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Save Him
Guang Hong Ji
Save Him

Guang Hong has more questions for Yuri and Otabek (mostly Yuri, as he was hung up on Yuri’s one piece of advice). 

This is incredibly silly and dumb, and a response to @otayuri-speaks​‘ “To Guang-Hong Ji” audio and is a part of my #interactive audio tag. Enjoy!

NCT reaction -  you sit next to them and let your hand fall on their lap by mistake 

Caution: naughty naughty boys (hinting you at something more)


Aaah” he gasps while he takes your hand and places it on the right spot… “Now it’s better! Don’t you agree?” Well, now the next move is on you…He’ll just sit patiently waiting for it! Damn, he’s really straightforward when it comes to pleasure…but he also looks handsome when you make him happy like this…


He tries to keep his composure, but it’s hard for him not to react like he’s already imagining your hand moving and unzipping his pants and…doing whatever you want to do as long as it’ll keep him excited like this! No words are spoken, since he can’t think properly, looking at his expression and that lip bite…maybe you should give him what he wants! 


Ahahah…what is this?” he looks down and sees your hand touching his thigh and as soon as you try to take it off he stops you. “Now that you broke into my personal space, how should I punish you?” he takes it and places on his abs first, then he moves it lower slowly…  How can you escape that??


Pff…what are you trying to do?” he burst in a laughter then he whispers you to keep your hand off him since you are in a public place and someone might notice. But you refuse, squeezing his thigh while your hand moves a bit upper… “I said stop it, unless you want me to make you cry or scream!” As his word of threats don’t seem to work on you, don’t scream if his cold hand will make a move and slip on the back of your pants to massage your rear as a revenge! Ahhh, he had that side too…he was just pretending to be all innocent!


Wait a moment!” he laughs and takes a sip of his drink trying to cool down…but can he really do that? “Ok now I’m ready…” You ask him for what but he looks back at you like “Don’t try to run away with excuses…I saw it in your eyes baby..” Now you have to continue with what you tried to really do…touching his sensitive spot by mistake is just a bad lie, of course he caught on you quickly.


He smiles shyly but he likes it…of course! Looking at you he hints you with his mischievous eye smile that he wants something else instead of only touching his thight…well, can you resist to that smile? Maybe he’ll make you happy too if you are lucky…and if you make him feel even better!


What’s with your hand on my…trying to fix my pants? Maybe you can massage me a bit too, a bit upper…no, not there. I said upper!” he pouts like a kid waiting for you to find the spot where you should touch him! It’s that hard to understand it?


Hmm.. Looking for something baby? You can ahh…move a bit up too…” he points with his eyes at where you could touch him more, if you want( why wouldn’t youuu??)…Naughty, naughty Tennie! It’s a shame if you don’t do as he pleases…he’s too excited for this moment!


He smiles and tries to keep focused but your hand which mistakenly fell on his lap won’t let him…he looks back at you and says “ What are you waiting for, hurry up..” you don’t understand him but he approaches your ear and whispers in a melting voice “I can read minds, you now…and your mind is telling me now you want to move that hand closer to…uhmm…you know what…” Jaehyunnie mind’s gone dirty wild for sure…and yours too since he read it accurately!

Win Win:

Doing good babe…keep that hand right there!” he nods as he guides you with gentle words of how you should take care of him and keep massaging his thighs, since he has a sore body from over dancing…now it’s his opportunity to relieve some stress and pain and let your magic hand do its job! 

Screw control (G-Dragon Scenario)

Got some inspiration and this is the result! Enjoy! :)

Summary: Trying to control your feelings for him when you’re dating someone else is very difficult. However, when you get your heart broken by that someone, how much control do you have?

How had things gotten this bad? Yesterday, your life had been normal and, you always tried to tell yourself, happy. You and your boyfriend had spent time together like usual and had somehow gotten onto the subject of whether or not you should move in with him. After spending two years by his side, you… Wanted to be ready for the next step. The fact that you - as you tried to tell yourself - loved him wasn’t the only reason, that was just the only one you’d allow yourself to focus on. The other reason why wouldn’t lead you to a happy life. It’d only give you confusion and, most likely, sadness.

Yesterday had been so good, but…

When, this morning, you’d decided to surprise you dear boyfriend with coffee and a promise to make him breakfast in bed, the one who’d got a surprise was you. Arriving at his apartment early in the morning, you’d unlocked his door with the spare key and had found something that made you scared and confused.

A trail of clothes that had lead to the bedroom had also lead you to a horrifying discovery. You’d found your dear boyfriend in his bed, along with a woman you’d never seen before. You’d been so shocked at first, no words had been able to escape your mouth. Once your brain had caught up with what was actually going on, the two people in the bed had already woken up.

Never would you have been able to picture a situation like that. It was like something from your worst nightmares. How could your sweet, loving boyfriend turn out to be a cheating asshole? How?!

What had made the whole situation so much worse had been the fact that the bastard hadn’t even seem faced with the fact that he was found out. In fact, he’d blamed you for it and had beaten you to it in ending the relationship. After he’d kicked you out of his apartment, you’d been so confused as to what’d just happened that you hadn’t even realized where you were going before you were standing outside of… His door. The other reason why you’d wanted to move in with your… Newley turned ex-boyfriend.

He, who made you heart beat faster every time he was around. You’d wanted to take the next step in your relationship because you didn’t want to be a cheating bitch, unable to control her feelings around a man who wasn’t her boyfriend. But, since your ex didn’t really care about that, why should you? For the last few months, you’d tried to talk yourself into believing that you were happy and madly in love with the cheating bastard, even if that was far from the truth. The truth was, he constantly visited you in your sleep.

When he’d opened the door, all your walls had come crumbling down and the tears had flooded down your cheeks. The look of pure panic on his face had made you cry even harder. Anything but his beautiful smile always made you sad.

“Ji Yong Oppa”, you’d managed to whisper between sobs.

He’d embraced you after that and had held you for what felt like an eternity. When you’d calmed down, he’d guided you into his apartment and into his bedroom. He’d sat you down on his bed before sitting down next to you. Patiently he’d listened to everything you had to tell him. Even if he’d stayed perfectly quiet, the way he’d clenched his hands until they’d turned white had told you that he was far from happy. You ex and Ji Yong were close friends - not best friends, but close - and it’d been through Ji Yong that you’d met you former boyfriend.

When Ji Yong’d been in the process of telling you exactly how he would end your former boyfriend’s life, the doorbell had rung.


And that is how things had ended up like this. You were currently still sitting on Ji Yong’s bed, frozen in shock and confusion from what you were hearing of the - loud and angry - conversation outside in the living room. The one who’d showed up had been your ex, apparently in search for some sympathy over the fact that he was now single, even if he was the only one to blame.

Unfortunately for him, Ji Yong was far from sympathetic. That is why the two men had started to fight. They were yelling at each other, so loud you were expecting Ji Yong’s neighbors to call the police any second.

“How the hell can you call yourself my friend and not support me when something like that just happened to me?” your ex yelled at Ji Yong.

“Are you kidding me?” Ji Yong yelled back just as loud, “you brought this on yourself, you asshole!”

“Well, I repeat, you’re my friend! Whatever caused it is irrelevant, you should be on my side! Why aren’t you?” your ex seemed genuinely confused about the reason why.

“You know pretty fucking well why!”

“No, I-… Wait! Seriously?!” your ex seemed to catch on, “after two years you haven’t moved on?”

“Are you fucking kidding me? Move on?!”

“Yes! That’s what friends do in situations like these!”

“Do you know how fucking long I’ve tried to ignore the fact that my feelings for her are goddamn real?! And how hard I’ve tried to stay away from her, so I wouldn’t screw things up by telling her how I feel?” Ji Yong yelled, “I did all of it out of respect for you, since you’re one of my closest friends, and the fact that you said that you loved her! When she became your girlfriend, I had to dig so fucking deep to pretend to be happy for you, I thought I’d loose my mind!”


“And now you’re telling me that you hooked up with some fucking bitch last night and you don’t regret it? You cheated on your girlfriend and, when she found out, blamed her! What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Ji Yong was so beyond furious, you were starting to fear for you ex-boyfriends life. With the amount of curses and angry words coming from Ji Yong’s mouth, it couldn’t be long before he snapped completely.

However, your focus quickly shifted completely when you realized what Ji Yong had actually said. His feelings were real? For ‘her’? For… You? That couldn’t be what he meant, could it?

When you realized what your body was doing, your hand was already reaching for the doorknob. The sight that greeted you was Ji Yong and your ex, standing facing each other in the middle of the living room. The tension in the room was so thick, it felt like you’d be able to cut it with a knife.

The sound of the bedroom door opening caught the attention of the two men and your ex seemed very surprised to see you standing there. You barely even registered that he was standing there, though.

"Oppa…?” you whispered and looked at Ji Yong, confusion and slight fear evident in your eyes. What had he just said?

”_____-ah?” Ji Yong looked at you in shock. He then came back to reality before walking over to where you stood.

“W-what… Did you mean what I thought-…?” you felt so confused, the words weren’t able to exit your mouth in a way that made sense.

“I did”, he quietly said, looking at you with a serious expression on his face; as if trying to convey just how much he meant it.

“What the actual fuck?” a loud shout suddenly came from behind Ji Yong, making you jump. You ex walked over to you and Ji Yong, stopping behind the handsome man.

Ji Yong didn’t turn around to face your ex and the expression on his face told you that, if he did turn around, words wouldn’t be the only thing coming from him. Your ex wouldn’t be leaving this apartment without a scratch if the two men faced each other.

“We just broke up and she’s already run to you to cry about it?” your ex loudly exclaimed, “I figured out that she didn’t exactly see you as just a friend months ago, but this is fucking ridiculous”

His harsh tone scared you and you backed up against the wall behind you, trying to get further away from the angry bastard.

“Get out”, Ji Yong said to your ex, still not turning around.

“What? Why should I-”

“Get out”, Ji Yong repeated through gritted teeth, glaring at the wall behind you.

“Fine”, your ex angrily answered, “if you’re so deluded as to think that a bitch like her is more important than our friendship, then I’ll humor you until you come back to your senses”

That quickly turned out to be the worst thing to say, because when your ex had finished talking; a fist came flying his way. Ji Yong had spun around and punched the bastard right in the face, making him stumble back.

“I said; get the fuck out of my apartment”, Ji Yong spat, furious, “and get out of both mine and _____-ah’s life”

The bastard finally seemed to realize exactly how threatened his life was at the moment, because he stood up again and - after looking at you one last time - simply just turned around and left the apartment without a word.

When you heard the front door close, the events that had just transpired registered in your brain - so quickly that you felt lightheaded and felt like you needed to sit down. Since you didn’t feel like walking over to the couch, you simply just leaned back and allowed yourself to slide down along the wall. Soon, you were down on the floor with a dazed and confused expression on your face.

Ji Yong turned around and quickly crouched down in front of you when he’d realized that you were longer standing behind him. He gently grabbed hold of your hands and simply just stayed quiet for a few moments.

"What… Just happened?” you whispered.

“Not sure”, Ji Yong said and chuckled at the, honestly, ridiculous situation that had just transpired.

You looked up at Ji Yong after a few more moments and, strangely enough, found that all your sadness washed away within seconds. All that was left were butterflies in your stomach and a wish to have him embrace you again. That had been the exact reason why you’d stayed away from him for the last few months. Now, you didn’t want to run; you wanted to give in to your desire to be close to him. Since you didn’t have a boyfriend anymore, why should you need to control your feelings for the man in front of you? Your ex didn’t exactly control his feelings and wished to screw around with other women.

“… Screw control”, you soon mumbled and scrambled onto your knees, before snaking your arms around his waist and burying your face in the crook of his neck.

Ji Yong was very surprised when your arms suddenly wrapped themselves around his waist, but he quickly recovered and enveloped you in a tight embrace. He rested his head against yours and soon sighed in, what seemed like, relief.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted this”, he mumbled against you hair and sat down on the floor, dragging you closer to him in the process.

In an attempt to make yourself even more comfortable, you sat down on the floor as well and threw your legs over his left one. Yes, you’d definitely wanted this as well; most likely for much longer than you’d realized.

“Me too”, you quietly said and released your grip around his waist, allowing him to hug you tightly as you rested against his chest.

“I’ll never let you go after today, you do realize that, right?” Ji Yong said.

“If you do, I’ll kick your ass”, you said and smiled as he chuckled.

The only reason you’d controlled your feelings for Ji Yong had been because you didn’t want to ruin a friendship that was much older than your - recently ended - relationship and your growing feelings for Ji Yong. Since you’d realized that the friendship you’d wanted to respect didn’t mean anything anymore, there was no reason to hold back. The path to actual happiness had just opened up. That was the path you were going to take, without a doubt.

I guess… there was already a foreshadowing? 

Truth be told, 2-3 years ago, I was already preparing myself that someday, Running Man is gonna end and we won’t be able to see the 7 of them together anyway. And I’ve always felt that RM is a big burden for them to carry, but now that I’m faced with the fact that I won’t see my two favourite members on RM anymore, it’s… more of a wistful feeling and the sadness of not being able to see them every week on RM anymore after taking it for granted. 

And before you blame or hate them for leaving, why don’t you think about how much they have sacrificed for this show for YEARS just because they didn’t want to disappoint the fans. Stop being so selfish and only thinking for yourself, blaming them just because you’re upset. 

Grow up.  

Whether it’s their own decision, or because of circumstances that led them leaving RM out of no choice (seriously, I somehow find the both of them leaving fishy, because Jongkook and Jihyo are not the type of people to just leave like that, and what more shortly after Gary had just left. AND they still also have the Taiwan FM in Feb2017 too. But I shall not comment too much on that because behind-the-scene in showbiz involve a lot more politics than you’d imagine, and in case you didn’t know, SBS is a sucker). 

I’ll still be supporting them in whatever they do, like I’ve always have been, and hope that a better future lies ahead for them. 

Having said that, this blog will still be here. I am not going to close down just because KJK leaves RM, plainly because this blog has always been about KJK and not RM, and I will continue to update and make gifs should he have any future projects. <3


I love how her mind works, but more than that, I love Young Ho’s angry face at being interrupted before he disappears.