blame jenny for this

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requested by anonymous. (part 1)

Nina the Killer Rant

Requested by nina-the-lovely-killer. I hate you for making me do this.

This is my arch nemesis.

The one that started it all.

The ancestor of the pasta Sues.

The one that allowed poorly written OCs to become popular.

The one to blame for Broken Eve, Jana the killer, Jenny the killer, Carmine, and so many more.

Well, let’s do this.

I’m not reviewing her story because I have no idea what’s going on, and she has no bio, so ‘m going to go on a huge rant about OCs in general, and in the end bring it all back to be about Nina the killer. 

Let’s begin:

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During the scene where Abbie and Jenny are talking about Joe, Jenny says, “Can you blame him? All of a sudden he finds he out didn’t even know half of what [his dad] was up to. He deserves to know the truth. I mean I would want the same, wouldn’t you?”

And Abbie gives her this look.

And with the reveal last week that Abbie knows where Papa Mills is, I’m just like… Lord Jesus, Abbie…

I don’t think Jenny will be mad if Abbie’s the one to tell her. But if she finds out by other means, like by way of Pandora’s shit-stirring ass…