blame shifter

((Does anyone wanna try not being completely predictable (Shifter AU))

Name: Leonard Snart

Age: 44

Category: Shifter


When Leonard Snart was fifteen year old, he came into a shifter inheritance, one which his own father wished that he had never come into; his mother was a snow leopard shifter like himself while his father was human. Not that he knew the former though his father was also a hunter that had hunted down his mother not long after he was born and chased his baby sisters mother off because of his hate of the shifters in the world.

He was fourteen when he met his friend and his protector Mick, Mick was known by a different name within the shifter community, he was the most feared hunter of the supernatural; Chronos.

But his being a shifter made very little difference to their friendship, Mick had taken one look at his form after he was cornered in juvie and more or less decided that he was under his protection from then on, they worked well together which was probably why they were wanted by the police for their criminal activities.

Shifter Form: Snow Leopard


Small and lithe; loves the cold; solitary; independent.


Due to his feline form, Len is light on his feet, cunning in the face of difficulty, has excellent eye sight and hearing which aids him tremendously during his heists

Sun-Moon: Cancer

cancer sun, aries moon: high-spirited, sexual, self-righteous, outgoing, tender, prideful, truehearted, passionate

cancer sun, taurus moon: imaginative, irrational, guarded, adaptable, soft, grudge-holder, blame-shifter, vindictive  

cancer sun, gemini moon: humorous, sophisticated, unreliable, open-minded, kind, sensitive, adaptable, impressionable

cancer sun, cancer moon: bodyguard, protective, defensive, humble, low-profile, religious, withdrawn, paranoid, moody

cancer sun, leo moon: creative, confident, self-victimizing, manipulative, talented, party-pooper, warm, dramatic, emotional

cancer sun, virgo moon: mature, attentive, big-hearted, kind, servant, workaholic, emotionally catatonic, shy

cancer sun, libra moon: people-pleaser, romantic, insecure, artistic, vulnerable, yes-man, imaginative, guarded

cancer sun, scorpio moon: emotional, protective, ambitious, lucky, deep, hotheaded, vindictive, petty, vicious, pouty

cancer sun, sagittarius moon: starry-eyed, open-minded, idealistic, philosophical, carefree, sincere, emotional, tactless

cancer sun, capricorn moon: serious, secluded, self-examining, depressive, business man/woman, ambitious, secure

cancer sun, aquarius moon: intuitive, diehard, impatient, restless, fanatical, self-important, dedicated, testy

cancer sun, pisces moon: selfless, spiritual, saintly, sensitive, roleplayer, escapist, charlatan, passive