blame the clothes

  • Tim: *calling Toby* Hello?
  • Toby: Hey, what's up?
  • Tim: I need your help, can you come here?
  • Toby: Uh, I can't, I'm buying clothes.
  • Tim: Alright, well hurry up and come over here.
  • Toby: ...I can't find them.
  • Tim: What do you mean you can't find them?
  • Toby: I can't find them, there's only soup.
  • Tim: What do you mean there's only soup?
  • Toby: It means there's only soup.
  • Tim: Well then get out of the soup isle!
  • Toby: Alright, you don't have to shout at me!!
  • Toby: *walks to the next isle* There's more soup!
  • Tim: What do you mean there's more soup?!
  • Toby: There's just more soup!
  • Tim: Go into the next isle!
  • Toby: *in the next isle* There's STILL SOUP!
  • Toby: I'M AT SOUP!
  • Toby: I MEAN I'M AT SOUP!!
  • Toby: FUCK YOU!!

Unfinished scribbling of dark link

The second piece that I ordered from @hetteh-spegetteh arrived a couple of days ago! I am completely enamored with it - it’s so gorgeous :’) These two as princes in her art style is a dream come true! Not to mention the extra drawing of the Ice Tiger of Russia and Suns Out Guns Out Otabek - thank you so much! I’m so happy :D


Well, I just killed off Daisuga in this AU…

Atlantis - Haikyuu AU SCENE 1

How to Heal Exit Wounds

1.  Admit you’re shot.  Imagine:  
Doctor, that isn’t a bullet, listen,
her name is
– Not important, he would
say, you are bleeding out and think you’re
an idiot.  But I bet he’d grab your elbows
like an emergency and it would
feel a lot like love.  I bet he’d say,

I can’t treat
something if you won’t tell me
where it hurts.  

2.  Tell someone where it hurts,
and in what way, and all you need.
In the silence.  In the car.  In the
webs of your fingers, in the space.
My god, in the space.  You think,
I think there is too much gravity in me.  
I think I am too good at revolving around
things I could never touch all of.  In
my wrist,
you say, it hurts in my wrist.

3.  In the way a person leaves
louder than the gunshot.  In the way
you are never afraid of the gunshot.
In the way there is always something
in the way of something, in the way
you will never

reach for them because it is
not your place and it would hurt your
wrist to do so, knowing that no one has ever
yet saved your place, it hurts in your wrist,
the way people leave and never take you
with them.  I am shot,

you say.  4.  Strip blame like clothes.
Say, I am shot and it is not my fault.  This
visit, she left through my wrist, and it
is not my fault.  After proper care,
I’ll need time.  I need time.

5.  Allow for it.

a-fool-without-a-clue  asked:

What age to think the DP trio may have compared to Moon?

*checks my headcanon timeline*

I’m guesstimating the absolute smallest age gap possible would be…eight years? Egads, that would put them at around 20 years old in SM.


he was being a dork and then ;;;;;;

My Favorite Cosplay Resources

Starting from head to toe!

  • Wigs - Personally I prefer Ebay. Wigs are cheap, buuuut you have to accept there’s a certain risk of not getting what you paid minimal money for. Still usually if you are wary you can go about with minimal mishaps. I like Ebay because of the price but also the variety. I’m terrible with wigs, so the closer at the start the wig is to the style/color I need the easier it is for me. So Arda for me isn’t really a good fit. (Though sometimes if the wig is really particular there’s nothing else than going with Arda.)

  • Contacts - Pinky Paradise. Hands down. Reliable, safe, and decently priced. Offers most of their contacts in a wide variety of prescriptions with no extra cost (which for me is super nice). They sort the contacts out in easy to find ways (by color, enlargement, etc) and most the contacts have real life customer pictures of themselves wearing the contacts so you really know what you are getting, not just some shopped photo of a lens over a stock eye shot.

  • Makeup - Honestly, I get most my makeup from Walmart. Cheap, wide variety. It helps that I don’t have sensitive skin. I can wear whatever and maybe have some small breakouts the next day. I also stop by CVS or Walgreens a lot, ton of variety and again cheap. Plus they are everywhere so if you realize you are out of concealer at the con you can usually pick up some at the local pharmacy in five minutes. For advances make up, like prosthetics, try any costume stores near you, like Party City or Halloween related seasonal shops. And of course the internet when you can’t find that one thing just the way you want it.

  • Fabric - Generally I go to Jo Anns and sometimes Hancock. These are what are local to me, and tend to have decent prices, okay selection, and for Jo Anns tons of sales and coupons. When I lived in Hawaii there were some local chains with amazing selection I liked more than these chains. (If you are in Oahu check out Kaimuki’s Dry Goods, small local store I used to really like.) So yeah poke around to see what’s around you! For especially hard to find fabric you unfortunately have to go online. It sucks and can be expensive. I like Amazon or but I’ve only done a little online fabric shopping so not my forte.

  • Supplies - This is a varied topic. Cause like Worbla, only available online. Paint? All over. Unfortunately I don’t have just a list I can tell you. Home Depo, Hobby Lobby, Ben Franklin, Michaels, Lowes, just try a balance of hardware and craft stores. And for the specialty stuff, like thermoplastics of course it’s the internet you go.

  • Shoes - Thrift shops. I love thrift shops. Goodwill, Salvation Army, whatever you have locally. There’s no guarentees unfortunately about the style and size but you’ll never get shoes cheaper. And since often I tear apart these shoes, paint them up, and otherwise mutilate them I feel a bit better about using these shoes which are already a step before the trashcan. To make things comfier you can put in inserts. If you can’t find something then internet is your best bet for the variety and low price.


  • Clothes - going to be cosplaying Shizuo and don’t really want to make a pair of black slacks? Who can blame you! So for simple clothing items you can head to my favorite, the thrift shop! Not only are you getting clothes for cheap but often also helping out different humane efforts (Like CHKD is a chain near me which is connected to a children’s hospital.) If you can’t find it in the thrift store gamble the more sure fire source is going to be Ebay! Again, used, cheap clothes. And some cheap new mass produced clothes. A little pricier with shipping and such but you can usually find low prices on basic things. Also even if it’s not a perfect match, wherever you got the clothes, keep an open mind to ability to edit the clothes into what you need.

So this is just a look into my shopping stops, I generally focus on lowering that price while trying to maintain quality. So if you are looking to do things without spending big bucks check these places out! Also for some tips on finding things on the internet, try a variety of search words, go through your big sites like Ebay and Amazon, but also Google Shopping. Annnd if you really are having trouble try Google Images then back track to the image source to what is possibly an online store. Not always but more often than not I’ve been able to find things like that!

Why Female Led Relationships?  Lesson 1

In todays world, we see massive relationship problems all over the place.  Divorce rates are high, single rates are even higher and only few relationships are seen as truly happy.  Well, there is a secret out there, that can change the face of many relationships currently existing, and new ones to start and flourish where the passion never dies.

That secret is mens desire.  It’s not a well kept secret that men are led by their desires, and usually slaves to them in all the wrong ways.  This is why we see rapes and the victims being blamed for the the clothes she was wearing rather than the male admitting and accepting responsibility for their own desire being the true culprit.

Men are not taught in sex education classes how to handle their own desire, no, they’re taught to put a condom on a banana to keep healthy and prevent babies.  What they are not taught, is that they can channel that desire for other activities, for creative endeavors, or for enhancing the passion and intimacy within a relationship.  Men have the ability to use their desire for the betterment of all, rather than on selfish needs.

Women in general are more in touch with their bodies, and are not led by desire in the same way that men are, they don’t require sex in order to be intimate with someone, sex has its thrills yes, but it is not the end goal, the end goal is about intimacy and love and nurture, with sex being a part of that.  In many relationships today, sex lives are routine and boring, lacking passion and intimacy, and so the relationship stagnates as a result, which also usually comes with a lack of proper communication.

This is where female led relationships come into play.  A female led relationship, is a simple concept.  It does not mean it has to involve kink or even D/s to any extreme.  It can yes, there are different levels of female led relationships, which I will cover as this blog grows.  However, right now I want to focus on just the idea of a female led relationship, without making it appears strange or weird in any way, so that everyone can understand what it is.

A female led relationship is one where, the woman helps a man understand his desire, to help him be more intimate, passionate, trustworthy, faithful, and above all, loving.  Any male serious about being in a long term relationship, would be wise to listen to what she has to say, and practice what she asks, before judging it.  A female led relationship is about communication, open, honest and genuine communication, and the willingness of both partners to be the best they can be.  That is why female led relationships should become the new normal.

In the next post, I will be talking more about what to expect within a female led relationship, and the wisdom that women have to teach men about desire.