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The Gruesome Murder of Laura Ackerson

Laura Ackerson (27) had been missing for over 10 days when her remains were found in an alligator infested creek in Texas, on July 24, 2011. She had been dismembered and authoriries were able to recover her head, torso, and part of her limbs. Her cause of death couldn’t be determined with certainty because of the condition of the remains, but the autopsy showed signs of asphyxiation and a possible stab wound to the neck.

Laura had been in the middle of a nasty custody battle with her ex, Grant Hayes III, over their two kids, who were 3 and 2 years old at the time. Grant was an aspiring musician, drug addict and had a tendency to use and manipulate women. During his relationship with Laura, he was abusive and openly cheated on her with other women, among them Amanda Smith. The extent of Grant’s deceit was so, that Laura believed they were married (they had a ceremony and all) and she only found out he’d never signed the marriage license when he sent her a picture of his wedding to Amanda, ending the relationship between them for good.

Grant, who had temporary custody of the children during week days, and Amanda were going through financial trouble because he’d spent most of her inheritance recklessly. On top of that, Amanda became pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl a month before Laura went missing. The upcoming court date didn’t look good for him, especially after the appointed psychologist had reported he exhibited “illogical disturbed thinking” and seemed to want to erase Laura from their kids’ lives. On the other hand, Laura was trying to improve her life, starting a business and doing everything the court requested of her.

On July 13, 2011, the last day Laura was seen, she was lured to Grant’s apartment in Raleigh, North Carolina, with the pretense that they were going to let her have the kids for a few days. What happened after, we can’t be sure, since Amanda and Grant had different versions, blaming each other.

According to Amanda, Grant said that Laura had tripped and hurt herself and he asked her to take the kids out so he wouldn’t see their mom like that. He later confessed to her he’d killed her and forced her to help him dispose of her body by threatening their daughter. They traveled to Texas, where Amanda’s sister lived, and threw her dismembered body in the creek. The sister, however, testified in court that during the visit Amanda told her she had “hurt Laura bad” and that she was dead.

Grant played the race card as much as he could and then said Laura had signed a contract in which she agreed to give him full custody of the children in exchange for 25,000 dollars. Indeed a document with two different handwritings stating as much was found in his apartment, and although an expert said part of it had been written by Laura, all the people who knew her said it was impossible she’d give up her kids, especially considering all the changes she was making to get custody and the fact that Grant was broke. According to Grant, Amanda got angry at the agreement and accidentally killed Laura, and he just helped her cover it up to protect her. He finished by saying that “Laura got herself killed”.

The couple was tried separatedly and given the amount of evidence against them, they were both found guilty. Grant of first degree murder, and he got a life sentence without parole, while Amanda will spend 13 to 16 years for second degree murder, as long as her conviction isn’t extended by some added charges that were filed last year. In 2014, these upstanding lovers divorced.

This tragic story is told in the book Bitter Remains, by Diane Fanning.

Sight Beyond Sight: Chapter 1

Summary:  When Kimberly lost her eye sight, she gained something back in return and entered a world that she never thought existed. 

AN: I had this idea for a while where I wanted to combine two of my favorite things in one fic. The power rangers movie and my current obsession with Daredevil on netflix. This is also my first attempt at writing in a blind person’s perspective. So for you experienced writers out there, if you want to hook someone up with some tips (any kind will do. I’m a bit rusty) that would be appreciated. Also this hasn’t been beta’ed yet so I do apologize for any mistakes that I made. 

And since this does deal with blindness I do have to throw in a trigger warning. With that enjoy the first chapter !

“First thing you gotta understand is nobody feels sorry for you for being blind girly. And nobody ever will. Cause when it comes to being born lucky… you won the friggin’ lottery.” - Stick

Kimberly Gasped as she shot up from her bed. The first thing that she noticed was that everything was loud. Loud and more refined than anything she’s ever heard. It was almost as if she was in a dark room with no lights on and someone turned up the volume of a very large and sound capturing speakers. 

And everything else in the room felt so bright and intense yet she still shrouded in darkness. She frantically reached her hands out despite her current blinded state wanting to touch something. Anything that she could get her hands on just to regain some level of normalcy as the sounds continued to get louder. 

She could hear the continuous drip from what she assumed was her IV line next to her bed along with the heart monitor beeping in an steadily increasing pace.

“What?..whats going on?” Kim called out bringing her fingers to where her eyes should be only to feel the scratchy fibers of the hospital issued bandages over her eyes. Each touch of fiber on her fingers felt like she stuck her hand in a ball of coarse yarn. 

“Where am I? Mom? Dad?” She’d call out only to bring her hands back up to her ears blocking out the noise that would be bouncing off the walls within her hospital room. 

Fact is she didn’t even remember how she ended up in the hospital with her eyes bandaged. The last thing Kimberly remember was confront Amanda and Harper at school in the science room about bullying Trini. She remembered her fellow ranger in tears once again pouring her heart out to her. The anguish in Trini’s voice as she told Kim about the rumors that Amanda and Harper spread about her fellow ranger begging to sleep with them and once again defacing Trini’s locker with derogatory terms. 

She also remembered the shouting match she had with Amanda and her underling as they slung harsh insults back and forth where Amanda would berate kim for the mistake she made in which Kim would retaliate that what she did didn’t give Amanda the right to attack her friends or deface other people’s lockers. 

The last thing came into Kim’s mind was how the fight escalated into a physical one where both Amanda and Harper violently shoved Kimberly into the lab table causing the chemicals on display to splash onto Kim’s face and into her eyes causing the searing and acidic pain to course it’s way into the pink ranger’s face. 

Even as Kimberly fell to the ground blindingly writhing in agony with the feeling of her face being on fire, she could still hear the two cheerleaders blaming each other. 

“Shit Amanda why did you do that?!” 

“What are you talking about you’re the one that pushed her!” 

“You did too amanda! Oh man. We’re in trouble now…”

“Harper listen! We’ll leave through the back ok? Nobody will see us.”

“But…we gotta help here she’s…she…”

“If we help her we’ll get expelled! Lets just get out the back before anyone sees us!…”

Before Kimberly would succumb to the lightheaded darkness and drift off into unconciousness the last thing she would hear before she woke up in the Angel Grove hospital would be the two footsteps of the people she used to call her friends leaving the school lab.

“stop…make it stop…” Kim whippered bringing her hands to her ears trying to block out the orderlies outside of her room. Random voices in a cacophony of muddled sounds just streaming into her ear drums. it felt like the insides of her ears were about to rupture. But even through the discord of the chaotic noises outside she was able to focus on one voice. 

Her voice. Even in her state and through the walls of her hospital room she managed to seek out the voice of her fellow power rangers. 

“Its my fault Jace. It’s all my fault.” Kim could easily pinpoint Trini’s muddled tear ridden voice. Her heart shattered at the sound of Trini’s broken voice. 

“Trini stop. You didn’t do anything. Wrong. This isn’t on you.”

“Jason, she fought with amanda because of me! Because I told her what Amanda said about me and what she did to my Locker. She’s blind because I…” The yellow ranger stopped mid sentence letting out a loud sob. 

Jason wrapped his strong arms around Trini’s tiny quivering fame and embraced the girl in a strong hug. Rocking her back and forth as the small ranger would sob into his chest. 

“Trini listen. This isn’t your fault.” Jason whispered into Trini’s ear.

“You know how stubborn and determined Kim is when it comes to protecting you. This isn’t your fault or anyone else but the person who did this to her ok?” 


Blind? Did she hear Jason right? She was blind? The thought along scared the hell out of her. Knowing that she’d never see her parents, her friends or even Trini’s beautiful face again weighed heavily on her as she stumbled back onto her bed.

As the door opened Kimberly moved her head up towards the two people that entered the room. She easily recognized them as Jason and Trini since Jason’s foot steps were always heavier. And she always knew what Trini’s movements sounded like even before she was blind. 

“Hey Kim…” Jason was the first to speak. Sadness laced in his voice. Trini feeling guilt ridden as she is stayed quiet as she slunk back behind their team leader. Being unable to look her fellow pink ranger in the eyes was killing her. 

“You uh….you look good.” Jason’s voice quivered a little as he spoke. Kim knew he was lying. She could already hear his heartbeat change the second he spoke those words. 

“Come on Jace. You don’t have to lie. I probably look horrible. But the pain killers that they’re keeping me on feel nice at least.” 

Jason chuckled lightly at Kim’s joke. As stubborn as she was she always manages to lighten the mood in the group. Even after suffering a traumatic experience. 

“We were with your parents when they spoke to the doctor.” The taller boy just rubbed the back of his neck with his hand. His other free hand grasped Trini’s lightly while the yellow ranger just held on to Jason’s arm. 

“They’re still with them right now. But-”

“I Know Jace. I’m Blind.” Kim’s voice was somber. Jason just looked up at her, puzzled at her words. 

“What? But How did you.-” 

“I heard you guys outside. I can also hear my parents in the doctor’s office right now.” 

Jason just looked back down at Trini who began to silently cry. A small sniffle escaped from the shorter girl as she wiped her eyes with the back of her sleeve.

“Trini…” The pink ranger whispered. She hated the position that she put her friends in. She never intended to make things this messy. This was going to change things between them. Even worse the possibility of losing a ranger just added to her guilt. 

The Latina girl just ran up to her now blind friend and wrapped her arms tightly around Kim, sobbing into the hospital gown that the pink ranger was wearing. Whispering multiple apologies into her Chest. 

All Kimberly could do was stroke Trini’s back as the shorter girl poured her heart out. 

“Shhh. Don’t do this to yourself Trini. It’s not your fault.” Kim whispered trying her best to sooth the heart broken Yellow ranger. They were soon joined by Jason who just wrapped his two strong arms around his female team mates, enveloping them into a strong and protective hug. 

“Jace…” Kimberly could feel her own voice crack. The tears already starting to form behind the back of her throat. 

“We’ll get through this Kim. You’re not alone in this.” Jason whispered into Kim’s ears. Tears were already forming in the red ranger’s eyes. 

“I Know Jace. I Know.” 

But Kimberly wasn’t so sure.


Murdered Then Put Selfies On Instagram
Amanda Taylor

On the 4th of April 2015 in Virginia, 24 year old Amanda Taylor and friend Sean Ball broke into the home of Taylor’s father in law, Charles Taylor. The man was stabbed up to 31 times whilst he rested in his chair. After the murder, Amanda put up what she did on multiple social media sites.

Amanda met Charles’s son Rex whilst at school, she later dropped out due to being pregnant. The pair had another child and later got married, however Rex was battling addictions and the pair separated in 2014. In August, Rex committed suicide by hanging.

The motive was Amanda blamed Charles for Rex’s addictions that led to his suicide. “Everything I did was for the right reasons. I stabbed my father-in-law to death because he destroyed my husband….”

The murder occurred at 3:27pm, this was the time Rex committed suicide. Ball was later shot by Amanda after she believed he showed remorse. Sean survived

In 2015, Amanda Taylor was sentenced to life

TITLE OF STORY: Exceptions to the Rules
AUTHOR: teacuphiddlesfics & cheers-mrhiddleston
WHICH TOM/CHARACTER: Twin AU - Jag!Tom & Exec!Tom
GENRE: Angst/Drama
FIC SUMMARY: A year after the events of What’s Yours is Mine, identical twins Thomas and William Hiddleston have fully acclimated to each other’s lives; William becoming a larger part in Thomas’s cartel, Thomas lending a hand in the family Hiddleston Corporations. Another important, albeit unexpected part of their shared livelihood is the inclusion of a bit of happiness in the shape of a woman: their employee, Amanda Tremaine.

Running out of hope that Thomas could ever be fully invested in a relationship with her, Amanda turns elsewhere, leaving Thomas with feelings that he cannot fully describe. But her new relationship brings out unforeseen circumstances that Thomas and William can’t ignore, leading all three of them down a path that will test each of them in their own way.
WARNINGS: explicit language, violence, drugs, sexual content
AUTHOR NOTE: This is a collaboration between myself and cheers-mrhiddleston and the sequel to What’s Yours is Mine. We’ll be alternating writing the chapters again, so make sure you’re following Madison if you aren’t already and stay up to date with the entire twins universe here

“Have you noticed anything off with Amanda lately?”

William looked up in surprise, trying to hide his alarm. “What do you mean?”

Thomas shrugged as he picked at his sandwich. “She’s seemed different lately. More jumpy around me. I took her to lunch the other day and I thought things would be fine afterwards, but she seemed…off, I guess.”

He didn’t know what to say to his brother. Thomas looked so out of sorts, just by the tiniest change in Amanda. He wanted to tell him the truth, explain the difficulty Amanda was facing with her feelings for him. But William knew it wouldn’t help anything, and she deserved, in her own time, to talk with him.

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loved the prompt about hook and emma's boobs. can you write one about emma and killian's ass?

That goddamn leather duster had been her only her salvation, who the hell did he think he was not wearing it anymore?

The entire beanstalk trip had been a test of her willpower, following Captain freaking Hook to a giant’s castle and spending a couple of hours looking up at how well he fit those stupid leather pants of his. He had good legs, long and limber, but he had a fantastic ass. And he had the gall to wear like, two extra belts – she was pretty sure they were for the pirate sword he didn’t carry – and both of them happened to lovingly hug that delicious curve…

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Imagine Spock coming back from his first fight, and Sarek feels a rush of anger so strong he barely manages to keep upright. He quickly pushes the feeling down, and teaches Spock to do the same. Because they're dangerous, feelings that strong. But that doesn't stop him from hunting down the parents of the children who hurt his kid and accidentally sabotaging their last month's work. Later he finds out Spock did the same to his classmates. Sarek blames it on Amanda's bad influence. Amanda laughs.


AMANDA PLATELL: “Just to be clear, I’m not blaming this murder victim. Who drank alcohol and partied. Not blaming her at all in any way. She drank Jagerbombs, by the way. But not blaming. No blame here. Even though she drank six of them. No blame.”