blame video games

People who say Fiction = Reality would probably blame violent media and video games for their nasty behavior.

Like, it’s censorship. Stop.

Stop attacking writers for not believing in what you think is right or wrong.

Stop attacking artists for not drawing what you want, because it’s not meant for you.

Stop attacking creators for shipping something you don’t ship.

Stop attacking actors who act as the bad people, because it’s their job.

Stop attacking people for the things they enjoy.

Stop the censorship you force on to people.

Stop the thought police attitude.

Do remember this.

Sending Death Threats, Suicide Baiting and Call Out Post, do more damage then good. It’s also against the law.

So think first.

Before sending hate to a writer, to an artist, to a creator, to an actor, to a person, that your words are more real and damaging then any story written, drawn or acted out, because your words are reality the moment you hit that send button.

Took You Under Our Wing

A Mercy/Pharah + Mercy/D.VA commission, for an anonymous patron. Not explicit, not too suggestive. Just good old fashioned fluff.

The world spun when she stood. So Hana laid down on her bed, staring at the rivets in the ceiling. Occasionally she glanced to the digital clock on her bedside table, the broken red lines blurring into numbers that didn’t make any sense.

She always had trouble sleeping. When she was younger her parents blamed it on video games. It was true that staring at bright screens all night didn’t help… but she could never explain it away without sounding like she was making excuses. Fast forward a few years and some misdiagnoses later: her new friend Angela set her up with another doctor who might be able to help. Lo and behold, she had insomnia. But like, she really had it. It was official now. A doctor said it.

Like, she’d been saying as much for years now, and if someone had listened to her sooner they would have known that, but it was honestly whatever.

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Got7 Reaction: Their S/O Beating Them at a Video Game

JB: JB would probably get mad and blame the video game or the fact that he barely plays. After the third match of him losing, he’ll throw the control to the corner of the room, get up and leave. Later, whenever he had cooled off a little bit, he would come back and apologize to you for losing his composure.

Mark: Mark would probably get really frustrated at losing. After every failed match, he would try harder than the last to attempt to beat you. You’ll be stuck there playing the game until he wins, which would result in you no longer trying to win. He would catch on to you, though, after he beat you with seemingly no contest. You two would agree on playing one more round as best as you possibly could, and the loser would have to do a punishment of the winner’s choosing.

Jackson: Jackson would rage a little bit after losing for the second time, but after seeing your happy face as the victory sign appeared on your side of the TV, he would continue playing with you until it got boring for you. After each of your wins, he would hype you up and congratulate you on how well you did.

Jinyoung: Jinyoung would rage; A lot. After losing the first couple of games he would blame the controller, then he would start to blame the game, and after losing more than 5 games, he would start blaming you for losing. He would say that you were cheating, or ask you to play fairly. After seeing you get angry with him for accusing you, and your silent treatment you gave him for the next match, he would apologize profusely and try to make things better by offering to let you demolish him as many times as you wanted at the game.

Youngjae: This boy wouldn’t care so much about losing. To Youngjae, he was playing with the love of his life, and because he would be unable to see you as often as he would like, it would make him happy just to be in that moment with you. After losing a couple games, he would constantly try to improve to give you some sort of challenge.

BamBam: BamBam would be either mad or annoyed- possibly both -after losing so many matches. At some point he would start annoying you by shouting things every time you messed up, or distracting you by moving your arm around. He would even start shoving you lightly with his shoulder, trying to do anything to mess up your ability to play the game.

Yugyeom: Yugyeom would definitely get really frustrated. He would notice your face concentrating on the game, and he would find you to be so attractive. He would probably start kissing your cheek, or trying to make moves on you, until you messed up, giving him the advantage in the game. You would get angry with him for messing you up, but after another quick kiss on the lips, you were willing to play with him as long as he wanted to.


here’s a cute lil quickie reaction for you !!

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anonymous asked:

Hey i'm sorry to bother but i have to do an assignment about autism for school but i don't want to be rude or offend someone. Do you have any reliable sourse or maybe something i should avoid saying? Thank you i love your blog

of course! here’s a quick list:

  • don’t use autism speaks as a source (autistic people don’t like it, it’s dehumanizing and ableist. just stay away from it and everything they promote in general.)
  • avoid sources that mention curing autism or call it a disease, an epidemic, blame vaccines or video games or the water supply, or implies autistic children are a burden to their families.
  • you can say “autistic.” it’s not a dirty word. academic writing usually promotes “person first language”, as in, “people with autism” rather than “autistic people.” but the autistic community has no problem self-identifying as autistic, and cannot be separated from their autism. “person with autism” implies that autism is a condition, while in reality most autistics feel that it is an intrinsic and inseparable part of who they are. “having autism” has no effect on whether or not you are a person and it should be understood without having to be explicitly stated that autistic people are people.
  • avoid in any way referring to autism as a “disease” “illness” or “abnormal” or anything of that nature. autism is very normal and autistics are not weird, they’re autistic. you can refer to autism as a disorder in the context of how it is diagnosed, but be careful to avoid implying that all autistics are inherently disordered.
  • avoid using language like “high/low functioning”. functioning labels are not useful to autistics and are instead used by non-autistics to categorize them by degrees of how “normal” they are.
  • instead of using words like “unusual” or “abnormal” try using language like “less common” or “less socially acceptable.”
  • avoid implying that autism is a new thing or that it’s rapidly growing. it’s being diagnosed more frequently, but autistic people have always existed (and u can find a lot of them in a history book, even if they weren’t diagnosed). also, don’t forget about autistic adults! children grow up!
  • avoid the picture that autism is a white male thing!
  • if you need academic sources to back up anything that i’m saying, if your teachers try and argue with you (i got into an argument with a teacher about using the word “autistic” in my thesis so it can happen) use ASAN (autistic self advocacy network).

clamanath  asked:

What's your opinion on this: www(.)youtube(.)com/watch?v=bFAPKDVXNnw

I think he’s out of his damn mind.

For starters, the title is extremely misleading. I won’t call it click bait, because if it was click bait it would look more like “I Went to the Comic Book Store Today and You’ll NEVER Guess What Happened Next!” but all the same he’s selling oranges and calling them apples. The video is called “The Rise and Fall and Plummet of Comic Books” and the majority of the video is just him pissing and moaning about how demographics he’s not part of are being reached out to. He barely even touches on the comics and sales themselves and mostly focuses on tired, beaten to death points like lady Thor and a black girl paling around with Tony Stark. Like, seriously people, even people who like those characters are probably sick to death of them being brought up all the fucking time. Also, describing Bat Woman’s sexual orientation as “Oh, she enjoys slurping some slatch!” And he wonders why people call him and his fans ‘man babies.’ It would be one thing if he was 12 or 15, but he’s not; he’s a grown ass man. When the hell is he going to start acting like one?

Also, describing a Mary Sue and citing Rey from The Force Awakens as an example? First of all, 2015 called, they want their easy target back, and second that whole “Ugh, Rey’s a Mary Sue, nyah nyah nyah!” has been long since debunked. There’s nothing you can say about Rey that can’t also be applied to Luke.

But putting all that aside, he’s not saying anything new. Comic books have been on the wane since the Spectator Boom back in the 90′s turned the industry on its’ head and it just never recovered. Comic books just aren’t a growth industry anymore. The upcoming video-game “Injustice 2″ will easily sell over three million copies if not more, but if DC made a comic book with the same exact story, characters, premise, and setting….it would be lucky if it sells 100,000 copies. By the way, those are considered GOOD sales. In any other industry, selling 100,000 of anything would be a death sentence for that particular intellectual property. If only 100,000 tickets were sold for a movie like Civil War or Batman v Superman then not only would that be a crippling financial blow to the studio, but the medium itself would have taken such a punch to the gut that it likely would have been DECADES before that studio made another superhero movie.

Having said that, I do agree that I’d much rather see these companies make new characters instead of just give a pre-existing character and giving them a race or gender swap. It’s tiresome, boring, and supremely lazy. The part I take umbrage with is that he’s acting as if this is some recent phenomenon that only surfaced in the last few years. Spoiler alert, it’s not. Comic books have been doing this for decades now, for it’s a tactic almost as old as comic books themselves. While it’s as exasperating as exasperating gets, it works. As much as I detest that method, I still have to admit that if not for it we wouldn’t have great characters like Steel, Power Girl, War Machine, X23, Batgirl, She-Hulk, pretty much every Teen Titan that isn’t Starfire, Raven, Cyborg, and arguably Beast Boy (one can easily argue that’s he’s a green pint-sized Plastic Man, only with animals) and the list goes on and on.

Look, laugh and guffaw and cry “See, this is what happens when you pander to SJWS!” all you want over comics declining sales all you want, but again, falling sales are nothing new. Comic books and printed media as a whole with the exception of novels has been slowly but steadily going extinct for the past two decades now, and blaming falling comic book sales on SJWs or whatever online boogeyman is currently trending is like blaming EA for the video-game crash of 1987. By all means, criticize them all you want. You don’t have to like what they’re doing by any stretch. As someone who’s grown up reading comic books, I can’t tell you how utterly heartbreaking it is to not only see comic books and printed media in general slowly going extinct, but even more saddened that what comic books there are serve as little more than beta-testing grounds for future multi-media projects. By and large, Marvel doesn’t give a FUCK what comic is and isn’t selling. Would they like Korean Hulk and Ironheart to be best sellers? Sure, but they aren’t losing sleep over low sales. The only part they actually care about is when or if Riri Williams becomes a viable enough character to take the reins in future Iron Man movies once Robert Downy Jr. decides “Yeah, you know what? I made enough money.”

Again, you don’t have to like it or even respect it. I certainly don’t. But if your big KO to them is “Hey, your Captain Marvel comic isn’t selling very well!” all Marvel’s going to do is reply with “Sorry, what was that? We can’t hear you through this big pile of money we’re about to make from the Captain Marvel movie staring his female counterpart which will also become the go-to female superhero movie when DC inevitably fucks up Wonder Woman!”

One more thing. As for the whole SJW thing, again, you can criticize all you want. But if you’re going to lose your shit over a comic book talking about tampons, then grow. The hell. Up. Comic books have talked about problems of men and boys for as long as comic books have been a thing. Almost every teenage superhero have powers that are metaphors for puberty while at least one third of the entire Spider-Man lore and mythos is about how he can’t seem to ever get laid. Anyone who’s going to lose their damn mind over Marvel talking about girl problems while ignoring Peter Parker’s sex life often being a major selling point all the while acting as if they had been personally wronged because a comic book had the audacity to reach out to young girls for once, then they can take their selective persecution complex and stick it straight up their ass!

And for the record…

ok so to celebrate Job im thinking of buying a ps4, what are some good games that aren’t shooters, horror, or in that general vein of gritty boring alpha-male action hero who takes himself too seriously kind of bullshit

specifically i’m a fan of puzzle and adventure games, turn-based rpgs, and also games with a solid plot?? also not too big on simulator-type games, competitive games, MMOs, or anything that’s essentially an endless timesink

anonymous asked:

Don't you think it's a bit dumb that E&D said not to blame their favourite movies/video games/musicians etc. for the massacre but they basically named it after a whole movie? I mean you really can't expect people not to blame someone.

I think the boys were hoping that we wouldn’t be so dumb as to make pat, simplistic connections to piece together why they did what they did.  Like, for example, people believing they were inspired by a movie to commit the massacre merely because they used the acronym from a movie title as their secret code name.  I think they were hoping we’d all just look at bit deeper than that - to look beyond the usual suspect surface trappings that are merely a reflection of our messed up society - instead of displacing the blame and saying ‘such an such made them do it”. But they weren’t robots programmed subliminally to do what they did. They owned what they did 100% though and they said as such.  Fact is though, we, as an entire society, all own the blame and We failed those boys..and so many others after them. 

“You made me what I am. You added to the rage.
“You can’t understand what we feel; you can’t understand no matter how much you think you can,”  – DBK

“No one is to blame except me and Vodka. Our actions are a two man war against everyone else.”  – EDH

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Someone mentioned that Dexter glorifies murder and vigilante. And it made me realize that the antis' argument "you like a fictional pedophilic relationship therefore you are a pedophile." Is similar to the argument of conservative parents who blame video games for gun violence.

It’s literally the exact same argument but with a different medium it’s just scapegoating media instead of looking into the root causes of the issues because it’s much easier and puts them into a false mindset of doing something about the issue without actually doing anything