blame it on the t t t t t tumblr

does anyone else think about how fandoms are like cities?

you got your big, bustling ones that are really diverse and busy, maybe a little hard to navigate and full of crime, good areas and bad areas. the locals know the hot spots and how to get around

then the mid-range towns with big city attitudes even though they’re not big cities, a few local hubs of activity, the crazy dude ranting about stuff on the street corner who makes people uncomfortable

and then the small spot towns where everybody knows everybody, you can’t go out without seeing somebody you know, and there’s only one grocery store

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Ahhhhhh you can't leave me on a cliffhanger! I need to know if Yoongi's gonna be angry. He prolly won't be, he'll be a total dorky sweetheart but I still need to see it!!!

Well it’s Tumblr to blame! Tumblr doesn’t want me to put more than 10 pics in a post so I always have to separate it in 2 halves! And it’s actually sad since I usually have 11-13 pics and i STILL have to split it!!! (But it doesn’t mean I don’t wanna make you guys suffer 🌝🌚)

Anon who just sent me the ask about the daddy kink, sorry I’m not going to answer it/post your question. I fully understand that people have misgivings towards a kink and some kinks might make them uncomfortable, that’s why it’s tagged as such. I don’t expect %100 of my followers to like/read everything I post :) so I really don’t blame you at all if Money Shot isn’t something you want to read, especially if it makes you uncomfortable.
I won’t comment on the rest of your ask because I don’t want that sort of discourse/content on my dash/tumblr page.

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ok from the way people were talking about you i thought that you were ok with kink blogs interacting with posts that say no kink blogs are allowed to interact, but clearly you aren't and im sorry people are being rude to u.

Thank you, I understand the confusion and I definitely don’t blame you. People on Tumblr think everything is either black or white, nothing in between at all. That’s just not the case. I’m not anti-dd//lg and I’m not anti-anti-dd//lg. I think I that people who don’t want them to interact for any reason should be respected. I also think that kink blogs should be respected in the sense that people don’t suddenly get the right to say “go choke” because they don’t like them, even if the thing is triggering. I don’t like antis on the side of shipping discourse and I think quite of a few of them do bad things, but does that give me the right to tell them to kill themselves or just be rude in general? No!

I think this should go without saying but lemme put it out there anyways. Predictions about episodes are just that, they’re predictions. Not to mention it IS my blog, meaning I can post whatever I want including hopeful theories (if u dont lyke it then bye bye!). I ain’t twisting anyone’s arm to read them or believe them and I’m especially not by any means saying these are true spoilers. With that being said, even though I don’t think it needs to be said?? take posts on tumblr with a grain of salt and if something totally different happens in the episode, don’t blame the people making the posts???????? People are allowed to have predictions n if you get your dreams crushed after the ep well :/// sorry but ain’t my fault booboo. I’m not gonna tone down my own excitement because people on tumblr don’t know how to distinguish prediction vs. reality.

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I love that your blog has become Tom centered.😊 I like TS songs like other pop stars. But shipping her and Tom? Nahh. I love him and I want someone for him that will be able to handle his life & schedule. Like Elsa&Chris, Sophie&Ben. They work out because they are in the same page. T&T were never there. And ofc there's the jumping from one bf to another and moving on quickly. Tom takes more time to process his feelings. Also remember HE got BLAMED for what went wrong. It was better this way.👍

Sometimes rs don’t work out. I will never shipping again or let’s say, only shipping Tom with his wife…. LOL 

I always was a Tom fan, but came as a shipper here to tumblr. I still like Taylors music. I will not blame her that the rs didn’t work out. I don’t understand her. But that’s on another page. Life goes on. Wish her and Joe the best. 

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I think there's something wrong with Hecate's mun.. Not that you seem to care, you don't even talk to them anymore do you? I don't blame you, look at them.


(I’ve said this before, I’ll say it again. If you think someone is in the wrong place, talk to them. If they’re not answering anything that is when you tell the Tumblr staff that something is wrong. But to say that I don’t care? You need to just fuck off. I do care about them but I just don’t always talk to them, meaning their blog is lost under all the other notes and blogs. This isn’t my fault that’s what happens with 500+ followers but to come to someone else and say this kind of shit, you do NOT belong here. My main rules say that you CANNOT hate on the other rp’er and blogs I interact with or that you interact with. You’re lucky that you’re suck a coward you don’t show your face because I do not tolerate this kind of hate. Now please, get off my blog and if you really do care about Hecate’s mun go talk to them. Do not come to me and tell me that someone is hurting, take it into your hands and help)

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I just saw your comments about the Tumblr safe mode and since I am 22 it didn't affect me so I hadn't noticed, but it angers me that instead of protecting y'all it made it easier for you guys to be targeted.

Literally,,, like, yah I can’t see the porn. But now I can’t message them asking them to delete my posts because I can’t view their blogs. It kind of feels like its demonising and blaming the minors instead of protecting them. Protecting minors would be making it easier to keep porn blogs from seeing minors’ blogs. Not the other way around. But maybe that’s just me

Small personal and vague vent - aimed at someone who doesn't even own a Tumblr

I’m not sorry, and I won’t apologize for shit I didn’t do. Don’t expect me to be happy after what YOU have done and don’t try and blame ME. TAKE THE BLAME FOR ONCE!!!! I am damn sick and tired of having to do everything for you. And maybe one day, when you circle back, I’ll say this to you. As of now, you aren’t worth any more of my thoughts.

Single Boy -final-

Thinking about what
Many have tried to have me take.
“See him over there,
He’s perfect for you.
Don’t worry, don’t be scared,
We just want you to be happy.”

They don’t understand, don’t know.
I am going insane with all this blame.
Just because I’m not into sex toy play,
Doesn’t mean I want to be.
I feel like no one will understand that.
I feel like no one can take a hint.

I broke it all,
But I’m just a single boy
Who has no desire to become a fixture
In anyones life, so watch me leave.

I’m sorry, but this how I am.
I’m not changing anything about myself,
Even though that’s what they want.
Take something away from me,
The one thing I hold close to me.
I dare you to.
I promise you it won’t be pretty.

He’ll never be perfect for me,
The one to make me see.
There’s no reason to try,
I’ll just brush it all off.
Don’t waste your time
On someone like me.

Lizzy’s A-Z Favourite People/Things of 2010 | My Fellow Red Devils

Sorry for the horrible & crappy picture/gif quality :|

There are only a handful of us here and I guess that’s the reason why I feel closer to my Red Devils! ;D ♥

But seriously… To find a Red Devil is like finding a needle in a haystack! So we need to stick together!

It hasn’t been easy for us too but we stuck together, supported one another, defended our club and players because we believe in them; they are our life/love/passion! In the end, we came through. So cheers to that!

Confession: I love it when we spam Manchester United! LOL

I love each and everyone of you! Let’s get together at Old Trafford one day, all right! Same goes to my followers who are Red Devils! :D


Lizzy’s A-Z Favourite People/Things of 2010 | Ninininini

Another “I don’t know why I love this but I just do, okay!” favourite!

I know the video was back in 2009 but everyone knew about it this year. And it just went viral on Tumblr! It’s just so hilarious and Raúl’s so cute! He’s my spirit animal ok!

Okay. Let’s talk about Raúl Albiol now. As a player, he’s really good. I love the way he plays. Never dirty or too aggressive.

He should have more time on the field and I hope Real Madrid gives him more opportunities.