telling her I’ll get back to her in the morning. The other ones make my stomach churn.

Y/n! Where are you? You aren’t home!

Babe, please, answer me

When are you coming home?

God damn it Y/n, at least let me know you’re safe!

I scoff loudly as I throw my phone to the side, Harry shifting underneath our embrace. “What did he say?” I groan and pick up my phone again, dropping it in his lap. His eyes scan over the messages scattered along my screen before he sighs. “Maybe you should let him know you’re safe.”

“Why? Why should I? It’s not like he took my feelings into account. I need to do shit.” I huff, crossing my arms over my chest as I move away from Harry. He simply laughs heartily, his hand resting on his stomach. “Well, sadness is replaced by anger.”
“Ah, you know me – that shit goes rapidly.” I laugh, shaking my head. “How about a glass of wine?”


“You know, I sort of forgot your drinking skills. Although I think you’ve slacked a bit.” Harry laughs as he empties the bottle into my mug – yes, we drank our wine from a mug. Because that is at least ten times more classy that way – but brings it to his lips to get the last droplets out.

“Oh puh-lease. I’d still win this drinking game if I wanted to.” I chuckle, setting my now empty mug on his tattered coffee table. I’m fascinated by the scratches that coat the surface, most of them made by my heels being slung across the room – ending in him breaking those lovely decorative vases his mum put on that coffee table.
“Ah, yeah. I see that.” Harry laughs as he sets the bottle beside my glass, slowly inching closer towards me.

“But uh – what are you going to do about this little problem that has seem to surfaced?” Harry questions me again – something he knows I loathe but seems to keep doing anyway.
“Do I need to do anything? Yeah maybe stay the fuck away from the bar, that seems like a solid plan.” I laugh boisterously, my hands rubbing over my stomach.

“You need to talk to him. Otherwise this’ll be haunting you for forever, I know you.” Harry throws his arm over my shoulder, hauling me into his solid chest. This feels familiar, something I’ve missed, but at the same time it feels completely wrong.
“Stop reading my mind, Haz. I know I should talk to him, but I don’t want to. I think that what I wanted was something I would never receive anyway, it was going to be something that was going to crash and burn as fast as it has bloomed. I reckon I did this to myself.”

“But isn’t it better to put it at rest so your mind can be at ease, at least?” I know he’s raising an eyebrow at me, even though I can’t see him do so. I know he’s right, finishing this off properly would help me cope, to say it like that. I felt like I was being a stupid ass bitch, because as Calum said – we weren’t together. Well not officially at least, perhaps my mind and heart had raced a bit too far and I sort of felt like – like we were. I don’t know.

“Since when are you such a philosopher?” I mumble, resting my head against his shoulder, feeling his heartbeat calmingly thump against my jaw. I should go talk to Calum, even if it were the last time. But not tonight. Tonight I want to forget. She was fucking right all along. Oh how I can hear Meredith tsk in my head along with the fervently I told you so. I almost groan out loud but am pulled out of my trance by Harry.
“Since we finished two bottles of wine under an hour, Y/n.” Harry speaks so softly, his voice barely a whisper, when I feel his fingertips brush against my jaw.

He slowly turns my head and before I have time to properly respond, I feel his soft lips press against mine. My eyes flutter none the less, this soft kiss being so familiar. It feels awkward and wrong on so many levels and when I lightly push against Harry’s chest, my own aches as I see the hurt flash for a split second.

“I don’t think that’s such a good idea right now – with all that’s going on. Sorry.” I mumble, distancing myself from Harry who immediately starts to nod his head. “Yeah, yeah. You’re right. I’m sorry. It just felt – well right, like before and – “ he starts stammering, his hands roughly rubbing over his face.

“I understand. Maybe I should just – like leave.” I raise to my feet, sliding into my boots as Harry flies up from his spot on the sofa. “Y/n, you don’t have to – I – I was just being a total dick, you don’t have to leave.”

“I know I don’t, but I should. I’ll text you later, thanks for being my rock.” I lean up and press my lips against Harry’s scruffy cheek, squeezing his biceps once, hoping he’d get it that I don’t blame him for anything – I would’ve probably done the same thing if I wasn’t in my current situation.


Like a paranoid I-don’t-know-what I drove past my house two times to make sure Calum wasn’t parked anywhere near before I drove onto my own driveway. I know I might be childish, but even if I knew a talk was inevitable, I wasn’t planning on doing it when I could still feel my blood boiling – although it could also be the wine coursing through my veins.

I start laughing rather loudly as I gather my personal items from the backseat of my car. “Don’t drink and drive, I tell everyone.” I hiccup, shaking my head at my own irresponsible behaviour. Harry keeps spooking through my head and I feel horrible about even ending up at his place – it felt like I was cheating. Harry thinking it’d be a good idea to kiss me only worsening this – I don’t know – guilt I was experiencing.

Calum may have been a dick and not completely aware of our status, but I thought differently about it and I somehow did the same as he did to me – although he doesn’t know, and isn’t going to ever anyway. I slam my door roughly, almost doing a three hundred and sixty-degree spin and I squeal as loud as my voice allows me to when I spot a shadow behind me.

I’m panting, my nails almost digging into the paintwork of my car as I stare at Calum two meters from me, my heart throbbing in my throat. “WHAT THE FUCK CALUM!” It’s the first that pops to mind and the first that flies past my lips as I try not to vomit.

“Where were you?” Calum steps closer and I’m quick to dodge to the left and make half a circle around him, trying to walk towards my front door without this ending in a discussion on the middle of the street – at two am in the morning, even.
“Excuse me? Like you have any business in where I spend my time.” I seethe, seeing him making my emotions bubble up as if it had happened mere second ago. Him being here wasn’t good for him or me.

“Y/n, don’t be like this. Let me explain.” Calum takes another step in my direction, holding his hand out towards me – but I don’t know what he desires of me. I have nothing left to give him.
“I’m not letting you do anything, Calum. Tonight, don’t expect anything from me. Please disappear off of my driveway before I phone the police. This is trespassing.” I point my car keys towards his feet, raising my eyebrows and barely keeping my stupid ass grin in check. It felt good to be at least a little bit mean and get this anger off of my chest. I see Calum’s features contort into one of pure shock before horror and pain follows but I keep my face as stoic as possible.

“Y/n, babe.. I didn’t mean to – I mean – Please listen to me.” Calum is rapid, but I saw him coming. Within a jiff, I’ve taken quite a few steps back and the distance has remained the same. I sigh deeply, knowing I might not get rid of him as easily as I wanted to – Calum had always had the reputation of being quite persistent.

“I am serious Calum. Please leave me alone. I need some time to get my thoughts in check.” I close my eyes, feeling them watering up again as my mind sobers up – even if it’s just a tiny bit.
“Promise me we’ll talk later.” Calum mumbles, and it sends another jab straight to my heart. How dare me ask something like that of me – I hadn’t even decided if I wanted to see him ever again, and here he is expecting me to let it slide like it were nothing and that we could be over this in a day or two. 

I shake my head as I turn away from him, starting slowly towards my door. I knew he had given up on his persistence to talk this out today, but I can’t help but jab once more towards him before I let this horrible night come to a closing.
“I can’t promise you anything, seeing as how you can’t even keep honesty between mates.”

If you have any hatred towards anyone after this, or anything that’s about to come, I understand. I have it too, lol.
Let me know what you think babes :)

All The Small Things - A Ronnie Radke Imagine

You are literally the best. :) Could i have an imagine about how you meet Ronnie Radke in the grocery store and you guys hit it off really well? Just to show that sometimes he is a slightly normal guy?

A/N: Aw thank you hun, I hope I don’t disappoint you now and you like your imagine :) I tried to make it a good one :) So enjoy reading and maybe leave a comment in my ask box :)

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