blame rm for that

BTS reacts to someone stealing their music.
  • Suga: How. Dare. They. Steal. My. Music. *eyes on fire*
  • Jin: Well, I can't blame them... Our music is amazing *metaphorical hair flip*
  • RM: There must be a deeper meaning behind their actions- *blah blah philosophy blah blah*
  • Hobi: but why tho
  • Jimin: It's sad that they need to steal our music for themselves, because they can't make their own...
  • V: They're just jealous because they don't have Gucci~
  • JK: Guys, I got the music back and made them admit that it's ours already.

Cheryshev consults with team delegate Chendo after his substitution | December 2, 2015

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only you and NaNa can fix this pain.

He can’t see. He can’t remember the last time he’s been able to see. The blindfold has been over his eyes and eating away any light that attempted to pass through it for so long, the sweat almost congeals in and around its cloth boarders. 

Maybe he doesn’t want to see. Maybe he’d rather sit in the dark and pretend that he’s in a void, blind folded and hog-tied in a never-ending void. But of course he won’t give up like that. It’s weak and stupid and pathetic to give up. Still…

Light suddenly swarms his vision like a sheet of knifes. He hisses loudly, squinting his long unused eyes. His head presses against the pavement as he waits for his eyes to adjust behind his eyelids.

The first thing he sees when he opens his eyes is her. That bitch. That old, ugly, sadistic bitch.

“Hello, my little monster.” Dr. Naga says. Nate spits in her face.

Oh no. Why did I write this? I have school work that needs to be doneuuuuugh.

So somebody today was writing about the Kim Davis thing, and tried to link it to Stanislav Petrov, the Soviet military official whose radar malfunctioned and told him America was launching nukes against Russia. Even though his orders were to nuke America as soon as the surveillance systems told him American nukes were incoming, he practiced civil disobedience and refused to press the button, pretty much saving the world. The point was that people shouldn’t just do their job according to the rules they signed up for, they should try to think about whether their job is right or wrong.

But today I was reading something that actually got me a lot more upset. Some warlord in Afghanistan is keeping a child as a sex slave. An American soldier there caught him and told him he had to stop. American high command said that we needed the support of that particular warlord and we can’t enforce American customs on the Afghans, and the soldier still tried to make the warlord stop. So the soldier was fired for disobeying orders.

And part of me understands where the American commanders could be coming from. If we tried to enforce American moral values on the Afghans, we would have to become explicit unrepentant colonizers, the Afghans would rebel even more than they are already, and our attempt to nation-build would fail even worse than it’s failing right now and the whole country would devolve into civil war. I can certainly see the American military command making cold-blooded calculations and saying “It’s not worth destroying our mission in Afghanistan and alienating one of our only allies just for the sake of one kid.”

But then, this is the same American military command that prosecuted the Nazi lower-downs in Nuremberg under the theory that “we were just following orders” isn’t an acceptable excuse. If America loses some war, and the victors find that this soldier deliberately looked the other way when a warlord was keeping a child sex slave, and the soldier says “Well, I was just following orders”, is there any way that court isn’t going to convict him just as swiftly as real Nuremberg convicted the real Nazis?

And if you argue “Well, the Germans should have known that Hitler’s orders weren’t for the greater good, but this soldier should know that American high command’s orders are for the greater goodthen we’re forcing every grunt in every army in the world to make complicated utilitarian calculations on the fly and blaming them if they mess up. In RM Hare’s terminology, you’re demanding every man be an archangel. But no one can be an archangel all of the time and a lot of people can’t be archangels any of the time, so what do you do?

I don’t dare judge anyone in these positions. Except Stanislav Petrov, I guess. He pretty clearly did the right thing. Good work, Stanislav.


Little thought/rant of the day. I was watching a livestream of RM’s training today and watched the GKs do their specific training and Iker was doing great, he was the only one who saved all the shots aimed at him. There was nobody there to put too much pressure on him, to boo or whistle. And it made me think; do people, “fans” even realize the negative effect they might have on Iker?

He’s amazing, and hasn’t really lost his form in my opinion, but yes, of course, keep on blaming him and being ungrateful for everything he’s done for RM and his NT and see if that’s any helpful.