blame quality on tumblr


These guys are from Cele Trei Creaturi, which I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned has energy creatures? They are made out of magic, which is very unstable under most circumstances and requires a “magic sink” to stay together. A magic sink conducts ambient magic energy and spits it out for the energy creature to use and maintain its form with. They’re like animals made of running water: if the flow stops they die. The best and most available conductor of magic is other living things, so plants and small animals are usually held symbiotically (or victimized) by the energy creatures. For more info on magic physics in CTC, look here: (1) (2)

What’s unusual about them is that Candentia the creator didn’t make them, they arose naturally from the environment and physical laws she created for the universe. She is super fascinated by this and studies them in her weird god house. They are believed to be descended from spells used by plants and animals, having gotten more complex and extended their lifespans with magic sinks. They are colloquially called ‘spell worms’ because of this.


A drawing of the PJO cast in some holiday attire. I apologize for the crap quality of the close ups, I blame my laptop as well as tumblr. This drawing was also kind of a test for my new art software, and I’ve decided I like it! So maybe more of this in the future. So, for now, happy holidays and happy New Year!