blame the camera man

Exo on a cooking show
  • Kai: *Makes a cupcake with a dog on it* look its mY PRIDE AND jOY.
  • Kyungsoo: *dominates the whole show*
  • Sehun: *Frowns when judges don't like his bubble tea* choke on my balls motha fcker
  • Suho: *pulls out credit card* Let me win this show and you get an unlimited credit card heh
  • Chanyeol: *looks up when judges ask what he made* "POT BROWNIES!"
  • Baekhyun: "LOL that black stuff ain't chocolate honey, it's melted eyeliner."
  • ---
  • Chen: *makes cereal*
  • Xiumin: *Makes a flawless 3 course meal*
  • Lay: *Steals a shit ton of fruits to eat*
  • Luhan: *accidently slathers self in whip cream*
  • *hears a high pitched 'yeHET' in the distance*
  • Tao: *touches boiling pot*
  • *cries*
  • Kris: *Burns the whole fucking set down*
  • *Blames it on camera man*

We saw your eyes in our brothers, our sisters, our cousins

We heard your passions in our thoughts, our peers, our parents

We knew your hopes in our dreams, our wishes, our wants

We felt your life in our steps, our breaths, our laughs

But you were stolen by men who protect us

And they were awarded by men who we were told to trust 

But you are left torn, battered, beaten and hurt 

Lying in a parking lot next to cameras on alert 

And they blame you, a man unable to move 

while they pull that trigger, allowing that gun to shoot 

And now those uniforms expect us to stay quiet 

After parking lots and sidewalks, they want us to buy it? 

But we won’t back down, we won’t shut our mouths 

because this day in age, we can see what happens in the south

We can see the abuse, the torture, the killings

your secrets are out, your guts are spilling 

And now all can see that your excuses are just chatter 

Because we know: Black. Lives. Matter.