blame the fat

Blame me for your weight gain. I did this to you. I made you eat everything, every day, nonstop. Whisper in my ear how it’s my fault for turning you into an obese, blubbery, doughy fat ass. Tell me that my encouragement is the reason for your extra 30, 40, 50 pounds. Blame me for your obesity. Blame me for your massive thighs and pillowy arms. Blame me for 3XL shirts that will be snug in about a month. Blame me for soft fat that bounces at the slightest touch and sits between your huge thighs. Blame me for your breathlessness and insatiable appetite

What fat-acceptance is supposed to be like: you’re going on a diet? I’m so happy for you! You finally decided to start nourishing your body with nutritious food instead of fats

What it’s actually like: you’re going on a diet??? I’m sooo sorry!! I can’t believe society is making you feel like you’re not good enough. Wouldn’t you rather be treating yourself to pizza and sweets? If you go to the gym and start eating salads you’ll become anorexic, and you don’t want that, do you?

I am a DPSing healer.

I had a long story I could’ve shared with you all about douche tanks that tried to force me outta DPSing but I decided not to share it. But I will just say this.

I will DPS as a healer and I don’t give a fuck what you think about it.

If you die due to my mistake for dpsing too much, I apologize and focus more on healing.

BUT if you fail to regonize your own mistakes and blame it on healer, BIG FAT FUCK YOU.

ugh i hate my brother so much he hid the keys from me right before i had to go to class and he was being an asshole and i was having really bad anxiety about it and he was like “what are you gonna cry” like MAYBE BITCH WHO KNOWS ughhh he’s so mean to me and not just like the brotherly way but in an almost emotionally abusive way he just fucking insults me and degrades me all the time i can’t take it i want him to die

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What are your headcanons for the Karasuno boys as kids? Like which ones do you think were chubby kids? Part of me feels like Asahi would have been a shy chubby kid. Just picture Asahi getting bullied as a kid for being a "fat momma's boy" or something and those insecurities just caring over to his adult/highschool life.

okay first i want to headcanon that oikawa was literally the CHUBBIEST baby, and it was charming for as long as cute kids being chubby can be. he grew out of it as he got older, but he still kind of gains weight easily and blames it on “baby fat”. this is my headcanon forever and no one can take this from me.

as for the karasuno boys…

  • daichi had baby fat for, like, his first year and suddenly it was gone. no one knew where it went, but he was also a really active kid, so that might be why. as soon as he could walk it was just gone.
  • suga i headcanon as being premature, leading to a sort of weak immune system and frailty that sticks with him through high school and beyond. as such, he didn’t really have baby fat? that’s why his family is always worried about his weight, encouraging him to eat more.
  • asahi, i agree, was adorably doughy well into elementary school. he only got rid of it during middle school. asahi was absolutely bullied as a kid, and his weight would be another thing that made his elementary school life hell. that’s part of the reason he’s so self-conscious now, even if nishinoya is more than willing to body-worship every half-chance he gets.
  • noya was also pre-mature, but like… dangerously so. there were questions over whether he’d survive for a while, and while he pulled through (and how!) he’s never gained weight well. (just picture asahi in full mama bear mode making noya dinner and trying to encourage him to eat and gain some weight)
  • tanaka wasn’t really a fat kid, but he was on the thicker side in elementary school. it contributed to his overall “tough kid” image, which was fine, and his mother also was a really good cook and loved to pamper her baby boy. (insert angst headcanon about tanaka’s mom dying and ryuu losing weight because saeko’s early attempts at cooking were inedible)
  • ennoshita was a chubby child and remains chubby to this day. this is very important to me.
  • yamaguchi had baby fat well into his middle school days. he grew out of it after his growth spurt, but sometimes he forgets? like, he wears a lot of baggy clothing that are sizes bigger than him, so he looks even lankier than he already is.
  • tsukishima was a beanpole since he was in pre-school. he used to scare the other kids. in elementary school, he would sometimes get mistaken for a teacher. did he ever even have baby fat??? (yes, he did. yama and akiteru will gladly show you tsukki’s baby pictures.)
  • kageyama was a chubby baby, and a chubby toddler! like, adorably so, with big rosy cheeks and a gummy smile! he could rival oikawa in baby cuteness.
  • hinata’s just tiny. he was never a chubby kid. natsu got all the cute baby fat, while elementary-school-hinata was just way too hyperactive to keep any chub on for long.

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i hav family who say they h8 fat ppl bc fat ppl cause insurance costs and taxes to raise since we're all paying for fat ppl to have surgeries etc done bc they're fat. obv this sounds like horseshit to me. do u kno of any way/sources to disprove this?

It is funny that this rhetoric pretends to blame the fat person for their health needs. Which is complete bullshit. But like… Even if i wanted to use that (flawed) logic… Why does this narrative never come when talking about the millions of people crowding the ER because of absurd completely avoidable domestic accidents? Or any other medical necessity that can actually be blamed on the person? 

No. It is all fat people’s fault -_-

And then it is like… have you ever heard of fat taxes? If anything fat people pay more taxes than a skinny person in the same socio-economic situation. 
Being fat IS expensive. From clothes to every other imaginable thing that fat people need, or is hard to find, or needs to be adapted/customized.

Like stfu! Fat people ARE paying YOUR health coverage.

- mod Guillermo

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What is your opinion on all these recent studies that show that saturated fat does cause high cholesterol and heart disesase? They say Ancel Keys had it wrong all these years and that sugar is to blame, not saturated fat...(I don’t believe this but I just want to know what to say to prove others wrong!)

I haven’t seen the studies.  Can you link me?  Sounds BS to me!!

Me, when I hear people blaming Pokemon Go for people walking into traffic or off cliffs...

It’s like when people were blaming tv or music for killing. People make their own choices and do things on their own. Follow the main freaking rule…
How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat - The New York Times

Shit like this is entirely unsurprising to me at this point and it’s why I stopped paying any attention to nutrition science ages ago and just eat what I feel like within reason. I trust in the scientific process, but 1) this field seems incapable of producing good science right now OR back in the 60s, and 2) nutrition in particular is a complex mess of variables that you can’t necessarily control for (and that some studies over-control for by using extremely restrictive diets that no actual human could do), so that’s probably part of the reason you keep seeing wildly conflicting study results.

The way I eat is mostly by trying to pay attention to how different foods make me feel and trying (albeit haphazardly) to avoid the ones that make me feel bad, and maybe that’s totally the wrong approach and I’m going to die of cancer, diabetes, AND heart disease at 50, but whatever, none of the research these folks are putting out will help me avoid that fate either.

Im a bad person

Today in science class the teach was talking about how the body is 75% water, and this guy just asks ‘why do we catch fire then?’
She said we are like candles that burn cause of fat.
And all i could think of was

- Mary Winchester
- How i can blame the fat if i have to burn someone alive

When you're fat, people will try to tell you that every bad thing that happens to you is b/c you are fat. This is a destructive lie. It’s ok to be fat.

Thin people get sick, have bad relationships, are unhappy or depressed– no one blames it on their thinness.

Fat people do suffer from negative pressures of society, which hurt us, but that is b/c of fat hate, not b/c of something inherently wrong about our bodies.