blame them both

On one hand I prefer the idea of Anakin no longer being a Padawan when Obi Wan joins his and Padme’s relationship. 

On the other hand I really like the idea of them first sleeping together after the battle of Geonosis while still high off the “holy shit we lived” 

friendly reminder that simon lewis literally hated living in hotel deMort and never wanted to be in the clan in the first place. 

 Therefore, if he doesn’t apologize in season 2, i honestly would support him all the way. He doesn’t owe the vampires anything when all they did was terrify him as a mundane, and neglect him/take advantage of him as a vampire.


Maybe there’s a God above
But all I’ve ever learned from love
Was how to shoot somebody who outdrew you
And it’s not a cry that you hear at night
It’s not somebody who’s seen the light
It’s a cold and it’s a broken Hallelujah

Leonard Cohen || Hallelujah


Does that mean… you like me better than Alibaba? 

These two haven’t even met in canon but I’m starting to ship them already WTF

Chibs Telford | Jax Teller - Brotherly Love


The guys are super protective over you – even more so is Chibs and Jax.

“You’re not doing it.”

Jax said with his arms crossed. You scoffed and glared up at the man. You were a fully grown adult and could do as you pleased, with or without his permission.

“Jackson, you can’t tell me what I can and can’t do. I’m an adult.”

You explained, trying to keep your cool.

“Aye the lads right. Yer not doing it.”

Chibs agreed. You shook your head with a deep sigh. These two were the worst out of the club when it came to being overly protective of you.

“Did Bobby put you up to this?”

Wondering if your uncle was the one to blame. The both of them looked at one another before looking back at you.

“Bobby probably doesn’t even know yet. But we’re telling you no before he finds out.”

Jax told you. You groaned and turned away from both men as you slid out of your chair by the bar.

“I’ll see you guys later… and DON’T even think about following me home to make sure that’s where I’m headed.”

You told Chibs raising an accusing finger in his direction. The Scotsmen couldn’t help but cracked a smile. You rolled your eyes knowing that neither one of them were going to listen to you.

At least you tried.

the whole ‘fear/hatred of robots is analogous to robot racism’ thing really does not work when the robots canonically did invade and murder a bunch of humans?

because modern western racism exists to prop up colonialism and the exploitation that went with it. so as an analogy for an exploited work force, you’ve got something there, and ow has some backstory about robot segregation. but then, robots actually… literally did invade and kill humans, and are still a vague threat. so it’s absolutely not the same.

fear/hatred of robots works better as a metaphor when it’s vague and sort of alluding to several things at once. it sort of works as xenophobia, sort of works as ableism (robots are “creepy” and seen as not having ‘real’ feelings), but again, if your fictional robots really did… play out peoples worst fears about them, the metaphor for discrimination kind of falls apart

Absolutely do not think about how the last time Han and Luke saw each other there was probably so much pain and regret on both sides and this resentment from Han that his best friend let down his baby son followed by guilt that he’s heaping the responsibility on Luke when it was his fault, his son goddamnit; and how ashamed Luke felt that he failed to save yet another part of his family and now he’s let down Han and how could this happen, how; and how there was all this unspoken pain on both sides and the resentment and shame that couldn’t help but be felt, how some part of each of them blamed the other even when they knew it was wrong; and how in the long years that followed both men probably comforted themselves in the silence that one day they’ll see each other again and there’ll be no need for words, everything will heal again…

Under no circumstances think about that.

Don’t you love it when people hate on Catherine for lying to Steve while conveniently forgetting his behaviour in S6 and S7? He lied to his booty call/lady friend, lied to his “friend” Ellie in S5, and he lied to Catherine before too.

But let’s keep the double standards right? Just like liking Abby but hating Cath. Because, you know, Abby never lied for her job…

Also, let’s not forget Steve saying her understood both Cath and Abby’s reasons. But only being acceptive/forgiving of Abby .

(For the record, I blame others for getting me into the ship) 

Aaron Burr had never been in love.

Sure, he’d loved people before, but he’d never been IN love with anybody. That was the big thing, wasn’t it? The IN of IN LOVE. Aaron had never felt that IN of love. Only now, he was feeling the IN of IN LOVE very strongly towards the man who casually hugs him and wraps an arm around his waist while they’re chatting with friends at a party and whistles when he steps out of the changing room something the man himself had made.

That man’s name was Hercules Mulligan, his boyfriend of three months, and Aaron was so, so, IN love.

Hercules wasn’t doing anything particularly special when he realized it. They were just sitting on the couch watching a movie with the rest of the gang, and suddenly Aaron realized that he was deeply and painfully in love with him. It sucked the air out of his lungs like a punch to the gut and he choked on nothing for a second. He waved off the concerned looks of his friends, taking a sip from his water bottle.

He waited until all of the squad had left his apartment beside Hercules, who stayed to help him clean up, before saying it.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

Hercules smiled his dopey grin at Aaron and reached forward to pull his boyfriend closer by the collar of his shirt. He presses a sweet, quick kiss to his lips. “I love you too.” He whispered back, before looking very confused at Aaron’s head shake.

“No. You can love everybody. You can love your friends. You can love your neighbor. You can love your dog.” Aaron placed his hand on Hercules’ cheek. “I’m in love with you.”

Hercules got the idea and nodded. He tilted his head to kiss Aaron’s palm before saying back, “In love with you too.” Aaron smiled, and he called it a win for the night.

Mellifluous - Ch. 2


Byun Baekhyun/Reader
Warnings: Smut in future chapters
Word Count: 1,615

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You are sitting on a picnic bench on one of the smaller quads behind the Arts building. It’s a sunny and warm afternoon and a lot of people are scattered on the grass making use of the good weather and soaking up some vitamin D. Sehun himself is sitting across you, sunglasses on, leaning back on his hands and looking like he’s doing a photoshoot rather than relaxing.

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  • Woman: It's your nigga's fault for cheating. Homewreckers don't exist.
  • Misogynists: *clings desperately to still try to make it like it's the woman's fault behind, "Well, if you KNOWINGLY sleep with someone who's in a relationship, then you're an asshole too."*

(This is entirely @x-i-l-verify and @littlekenzie ‘s faults, I blame both of them!!!)

Here’s Pidge as Hiro from Big Hero 6, a crossover I’ve been working on (it’s getting out of hand…help…) I wanted to stick to the canon paladins’ color schemes, thus why Pidge is wearing a green shirt instead of red, and a little Rover design on the shirt :’’D (I’ll likely be drawing the rest soon hhhhh)


Shiro as Tadashi

abby appreciation week | day seven: anything goes - lady space doctors