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D Brothers: The Surprisingly Happy Nightmare

the artist and i have different ideas on what signifies as happiness…

Hanabi: Yukata/Kimono

A/N: I am so happy that Kakasaku month has finally arrived *squeals*! After a month of writing (cough) I can at last enjoy all the lovely fan fictions and drawings from others which I have been looking forward to.
I actually want to edit this a bit more, but after seeing some drawings for the prompt Yukata/Kimono I just had to post this… I procrastinate waaaay too much… Have fun reading this!

“Hey, Ino! Can you help me with my Yukata? I can’t tie it up alone and need some help,“ Sakura called from inside her room. “If you will help me with mine then,” Ino answered and came inside to see a light rose yukata on Sakura’s slender form, accentuated by some sakura flowers and light brown branches embroidered into the fabric. 

“Oh, that Yukata fits you perfectly. Are you going on a date with Kakashi?” asked Ino while raising her eyebrows suggestively. “Oh shush, Ino-Pig! You already know that this will be our third date and I am a little nervous. 

Do you think he will like my yukata? I’m scared he won’t like it and what if this will go horribly wrong when I am out with him? What if someone will say something towards our relationship? Our first two dates where very private and now we will go all out while he is still the Hokage? Do you think people will look at us weirdly and talk behind our back?”, Sakura ranted on and on about their relationship and was thrown back into over thinking it.

Sure, Kakashi and her have been talking a lot about their relationship. They didn’t know if they should even be together but they wanted to give their relationship a chance and here they were, waiting to kind of make it publicly known that they were dating. 

“Sakura, stop ranting! It will be all right. You guys already talked it over and there is nothing to worry about. Just enjoy your night out! It will be fine! Now stop moving around and let me help you wrap this obi sash around your body and tie the bow at your back,” Ino tried to reassure Sakura and made her worry less. 

Ino really wanted Sakura to find happiness after everything that happened between Sasuke and her. Sasuke actually revealed to them that he was gay and wanted to start a relationship with Naruto. Their friends were all so shocked in the beginning but started to realise that this was the reason for Sasuke’s unhappiness. 

They never discussed sexualities and it must have been very scary for Sasuke and Naruto to admit something like that to them. They understood and accepted it, but Sakura just couldn’t get over it. She honestly thought that Sasuke hated her and didn’t like her at all, but the only reason was that Sasuke was in love with Naruto… 

“Earth to Sakura. What are you thinking about? Care to share?” Sakura was snapped out of her thoughts by Ino who finished tying up Sakura’s yukata. Sakura turned around to face Ino with a hopefully convincing smile. “Everything’s fine, I was just thinking about Sasuke but I will be fine. So should I help you?” she tried to dodge the question and looked Ino up and down. “Well, you are almost done so it shouldn’t take long.”

After they finally finished putting their yukatas on, they went to the meeting place with their respective dates. Ino went with Sai while Sakura met up with Kakashi in front of the entry for the food and game stalls.
“You look lovely in your yukata,” Kakashi complimented. “Thank you. You don’t look so bad yourself.” He looked rather handsome in his plain dark blue yukata. Sakura would love to see him in a suit or a kimono someday. Maybe Kakashi could wear his ANBU outfit only for her…
“So, we still have some time until the fireworks start. Want to start with some games or eat something first? It’s my treat this time,” Kakashi interrupted, snapping her out of her revery. “Let’s start with the ring toss,” Sakura replied and they were on their way enjoying the different games and foods.

A while later, Kakashi noticed how Sakura started to tense up when he was buying her Dango. He accepted the Dango stick and turned towards the source of Sakura’s distress only to see the only Uchiha alive. 

“Oh, hey Sasuke!” Kakashi greeted reservedly and draped his right arm over Sakura’s shoulder. “I’m surprised to see you here with Naruto.” Sasuke seemed a little bit baffled to see Sakura and Kakashi going together. Alone. 

“I persuaded Sasuke to go with me to the hanabi. He didn’t want to go first, but I really wanted to see the fireworks. They are always so beautiful to look at,” Naruto answered for Sasuke who was in shock. “Well, it was nice to see you here. Have fun tonight but don’t stay out too late,” Kakashi told them and led Sakura away from the couple, but not far enough for them to hear Sasuke saying,”Sakura and Kakashi are dating now?!”.

Grateful for Kakashi taking over the talking and pulling her away from them, she put her arm around his torso and held his hand that was draped around her shoulder more firmly. He made her feel safe in his embrace and she revelled in his safety and warmth that he radiated when she leant on him. 

She thought she was already over the fact that Sasuke wasn’t sexually attracted to her because she wasn’t a male, but it still hurt inside seeing him giving affection so openly. He was her childhood crush and she would still love him, but maybe there was another one who would reciprocate her feelings in the form of Kakashi. He was always there for her when she needed him the most like now. Kakashi pulled her more closely to his side and she instantly felt better. 

“Dango?” Kakashi offered her and put the bamboo stick near her mouth. As a reply she bit a dango ball off the stick but had some mitarashi sauce dangling off the corner of her mouth. Seeing that, Kakashi brushed the sauce off with his hand that held the stick, which in turn made her blush. “You look cute when you blush,” Kakashi teased which made her blush even darker. 

“Oh, shut up!” Sakura replied embarrassedly. “Make me, “ he challenged and she could imagine his smirk behind his mask.
Without another thought, Sakura angled her body towards him, stood on her tiptoes and put her lips over his mask. She tightened her grip on his right hand and fisted his yukata with her left hand while she felt the rough texture of his cotton mask. She had taken him by surprise because he didn’t respond immediately, but when he did, it was even better. 

He tried to turn her around more with his right arm and lowered himself a little to adjust to their hight difference. Too soon they pulled apart breathlessly and Sakura could see a hint of Kakashi’s blush and smirked. It seems like she is not the only one who was affected by that.

Suddenly, they both heard the first fireworks exploding in the night’s sky and turned their head in the general direction.

“Come on! We need to hurry or we will miss the fireworks,” Sakura urged him a little. “Who cares? I’d rather kiss you senselessly,” Kakashi uttered, pulled his mask down and pulled her towards him to kiss her once more. 

This time with more urgency and she could finally feel his lips on her without a cotton mask between them. This kiss was so much better even though she could only see a glimpse of his actual face, but that was enough for her. She felt as though fireworks were exploding inside of her, feeling his soft lips on hers and taking in the smell of cotton, but also of musk. When she felt his tongue slightly coming out and swiping across her lips, she opened her mouth and tangled her tongue with his.   

She enjoyed the moment with him while she heard the fireworks in a distance, clinging to him and enjoying the feel of him wrapping his arms around her, making her feel safe and secure.

A/N: I am not happy with this one-shot, but I wanted to write something for this prompt and I feel bad for not writing a better one. I had to rush the ending because I didn’t have enough time and motivation… Don’t blame me, blame my instant gratification monkey…