blame moe

I literally cannot describe all the feelings that was happening as I saw there was an interview with Henrik and that he was talking about him and Tarjei in it. I was giggling and silently screaming because I was about to watch this baby sunshine talk about how working with Tarjei has been and my emotions just exploaded of excitement and boy I did not get disappointed one bit with all Henrik had to say.

He talked about Tarjei in such a way that you could tell very clearly that they have formed an incredible friendship with each other and that Henrik has been there for Tarjei knowing that he is 4 years younger and helping him to do his absolute best and that is true friendship right there.

Henrik saying that feeling comfortable with each other was the number one most important thing makes me so happy because that shows how much he cares for not only the scenes to be as believable as possible but also how much he cares for Tarjei to be as comfortable as possible as well as for himself.

They sure did and amazing job bringing that truly amazing chemistry to the screen as Isak and Even. 💕