blame shifter

Sun-Moon: Cancer

cancer sun, aries moon: high-spirited, sexual, self-righteous, outgoing, tender, prideful, truehearted, passionate

cancer sun, taurus moon: imaginative, irrational, guarded, adaptable, soft, grudge-holder, blame-shifter, vindictive  

cancer sun, gemini moon: humorous, sophisticated, unreliable, open-minded, kind, sensitive, adaptable, impressionable

cancer sun, cancer moon: bodyguard, protective, defensive, humble, low-profile, religious, withdrawn, paranoid, moody

cancer sun, leo moon: creative, confident, self-victimizing, manipulative, talented, party-pooper, warm, dramatic, emotional

cancer sun, virgo moon: mature, attentive, big-hearted, kind, servant, workaholic, emotionally catatonic, shy

cancer sun, libra moon: people-pleaser, romantic, insecure, artistic, vulnerable, yes-man, imaginative, guarded

cancer sun, scorpio moon: emotional, protective, ambitious, lucky, deep, hotheaded, vindictive, petty, vicious, pouty

cancer sun, sagittarius moon: starry-eyed, open-minded, idealistic, philosophical, carefree, sincere, emotional, tactless

cancer sun, capricorn moon: serious, secluded, self-examining, depressive, business man/woman, ambitious, secure

cancer sun, aquarius moon: intuitive, diehard, impatient, restless, fanatical, self-important, dedicated, testy

cancer sun, pisces moon: selfless, spiritual, saintly, sensitive, roleplayer, escapist, charlatan, passive

Horver was oddly out on his own in the streets. It was at least one on the morning so why was he out there? Who the fuck knows. He was still trying to get his bearings on being a shifter. He also noticed little changes that happened to his body. He was shorter than he used to be-4 inches shorter to be exact. And his normally silver eye was a light blue, little white freckles dotted his skin. Even the scars on his face seemed a bit more faded than normal. With all these new changes, he was blaming being a shifter for wanting to be outside more. The air felt cool and everything around him was quiet.

A perfect time to think and reflect.