blame on mila


headcanon that the russian team is just a bunch of fucking trolls  (feat. Yuuri bc they’re all rinkmates now)

yakov is a good guy coaching a team of born drama queens and after the gpf i hope he takes a monthlong vacation to the bahamas


Halloween had always been one of the more celebrated holidays within the Owens’ home, ever since Naomi was a toddler walking around in yet another version of Cinderella. From trick-or-treating when she was in elementary school, to hosting a costume parties in their garage for all of junior high to celebrate, to running down the streets her sophomore year of high school causing trouble for no reason. A lot has drastically changed since all of the Owens’ siblings had grown into adulthood and the passing of their father put a bit of a damper on the normal festivities, though that never stopped the brunette from actually digging out those old decorations from the attic and hanging cheap fake cobwebs around their porch for the fun of it. 

This year, which much nagging from her mother, Naomi opted to going out for the holiday rather than sticking around home to pass out candy with a lame movie blaring from her TV. She opted for a quick DIY version of a custom, throwing together the blue skirt and sharp heeled boots last minute, posing as one of her favorite characters from a classic movie — Vivian Ward from Pretty Woman.

A/N This all started almost three weeks ago when the last picture on this collage first appeared. I worked really hard on a  story that grew into a piece much bigger than I had anticipated. I know there maybe some mistakes as much as I edit I don’t catch all of them. Even some that may seem simple. My most important goal is that you get the heart of the story. Everything else can always be fixed. Please let me know what you think. I don’t remember who was the one that actually told me to go on with writing the story. I apologize for that.  I hope I tagged the right person. I know that olicityalamode asked for fics inspired by the picture. This is the first time I have ever completed an Oliver and Felicity story. There are  three more on my computer that are mad at me right now. This is the first time I have ever written smut hopefully it’s not too painful for you. Lastly thank you to aspiringmuse and supersillyanddorky06 for  celebrating this milestone with me. Only the two of you well know the full extent of my struggles. juliesioux itsabeautifulstory95 itchiygo sweetzcupcake diggo26 bandanab310 mylunarsolstice danceuponatime naoscilla and  please let me know what you think if you choose to read it. I won’t tag you again unless you want to be tagged in something I may write  in the future. The same goes for anyone who may follow me.  My other written pieces can be found at Phoenix’s Fics Thank you again, all of you.

- Phoenix 

                                                      His Wish 

Oliver Queen first met his  “miracle” daughter Mila Meghan Smoak-Queen when she was four months old. Felicity had been shopping at Star City Market, tired and exhausted from her day at Queen consolidated.  Mila exhausted from daycare had been fussy the moment she put her down in the front of the shopping cart. Felicity had bought Mila a shopping cart cover for impromptu shopping trips like this, when she had no other choice, but to bring Mila with her. The cover came equipped with pockets for necessities such as an extra diaper or bottle. The shopping cover usually fascinated her daughter. It was a mint green color with animals on it and it kept her safe from germs. She was having none of it though Mila wanted in her mom’s arms and to burry her tiny frame in her mom’s chest.   Felicity couldn’t blame Mila. It had been a tough week for them both. Both of them had to settle in to their new environments and different changes to their normal routine.

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