blame it on the baby


I have been cursed blessed with neuyako!Karma

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hyperfocusing on art, writing, or other fun stuff for a few hours:

hyperfocusing on a silly computer game for an entire day without eating or drinking when you have actual important shit to do:

[Image description: the first is a youtube comment saying “cool” and the second one is youtube comment from the same person saying “you know wat i change my mind fuck you”.]


Can you believe that literally the entire premise of this was “I want to see Robin bake some brownies” and then it TURNED INTO THIS MASSIVE PROJECT I WAS NOT EXPECTING. I can’t believe these 2 idiots are married with 2 kids either rip in pieces. (Also I’m hoping to channel the Touken Ranbu philosophy of if you draw them they will come PLEASE BABY CHROM BACK U CAN BLAME IT ALL ON ME….)

This recipe is so good and so easy to follow hohoho I hope you get to make some bombass brownies yourself in the future if you’re into them.

You can also read this here on my PIXIV which is a little nicer on the eyes than tumblr for comics.


Ok, it wasn’t something I was supposed to do (because I honestly have too much things to do right now hahahaha) and I blame @queen-of-perplexity​ and @kitshunette​ for this. (well I have this feeling I blame you a lot these days).

Let’s imagine. There is this cute baby cat on the street. Nobody knows his name, nobody knows who is his owner. He’s just the cat of the street. One day, he’s dead. A truck hit him (yes I know it’s sad).

This cat is now a ghost and for no reason, he decided Andrew will be HIS human. This one is the good one. (no, this cat is not Neil).

So, from here:

  • This ghost cat is always wandering in Neil and Andrew’s flat. The other cats don’t really like him but well, what can they do against a ghost?
  • Neil doesn’t understand why his cats sometimes are staring at….. nothing. But nothing is the ghost cat. (no, Neil is still not the ghost cat)
  • Andrew can see the ghost cat. He tried to ignore him but he can’t. The ghost cat jumps on him and asks for cuddles.
  • Andrew is annoyed. He thinks this cat he’s stupid. How can he cuddle a ghost cat?
  • But he doesn’t say it to the cat, so the cat sticks around and sleeps near Andrew all the time.
  • Andrew says nothigng about the ghost cat to Neil.
  • But one day the ghost cat is missing. Andrew tries to act as if it’s not important but eventually he’s looking for the cat in all the corners of the flat.
  • Neil asks him what’s wrong.
  • “Did you see the ghost cat? He’s missing.”
  • Neil arched an eyebrow. “What ghost cat? Wtf Andrew?”
  • Andrew did not find the ghost cat anywhere. He thinks he’s gone. Well, it was a ghost. No big deal.
  • But he’s still watching his real cats, trying to see if they are staring at the void. But no.
  • The ghost cat is really gone.
  • One day when he’s older, Andrew meets the ghost cat again, sleeping on the couch. He says nothing and just tries to cuddle him.
  • The ghost cat stayed here until Andrew’s death.


  • Andrew trained the ghost cat to scare Neil. Like, sometimes, Neil can hear a meow and it’s not Sir nor King. Or he can feel something on his legs but… there is nothing.
  • Andrew casually says “maybe this flat is haunted by a dead cat”.
  • Fact is, the flat is really haunted by a dead cat.

Goodbye world.