blame it on the t t t t t tumblr

does anyone else think about how fandoms are like cities?

you got your big, bustling ones that are really diverse and busy, maybe a little hard to navigate and full of crime, good areas and bad areas. the locals know the hot spots and how to get around

then the mid-range towns with big city attitudes even though they’re not big cities, a few local hubs of activity, the crazy dude ranting about stuff on the street corner who makes people uncomfortable

and then the small spot towns where everybody knows everybody, you can’t go out without seeing somebody you know, and there’s only one grocery store

Why do destiel shippers always get blamed when something bad happens in the spn fandom? Somehow, when a big thing happens such as the ‘rape joke’ recently, everyone blames the destiel shippers. My tumblr has been flooded with people bashing destiel shippers, because they were supposedly bashing j2. And I haven’t seen destiel shippers being hostile towards anyone, but all the antis have climbed out of the woodwork, and the shitshow has started. I just don’t understand why some people want to split our fandom so much. Aren’t we supposed to be a ‘supernatural family’? What happened to sticking together? If an individual says something derogatory and uncalled for, call them out, but don’t abuse them. And don’t target other people from a group they are a part of, because of the actions of a few.

(And before I get yelled at, I think the joke was a bit insensitive, but the whole issue has been really blown out of proportion)

Dear Everyone on tumblr

Please stop using anons to send hate, if you can’t say it without hiding your url, you probably shouldn’t say it. It’s really is that simple. The anon is there just for sending someone an ask or a kind comment about their blog, or asking them how their day has been, NOT TO MAKE THEM FEEL BAD. Tumblr is supposed to be a safe space, don’t change that.

Now to Swifties

I’m sure you’ve all heard about ss info being leaked, and many of you are blaming @lovingherisred13 , I just want you guys to know it wasn’t HER. Please don’t make her feel worse than she already feels. And don’t send hate! We are a family, I know that its terrible and we get defensive when it comes to @taylorswift but we need to make sure that it’s not just a rumour. So if you could take time to say sorry to @lovingherisred13 even if it is anon.

I’ve been in a bit of a clinch wether to post this or not. I’m not in the slightest okay with my direct family finding out about this. So I hope they A , don’t find my Tumblr.. or B if they already did. Maybe please for your own sake stop reading now.. cause some things are better left. Same applies for if you don’t feel like reading yet another me too story. I can’t blame.ypu if you do. Sorry I couldn’t put this under a divide. I’m on my phone RN. Please scroll along if you don’t wanna read which is okay. I understand.

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I think some kaylors just stopped believing some of you on Tumblr have any insight info, we know both are into women but as far as them being a couple, probably most just don't believe it anymore, can't blame them after one year of nothing

I don’t blame them Anon. I understand if a part of them doesn’t believe anymore, i do. I haven’t been there for long, but from what others explained, this situation had never happened before…So everyone walks in new territory somehow, i get it…

i’m not worried though, bc once they’re seen together in public again, it’ll reassure many :) even if we still have to wait for some time, but after a year, people can wait a bit longer ;) …

NOTICE - 23/10/2017

ArmyStickyStories do not tolerate any online verbal abuses. I’m releasing this notice in view of really rude followers.

1. Stories will be released if they reach the follower count. I won’t make any exceptions on this.

2. If you think my stories are bad, you’re free to click “Block” at the top right hand corner. I don’t need you to insult me how badly I write. If you’re so good, why don’t you try to start and maintain a tumblr page?

3. For pesky people who keep demanding stuff, don’t blame me if my attitude is nasty. I don’t owe you anything.

4. Think my interface or website needs feedback? Say it properly.

5. Yeah, to the guy who said he’d rather wipe his ass with the $10 bill, go ahead. I’m not desperate for money.

6. Thank you to the rest of my friendly, abiding and patient followers.

7. I’ll not hesitate to block any rude followers from now on. Enough is really enough.

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As someone who was a part of the sq fandom at a very young age, I literally grew up being called delusional with homophobic insults and death threats by a bunch of straight teens and since sq fandom was full of older and mature people they never said a thing, they tried to create safe spaces (which didn’t always work). So this may sound f’d up but I actually do not give a flying fuck abt kamels getting “bullied”. I am thankful to you and Hayley and everyone who doesn’t tolerate straight nonsense

honestly truly and literally that’s exactly how i feel like sorry i don’t care the lgbt fandom/abusive cishet white fandom dynamic is switched this time! i really don’t!

and i can’t really blame the sq fandom. from what i remember, i was young, too, and when i got death threats, the older members would tell me that i could report it because tumblr [and twitter?] will actually try to do something if the bullying was towards a minor. trust me… i remember all the stuff you’re describing. i think swan queen does a pretty good job in terms of flourishing with that much hatred around them, though.

imo the supergirl fandom shows that we’re making progress. if supercorp had been a thing in 2012… the response to sdcc wouldn’t have been the same, because similar things happened in the ouat fandom. not as outright, mind you, but there was a time when even lana didn’t get sq. so having katie and also having chyler and also having a majority of the sg fandom be lgbt [women] really helps. it’s not perfect, but it’s better than it could be. :P

I'd do anything to not be alone

Aren’t I pretty as I watch the world go by
Aren’t I pretty bingeing then purging
Aren’t I pretty when I bleed
Aren’t I pretty?

Who are we kidding, I never was pretty
And that’s why I’ve never been pursued
And all my pursuits have been fruitless.
I don’t blame anyone but myself, I see that
There’s nothing about me worth having.

But still, if you want, you can have me.
You can degrade, abuse and use me
As you please, whatever it takes to
Bring you pleasure, I’ll suck in that pain
And hold on as long as you tell me.
My self-hate might as well do someone
Some good. When we’re done I can stay
Or you can tell me to get the fuck out
And I’ll leave I’ll do whatever you say.

I’m constantly thinking of ending
My life, so use me, enjoy me
While I’m still around.

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Honestly people on Tumblr think that every person who doesn't like kids is gonna go out of their way and be fucking mean as hell to them. Like... no. Honestly I don't hate kids but kids make me seriously uncomfortable. I'm still gonna be nice to them and I'm not gonna blame them for anything but I prefer to not be around kids?? It ain't that fucking deep.

Yea if you don’t like kids don’t be around them lmao don’t fucking become a Elementary school teacher damn

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I'm on mobile so I can't find your rules. Mutuals only? OC Friendly? I'd love to send an ask your way but didn't wanna cross any boundaries :]

// OOC ; Ahh thanks for the ask!! I’m actually almost exclusively on mobile, too, so I don’t have a rules page. (I blame mobile for my terrible theme, but I’m also just not very tech/Tumblr savvy despite being on here for years lol) This is also because I don’t really have rules! My only rule is that I don’t do NSFW stuff. Other than that, I’m pretty open.

So, I’m certainly not mutual exclusive, and I love interacting with new people! (Although, I do give priority to people in the Overwatch Speaks group. This is kind of the “canon” group I’m in.)

I’m open to OCs, too. Asks from different characters are great, but I usually do long rps on DMs just to avoid clogging up feeds and not messing up any ongoing Overwatch Speaks threads. So feel free to DM me if you or anyone else would want to do a more literate rp.

Sorry for making this ask kind of long and rambling, but I thought it was a good time to kind of say my “rules”, or lack there of.

Also, if you are interested in joining our Overwatch Speaks group and interacting with all of us on a more regular/“canon” basis, I’d encourage everyone to apply for a character on the main page @overwatchspeaks It’s a great group of people, and we always love new members! We currently don’t have a Moira, Symmetra (as far as I know), Emily, Efi, and many more.

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The Swifties may lurve for Joe now, but it's inch deep at most. They don't really care about him beyond his role as BF despite what they say on their blogs. It took me about five min to find all six of his Prada photos, plus a video! but I can't find a single tumblr acct, even those that pretend to be Joe fan accts, that even bothered to post them. I don't blame them tho, they aren't great. Very androgynous chic, but he doesn't look like the "Fly" "Fit" BF that would make girls jealous.

“He’s about an inch deep”- that’s probably as far as she let him get 😛

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I feel guilty we don't talk much anymore

Honestly I don’t talk to my mutuals nearly as much as I’d like to. I kind of found online friends I talk to in a chat outside of Tumblr and haven’t really been keeping conversations a lot since… So I feel like a jerk.

But, please there’s no need to feel guilty for such things. Life happens and sometimes we just don’t think to talk to people. I don’t blame anyone for such things. I would love to talk to you though!

*notices I defended Robert E. Lee, have been “trying not to get involved with racial/LGBT+ drama”, have been rolling my eyes at diversity, have been defending Republicans, have most likely said so many racist things, and have been blaming the victim a lot lately*


I think I know who I am now

And I don’t like it

I’m going through that Republican phase teenagers my age go through

I bet when I said that “Republicans aren’t bad” I was wrong

Very wrong

I used to be into progression but I just stopped in my tracks thinking I was being a “cringy SJW Tumblrina”

I wish I had my own personality and wasn’t handed just two personality choices by the internet and news

I wish I wasn’t a Tumblr SJW and I wish I wasn’t an offensive 4Chan fuckboy

I want to be my own person but I just can’t do it because I’m forced to think thoughts that aren’t my own