blame shifter

Sun-Moon: Cancer

cancer sun, aries moon: high-spirited, sexual, self-righteous, outgoing, tender, prideful, truehearted, passionate

cancer sun, taurus moon: imaginative, irrational, guarded, adaptable, soft, grudge-holder, blame-shifter, vindictive  

cancer sun, gemini moon: humorous, sophisticated, unreliable, open-minded, kind, sensitive, adaptable, impressionable

cancer sun, cancer moon: bodyguard, protective, defensive, humble, low-profile, religious, withdrawn, paranoid, moody

cancer sun, leo moon: creative, confident, self-victimizing, manipulative, talented, party-pooper, warm, dramatic, emotional

cancer sun, virgo moon: mature, attentive, big-hearted, kind, servant, workaholic, emotionally catatonic, shy

cancer sun, libra moon: people-pleaser, romantic, insecure, artistic, vulnerable, yes-man, imaginative, guarded

cancer sun, scorpio moon: emotional, protective, ambitious, lucky, deep, hotheaded, vindictive, petty, vicious, pouty

cancer sun, sagittarius moon: starry-eyed, open-minded, idealistic, philosophical, carefree, sincere, emotional, tactless

cancer sun, capricorn moon: serious, secluded, self-examining, depressive, business man/woman, ambitious, secure

cancer sun, aquarius moon: intuitive, diehard, impatient, restless, fanatical, self-important, dedicated, testy

cancer sun, pisces moon: selfless, spiritual, saintly, sensitive, roleplayer, escapist, charlatan, passive


He doesn’t quite take it either, but that he didn’t just dismiss it is INCREDIBLE. I think it’s incredible, if you don’t think it’s incredible, I don’t want to hear it. Hannibal, the king of Who Me?, the chronic blame deflector, the BUT IT’S FOR ART AND BEAUTY AND POETIC JUSTICE SO IT’S FINE, cannibal, saying he’s unclear on the matter of his fault. That he’s even vague on it would have been an impossibility in an earlier period. Would probably still be, for anything but matters concerning Will. And he’s so soft and confused and sad. UGH, UGH, UGH. It’s such a step for Hannibal, even the barest inkling that he did something that was a mistake. That maybe he owes an apology for. 

I still think that if actually faced with a moment where it needs to be addressed. he might get defensive, and throw the walls back up, and stubbornly insist he was in the right and that he doesn’t give a fuck, and, of course it was him who was wronged.

But even just in this little quiet moment with B poking at him. It’s tremendous.