blame the rapist

I don’t want to see posts on my dash anymore mocking women who express fear of having and raising boys, even if the woman is question is a bad person or has shitty politics. That’s not a fear that it’s cool to poke fun at and until you have very carefully considered the fact that we KNOW how many college aged men will admit to rape if you call it something else, how absolutely standard it is for men to think of women as fuck toys rather than people, how absolutely positive any woman can be that any man in her life has at some point severely mistreated a woman, and until you think of what women (who are overwhelmingly not only expected to answer for all of the behaviors of the men in their lives, but are ALSO blamed before rapists and misogynist murderers themselves for the disgusting and filthy behavior of men) would and regularly do already feel when men close to them are revealed to be absolute pieces of shit which is a sense of deep-seated violation and disgust that you have cared for someone who thinks you’re a piece of meat, maybe shut the fuck up about it. It is not a minor concern or a joke, it’s a very real question of women having to navigate relationships in a way that is the most tolerable for them.