blame it on the alcohol 2

Bendy: “For every ‘INK’ I get in the ask box, I will chug 2 bottle of whatever color ink you request…”

Bendy: “And fun fact about me: If I drink too much ink it basically starts to affect me like alcohol would. So, if I do something stupid. I blame @bendy-irl and that random anon for this.”

G. Freddy: “This is gonna go terribly… Professor brainstorm keep an eye on him for me.”

Prof. Brainstorm: “WHY ME?!”

Casual (Jinyoung) Part 3

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Word Count: 2480

Warnings: Smut, Bad language


    What the fuck had you done?

    You had to be the dumbest person to ever live.

    You lay in his bed considering all the choices you’d made that lead to this moment. Lying in Park Jinyoung’s bed. Naked. With severe sex hair. But that wasn’t the point.

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The Devil’s Subordinates.
  1. Gordon RAMsey 
  • This be Envi, AKA the newest addition to the horrible people club.
  • Good with any child that isn’t Satanick’s.
  • Only capable of laughing when he’s drunk.(Same tbh….)
  • Has the personality that of a twelve year old boy ranting on YouTube.
  • Has a keris but murdering people with umbrellas is a lot more fun, amirite?

2. Shingen Kishitani

  • This strange man is Yagi.
  • His name means “goat.” In other words he’s a moose.
  • Likes smoking cigars, drinking alcohol, and doing everything else he can to forget the responsibilities that come with being a father and husband.
  • Has the doki-doki for Sullivan.
  • He wears a gas mask constantly and taking a look at the man in charge, I can’t blame him.

3. Back alley Doctor

  • This not suspicious figure is Lec Hijohshiki.
  • He’s really good at curing illnesses and injuries!
  • But that’s for noobs, so it’s back to spreading the plague and pushing old ladies down stairs.
  • Has a brother (We’ll get to him later…) He’s the better of the two, actually.
  • Like any normal pair of siblings, he’s either calming his brother down or eating his internal organs.


  • I don’t want to say his name…but I kind of have to so this everyone, is Roc Hijohshiki.
  • Trash.
  • His hobbies include: lynching angels, starting shit with random people, and the most notorious…abusing innocent, adorable lobsters.
  • He actually has these really weird mouths on his hands. Fuckin Deidara wannabe.

5. He’s Beauty, He’s Grace, If you Ain’t Wearing Gucci GTFO His Face.

  • This is Benihotaru!
  • A derivation of his name is “lipstick” Wonderful.
  • Amongst all his fellow comrades he appears fairly stable, probably why he gets no screen time.
  • A hysterical clean freak who looks oddly serene.

6. Invader Zim

  • This is Edabane (feat. Zigzag’s hand)
  • Move over Licorice, this guy is a literal man baby. 
  • Deeply committed to his wife, Zigzag. (See hand for more info)
  • Not much of a talker, apparently.
  • I like his hat.

7. ‘Film’ Producer

  • This is Hidou….yeeeah.
  • He enjoys watching movies. I’m not talking Lion King though, 
  • He has great footage of Karma biting Roc in the ass.
  • Despite this please do not approach this man.
  • Look what happened to the angel nurse, she didn’t even make it long enough to get a name.

8. Aconita’s Husbando

  • Tis be Kyou.
  • Don’t be afraid of him, guys. He just wants your heart~
  • Nah but he likes collecting angel hearts.
  • A pervert with headsweat issues.
  • Faithful to his wife. (Presumably Aconita.)

9. Sinnamon Roll

  • Is his name Kan or Hitoki? Whatever he’s a tiny sinner.
  • Enjoys feigning innocence (because we know how innocent the Pitch Black World is.)
  • Will attack you in your sleep and then make you wonder how he got into your home.
  • Has some crazy fucking morals. 
  • Depraved and weird.


  • This creepy dude is Dokugai.
  • He (as you can see) has lots of piercings but if you thought his no-no bits were clean then boy have I got news for you.
  • He loves little boys.
  • Probably isn’t allowed within 500 feet of a school.
  • Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband.
Blame it on the Alcohol- Part 3

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: idk man not smut tho

Word Count: 5.1k

Other Parts: 1 2 3 4

*Y/BF/N= Your best friend’s name

The next day I woke up with my legs tangled in the black duvet on the bed by myself. I lifted my head from the pillow and looked around the small bedroom to see if Jungkook was still in here. He wasn’t. I sat up and stretched my hands high over my head then I threw the covers off and climbed out of the bed. I scanned the floor for my clothes, I found my underwear then I found a black shirt that definitely wasn’t mine. I pulled the shirt over my head and inhaled the rich scent of the cologne that Jungkook wears. The shirt came down to my mid thigh and hung loosely on my body. 

I carefully opened the bedroom door and peeked around the corner down the long hallway. The hallway was dark but I saw a light illuminating the room at the end of it. I tiptoed down the hallway toward the light and found myself in the living room. There was a couch with two worn down spots that had clearly been sat in a lot. Under the tv were a few different gaming consoles and a massive array of games. To my left, I heard a clatter coming from the adjacent room. I went in the direction of the noise which led into the kitchen.

Jungkook stood leaning against the counter using his hands for support. He wasn’t wearing a shirt so his muscular form was on full display and he wore sweatpants loose on his hips. Half-dazed, he watched the coffee maker in front of him slowly drip the bitter brown liquid into the pot.

The tile floor creaked under my feet and Jungkook’s head snapped in my direction.

He stood up straight and cleared his throat, “Morning,” he mumbled and looked back at the coffee pot.

I smirked, his burst of confidence appears to have worn off, “Good morning.”

“Do you want some coffee? It’s almost done,” he still just looked at the coffee pot.

I walked farther into the kitchen and now stood next to them, “I like coffee.”

He nodded once and silence fell over us, apart from the small sounds of coffee brewing.

Here I was stood next to Jungkook, pantless and in his shirt and he couldn’t even so much as spare me a glance. I couldn’t help but giggle at him.

Then he looked with a concerned look, “why are you laughing?”

I shook my head and smiled, “I’m just laughing at you, Shykook,” I giggled again, this time at my clever nickname for him.

“I-I’m not being shy! I just…” his face twisted with worry and his eyes darted around as he tried to figure out how to finish his sentence.

I put my hand on his bare shoulder and leaned into him, “It’s okay,” I soothed him, “I’m just teasing you a little.”

He turned to face me and puffed out his bottom lip, pouting at me, “I am not shy,” he grumbled.

I laughed and wrapped my arms around his neck to pull him close, “Yeah, you are.”

He grumbled again, furrowing his brows to show his half-hearted displeasure. He leaned down and gently connected his lips to mine. I molded my lips to his and ran my fingertips up and down his spine. He shivered then smiled slightly under my touch.

He grabbed my face with both hands and tenderly kissed me over and over. My whole body relaxed against his as I savored him. Behind me was a barely audible sound of a deadbolt being turned and a door being opened. I didn’t think anything of it and deepened the kiss with Jungkook. His hand wrapped around my waist and pulled me tight against him just as a person behind me lightly gasped.

Jungkook jolted and stepped away from me with wide eyes looking in the direction of the entrance to the kitchen.

“Taehyung! What are you doing here?” He asked with the slightest undertones of anger and bewilderment.

A low voice behind me replied, “I live here.”

I turned around to find a tall and slim figure boy with dark brown hair and eyes that took up half of his face. He was looking directly at me.

This was when I remembered that I was wearing nothing but underwear and Jungkook’s shirt which just barely covered my butt, “I didn’t realize you had company, sorry. I’ll go to my room,” Taehyung said flatly and unfazed before turning and walking down the hall.

I spun around to Jungkook and hit him on the chest, making him hug himself and cower away from me slightly, “You forgot to mention to me that you had a roommate!” I hit him repeatedly on his arm.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” He put his hands up in defense, “he’s not usually here, he usually stays at his girlfriend’s house!” He explained frantically.

I crossed my arms over my chest and willed my cheeks to stop burning.

“Coffee’s ready,” Jungkook mumbled, looking at the full coffee pot, clearly wanting to move past what just happened.

I rolled my eyes at him, “I’m gonna go put on pants,” I turned and quickly walked down the hallway to Jungkook’s room.

I found my pants, a crumpled up mess on the floor, and pulled them on. I pulled his shirt off and replaced it with my own, took a deep breath to center myself, then walked back to the kitchen.

Jungkook had poured two cups of coffee and they were steaming on the counter behind him. He stood in front of the stove with an empty pan on it. Next to him on a smaller counter was a carton of milk, eggs, flour, and sugar. When he heard me come in, he looked from me to the ingredients on the counter, then to the stovetop. 

“Uh… I don’t know how to cook but… do you want pancakes?” He asked sheepishly, ruffling the hair on the back of his head.

I smiled at his efforts, “I would love some pancakes,” I walked across the kitchen and stood next to him.

“‘Kay…” he waited for a second before continuing, “…I have another question,” he looked at the empty pan, “Do you know how to make pancakes?”

I raised an eyebrow at him then fell into a fit of giggles, “grab a big bowl and the flour,” I ordered him.

He did as I said and I made up the pancake batter while the pan was heating up on the stove. I poured a small circle of batter into the pan then waited. Jungkook watched my actions closely from behind my back, “how do you know when it’s done?” He asked.

“When the bubbles pop.”

I waited until it was ready to flip then did just that. I flipped the pancakes over to the side which was golden.

Jungkook sighed, “now how do you know when this side is ready?”

I shrugged, “I just wait a minute then check by lifting it a little and seeing what color it is.”

He hummed in understanding as I lifted an edge of the pancake to see if the other side of it was done. Jungkook craned his neck around me to see for himself. I lifted the pancake out of the pan and put it on a plate.

“Oh, syrup!” Jungkook said as if he just remembered that we needed syrup and pulled open a cabinet. He grabbed an almost full bottle of syrup and put it on the counter while I worked on a second pancake. When the pancakes were done, Jungkook drizzled the syrup over them and grabbed two forks. I took one of the plates and a cup of coffee which wasn’t steaming anymore then followed Jungkook into the living room.

We sat silently side by side on the couch, eating our pancakes and sipping the lukewarm coffee. I quickly finished the plate and stood from the couch. I gestured to Jungkook to put his empty plate on top of mine then walked into the kitchen.

I brought the dishes to the sink and turned on the water to wash them.

“You don’t have to do that,” Jungkook protested as I squeezed a bit of dish soap into the water, creating a small mountain of bubbles in the sink.

“Why don’t I wash them and you dry them?” I suggested so he would feel like he was helping a bit more.

He sighed walked over to the stove to grab the towel which hung over the handle to the oven. Then he grabbed the clean but wet plate from my grasp and wiped it with the towel.

Afterward, I used the dish towel to dry my hands then tapped my fingers on the counter, “I should go,” I noticed the time which was displayed on the microwave, “I have to go to work in a couple hours.”

Jungkook ran his tongue across the inside of his cheek and nodded, “Okay…”

I pondered if I should ask what I wanted to ask, or just leave. What I wanted to ask him if this was something we could do again. I wanted to ask the classic “what are we?” But I decided to just grab my shoes.

Jungkook followed me and waited until I put on my shoes to pull me into a tight hug and firmly place his lips on mine, “I’ll see you in class on Monday,” he murmured against my lips.

Butterflies filled my stomach as the feeling of his lips still tingled on mine.

Jungkook walked me to the elevator and waited until the doors closed before walking back to his apartment. I ignored the longing that lingered in me and walked down the street toward my own apartment.

I got halfway home when I felt my phone vibrate in my hand, “Did you die?” My best friend demanded an answer to her question before I even said hello.

“What do you mean?” I asked, genuinely not knowing what she was talking about.

“You disappeared before your last class yesterday, then I went to your apartment and you weren’t there, then I called you and you didn’t pick up. I thought you had been kidnapped or something!” She said shrilly.

I held the phone in front of me to check my notifications and saw that I had 3 missed calls from her, “Sorry,” I put the phone back to my ear, “I’m on my way home right now.”

“From where?” She pried.

I hesitated to reply. I didn’t really know how Jungkook would feel about me telling other people about our “encounters”.

“Uh…” I tried to think of something to say.

“Uh…” she mocked me, “Could it be you were,” she paused, “with a boy?

I rolled my eyes. Of course, I couldn’t hide anything from her, she’s my best friend.

She took my silence as confirmation and squealed, “Oh my god Y/N I can’t believe it! Who was it?” She begged for gossip.

“Don’t worry about it,” I spat and tried to suppress a smile from growing on my face.

“Oh okay…I get it,” I could hear the smile on her face even though she was backing down, “I will find out who it is eventually, though,” she playfully threatened with confidence.

I walked into my apartment building and climbed up the stairs to my floor, “I have no doubt in your abilities,” I replied, knowing the truth would come out soon enough.

I held the phone between my shoulder and ear to give myself a free hand to open the door. I patted my pockets to feel for my keys but both of them were flat.

“Ah shit,” I grumbled and rested my head on the doorframe,” I left my keys at his house,” I muttered into the phone and lifted my head, “I left my entire backpack actually.”

Just then, the door to my apartment unlocked from the inside and Y/BF/N swung the door open with a smile.

I narrowed my eyes at her and hung up the phone, “you didn’t tell me you were still here,” I commented and walked through the door, kicking off my shoes then slumping onto the couch.

“You didn’t tell me you were sleeping with someone,” she retorted.

“Fair enough,” I stretched on the couch, “can I borrow your key? Just until I get mine back?”

She sat down next to me, “why don’t you just call him and ask if you can come by later to pick it up?” She asked the perfectly logical question.

I covered my face and laughed at my own stupidity, “because…” I felt embarrassed to say the words out loud.

“You don’t want to see him?” She tried to finish my sentence.

I shook my head, “I didn’t get his number.”

She raised her eyebrows, “Wow… so he was a one night stand then?”

“I don’t think it counts as a one night stand if it’s happened more than once,” I said.

“It’s happened more than once?!” She hit my shoulder and shook me, “Why am I just now hearing about this?!” She shouted.

I pushed her off of me and shrugged in response.

“You’ve slept with this guy more than once but you didn’t get his phone number?” She asked in disbelief.

I covered my face again and pretended to cry, “I’m an idiot!”

She hummed in agreement and leaned back on the couch, “so… is he your boyfriend or something?” She asked slowly.

I sat up straight so I could easily look at her, “I don’t know what he is,” I said honestly, “he’s not my boyfriend,” I concluded, “I don’t think.”

“How many times have you hooked up?” She dug for all of the details.


“Is he someone I would know?”

I shook my head, “I don’t think you know him directly. You know of him, though,” the only reason she knew of him was because I had complained to her until her ears fell off about how terrible of a partner he was on our project.

She narrowed her eyes and tapped her fingers against her arm as she thought through every male person she knew.

She looked at me from the corner of her eyes, “Do you like him?” The question hung in the air between us, so heavy it was almost visible to the naked eye.

I shook my head and sighed, “I don’t know,” I was extremely hesitant to answer this question because I had no idea how he felt about me. I’d hate to get my hopes up about something real happening between us, only to find out that to him, I was nothing more than a booty call.

“Are you gonna see him again?”

I laughed emotionlessly, “I don’t know,” I repeated, “I’m gonna see him on Monday… I guess we’ll see what happens,” I thought back to last Monday when he wouldn’t make eye contact with me in class and bolted out of the door before I got the chance to speak to him. We shared a nice night together on Friday, though I couldn’t help but feel that this Monday would be just the same as the last.

“Well,” she stood from the couch, “I’m rooting for you. I’m sure everything will work out great!” She encouraged. She grabbed her purse from the coffee table and rummaged through it. She pulled out her keys and fumbled them around until she found the one she was looking for. She delicately twisted the key off of the chain and held it in front of me, “I want this back as soon as you get your keys back. What if you actually do get kidnapped or something? I want to be there to save you.”

I took the key and clenched my fist around it, “I’ll give it back to you on Monday,” I assured her.

With a final nod, she said, “I have to go to work,” then left the apartment.

I went to the bathroom and got a good look at my appearance. Man, I looked like a mess. My makeup was smeared, my hair was matted and the bags under my eyes were big and dark. I felt a little embarrassed that I had even faced Jungkook in this state. 

I grabbed my toothbrush and scrubbed my teeth clean from the night before and the linger from coffee and pancakes this morning. I tugged a hairbrush through the bird’s nest I called my hair but it insisted on sticking out in every direction no matter what I did. 

I gave up with brushing it and jumped into the shower, letting the hot water and steam surround me, relaxing my muscles and clearing my head of any and all thoughts of Jungkook.

I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my torso. I walked into my bedroom and found my pajamas crumpled up on the ground. I grabbed the soft clothing and pulled it on, despite still being a little wet from the shower. I towel dried my hair so it wasn’t dripping anymore, then I climbed into my bed and pulled the blankets up to my chin. I turned on my phone and bounced between various social media websites until I got bored.

Getting out of bed to find something else to do, I was determined to keep my mind off of Jungkook. I wasn’t sure why the thought of him was causing such dismay in my head. I just knew that when I thought of him, and last night, a knot grew in my stomach so intense that I could throw up. It could be because I was convinced that what happened between him and I would never happen again, even though I really wanted it to happen again. It could also be because I thought he wasn’t as attracted to me as I was to him. Surely that was true, otherwise, he would have taken that next step and asked me on a date, or at the very least, given me his phone number.

Maybe it was a combination of both of those things that was making me sick to my stomach.

I managed to make it until sundown and, as soon as it was a socially acceptable time to go to sleep, I threw myself under the covers and closed my eyes, not to wake up until the sun was shining in my face the next morning.

My phone violently vibrated from under the pillow to wake me up. I lifted my head in a daze and struggled to grab hold of the shaking electronic to turn it off. I was about to hit snooze when a text from Y/BF/N came through.
The text read.

I groaned, feeling hungover even though I didn’t have a single drop of alcohol in my system. A coffee date with my best friend seemed way more than appealing right now.
Yes please
I replied.

Her response was almost instant
Get up and get ready. I’ll meet you at your house.

I yawned and stretched out my limbs then got up and did as she told. I brushed my teeth and hair then put on a couple coats of mascara to bring life back into my dead eyes. I pulled my hair into a messy bun then threw on a pair of leggings and a baggy long sleeve shirt.

About ten minutes later, Y/BF/N knocked on the door. Of course, she was properly dressed, wearing an army green blouse and a brown leather jacket paired with leggings and brown combat boots. Her hair was curled and her makeup was pristine. She generally looked like she had her entire life together. Meanwhile, I looked like I was on the brink of falling apart.

“Oof, you do look like you need some coffee,” she commented on my slightly shabby appearance.

I couldn’t even argue with her because it was true. I looped my arm with hers and closed the front door behind me.

We walked down the street to the closest coffee shop. The smell of freshly brewed coffee and baked goods overwhelmed my senses. My energy spiked just at the thought of taking a sip of coffee. We went to the register and ordered two coffees and two blueberry muffins then chose a table for two tucked in the corner of the store by the window. I leaned on my hand and soaked up the sunlight that was coming through the glass.

“Are you okay?” Y/BF/N asked me, “you’ve seemed a little under the weather since yesterday.”

I shrugged, “I have no reason to be upset,” I said, unable to explain the slump I was in.

“That doesn’t mean you aren’t allowed to be upset,” she pointed out then waited for me to spill my feelings.

A waitress brought our coffee and muffins to the table and I filled my mug with a decent helping of cream and four packets of sugar, “I guess I just hate not knowing what’s going on,” I admitted while stirring my coffee.

“You mean with that guy?” She picked a blueberry out of her muffin.

I nodded, “I want to know what he’s thinking. How he feels. I guess I can’t rest my mind until I know what’s going on in his.”

Well, why don’t you ask him?” She questioned, “you could go to his house or find him on Facebook or something,” she advised.

I pursed my lips and thought through what she had said, “I guess I’m just afraid of his answer,” I spoke the truth out loud for the first time. 

I lifted my mug to my lips and took a long sip of the warm coffee. I raised my eyes to look at the rest of the coffee shop.

My eyes stopped on a familiar face across the shop in the opposite corner. He sat with his friend who I also recognized from yesterday when he walked in on us kissing in the kitchen. As if he could sense me looking at him, Jungkook’s eyes flickered to mine. He looked away quickly but then his head snapped up as he realized who it was he was looking at. Stunned, I slammed my cup down on the table, splashing coffee onto the wood.

“What’s wrong?” My best friend asked as Jungkook slowly stood from his chair. She turned to look at him just as he started walking over to our table.

I waited with my mouth hung open slightly as he walked up next to me.
“Hey,” he said simply. He wore tight fitting dark blue jeans with an open black and white plaid shirt with a plain with a t-shirt underneath.

“Jungkook?” Y/BF/N said surprised. I guess she did know him directly. She side-eyed me and asked with her eyes “is this the guy?”

I nodded to answer her then turned to him, “what are you doing here?” I asked the only thing I could think, just surprised to run into him outside of school.

“Getting coffee,” he jerked his head back to his table where his roommate, Taehyung, was watching us.

“Oh…” I looked down at my cup of coffee, unsure of what to do next.

“Uh…” he scratched the back of his head, “You forgot your bag… at my house,” his eyes flickered to my friend as he cautiously talked to me, “I didn’t think I’d run into you here. Otherwise, I would have brought it.”

“Oh that’s okay,” I waved my hand, trying to convey nonchalance, “you can give it to me tomorrow.”

“Yeah…” he replied.

An awkward silence filled the air as I looked at him, waiting to see if he’d say anymore.

“Well…I’ll go back to my table now,” he played with the end of his shirt nervously.

“Oh…” I didn’t want him to go but I also couldn’t think of anything else to say to him. I’ve made fun of him for being shy but now I was suddenly the one at a loss for words.

“See you tomorrow,” he half smiled and shoved his hands into the pockets on his jean then walked back to his table.

I exhaled loudly and covered my burning red cheeks with my hands to cool them off. I shook my head over and over again, silently cursing myself. That was the perfect chance to talk to him. Sure, Y/BF/N was sitting at the table across from me, but I could have easily gotten up and gone somewhere more private with him to talk. Clearly, he had something to say to me and I pushed him away with my inability to speak or look at him directly.

“So, Jeon Jungkook, huh?” Y/BF/N taunted me with a sly smirk on her face.

I furrowed my brow and looked at her, my face still shoved between my hands, “How do you know him?”

She took a sip of her coffee, “He’s in my literature class. He’s super quiet, I’ve actually only heard him speak maybe like, twice.”

“He was my partner for the project last week,” I told her.

“Ohh,” she drew out the “O” sound as she put the pieces together. She took a bite of her muffin then looked at it confused, “how did you manage to get him to open up enough to sleep with you?”

I sighed and played with the crumbs by my muffin, “remember that night we went to that party and I left before you?”
“You mean the night you abandoned me?” She rolled her eyes dramatically, “Yeah, I remember.”

Okay, well he was there that night too and we both ended up getting super drunk. Then we went to the dance floor and danced a bit and he kissed me. Then we went back to his place,” I recalled the events from that night to her.

“Wow, Y/N,” she leaned back her her chair, impressed with me, “I never took you as the type to have a drunk hookup,”

“Me either,” I told her, “I don’t know what came over me.”

About 15 minutes later, Jungkook and Taehyung stood from their table and walked toward the exit of the cafe. Taehyung side glanced at me and Jungkook gave me a small wave before they left. I finished my muffin and coffee then said goodbye to my best friend. Our friend date ended too quickly and I was left to finish out the day on my own. I went home and cleaned my already tidy bedroom, then I scrubbed the floors which I definitely scrubbed a week ago. Then I did the small amount of laundry that I had and triple checked that the assignments I already had done were perfect. As if by some miracle, the sun set and my long solitary day came to a close.

I rushed to get ready, desperate to get to school and finally have something to do with myself. I paid extra attention to my notes, read papers more closely and took my time writing essay after essay. It wasn’t until my day was almost over that my stomach started to churn. I was dreading my history class where I knew my drunk hookup was going to be.

Maybe he’ll ditch again, I thought. No, he wouldn’t ditch unless he needed to speak in front of people. He may be shy but he cares about his education.

Maybe I should ditch, the idea popped into my head. I strongly considered it until I remembered that Jungkook had my bag with my keys and wallet and necessities for school in it. As much as I didn’t want to, I had to go to class.
The time came for me to go to the lecture hall for history. I dragged my feet to bide some time but I somehow still got to class ten minutes early. The professor wasn’t at his desk and only two other students were sitting in the front row. I took my usual spot in the middle and put my head on the desk, wrapping my arms around my face to block out the world around me.

I jolted up when a bag was slammed on the desk beside me. A boy snickered, “did I scare you?” He asked.

I turned to glare at the boy but halted when I recognized the bag on the desk was mine. I looked up to find Jungkook’s glimmering crescent eyes gazing down at me with his mouth formed into a soft smile.

I looked back to the front of the room, unable to say anything to him. He cleared his throat and put my bag on the ground next to me then shuffled to sit in the desk.

My head darted his direction, “what are you doing?” I demanded.

He froze on the spot, half squatted to sit down and eyes wide, “sitting down?” 

He asked cautiously, worried he was doing something wrong.

“You never sit here,” I spoke as if he wasn’t aware of the change.

He fully sat and shrugged, “I feel like sitting here today.”

Silence fell between us. I twirled my pencil through my fingers and chewed on my lower lip, willing myself to say something to him.

“Y/N, are you okay? You don’t seem like yourself,” his concern was obvious through the tone of his voice.

I shrugged, “I guess I’ve got some stuff on my mind,” I alluded to the problem without giving too much away. I wasn’t ready to tell him how desperately I wanted him. I wanted as more than just a fuck buddy, I wanted him. His surface level shyness that hid a funny, confident, and sweet boy. I wanted all of it, every aspect of him. But I wasn’t about to tell him that.

He sighed and leaned in close to me, “I’ve got some stuff on my mind too,” his voice was suddenly filled with seduction. I turned to see his face. His eyes were skimming up and down my figure and his lip was ever so slightly pulled in by his teeth.

All anxious thoughts left my brain and my body moved closer to him. As if by instinct, I was instantly drawn to him, yearning for his touch, his lips, him.
“What are you thinking about?” I asked, knowing his answer but just wanting to hear him say it.

He smirked, “You. In my bed.”

My breath became shallow and I scanned the room. Students were still taking their time coming in and the professor was nowhere to be found. Jungkook saw that as well then whispered five words that filled me with so much excitement that I could no longer sit still in my seat.
“Let’s get out of here.”

So this was only supposed to be one part but people wanted more and I’m having fun so I guess it’s a series now! This is just a transition chapter there’ll be another one up soon

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Complete Masterpost of TW’s for 13 Reasons Why

Obvious undertones of suicide throughout the entire season. 

Episode 1: 
-slut shaming (this ends up being a constant in almost every episode) 

 Episode 2:
-drugs (weed) 

Episode 3:
-sexual assault (42:49-43:10)

Episode 4:
-drugs (weed)
-stalking (throughout the entire episode)

Episode 5:
-blood (minor gore if anything)

Episode 6:
-sexual assault (40:49-41:04)

Episode 7:
-graphic description of suicide
-sexual assault (replay of last episodes)
-victim blaming
-blood (slight gore) 

Episode 8:
-drugs (weed) 

Episode 9:
This episode contains a tw for both rape and sexual assault so i’ll just be including times for those and any other triggers that need to be listed.
-40:30-41:32, 46:45-47:00, 50:27-51:26 (rape)
-victim blaming

Episode 10:
-car accident
-8:12(~ish)-8:30 (rape flashbacks)

Episode 11:
-rape (flashbacks near the very beginning of the episode)
-self harm
-sexual assault (flashbacks from multiple previous episodes)

Episode 12:
This episode contains a tw for both rape and sexual assault so i’ll just be including times for those and any other triggers that need to be listed.
-42:55-43:21, 45:43-46:55 (sexual assault/rape)
-victim blaming
-physical abuse/assault
-guns (only on screen for a few seconds)

Episode 13:
This episode contains a tw for both graphic violence and suicide so i’ll just be including times for those and any other triggers that need to be listed.
-sexual assault (flashbacks from earlier episode)
-36:32-38:04, 38:11-38:50 (suicide)

Blame it on the Alcohol- Part 4

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: ??? It’s got a tiny bit of smut in it 

Word Count: 3.2k

Other Parts: 1 2 3 4

I side eyed the classroom once more, checking to make sure the professor wasn’t hiding in the corner or something. When I confirmed he wasn’t in the room, I grabbed my bag off the ground and quickly went to the exit with Jungkook close on my tail. We ducked down the hall and out to the courtyard which was surprisingly scarce of people. Jungkook pulled me around a secluded corner and pressed me against the cold brick wall. His hands moved all over my body as he desperately attacked my lips with his own. I tangled my hands in his hair and tugged on it as his tongue dove deeply into my mouth.

Jungkook broke away, hair tousled and breathing hard. His eyes scanned me up and down and then one side of his mouth turned upward, “let’s go back to my place,” he grabbed my hand and started pulling me.

I pulled my hand out of his grip to make him look back at me, which he did in confusion, “Mine is closer,” I told him.

His eyes darkened with mischief and lust, “Lead the way then,” he held his hand out in front of him to let me walk passed him.

I once again laced my fingers with his and this time pulled him down the path which I knew was a shortcut to my apartment building. The normally scenic path through the local park by my apartment blurred by as I ungraciously tugged Jungkook down the sidewalk. Butterflies filled my stomach when we walked through the main entrance to the building and hiked up the three levels of stairs to my floor. I pulled Y/BF/N’s key out of my pocket, sticking it into the keyhole and swinging the door open.

I pulled Jungkook into my bedroom and immediately I was shoved onto the bed.

He grappled at the bottom of my shirt and vigorously pulled it off my body. He attached his mouth to the exposed valley between my breasts while undoing his belt. While he did that, I worked on getting my pants and underwear off as quickly as possible, desperate to alleviate the ache between my legs. He pulled his shirt off, then kicked his pants to the ground, boxers included then immediately lined himself up with my hole. He thrusted hard and eagerly into me, causing intense pleasure and a slight sting from the stretch to mix inside of me. He buried his head in my neck as he rapidly moved his hips.

We both came hard and fast. Jungkook threw himself down on the bed, back first and was breathing heavily. He wrapped his arm around me to pull my body close to his. I laid my head down on his chest which was quickly rising and falling.

“You know,” I started, still trying to catch my breath, “we can’t keep just leaving school in the middle of the day.”

“Oh but this is so much more fun,” he whined dramatically.

I giggled at his comment then sighed, falling into a state of exhaustion which always took over my body after we finished our “activities”.

I closed my eyes and listened to his heart pounding. His fingers gently massaged my scalp making the urge to fall asleep stronger.

Jungkook lurched all of the sudden, “Oh, Y/N! Before I forget, give me your phone number,” he said while sitting up and reaching for his pants on the floor. He unlocked his phone and handed it to me, “in case you forget your bag at my house again.”

“Or you want a booty call,” I smirked.

He shrugged and the corners of his mouth turned upward, “Maybe that too.”

I typed in my number then handed his phone back to him. I wrapped my arms around his waist and rested my head on his chest.

We sat in comfortable silence for a significant amount of time. I laid my head on his chest thinking about how nice his skin felt, and how comfortable he was, and how I really really didn’t want to get up. I thought about his fingers which were massaging my scalp and found it funny that such a simple action could make my heart start pounding in my chest. It was moments like this that I wished would never end. It was moments like this that made me fall for him so hard, so fast. I wondered if there was even the slightest chance that he felt the same way.

“Hey, Jungkook?” I began, unable to contain my thoughts any longer, “what are we doing here?”

He hesitated, “Huh?”

I sat up to look at his face, “I mean this,” I gestured between us, “what are we doing… with each other?”

He looked to the ceiling as he thought through his answer, “Having fun,” he said simply.

I scrunched my face, “Okay but…” I struggled to find the right words to say, “what’s gonna happen with us?”

Jungkook’s fingers skimmed up and down my spine, “Y/N, don’t stress about it. We’re having fun. A lot of fun,” he smirked, “Let’s just keep doing that and see where life takes us. We can worry about labels later.”

My heart sank a little. Clearly, he wasn’t feeling the same way as me. However, he also liked spending time with me. As he said, we’re having a lot of fun, and I’d hate for that to end.

“Let’s just say we’re friends,” he suggested, “really close friends.”

I laughed once, “we’re friends with benefits,” I called the situation as it actually was.

He nodded.

I examined his face to make sure he was serious. His eyes were glued to mine and his mouth was set in a straight line.

“Okay then,” I nodded firmly, satisfied with the consensus, then laid down and rested my head on his chest again.

We fell asleep together then Jungkook left almost immediately after he woke up a few hours later.

“I’ll see you tomorrow,” he said kindly before leaving me in my bed, still naked and alone.

This will have to do. If I want to be with him, I’ll just have to settle with being his “really close friend”.


I sat on the couch with my legs propped up on the coffee table in front of me. A new episode of my favorite show just started and I held a cup of tea close to my face, letting the steam warm my nose. Strings music played through the speakers of the tv as a heart-wrenching scene played. Tears gathered in the corners of my eyes and I clenched my hands around the warm mug in anticipation.

My phone, which was sat in my lap, buzzed and caused me to rip my eyes away from the emotional scene that played on the tv. I blinked the tears out of my eyes and lifted the device to my face and saw a name which made the butterflies in my stomach flutter.

Jungkook: Wanna get lunch?

I smiled at his question as heat rose to my cheeks. So he does want to do more than have sex with me, he actually wants to spend time with me.

I put down my cup of tea to make it easier to reply back.

Me: yeah sure. Where are we going?

I watched the screen and anticipated his response when I saw the bubble with three dots appear in the feed to tell me he was typing.

Jungkook: I really want a burger from that one place by your apartment.

Despite his vague description, I knew exactly the place he was talking about since they were known throughout the city for their incredible burgers.

Me: do you wanna meet there?

I typed back.

Jungkook: No, I’ll come get you and we can walk together

His response was almost instant.

Me: okay

I replied to him then bolted up from the couch and ran to my room. I went to my full-length mirror to assess the situation and decide how much I needed to do to be presentable. My hair was sticking out in every direction since I hadn’t been bothered to brush it when I woke up. Or wash it. I was wearing an oversized worn out shirt that once had a logo on it but it was no longer decipherable. It also had holes in it and god knows what caused those to show up. I was also only wearing my underwear and they weren’t the kind I would want to flaunt for Jungkook either. Clearly, there was some work to be done.

It would take him about 15 minutes to walk from his apartment to mine so that meant a shower was out of the question. I tamed my bird’s nest with a hairbrush then doused it with a decent amount of dry shampoo before pulling it into a messy bun. I threw off my ratty shirt and changed my underwear to a nice lacey pink pair (cause you never know what a lunch date could turn into). I put on a gray sweater and a pair of leggings then pulled on my favorite black boots.

I went into the bathroom and sighed at the sight of the massive bags under my eyes. I quickly put on a layer of foundation to hide those, did my eyebrows and put on a couple coats of mascara. This would have to be good enough.

Just as I was giving myself a final glance over in the full-length mirror, there was a knock at the door. I took a deep breath then walked out of the bathroom and to the front door.

Jungkook was wearing a white t-shirt, blue skinny jeans, a black beanie, and a pair of timberlands, an outfit that I have seen him in numerous times but he somehow always looked great in.

“Hey Y/N,” he shoved his hands into his pocket and smiled, making his eyes turn into glimmering half moons, “You ready?”

“Yeah, let me grab my bag.”

We arrived at the crowded restaurant during the lunch rush. Jungkook escorted me to a two person table near the back of the restaurant, away from the hustle and bustle. He grabbed two menus and handed one to me before opening the other and scanning the options.

“Have you ever been here?” He asked while looking at the menu.

I opened my menu and examined the array of options in front of me, “No I haven’t but I’ve  I heard the cheeseburgers are really good.”

He nodded, “Maybe I’ll get that.”

I looked over the meals and settled, “I think I will too.”

We both closed our menus just as the waitress walked over to the table and placed a glass of water in front of both of us. She was a young girl, probably around my age. She had long shiny brown hair that was paired with chocolate brown eyes and flawless olive skin.

“How are you two doing today?” She asked cheerily, looking at me before Jungkook.

When her eyes settled on him, they widened and she gasped lightly, “Jungkook!”

I looked at Jungkook whose entire face lit up and was filled with more joy than I had ever seen. He stood up and wrapped an arm around the waitress’s shoulder, “Hey Krystal!”

She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him in close while giggling. A pang of jealousy sprung through me as I watched the two, clearly close friends reconnected.

“How are you?!” Jungkook broke away and asked her enthusiastically.

“I’m great!” She said as he sat back down. Her gleaming, smiling eyes wandered over to me, “is this your-”

“Friend,” Jungkook cut her off quickly. My eyes shot over to him as did hers. He was looking at her, “she’s my friend.”

The taste of bitterness filled my mouth and I clenched my jaw to hide my abhorrence towards that word.

She looked back at me with a friendly smile, “I’m Y/N,” I plastered a fake smile on my face.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Krystal,” she cleared her throat and stood up straight, “Can I start you off with something to drink,” she asked both of us, getting back into her work mode.

“I’ll just have a Coke,” I told her.

“Same for me,” Jungkook agreed, “were ready to order too,” he looked at me.

“I’ll have a cheeseburger,” I told her as she wrote down my order then looked at Jungkook.

“I’ll have that too,” he took my menu and put it on top of his then handed them to Krystal.

“Okay! I’ll have those right out for you!” She gave one last sparkling, a little too nice smile then walked away.

Jungkook and I both watched her walk away then I turned back to him, “Who was that?”

His eyes were still looking at her while her back was turned to us and it wasn’t hard for me to guess what part of her body he was actually staring at.

“Huh?” He asked without moving his eyes.

“Who was that?” I asked a little louder with slightly more urgency.

He blinked then finally looked at me, “A friend.”

I narrowed my eyes at him and tilted my head to the side, “A friend?”

He nodded just as Krystal came back and put two glasses of soda in front of us.

Jungkook took a long drink of soda through his straw then looked at me. He slowly put the drink down and straightened his back, “Why are you looking at me like that?”

“When you say she’s a friend you mean…” my skepticism of their relationship was very apparent.

He looked around clearly confused, “I mean she’s a friend. What else could I possibly mean by that?” He furrowed his brow.

“I’m also ‘a friend’,” I put air quotes around the word friend.

My implied question registered with Jungkook and he leaned back in his chair, crossed his arms over his chest, and a smug smile went across his face, “Y/N are you jealous of Krystal?”

“No!” I bit back instantly and felt my cheeks warming.

He chuckled and shook his head, “she’s just a friend.” He reassured, “You’re my only friend,” he added extra emphasis to the word so the meaning wouldn’t get mixed up.

I nodded, “okay,” the anxiety in my stomach faded slightly and I took a sip of my Coke.

“Well, I mean,” he started, “she and I used to kind of have a thing,” he stated nonchalantly.

The soda in my mouth went down my throat involuntarily, causing me to fall into a fit of coughs, “Are you serious?! I spat at him angrily

He noticed my anger and leaned back in surprise, “it was really nothing, less serious than what you and I have,” his voice was flat, he clearly didn’t see why this information was upsetting, “We slept together twice… maybe three times,” He tried to defend himself.

“Is that supposed to make me feel better?” I raged.

Jungkook retracted, narrowing his eyes and tilting his head, “it was like a year ago… anything between us is over now,” He furrowed his brow and shook his head, “Why are you mad?” He asked quietly.

I raised an eyebrow at him, “because!” I scrambled to make up a reason that didn’t completely give away my jealousy, “because I don’t know where she’s been! What if I contracted something?!”

Jungkook bit his lip with a hint of humor behind his gaze, “Y/N, don’t you think if you contracted some sort of sexually transmitted disease from me, you’d know by now?”

I opened my mouth to refute his statement but all that came out was a string of stammers. Thankfully, Krystal came back to the table with our food in hand.

“If you need anything, let me know,” she said a little too kindly to Jungkook.

I grabbed the burger in front of me off of the plate and took a massive bite out of it to bide myself time before I had to say anything else to him.

We sat silently eating our food for a couple minutes and then Jungkook cleared his throat, “Look, Y/N, I know I joked before but I want you to know that what happened with Krystal and me, it’s in the past. It’s done.” he said sincerely.

I swallowed a mouthful of food, “why did end?” I asked.

He shrugged, “Honestly, we just kinda faded, we kept in touch for a little while but once school started again, we didn’t have time to see each other so we just gradually stopped talking.”

I nodded, fully understanding the situation.

“You don’t have to worry about her,” he told me kindly.

Despite his nice words, anger rose inside me. Why was he talking to me the way a boyfriend would talk to his girlfriend? I’m not his girlfriend and he made it very clear to me that he didn’t want me to be his girlfriend, so why is he treating me this way?

“You don’t need to worry about how I feel, you know,” I pointed out bitterly.

“What do you mean?” He turned his head to one side.

“That’s like a rule of this whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing, you don’t need to care about my emotions. It’s not like we’re exclusive or anything, you don’t need to explain yourself,” I crossed my arms over my chest and downplayed my irritation.

“Even if that is the rule, I still care about you,” he mumbled.

I shrugged and chewed my lip, not trusting the stability of my voice. The fact that it was cloudy what his feelings for me were, upset me more than I could express, but I didn’t want him to know that.

He looked at me with concern as he thought of something more to say, but he said nothing. After taking one last sip of soda, Jungkook wiped his hands then cleared his throat, “I have to go to the bathroom, I’ll be right back,” he told me then got up.

Almost as soon as he walked away, Krystal walked over to the table, smiling.

“So,” she said while squatting down and resting her arm on the table, “How’s Jungkook doing?” she asked innocently.

I sighed then slapped on the most genuine looking fake smile I could muster. Even if what happened between them was over, even if they really are just friends, I don’t like this girl.

And why did I get the feeling that she was gonna be around for a while?

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Will You? pt. 2 [Jimin Angst/Fluff]

Pt 1. Pt. 2

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Originally posted by the-rap-man

“That feeling of regret when time passes and you realize you’ve let the wrong person go.”

Who had thought that the happy boy would turn into a broken hearted boy with nothing but you in his mind. He often questioned himself why he did what did. He couldn’t blame it on the alcohol because he knew more than well that it wasn’t the alcohol that got him like that.

Why did he do it? Why did he let you go and lie about that you were the biggest mistake in his life when you were his world? His whole world who shone up his dark days. You were the only light he needed in this life, the only light that could bring happiness to his life.  

It has now been 2 long months without you and he still remembered the feeling he got when he woke up that morning, with your ring in his hand. Regret, regret, regret, pain, regret, regret and regret were what he felt.

That day, he did nothing but drink. Drinking away the pain and the regret. Drinking away thoughts about you. Drinking away the emptiness without you near.

What more could he do? Losing you was like losing his hope about the future. Losing the light that helped him through his darkest days. Losing the love of his life. All because of one stupid mistake.

Did he regret it? Yes.

Did he miss you? Hell yes.

Did he stop loving you? Absolutely not.

Did he get you back? No…

Did he make you his again? No, he didn’t.


Because he was afraid, afraid of things that could happen if he said one more wrong word. Afraid of getting rejected. Afraid of you moving on. Afraid of you not loving him anymore. Afraid of you hating him for what he did. Afraid of breaking promises he couldn’t even keep, again.

Afraid. That was what he was. He always asked himself why he couldn’t grow some balls and just call you. Just to hear your voice even if it was in the middle of the night. Or just let you know that he missed you more than anything else.

“I don’t think Y/N hates you. She loved you very much and did almost everything for you. You should at least call her to let her know that you’re sorry. You guys might get back together and if not, at least she knows that you regret saying those awful words to her” Namjoon said and crossed his arms over his chest.

The boys had been mad at first, blaming Jimin for letting such a good girl go. They blamed him for being too jealous and that the jealousy made him blind. But they were also supportive, they tried to help him. Even though it wasn’t easy when all Jimin did was thinking about all the negative things that could happen.

“Hyung, you don’t understand. I told her she was the biggest mistake in my life, I broke her heart. I still remember the look on her face when I said those awful words. Even if she’s going to forgive me, I’ll never be able to forgive myself and forget about it. That day will always be there no matter what” Jimin answered and buried his face in his hands.

“Look at us, Jimin. You’re not going anywhere if you don’t make a move. Start today, take her back. Make her come back to you if you love her. 2 months is not enough for her to forget you and moving on. She’s still waiting” Jin said and placed a hand on Jimin’s right shoulder, giving it a light squeeze.

Jimin looked up at them, letting a single tear leaving his eye, slowly rolling down his right cheek. He was going to do whatever it took to have you back in his arms again.

But the only question was, will you take him back?

“You sure about this?” your friend asked and let out a heavy sigh, sitting down next to you and helping you pack down your clothes.

You gave her a thumb up and gave her a weak smile. Now that your life have turned upside down, why not take another way and start a new life, on the other side?

“You don’t want to wait for him anymore?” she asked and gave you a sad smile. You bit your lip and looked down to your ring finger that still felt empty without the ring.

“I’ve waited 2 months, Y/F/N-ah. If he really wanted me back, he would call me since day one. I haven’t even changed my number. But 61 days and still nothing. I can’t wait forever you know”

“I don’t mean that you should wait for him more than this, but… you sure about leaving your biggest dream and just move to America?” she asked, making you look up at her.

“Actually, my biggest dream was to get married, but now that this happened, I don’t think I’m ready for that. I just want a new, fresh start somewhere I’ve never been to before” you answered and closed your suitcase.

The sound of the door bell made both of you raise your eyebrows.
“I’ll get it” you said and stood up and made your way to the door and opened it.

Not expecting the person who stood right in front of you at all, you slammed the door in his face and locked it. Placing a hand on your pounding heart, you closed your eyes and took a deep breathe to calm down your nerves.

“Y/N-ah! Who was it?” your friend asked from the livingroom.

“Just someone” you answered before counting to five and opened the door again.

Hey” he was the first one to talk. The first one to make the first move. Because the next thing you knew, Jimin had his arms around you.

You were stunned by the sudden hug and couldn’t do anything but let him hug you. Leaving your arms by your sides, you tried hard to not think too much about how his heart was beating faster than ever against your chest.

After a while, you tried carefully to push him away. He must have noticed it because he let you go and looked down, ashamed.

“What are you doing here?” you asked and closed the door behind yourself, leaving Y/F/N inside the house.

“Can we talk?” Jimin asked and his eyes started to get teary.

“That’s what we’re doing right now” You tried so hard to not give up and just grab him by his shirt and kiss him, show him how much you’ve missed him.

“I mean, do you have time? Can we go to the park or something? I really need to talk to you, about us

Park Jimin. Firstly, there’s no us. Secondly, no I don’t have time and thirdly, if you have anything to say, please just say it here” you answered and crossed your arms over your chest.

He let out a heavy sigh and grabbed your hand and dragged you to the nearest bench. Jimin let you sit down while he stood infront of you. Making it impossible for you to look anywhere but him.

“I’m sorry” you rolled your eyes, still crossing your arms over you chest. After 2 months and the only thing he could say was sorry? Why didn’t he just shut up and stay where he was.

“Jagi, look at me. Don’t think that you were the only one who got your heart broken. Look at me, these past months has been hell for me too”

“Yeah, like I care” you lied and looked at him. He really did look terrible. Dark circles, red, puffy eyes, much paler and he had lost much weight. His hair needed to be cut, because it almost covered his eyes.

After hearing you say that, Jimin’s eyes changed, his eyes showed pain, a lot of pain. Like those words you just said stabbed him right in his heart.

“You don’t care..?” he whispered, almost painfully. His jaw was clenched and so were his fists.

“I-I don’t know” you answered and looked down. Why did you feel like an idiot for hurting him like that when he just said that he felt like shit?

Kneeling down in front of you, he grabbed your hands in his and placed it on your bare legs, both of your hands. Jimin looked right into your eyes and before you knew it, you felt a pair of warm, soft lips against your own.

“Don’t say things like that. Please. It feels like my heart just broke into thousand pieces once again. I can’t handle the pain anymore” he said after the short kiss. Jimin lifted your hand to his lips and gave it a light kiss, leaving all sorts of feelings.

Do you know how much I regret saying those words that night? Do you know how much I missed you? Do you know how bad I’ve been these past 2 months, without you, Y/N? Do you know how much I love you?”

You gulped and looked at him with tears in your eyes. Why did he have to come here and say all these things when you were going to leave tomorrow?


No, listen to me. I know I was wrong. I know what I did to you was wrong. Accusing you for cheating when you did literally everything for me. Accusing such an amaxing girlfriend for cheating, several times was stupid. Because the sober me knew that you would never do that.

But I’m sorry, I lost control, I lost everything and I’m sorry that I accused you for something I really regret accusing you for. I also regret saying that you were the biggest mistake in my life when you’re my world. I’m sorry, Y/N” Jimin was now crying, his warm tears landed one by one on your thigh.

“I never blamed you for saying those words. I just… I knew you were drunk. But I’m more hurt that you didn’t try to call me or contact me at all. It made me think that maybe you weren’t that drunk and that you meant all those words. But I can’t lie and say that hearing those words leave your mouth that night like you’ve prepared to say them for a long time didn’t hurt because it really did.”

Give me one chance. One chance to show you how much you mean to me. One chance, that’s all I need. I just need one chance to prove my love to you. Because, Y/N, I really can’t live without you. Will you give me one more chance. Let me make it up to you. Let me love you. Let me show you that you’re my world. Will you?” he said and opened a small box making you gasp.

It wasn’t one ring, but two. One ring that you recognized but the other one was new, diamonds shining and just like the one you’ve always wanted as your wedding ring.

Give me one chance. Let’s live together until the day we die. Let’s spend the rest of our lives together. Let’s make a family. Let’s love each other endlessly. Will you? Because I’m one hundred percent ready for a future with you.” Jimin said and wiped away your tears that were running down both of your cheeks.

“Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?”


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Neighbors 2 A Nonstop Cringe Ride

- The whole movie is based on the premise that sororities are not allowed to host parties but frats can and how that’s some sexist patriarchal injustice. Well as it turns out there is no law saying sororities cannot have parties, however it is the sororities themselves that collectively decided to ban alcohol. Way to blame society for something you did to yourself…especially since you can still just open up an unaffiliated house, like they do in the movie. But no it’s gotta be a social issue, damn patriarchy. 

- Then for some reason it becomes this feminist women can be stupid drunk idiots just like men movie. Because men being seen as dumber than women is obviously sexist against women. Which is actually a hilariously accurate example of the state of feminism. Although they try to make this point while also still maintaining this idea that men are dumber than women. 

- Like when they actually say “women are smarter than men”, when Rogen points out that’s sexist the reply is “It’s not sexist when it’s about men.” 

The other guy holds out a fist and says men’s rights to which Seth replies “No fuck you.”

- When they complain to the college about the sorority they are told nothing can be done about their disruptive behaviour (they have “unlimited strikes”) because it’s a female sorority and that would look bad to shut them down. Seth points out that’s sexist because they are not treating them the way they would a frat. And he gets told “There’s no such thing as reverse sexism…white man.”

- Girls have a feminist icon party “Future president Clinton.”

- Throw used tampons at and in their neighbour’s house. Call a guy on their side a sexist and get all preachy when he says that was gross and crossing a line. “Because if it was dicks it would be funny.” Which raises the question does she mean fake dicks? Because if so then no dildos and bloody vagina blood are not at all equitable. Does she mean real actual bloody severed cocks…because if so no that also would be massively over the line and would raise the question of where you got all the disembodied cocks.

- Of course frats are depicted as nothing more than rape factories full of idiots.

- Black cop: “Why do I need a body cam I’m not going to shoot myself. If you can’t beat them join them.”

- “Don’t say hoes it’s not cool anymore.”

- Really awkward out of place sudden gay engagement. Because if you’re a frat guy that likes to have sex with a lot of women you’re probably just covering up your gayness. And this movie is an opportunity to parade out all the progressive pet causes.

- Horny girls fawning over Zac Efron’s strip show suddenly repulsed and traumatized when he pulls his dick out. 

- “They would never say you were too intense if you were a man.” Because apparently the writers for neighbors 2 didn’t see neighbors 1

I give it 8 out of 10 blue pills

Blame it on the Alcohol

Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 4k

Genre: Smut

Request: Hi! Can I request a Jungkook smut where you are friends and he is all shy, literally just being his typical self. One day you go out clubbing/partying together and he gets really drunk and turns into the complete opposite, suddenly full of confidence . Somehow that night you end up sleeping together ;) Thanks in advance!!

Other Parts: 1 2 3 4

I just stared at him, willing him to speak. Just one word, that’s all I wanted. He tapped his pencil on the table and stared at the empty space in front of him.

Knowing that I was watching him, his eyes flickered toward me, his pencil froze in its actions, then his gaze quickly turned back to the space in front of him and the pencil started hitting the wood on the table as it had done before.

I sighed, I hate partner projects.

I looked to my professor who was leaned far back in his desk chair and his legs crossed on the table. His thin framed glasses were balanced on the tip of his nose as he blankly looked at an old newspaper. I silently cursed him for partnering me up with the shyest person in the class. No, the shyest person on the planet.

I side glanced my partner again, “Sooo, we need to come up with a topic for our presentation,” I tried to encourage him to come up with something. Every idea I came up with had been met with a meek shrug of his shoulders.

“Mhm,” he hummed as he was now twirling his pencil in between his long, thin fingers.

I pursed my lips and squinted at him, “Got any ideas?”

He chewed on his lip and shook his head.

I sighed and slumped back in my chair. Every other group had come up with their topic and started their projects yesterday. We were already behind the other groups and I couldn’t figure out how to get through to him so we could catch up.

You know, he’s lucky he’s gorgeous because if he just looked like every other Joe Shmoe in this school, I’d be furious with him right now. Every time I felt myself losing my temper, I would look at his profile and would suddenly feel calm, entranced even. His name was Jungkook. His features were soft and silky. His had a faint hint of a scar below his eye and I wondered how he managed to get it. His deep, inviting dark brown eyes were surrounded by thick, long black eyelashes.

“I was thinking we could—” just as I was about to pitch another idea, the bell rang.

“Pick up from here on Monday,” I finished my sentence.

“Okay,” he said without looking at me, gathering his belongings and standing up from his chair.

I followed his actions and grabbed my stuff, then walked toward the door. I just wanted to get out of this class and temporarily avoid the stress that this project had brought to me.

“Hey Y/N!” a girl shouted my name before I could get through the door.

I turned around to a girl who I’d spoken to a few times calling for my attention.

“Are you going to the party at the bar tonight?” she asked.

I cocked my head to the side, “I didn’t know there was a party at the bar tonight?”

“Oh, well… you should come! It’s gonna be a blast!”

I debated her offer inside my head then my eyes found Jungkook who was stood close to me and I was reminded of the stress of our project and my desperation to get my mind off of it.

I turned back to the girl, “Yeah, okay, I’ll be there! I’ll bring a friend too,” I told her with a smile.

She clapped happily, “Great! It starts at 8,” then she turned to Jungkook, “You should come too!”

He looked at her with wide eyes like a deer, surprised that she was addressing him directly. He let out a long breath then nodded, “a party could be fun,” he muttered, quickly looking down at the ground as he addressed her.

So he’ll speak to her but not me? 

His eyes flickered in my direction once more before he bowed his head and ducked out of the classroom.

I took my time getting home. I decided to grab a coffee from the campus’s cafe and take a stroll through a nearby park. I walked until I naturally headed down the path to my apartment and unlocked the door. I called my best friend and asked her to come to the party with me tonight. Of course, she obliged because that girl loved a good party. By the time I got back to my apartment, I only had a couple hours until the party started.

I went into the kitchen and made myself a bowl of ramen and slowly slurped small mouthfuls of noodles. After I finished my pre-party meal, I put the dish in the sink and filled it with water to soak. I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower, waiting until the bathroom was filled with steam to peel off my day clothes then slipped into the shower. I lazily lathered my body with soap and scrubbed my scalp with shampoo, not being in any rush to get to the party. I stood in the shower, letting the water run down my body until it went cold. I turned off the water then wrapped myself in a towel and walked into my bedroom.

I jumped with I walked through the door and was welcomed by my best friend sitting on my bed, fully dressed and ready to go.

“Why aren’t you ready yet?! It’s already 8:30!” she spoke shrilly while flapping her hands around. She wore a tight sparkly strapless red dress that perfectly accentuated her womanly curves and voluptuous breasts which I had always been slightly jealous of.

I shrugged, “Just taking my time. No one shows up to parties on time anyway.”

She sighed and rolled her eyes, “Well hurry up.”

Brushing off her bitterness, I walked over to the closet to find an outfit. I dug through my underwear until I found what I was looking for: a padded black lacey bra with underwear to match. I always put on my prettiest pair of underwear before a party, not because I was looking to get lucky, but because it gave me confidence. I picked out a pair of skin tight black skinny jeans and paired them with a black sparkly top with straps that crisscrossed in the back.

“Aren’t you a little dressed down?” my friend asked me, looking at her outfit, then mine.

“It’s just a bar, I think this is fine,” I gestured to my appearance, “come do my hair while I do my makeup,” I ordered and walked down the hall to the bathroom. My hair was curled and left down to frame my face. I stuck with fairly tame eyeshadow colors— just a few shades of brown which was dark enough to make my eyes look bigger and more defined but not dark enough to make me look like I just got out of a fist fight and lost. I applied a soft pink lip color and a pair of black high heels which made my ass look fantastic. Then, at 9:30, I was ready to go.

The bar was just a short walk from my apartment. My friend was already complaining about her feet hurting and her dress riding up and I just rolled my eyes and laughed at her. I could hear the bass of the music blasting from the bar from a block away. When we got to the entrance, there were lights of various colors strobing through the windows. The music was deafeningly loud and pulsed through my body, filling me with excitement as we walked through the doors into the pool of people.

I turned to speak to my best friend but found her already attached butt to crotch with a smitten stranger. His hands were on her thighs as she ground herself onto his hips sexily. My gaze wandered from her to a man leaning against a support beam with a half drank beer in his hand. He had a sleazy smirk on his face as he raised his glass to me and winked. I groaned and my stomach churned at his hungry expression.

I need a drink.

I struggled to make my way through the crowd to the end of the building where the bar was. When I finally reached it, I slumped against the cool wood of the long bar and took a seat on one of the open bar stools. The music was significantly less intense over here, now I could actually hear lyrics and some sort of tune rather than just bass.

Just as the song was ending, the bartender began to walk over to me. Just as I was about to tell him my order, the sound of a guy laughing loudly caught my attention. I turned my head to where the laughter was coming from and my stomach lurched in surprise.

On the bend of the bar counter, my partner in class, Jungkook was smiling hugely with his hand on a girl’s shoulder. He was wearing a black leather jacket which he paired with a white v neck shirt that showed off a bit of his muscular smooth chest. He leaned in close to her and whispered seductively which made her melt into a fit of giggles and playfully push him away, letting her hand linger on his chest much longer than it needed to.

Just as the opening chords to a new song blasted through the speakers, Jungkook’s eyes found mine across the bar. I froze unsure of what to do next. Should I look away? Wave?

His already dark brown eyes grew even darker as he turned his head to the side and rolled his tongue across the inside of his cheek, a devilish smile grew on his face. He leaned in close to whisper something in the girl’s ear, never breaking eye contact with me. He stepped away from her and he head snapped in my direction. She shot me a glare as Jungkook moved around the bend toward me.

Before I could react, Jungkook was standing extremely close to me, looking my body up and down, “Hellooo,” he drew out the the “o”, “you look ravishing,” he flirted.

I stood there stunned, there’s no way this was the same boy that refused to even make eye contact with me in class today.

“I–I didn’t think you’d show up to this,” I admitted in a fluster.

He turned his head to the side, “Why not? I said I would in class today.”

I shrugged, “You just don’t seem like the party type.”

He smirked, “I only came on the off-chance that I’d get to see you.”

His bold confession made his current state obvious to me, “Are you drunk?” I asked him, brushing off what he had just said. There’s no way he meant it if he was drunk, right?

He looked off to the side like he was debating his answer, then he looked back at me with a single raised eyebrow, “I’m not sober.”

I nodded. Shit, maybe he did mean it. I turned away from him and tried to let my curls fall over my face and block my blushing cheeks from his line of sight.

“Do you want a drink? How about a beer?” Jungkook asked and before I could respond was shouting at the bartender to get him two beers on tap.

I was going to interject but I couldn’t find anything wrong with letting a cute boy buy me a drink, so I said nothing. Especially after this cute boy basically put me through hell during class by refusing to work with me on our project. If anything, he owed me this drink.

“Are you here alone?” he asked before taking a long drink from the golden frothy liquid that the bartender had just put in front of him.

I grabbed my glass and turned my body so I could see the dance floor. I scanned the crowd until I spotted my best friend, who was now grinding on a different guy than she had been earlier, “That one,” I pointed to her, “I brought her,” I also chugged half of my beer.

He leaned closer to me to see who I was pointing at, “Red dress?”


He laughed and took another huge drink, essentially emptying his glass, “She looks like she’s having fun.”

I scoffed, “You could say that.”

Jungkook put his empty glass on the counter then tapped the table with his fingertips as he thought through something.

“Can you take shots?” he questioned playfully.

One corner of my mouth raised, “I don’t mean to brag but, I am excellent at taking shots,” I found myself sending out flirtatious vibes without meaning to.

He raised his eyebrow again, “Oh really? Prove it,” he baited.

I leaned back and put my hand over my chest, pretending to be hurt that he would ever doubt me, “Maybe I will,” I called the bartender over and ordered two rounds of shots of tequila for both of us. He poured the poison into shot glasses in front of us. Jungkook and I both grabbed one glass out of the four sat in front of us and clinked them together before downing the liquid and feeling as if it was burning a hole in my throat since I had no chaser.

I tried to play it off cool and pretend that the shot was nothing but I lost it when Jungkook became a laughing and coughing mess in front of me. I followed him quickly after as my body tried to reject what I had just consumed. Without pausing, we did the second round, having the same reaction as the first. Jungkook called for yet another round of shots, which we both did easily since the damage had already been done from the first two.

“You’re right,” he commented, “you are good at taking shots.

I shrugged smugly. Just then, a particularly loud song started playing.

“I can’t believe this,” I screamed over the blaring music.

“Can’t believe what?” he shouted back.

“You’re actually fun!”

He laughed and held up his shot glass, which the bartender had kindly refilled, “Blame the alcohol,” then the poured the shot down this throat.

I grabbed my glass and held it still for a moment, knowing I needed to slow down before the drunkenness hit me like a ton of bricks, “You’re just so quiet normally, I’m surprised,” I said before opening my throat and allowing the liquor to pass through without touching my tongue.     

He shrugged, putting his mouth to my ear so he didn’t need to yell as much, “I like to think that tipsiness shows my true colors.”

We continued talking about nothing for about thirty minutes until I felt the five shots and half a beer beginning to set in. Just as my mind started to get loopy, I heard the opening to my favorite song.

I gasped and aggressively tugged on Jungkook’s arm, “Oo! Oo! I love this song!”

He looked around at the very full dance floor then looked at me suggestively, “Let’s go dance!”

He grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the bar, onto the dance floor. We both began to move our bodies to the rhythm of the music. The alcohol that was tracing through my veins allowed me to forget about any insecurities or embarrassment that I may have had if I were sober.

This song wasn’t exactly classy. It was definitely a booty shaking, boob bouncing song and I did just that right in front of Jungkook. A huge smile grew on his face as he watched my body move and swayed his body left and right.

He put a hand on my hip and helped guide me to the beat of the song. His hand moved from my hip to the curve of my lower back, pulling me closer to him. Adrenaline coursed through my body alongside the alcohol. I wrapped my arms around his neck and closed the gap between us. Our hips rocked against each other as Jungkook looked into my eyes and smiled seductively. I had no idea he had this sexy and smooth side to him and it was making my body get very warm and my breathing heavy.

I wasn’t sure how this dancing was making him feel but I knew I was started to get very turned on at the feeling of having my hips pressed to someone else. His hands were skimming up and down my back, getting very close to my butt but never actually resting there.

The song faded to its end and Jungkook and I just stood there, hips still pressed together, just looking at each other. His eyes were dark and hypnotic, making me yearn for him even more.

A new song started playing and Jungkook leaned his mouth to my ear, “It’s loud in here, let’s go somewhere else,” he grabbed my hand and started pulling me toward the exit of the bar. I frantically looked around for my friend and found her making out with the guy she had been grinding with, in the corner of the dance floor. She seemed occupied, I’d just text her to let her know where I went later.

Jungkook lead me outside into the cold, bitter air. He aggressively pushed me up against the brick wall of the bar and crashed his lips to mine. Drunk and extremely turned on, I immediately began kissing him back and spastically rubbing my hands all over his body. He grabbed at my upper thighs and ass, not being shy about grabbing it anymore. His tongue slipped into my mouth and I tangled my hands into his hair. I ground my hips on his just as I had done on the dance floor and he reciprocated the action.

“Hey, take that somewhere else!” the bouncer shouted at us, causing me to jump in fright and push Jungkook back.

He looked at me and smirk through his panting breath, “My apartment,” he said simply then grabbed my hand and pulled me down the road away from the bar. This is definitely not how I saw my night going.

We walked quickly down the deserted street to a tall apartment building. Jungkook led me through the lobby and into the elevator. He pushed the button for his floor, then pressed me against the side of the elevator and kissed me again, this time less harshly but still just as urgently as outside the bar.

We made out until the elevator dinged and the doors slid open. Jungkook grabbed me again and led me to his front door, opening it with a shaky hand then pulling me through the doorway.

I was once again shoved against the wall and Jungkook firmly pressed his lips to mine, unable to contain his desire for me. Our bodies pressed together and I could feel his hardening dick against me. I ground against the bulge and his breath hitched at the contact.

I grabbed the collar of his leather jacket and pulled the piece of clothing off of his body. He helped by pulling his arms out of the sleeves and cupped my face with his hands and shoved his tongue deep into my mouth. He kicked off his shoes and hiked up the bottom of my shirt and his hot hands grasped my bare waist. I also took off my shoes without breaking the kiss and grappled at his belt and tugging it open.

He broke the kiss and led me to his bedroom where everything was neatly lined up on shelves but the bed was unmade. He pushed me onto his bed and I landed on my back. He jumped onto of me and leaned in to reconnect our lips.

I put my hand on his chest to make him halt, “I don’t normally do this with people,” I informed him.

He smiled, “I don’t either,” then crashed his lips to mine. He grabbed the bottom of my shirt again and this time he pushed it up my body, breaking our kiss only long enough to pull it over my head. His hands grabbed my breasts and I silently thanked myself for wearing my nice bra.

He popped open my jeans and slid them down off of my hips, enough to have easy access to the hem of my underwear. As his fingers played with the top of my underwear, I pulled open his jeans and slid them down his body with my feet. His hand dipped into my underwear and let his middle finger run over my wet fold.

I hummed in pleasure at the feeling of his long fingers on me. He brought his finger up from my opening to circle my clit. I jolted, feeling relief from the pent up desire and moaned into his mouth. My hand cupped the bulge in his underwear, rubbing it. He ground his hips into my hand and rubbed my clit harder.

Sweat gathered at my hairline and I panted, already feeling overwhelmed with pleasure. He pulled his hand away from my center and tugged his underwear off, letting his dick spring free. He pulled my underwear off too as well as his shirt and my bra. His mouth left open kisses all over my chest as he lined himself up with my entrance.

He easily slid himself into me and didn’t hesitate to start rocking his hips. I wrapped my legs around his waist, allowing him to go deeper into me. He thrusted roughly and quickly, desperate to reach his release. I clenched around him, increasing the pleasure for both of us as he pounded into my g spot. He had me whimpering and moaning his name, knowing exactly what to do to make me unravel under him. He grunted and looked into my eyes, his brow furrowing and his mouth hanging open.

We both reached our highs quickly, the desperation for each other made it easy for both of us to cum. With one last grunt, he rolled off of me and laid on his back on the bed next to me. I rolled onto my stomach and looked at his sweat drenched face. He lazily brushed his fingers through my hair and looked at me through half lidded eyes.

It was then that I remember that this was the boy from class who was so incredibly shy that he couldn’t even look at me. How was it possible that I was now lying naked in bed with him.

“I honestly had no idea that you were like this,” I admitted, “you’re usually so shy.”

He chuckled, “I’d like to blame the alcohol but the truth is… The desire, the attraction for you, is real. The alcohol just brought out the confidence for me to act on it.”

“I didn’t even realize we had the same attraction for each other,” I shook my head in disbelief.

He smirked mischiefly, “Does that mean we can do this again sometime?”

I laughed and nodded.

“Good, I’ve got a lot more I want to do with you,” he told me and pulled me close to his body, wrapping his strong arm around me.

I sat silent for a moment, savoring the feeling, “Hey, you know something that you could do with me?” I lifted my head to look at his face.

He looked at me curiously.

“Our project,” I said.

He threw his head back and laughed loudly, his eyes scrunching closed, “Oh yeah, sorry about that.”

“It’s due in a week. I’m begging you to help me with it,” I jokingly begged.

He rubbed the back of my head with a smile, “should we work on it right now?” he suggested.

I contemplated his suggestion and shook my head, “Let’s just do this right now,” I rested my head on his chest and snuggled into him.

He hummed in agreement and pulled me close to him.

We ended up falling asleep wrapped in each other’s arms and come Monday, we finally made headway on our project.  

I changed it a bit and made it a College Au, I hope that’s okay?

I’d love feedback on this! Also, requests are open but you’ll have to forgive me for writing SUPER slow.

Thanks for Reading! xx

disconnected | l.h.

Who knows if Luke’s texting mistake could lead to something great.



Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 | Chapter 11

Character key: 


Friday, January 14th

How casual of you. Hi.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Nothing. It’s just we usually start these texts with a question or a story, hey just seems abrupt and…domestic.

Is that such a bad thing?

Not at all.

So, it’s been bugging me. What were you going to ask me the other night on the phone?

It was really nothing.

Are you sure?


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♡ 1 9 2 0 S  S L A N G  G U I D E

While I’ve seen tons of diversity cropping up in the tags for plots, what I haven’t seen a real diversity in is time periods. The most average rp about secrets could easily be spiced up by throwing it into a time such as the 20s when there was political fear, mobs, prohibition, and an impending stock market crash. With this guide, hopefully we’ll see some more time based rps crop up.

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I Wished pt. 2 [Rap Monster angst]

Pt. 1

WARNING: Very long and get ready for an emotional Rap Mon ;) and listen to Like I’m Gonna Lose You - Meghan Trainer & John Legend while reading this ;)))

Never did he thought about you leaving him. He always knew that you loved him more than you should and that you would never leave him, but then - why did he wake up without the smell of breakfast?

Namjoon felt a sharp pain in the chest and blamed it on the alcohol he drank yesterday. But he knew that it usually didn’t hurt at the chest area when he had a hangover. So what was the problem?

Y/N-ah” he called for you but got silence as an answer. She’s probably sleeping, he thought.

Namjoon stood up and decided to wake you up. But when he came in to your shared bedroom where you both usually fell asleep in each other’s arms, he didn’t find you there.

“She’s shopping groceries” he muttered for himself, trying to make himself believe in it. But deep down inside, he knew that you’ve already left.

Namjoon took out his phone and that was when he saw all the messages, missed calls and voicemails from you.

Not sure if he should listen to the voicemails first or last, he unlocked his phone and with shaking hands, he opened all your messages.

From: Y/N - yesterday 17.05:

“Namjoon-ah, when are you coming home? I have a surprise for you. Come home early today, will you? I love you! :* “ 

From: Y/N - yesterday 20.33:

“If you’re busy, don’t stress, I’ll wait!”

From: Y/N - yesterday 21.13:

“Did something happen? Give me a call, please? Kisses :*”

From: Y/N - yesterday 23.55:

“Namjoon-ah, please answer my calls”

And then it was the voicemails. He gulped and guilt washed over him while he listened to your voice. Even through the phone, he could hear how sad and broken you sounded. Gone were the happiness and love in your voice.

He slumped down on the bed when he heard your last voicemail.

“Hey… it’s me, Y/N. It’s our second anniversary today as a married couple. I cooked your favorite food and I have something I want to tell you. Give me a call, yeah? I love you”

He forgot your anniversary. Not only that, but he went out and had fun, flirted with the noonas and drank, letting you wait for him at home.

Namjoon knew that you already left, it was too late. He placed his head in his hands and grabbed his hair, hard. It hurt, but not as much as the painfully feeling he was feeling inside. 

He tried to call you, over fifty times. But it went straigth to the voicemail. You didn’t want him anymore, you were tired of him, you didn’t need him and you didn’t love him. That was the thoughts that flew around in his head.

He was crying while he hugged your pillow tightly. It was the only thing that still had your smell. 

RAP MONSTEEEEER!” someone shouted from outside. Y/N? Could it be you? But why did you call him by his stage name? You never called him by his stage name, it was always Namjoon or jagiya.

Although he was 99% sure that it wasn’t you, he still had hope. He sprinted to the front door and opened the door, but it wasn’t you. It wasn’t the face he wanted to see. It wasn’t your face.

“What are you guys doing here?” Namjoon asked the boys, wiping his tears away.

Jimin was the first one to see his red and teary eyes, like Jimin, everyone knew something was wrong.

“Hyung, what happend?” Taehyung asked worried. Namjoon wasn’t the one who cried. He was usually the one who comforted the others while they cried. 

“I fúcked up, Tae” he cried out and knelt down in front of them. He burst out in tears while the boys tried to comfort him. Saying that everything would be ok.

But they all knew that Namjoon was wrong and that everything wouldn’t be ok.

The following weeks was hard and tiring for both of you and Namjoon. You missed each other like crazy, but unlike Namjoon. you didn’t try to contact him. You couldn’t, not now.

“Y/N, Jimin called me and asked if I knew where you were” your friend informed and sat down beside you on the couch. You guys decided that you were going to stay at her place until the baby was born. 

“And you said no, right?” you asked her when you saw the look on her face. That look only meant that she told them where you were.

I’m sorry, Y/N-ah! I felt bad for him. Jimin told me how much he regret letting you go and that he misses you a lot. It has almost been 2 months since you left and he’s going crazy without you. You should just call him or something.” Y/F/N said and gave you a “please do not kill me” smile.

You shook your head and looked down at your belly. Your stomach were bigger now and any human could see that you were pregnant. But what would he think of you being pregnant?  

“I can’t. I’m pregnant and I didn’t even tell hi-” the door bell interrupted you and you looked at your friend with widdened eyes.

“It’s him, isn’t it?” you asked, in a very low voice, thinking that he might hear you. Y/F/N nodded slowly and got up when the door bell rang again.

Your eyes widdened even more, if it was possible and you got up and almost ran to the bathroom and locked yourself in there.

You leaned on the door and placed a hand above your pounding heart.

He was here.

“Where’s Y/N? I need to see her” you heard him say. His voice was the same. A little hoarse but nothing really changed.

“She’s not here” your friend lied. You had to admit, Y/F/N was a bad liar. Anyone could tell that she was lying.

“Not here, huh? That’s her shoes and that’s her favorite scarf and she’s not here?” Namjoon asked. You bit your lip hard and felt how nervous you got.

You then heard steps, coming towards you. You held in your breath and closed your eyes.


Your name sounded different, good different. Not answering him, you tried to breath like a normal person. But it was difficult. He was right there, at the other side. 

“I know you’re in there, please come out. I miss you so much… so, so much” you heard him say. You held in the tears, you had promised yourself not to cry. But why did it burn behind those eyelids?

I’m sorry for letting you go, I’m sorry for leaving you by yourself, I’m sorry for forgetting our anniversary day, I’m sorry for calling you for things you didn’t deserve to hear, I’m sorry for not being there for you, I’m sorry for being the worst husband ever and I’m sorry for not giving you the love that you deserve. Baby, I’m sorry…” he continued. You heard a few sobs from the other side and it took all you strength to not open the door.

He deserved it. He deserved all of this, you tried to make yourself think about all the dumb things he did and said to you. But, honestly, all you could see was him crying. And it hurt.

“Y/N-ah, I know I hurt you. But I can’t live without you. I wished everything went back to the time when everything was perfect. Just us two. I need you, baby. You hear me?” Namjoon said and leaned on the door that separated both of you from each other.

“I’m going crazy without you” he cried and buried his face in his hands, waiting for you to at least say something.

You took a deep breath and wiped away your tears before unlocking the door and stepping out.

“Y/N” Namjoon muttered and wiped away his tears too. He didn’t waste more than 5 seconds before he wrapped his arms arond you body, hugging you like he hasn’t seen you in forever.

You hugged him back and buried your face in the crook of his neck. You didn’t realize how much you had missed him until now when you were in his arms.

You let go of him after a while and looked up at him. Tears were still running down his cheeks and his eyes were puffy and red. 

You wiped it away and caressed his cheek. His eyes was on your face, only your face the whole time. He didn’t even notice your bump until he heard Jimin say something.

“Oh my God, she’s pregnant?” Jimin whispered to Y/F/N, making you roll your eyes.

Namjoon’s eyes widdened and he looked down at you stomach.

“You - you’re pregnant? he asked shocked about the news. He was going to be a daddy?

You smiled weakly and nodded and before you knew it, you were embraced again. He kissed the top of your head and ran his hand up and down your back.

“I’m not letting you or our baby go again, ever” 



I can’t describe with words how thankful I am. Thank you x1000! 

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Blame it on the Alcohol‒ Part 2

Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 4k 

College Kook and sexy times what more could you want?

Summary: After that night at the bar, Jungkook had gone back to his shy self and was now avoiding you. You confronted him after running into him on campus and he told you about his lack of confidence. You decided to go back to the bar and help him gain more confidence. 

Other Parts: 1 2 3 4 

“…And those are the reasons why Abraham Lincoln was the most influential president in United States history. Thank you,” I concluded the presentation, alone. Jungkook was conveniently absent on the day of our presentation. He had also spoken minimally to me since that night at the bar. Sure, we got our presentation done with little to no problems but after class, he would rush away from me and ignore me every time I ran into him on campus. He didn’t give me his phone number so I couldn’t contact him that way. It’s as if that night, with that confident guy, had never happened.

I pushed away the feelings of anger and betrayal and left the class. I had two more lectures to get through before I finally got to go home. It was Friday, after a long week and all I wanted to do was slump onto my couch in my sweatpants and put on my favorite tv show. I slid through the next two classes, taking as little notes as possible then rushed out of the last class into the courtyard of the campus.

I walked along a brick wall which would lead to a shortcut back to my apartment. I began to walk across an intersection of walkways when someone crashed into me as they barrelled around the corner, causing me to collapse on the ground.

“Oh! I–I’m sorry!”  a familiar person voiced their apologies.

“Wha…” I shook myself out of my state of surprise as I registered what had just happened and who was standing in front of me, “Wha… Jungkook?!”

I looked up to see those familiar big brown eyes, “Oh, um…” he looked at me then shifted his eyes guiltily.

To my surprise, he started to back away from me, leaving me on the ground.

“Hey!” I jolted up and closed the space between us. I back him against the brick wall and put my hands on either side of his body to block him in. From an outsider’s perspective, this probably looked silly since I was significantly smaller than him and definitely not as muscular but, shy little Jungkook easily obliged to me being so aggressive with him, “Do you want to explain to me why you weren’t at our presentation today?!” I shouted at him.

He shook his head and rubbed his temple, “I–I’m so sorry, Y/N. It’s just that… presentations… they always make me so nervous and I–I was going to show up, really I was! But then, I–I panicked and I didn’t know what to do so I–I ditched, and that was wrong and I’m so sorry,” he fumbled over his words nervously, waving his hands as he frantically explained himself.

I rolled my eyes, rubbed my brow and sighed, “Okay, okay it’s okay,” I tried to calm him and myself at the same time. I sighed again and looked up at him, “can you explain why you’ve been avoiding me since we slept together?” I asked forwardly.

He looked directly into my eyes, trying to find his answer within them. He looked at the ground and shook his head, “Y/N,”

“You told me… I mean, you made it seem like, you–you liked me… like you wanted to do that again with…me,” now I fumbled over my words trying to hide my wavering voice and embarrassment.

He sighed,”No, I can’t explain,” he looked back at me with eyes that were filled with regret and bit his lip, “I can’t explain why I’ve been avoiding you.”

“Y/N, it’s just a fact that I’m not naturally a smooth guy. I don’t know how to win women over easily. No matter how much I want to,” he admitted.

“You didn’t have a problem with that the other night,” I thought back to how easily he pulled me in at the bar.

“I was drunk.”

I pursed my lips, “I knew the alcohol helped with your confidence, I just didn’t realize it was a necessity.”

“It’s not, I just need to get more confidence,” he told me.

I raised an eyebrow at him, “You’re telling me that the only way you can comfortably speak to me, the only way you can gain confidence, is if you’re drunk?” I laughed once.

He clenched his teeth nervously, trying to think of a way to get himself out of the corner he had been backed into, “It’s not that I need to be drunk…It’s um… Well—”

“No, it’s fine. Let’s go get drunk again,” I cut him off mid stutter.

He jolted his head back, surprised, “What?”

“You say you need more confidence and alcohol is the key to that, so, let’s go get you more confidence. Plus, you owe me since you stood me up in class today,” I told him, dropping my arms to my sides and freeing him from my human cage.

He laughed once to himself and I saw the slightest hint of a smirk growing on his face, “Okay, let’s go.”

We left campus together and went to the bar nearest the school, the one that all of the college students at our school went to. Seeing as it was only about 4:30 in the afternoon, the bar was basically empty, minus a few middle-aged local men sat at the bar who were probably avoiding going home for some reason. It shadowed as a restaurant during the daytime so there were tables evenly spread across what I knew to be the dance floor.  

“Isn’t it a little early for you guys to start partying? I mean I know it’s Friday but cmon! Usually, I have at least until 7 o'clock before you start piling in here,” the tattooed bartender lightly taunted while cleaning an empty beer glass.

“No party, just us. And it’s never too early to start partying,” I joked.

He looked down at the glass in his hand and shook his head, “If you say so,” he put the glass down and walked over to us as we sat down at the bar, leaning his inked arms on the counter, “What can I get you?”

I looked at Jungkook to answer since he was the one buying, “Uh, two beers on tap,” he said.

The bartender nodded and walked to the other end of the bar to get our drinks.

“So the presentation went fine,” I started, “I don’t know if you care, since you weren’t there,” I wasn’t ready to let go of my grudge just yet.

Jungkook hung his head defeatedly but laughed, knowing I wasn’t completely serious, “I really am sorry about that.”

“Sorry doesn’t change the fact that I was up there alone rambling about Abraham Lincoln,” I stated as the bartender place two overflowing glasses of beer in front of us.

“Do you think we got a good grade?” he asked, brushing off my attempted guilt trip and taking a big gulp of his beer which left a white line of froth on his upper lip that he quickly licked away.

I rolled my eyes, “Yes, I think we got a good grade.”

“Cool… hey, do you wanna split an order of fries?” he abruptly changed the subject.

I nodded my head side to side, “I could go for some fries,”

Jungkook told the bartender who went to the back to inform the cook then came back out and continued cleaning empty glasses.

“So, what’s your major?” I asked him, trying to keep a conversation going.

He took another drink of his beer, “I’m undeclared. I’m just taking required classes right now,” he explained.

“Ah, so United States history isn’t an interest to you?” I only asked because it was the only class we had together.

He smiled, “No, not in the slightest.”

There was a lull and I decided to ask a more daring question, “So are you this shy around everyone, or just girls?”

He shook his head and looked at me from the side, “Just the pretty girls.”

I leaned back and blushed at his response. “Not smooth” my ass.

“Oh cmon, you can’t be that surprised that I think you’re hot; I already fucked you,” he pointed out cockily and took another drink of his beer. By this time the fries had come out, steaming hot. I grabbed one and shoved it into my mouth, ignoring that it was burning my throat as it slid down.

“You avoided me for an entire week but now you’re all the sudden being bold? You make no sense Jeon Jungkook,” I shook my head and sipped at my beer to extinguish the burn in my throat.

“I think it’s the change in setting,” he pondered, “school isn’t exactly the best place to talk about my sexcapades,” he noted.

“Wait, sexcapades? As in more than one? Is that something you do regularly?” I turned my body to face him and asked in a slightly confrontational tone.

Not looking at me, he grabbed a fry as nibbled the top of it, “No,” he smiled as if he were bragging.

I narrowed my eyes at him and decided to move on.

“That night,” I began, “You asked if we could do it again sometime. Does that mean you enjoyed yourself?” I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting at but I was curious about what his answer would be.

One corner of his lips turned upward, “I had tons of fun. I think the best part was watching you dance,” he looked into space, imagining the scene, “you really know how to move your hips,” he didn’t seem shy anymore.

I raised an eyebrow at him, “That was the best part for you?”

He turned his body toward me and leaned in with the same mischievous smile he had the last time we were at the bar, “Well it was definitely one of the highlights,” he purred.

“You wanna know what the best part for me was?” I decided what I wanted and I was done dancing around the subject. Best to be straightforward, “My favorite part was when you took me back to your apartment and fucked me so hard I couldn’t think straight” I cooed, feigning innocence, contrasting the profanities that had just left my lips.

Jungkook didn’t seem taken aback by what I said, “Darling, I wasn’t even showing you all I’ve got,” he teased.

“Oh really? What else could you do?” I baited.

With a final smirk, Jungkook leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. It wasn’t an eager or needy kiss, but rather slow and playful. I molded my lips to his and scooted closer. His hand rested on my upper thigh and squeezed. I could faintly taste the beer which still lingered on his lips.

I leaned back and looked at his half‒drank glass of beer, “Okay are you really that much of a lightweight?”

He followed my gaze to the glass and laughed, “No! No,” he looked at his hand which was still resting on my thigh, “I don’t think need the alcohol when I’m with you,” he admitted, “you make it really easy to say what’s on my mind,” he confessed, looking sweetly into my eyes with his huge, gleaming puppy dog eyes.

“Plus, I need to be sober if I’m going to bring my A‒game,” he said.

I furrowed my brow, “Bring your A‒game to what?”

He smiled and stood from his stool. He reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet, slipping out a crisp 20 dollar bill and tossing it on the counter, “Let’s go,” he flicked his head toward the door and started walking in that direction. I took one last look at the half-empty glasses of beer and the plate of fries that were barely touched then scrambled to followed Jungkook who was pretty much already out the door.

“Go where?” I asked after I caught up with him outside.

He didn’t respond however, my question was answered when I noticed that we were headed in the direction of his apartment. I picked up my pace in order to keep up with him and ignored the fact that my body was already aching with desire just at the thought of what he would do to me.

We got to his apartment building as the sun was just beginning to set behind the skyscrapers, filling the sky with orange and pink tones. The lobby was empty and I followed Jungkook down a short, familiar hallway to the elevator.

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open. We slipped inside to the box and, in a moment of deja vu, Jungkook pressed the button to his floor then backed me up against the wall of the elevator. He brought both hands up to cup my jaw then pressed his lips to mine softly. My knees felt weak at the touch of his lips and I faded into him.

“Oh yeah, this is already more fun than last time,” he spoke against my lips. I had to agree with him. Right now we were making out in the elevator, just like last time, but, there wasn’t any sort of urgency. Plus, our kisses weren’t sloppy and wet like they had been the other night, it’s a hell of a lot easier to make out with someone without alcohol clouding your brain.

The door dinged again and we broke apart in order to walk out of the elevator and down the brightly lit corridor to his apartment. He dug around in his pocket until he found his keys then he unlocked the door and let us in.

He kicked off his shoes and I followed suit, setting them next to the front door. Jungkook tenderly grabbed my hand and led me down the hallway into his bedroom. I walked through first, taking my chance to notice the simplicity of his bedroom. The bed was unmade with the black sheets crumpled up where he had been sleeping the night before. The bed was the only unkempt part of the room, books were perfectly lined up on the shelf in the corner of the room and various in a neat pile next to his closed laptop on the desk. He closed the door behind him and turned to face me, slowly walking forward until the gap between us was closed and his body was pressed against mine.

He leaned down and ghosted his lips over mine, but never actually let them touch, “lay down,” he slightly jerked his head over my shoulder to the bed behind me.

I did as he said and backed up until my knees hit the edge of the mattress and I collapsed on top of the bed. I scooted back, leaning against the propped up pillows against the headboard. Jungkook crawled up the bed after me and hovered his body over mine. He leaned down and placed a quick, single kiss on my lips. His mouth traveled farther down to my neck and sucked at the sensitive skin. I turned my head to the side in order to give him a better angle. He kissed down my collarbones then back up my neck again and stopping at my ear while he delicately took the skin between his teeth and sucked. I laced my fingers into his soft hair and played with the strands by his neck.

 His hands traveled down to my sides where he pushed up the bottom of my shirt and let his fingertips skim across the bare skin of my stomach. His fingers danced up my torso until they found my breasts which were covered by my bra. He cupped and squeezed my breasts a bit then moved his hands to once again grab the bottom of my shirt and this time, pull it over my head. He reconnected his lips with mine and fiddled around with the clasp of my bra until it popped open and he threw it onto the floor. His hands cupped the newly exposed skin and his fingers circled my nipples, creating even more heat between my legs.

I grabbed his shirt and the chest and tugged to signal that I wanted it off. He grabbed the fabric by the neck fluidly pulled it over his head, revealing his extremely toned and sculpted torso. I let my hands brush over the muscles then wrapped my arms around his waist to pull him closer and press my lips to his.

He kissed me firmly then moved his mouth down to my neck, then my shoulders, then to my chest. He left a trail of kisses in the valley of my breast then continued down my stomach. He moved his knees off of the bed and sat on the floor then grabbed my legs and pulled me closer to the edge of the bed. He kissed a line along my hips as he grabbed the button of my pants and pulled it open. He pulled my pants down my legs and let them join the rest of my clothes on the floor. His thumb rubbed the inside of my thigh, getting very close to my underwear.

He looked up at me with a smirk and pulled my underwear off of my body. First, he kissed my hip bone, then slowly moved his mouth lower. He kissed my inner thigh, ghosting his mouth over where I needed him most, but not actually going there. I squirmed in anticipation and whimpered lightly which made him smile in satisfaction. He looked into my eyes as he placed a single kiss on the outside of my folds, warmth and energy sprang through my body at that small amount of contact. He put his lips on me again, this time letting them linger and explore. His tongue gently poked out and slid down my folds. I covered my mouth and gasped as the sensation. He spread me open with his fingers then quickly swept his tongue up the entirety of my pussy. He took my folds in his lips and sucked on them before running his tongue over my clit. He used the tip of his tongue to draw circles around the tiny bud and I rocked my hips against his mouth. He was teasing me as he moved his tongue away from my clit and down to my center, then he would move back to my clit to only stay there for a second then move again. I felt my need for release getting stronger and whined to let him know. Finally, he wrapped his lips around my clit and sucked gently. I gasped and moaned, not caring how loud I was as I got what I wanted. He alternated between sucking on my clit and quickly flicking his tongue against it. My legs began to shake and my breath got heavier as I drew closer to an orgasm. I laced my fingers in his hair and pushed his head down as I rocked my hips in time with his tongue. I sat up and propped myself up with my shoulders t get a view at what he was doing. His tongue was expertly moving over my clit and his finger was now circling my entrance. He slid two fingers into me and slowly pumped them in and out, making sure to curl them as well. Between his tongue and his fingers, my high was fast approaching. I was moaning a mixture of swear words and his name as I rolled my head back and closed my eyes. I felt the familiar knot in my stomach getting more and more intense as I was right on the cusp of an orgasm.

“Jungkook I’m gonna…” I tried to get the sentence out but I was too far gone.

Then, his mouth moved away from my clit and he pulled his fingers out of me.

“Hey!” I shouted frustratedly.

He chuckled and crawled back on the bed, kissing me playfully. I scowled at him and laid my head back down on the pillow as he hovered over me.

“I can’t wait any longer,” he admitted and undid his belt, opening his pants and pulling them down.

I could see the tent in his underwear, straining against the fabric. He pulled his underwear off and his dick sprung out and hit his stomach. I rolled my bottom lip between my teeth and reached for his cock. I started by grabbing the base and slowly bringing my hand upward. He let out a breath of relief when my fingers brushed on the red tip. I looked into his glimmering brown eyes and pumped my hand up and down his shaft, paying special attention to the tip.

“Y/N…” He moaned as his eyes closed and his breath got heavier.

I waited until I heard more desperation in his voice and beads of sweat gathering on his brow to pull my hand away, getting payback for what he had done to me.

He grumbled when I pulled away, pouting at me but then he attached his lips to mine and kissed me deeply. He moved in between my legs and lined his dick up with my entrance. He slowly pushed himself in, not breaking the kiss with me. When he was all the way in, the slowly pulled out halfway, giving me a chance to adjust to him. Then, he started thrusting himself in and out of me at a fairly fast pace. I raised my hips so He would hit at a different angle and I gasped in both surprise and pleasure when he pounded into my g spot. Taking hint by my reaction, he started relentlessly thrusting into the same spot, hitting my g spot over and over again. I clawed at his back and screamed out his name, closing my eyes and letting the pleasure take over.

He panted as moaned as he watched my face contort from the intense pleasure that he was giving me. He thrusted quickly and roughly, never breaking his pace. I wrapped my legs around his waist and he began to thrust deeper into me.

When his thrust began to lose consistency and his breathing got heavier, I knew he was close. He buried his face in my neck and sucked at the skin while his hips pounded into mine. He brought his hand down and began quickly rubbing my clit, spiking the amount of pleasure I was feeling. I came undone under his touch as a powerful orgasm took over my body. I back arched off of the bed and my mouth hung open though not a single sound came out. I clamped my eyes shut and tensed my muscles as the ecstasy coursed through me. As I came down from my high, I let out a string of moans and squeals, clamping my walls around him as he thrusted me through my orgasm.

He muttered an “oh fuck” against my neck then released himself inside of me. His hips froze as he hit his high and he let out several low moans. He continued to thrust as he came down from his high as he panted and whimpered quietly into the nape of my neck.

Eventually, his hips stopped moving and the only sound in the room was both of us panting in an attempt to even our breathing. He lifted his head from my neck and looked at me through half lidded, sleepy eyes. His hair stuck out in all different directions and he had the slightest smile on his face, reminding me of a child just waking up from his nap.

He rolled off of me and laid on his side next to me, propping his head up with his hand so he could easily look at me. I rolled onto my side as well so I could see his sweet looking face.

“I see what you meant by bringing your ‘a‒game’” I laughed, reflecting on the events that just occurred.

He chuckled and brushed my hair away from my face, clearly too worn out to joke around. I scooted closer to him and let him wrap an arm around my waist. He rested his forehead against mine and closed his eyes, breathing deeply.

“That was nice…” he sighed.

I hummed in agreement and rested my head on his chest, “and you aren’t even drunk,” I pointed out.

The room got quiet as both of us snuggled into each other, feeling exhausted. I stopped the silence by asking, “So, on Monday, are you going to go right back to being super shy and avoiding me?”

Jungkook eyes sprung open and he shook his head, “absolutely not.”

I smiled, “Good,” I closed my eyes and pressed my ear to his chest, hearing his heart pound, “‘Cause I like this version of you.”

He sighed and slipped in and out of sleep, “me too,” he said before letting his exhaustion get to him and drifting off to sleep.

Yeah, I’m a fan of confident Jungkook.

I’d love some feedback on this and if you’d like to see more, send in a request!

Thanks for Reading! xx

Fic Rec List: Amoneki

I’ve seen a couple of time people asking for fic recs for this pairing, so I decided to make one.

This includes fics from both AO3 and


♠Some of the fics are not necessary romantic, some contain only friendship between Amon and Kaneki.

♠This doesn’t include other Kaneki or Amon pairings. Just Amoneki (with just ONE exception).

♠I’ll add the warnings that the writer gave to each work

♠This is really long

♠This doesn’t include tumblr shots… yet.

Keep reading

In a relatively well-functioning family, parents tend to cope with life pressures by working out problems through openly communicating, exploring options, and not being afraid to seek outside help if they need it. Toxic parents, on the other hand, react to threats to their balance by acting out their fears and frustrations, with little thought for the consequences to their children. Their coping mechanisms are rigid and familiar to them. Among the most common:
1. Denial. As you’ve seen throughout this book, denial is often the first coping mechanism to which toxic parents resort to regain equilibrium. Denial has two faces: “nothing is wrong” and “something was wrong but it won’t happen again.” Denial minimizes, discounts, jokes away, rationalizes, or relabels destructive behavior. Relabeling—a form of denial— takes a problem and hides it behind euphemisms. An alcoholic becomes a “social drinker”; a batterer is a “strict disciplinarian.”
2. Projection. Projection also has two faces: parents may accuse the child of the very inadequacies they suffer from, and they may blame the child for the toxic behaviors that result from their inadequacies. For example, an inadequate father who can’t hold down a job will accuse his son of being lazy and shiftless; an alcoholic mother will blame her daughter for causing the unhappiness that drives her to drink. It is not unusual for toxic parents to use both kinds of projection to avoid taking responsibility for their own
behavior and their own deficiencies. They need to find a scapegoat, and it’s often the most vulnerable child in the family.
3. Sabotage. In a family with a severely dysfunctional parent—crazy, drunk, ill, or violent—other family members will assume the roles of rescuers and caretakers. This creates a comfortable balance of weak/strong, bad/good, or sick/healthy. If the dysfunctional parent starts to get better or enters a treatment program, this can severely threaten the family balance. The rest of the family (especially the other parent) may unconsciously find ways to sabotage the dysfunctional parent’s progress so that everyone can return to his or her familiar role. This can also happen if a troubled child starts to improve. I have seen toxic parents pull their child out of therapy when the child shows signs of becoming healthier.
4. Triangling. In a toxic family system, one parent will often enlist the child as a confidant or ally against the other parent. Children become part of an unhealthy triangle in which they are being pulled apart by the pressure to choose sides. When Mom says, “I’m miserable with your father,” or Dad says, “Your mom won’t sleep with me anymore,” the child becomes an emotional dumping ground, allowing the parents to relieve themselves of some of their discomfort without having to face the source of their problems.
5. Keeping secrets. Secrets help toxic parents cope by turning their families into private little clubs to which no outsiders are admitted. This provides a bond to pull the family together, especially when the family balance is threatened. The child who hides abuse by telling her teacher that she fell down the stairs is protecting the family club from outside interference.
When you look at toxic parents from the perspective of the family system—their beliefs, their rules, and your obedience to those rules—a lot of your self-destructive behavior comes into focus. You come closer to understanding the powerful forces that drive so much of your parents’ behavior and ultimately your own.
Understanding is the beginning of change. It opens new options and choices. But seeing things differently is not enough. True freedom can come only from doing things differently.
—  Toxic Parents, Susan Forward 
The Lost Bet (aka How Jas Ended Up Wearing a Rotworm Jersey...)

Jas blames Cadfayel for this. Cad, an afternoon watching Huttball on the vid, and alcohol. The one time he’d actually drunk enough to be tipsy, he took Cad’s bet on which team would win the match. The loser had to wear a Rotworm team jersey.

Guess who lost? xD

Well, it was on a last-minute goal, the score was tied 2-2 and Cad’s team took it over the line just in time. Much to Jas’s dismay. But Jas is one to honor his agreements, so he gritted his teeth and wore the jersey. Purple and black do look good on him.

But it did earn him some snarky remarks on Carrick. (”Dude, you do know that’s the wrong team. Why are you wearing it here?” “I lost a bet.” “….You’re serious.” “Yeah.”)

It made for a good story…and a guild invite. xD

~Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time Part 2~

You may want to read the first part, for contex (and because it’s good lol)


Lazar realized quickly that he shouldn’t have said what he did. He had the alcohol to blame, but it only made Pallas call him out on his drinking habits.

“Come on, I didn’t mean it that way,” Lazar was saying, leaning over.

Pallas had his arms crossed and he was looking away. He had backed away so much already that if he’d moved further, he would have fallen off the couch.

“You said you could have anyone you wanted, so go find someone else to annoy!” Pallas, said, still not looking at Lazar.

“But I only want to annoy you!” Lazar had to admit, his skills were quite reduced due to the alcohol in his system, but that didn’t mean he would give up.

Pallas’s response was a roll of his eyes.

“I meant,” Lazar said, “That I don’t need anyone else. Only you.”

Lazar contemplated placing his hand on Pallas’s thigh, but just a few minutes ago he’d got hit for it, so he decided against it. Instead he rested his hand on Pallas’s biceps.

But Pallas didn’t like that either and he slapped Lazar’s hand away.

“Pallas,” Lazar tried.

Stop it!” Pallas snapped, shutting his eyes. “You aren’t going to get anywhere and your attempts are getting sad. It’s about time you gave up.”

Lazar frowned at Pallas’s tone and his trembling. He had suspected that his seemingly trivial comment would make a mess. But that wasn’t his intention, he was simply not thinking about what he was saying.

Besides, Lazar wasn’t exactly used to being in a steady relationship.

But, he knew that he would have to deal with the consequences.

For the first time that night he felt the seriousness of Pallas’s behaviour. He wasn’t just sulking for the sake of it.

Lazar gently took Pallas’s hand and that time didn’t get pushed away.

“Pallas, I’m sorry. I messed up, I know that. I wasn’t thinking and it just slipped. But… you shouldn’t be upset by what I said, you know I only want you.”

Pallas finally turned to meet Lazar’s gaze, though it may have been a mistake because his eyes were filled with tears.

Pallas didn’t want Lazar to see that, but it was too late then.

“How can I not be upset? How do I know that you’re being honest when you say that you only want me? How do I know that you won’t get bored with me and run off after some Veretian chick?” Pallas blinked, trying to keep the tears from falling.

Lazar shook his head and hesitantly reached out. He managed to cup Pallas’s cheek without getting slapped.

It was more than clear then that the problem was much bigger than some stupid thing Lazar had said.

“Pallas, I love you. I didn’t even know what I wanted until I met you. In my eyes, no Veretian is as worthy of my love as you are,” Lazar said, holding Pallas’s gaze in his own.

Pallas let out a soft sob. “You’re an idiot.” Then he finally gave in and hugged Lazar, burying his face in his shoulder. “I love you,” he said, his voice muffled.

Lazar sighed, stroking Pallas’s hair. “I am an idiot. I’m an idiot for making you upset. I shouldn’t have said something so stupid. Oh, you Akielon soldiers, who could have known you were so sensitive,” Lazar added with a smile.

Just as he’d hoped, Pallas chuckled at that, punching Lazar’s arm.

Pallas pulled away and glanced at Lazar shyly. “Am I good enough for you?” He asked.

Lazar kissed his forehead. “You’re too good for me.”

Pallas smiled softly. He may have not been very convinced, but at the moment he felt good.

Pallas leaned forward and whispered in Lazar’s ear, “Let’s get out of here.”

Lazar would have been lying if he’d said that he wasn’t hoping for that, but it wasn’t true that he found lying with Pallas more important than reassuring him.

And, of course, the suggestion brought a smile to Lazar’s face.

“Good idea,” he said and they stood up, hand in hand.

As they walked out of the hall, laughter could be heard from the spot where the kings, Makedon and Charls, the Veretian cloth merchant sat.

All throughout the night, laughter could be heard from them on random occasions, though Lazar didn’t know why they laughed so loudly upon seeing him and Pallas walk out.

Bonus scene:

Laurent was standing in the doorway, arms crossed, a smile on his face.

Compared to him, Makedon looked like a wreck, though that wasn’t why Laurent was smirking.

Makedon sensed danger. He took a glass of water and approached the young king.

“Your Majesty. You seem to be in a good mood,” he said carefully.

“I am,” Laurent hummed, “I won a bet.”

“Yes. The bet.”

From the two of them, Laurent was the type to forget an eventful night due to the alcohol.

The only reason why he remembered it was because he was reminded by Damen in the morning. And still, Laurent wouldn’t have known that he had won if he hadn’t talked to Lazar about the night.

The soldier was confused and stayed oblivious of the bet involving him and Pallas.

“Well, Makedon,” said Laurent, stepping forward. “I suggest you pick out a dress you will wear for me.”


So, a miracle happened and I got this done.

Okay, so we were playing a game called “Aye, dark overlord!”. For those who don’t know, it’s a card game, where one player is the Dark Overlord and the others are his pitiful goblin servants, and they have to blame each other why they failed their mission.

In this session, somehow we used up a lot of alcohol related cards, and somehow concluded, that yes, Goblin 1 is probably an alcoholic and is still drunk. This went down after.

Goblin 1:  No way, Overlord, I wasn’t in the tavern, it was the worst part of town so I got captured and tortured! *puts down a card showing a operating table*

Goblin 2: Yea, they totally wanted to steal his kidney.

Goblin 1: They wanted to steal my kidney!

Goblin 3: They gave him a new kidney!

We needed a good 10 minute break after that.

Freaks and Geeks sentence starters

part 3 of 6
episodes 7 through 9
92 starters
feel free to change gender pronouns
content warning: alcohol mention, sexual themes, violence
[other parts: 1 - 2]

  • “I’m surprised you fit through that door, quite frankly.”
  • “I’m [insert age]. I get confused everyday.”
  • “Is this making any sense at all?”
  • “You know, not everybody in this world has to go to college.”
  • “You know who didn’t go to college? Einstein. Thomas Edison.”
  • “You gotta be careful who you hang out with.”
  • “Once he ran over an old lady, and then he blamed it on his car. He said the accelerator got stuck.”
  • “We had this teacher at our school, and this guy broke into his house, so the teacher shot him.”
  • “Our shop teacher got his hair caught in a lathe, and then he got his whole scalp torn off, and now he has to wear a wig.”
  • “Our shop teacher got his pinky cut off by the radial arm saw. And when they tried to sew it back on, it didn’t fit anymore.”
  • “Um, would you mind showing me the ropes around here?”
  • “If I start bugging you, please, be sure and let me know.”
  • “Every old person thinks they’re so smart. What, there’s, like, no dumb old people?”
  • “I just wanna be older so I can go to bars. Everything fun in the world happens in bars.”
  • “Just ‘cause you got a fake ID, don’t go lording it over the rest of us.”
  • “Dude, I hate astrology. What, everyone born in the same month is gonna have the same life?”
  • “We only kissed once, and it’s not—it’s not a big deal.”
  • “So, is this what having a girlfriend is gonna be like? She’s your best friend and she’s beautiful and you can say and do anything in front of her?”
  • “She’s the kind of woman you could cut the cheese in front of. I mean, you couldn’t be in love with someone if you couldn’t. Think about it.”
  • “You see the way she looks at me? She can barely contain herself.”
  • “I’m the happiest man in the world.”
  • “_____, why can’t you just leave me alone?”
  • “He was dropped on the head as a baby. That’s why we think he’s a bad seed.”
  • “Why do you want a fake ID? So you can go get loaded?”
  • “I’m not gonna be an accessory to this crime.”
  • “Why are we still talking? I want some ribs.”
  • “This is gonna be the best night ever.”
  • “The suspense is killing me.”
  • “You know, we wouldn’t be here without you. So thanks a lot, alright?”
  • “I had a really good time. We should do it again.”
  • “I was just coming to look for you.”
  • “_____, you have no idea what you’re talking about.”
  • “_____, mind your own business, okay?”
  • “I just blew your mind, didn’t I?”
  • “How come you’re not eating?”
  • “I know what’s bugging you. You didn’t want to be lab partners with me.”
  • “You and _____ would make a good couple. I mean, she’s popular and everything, but she needs someone like you. You’d be good for her.”
  • “I can’t do my homework without having a snack first.”
  • “This is what you should do. Find out her schedule and memorize it. That way, you can bump into her and say hi.”
  • “Being lab partners is like being stranded on a desert island. You never know what might happen.”
  • “_____ got detention for flipping off her math teacher.”
  • “I heard _____ punched you in the chest really hard. Oh, whoops, that was me!”
  • “I’m telling you, she’s abnormal. Okay, she eats carrot sticks, and she likes Miss Piggy.”
  • “The Muppets are cool.”
  • “Swedish Chef is kinda cool, but Miss Piggy is lame.”
  • “You can’t have sex with _____. Once you do, you’ll never be the same again.”
  • “I didn’t know you had a boyfriend. What’s his name? What’s he like? I want to know everything, really.”
  • “Nobody who’s "just a friend” sends a single rose.“
  • "It was the worst five dollars I ever spent. And I wish I could get that five dollars back.”
  • “Don’t touch the hair! Stop it!”
  • “Okay, I’ve never really told anyone this before, but I have, like, the hugest crush on him.”
  • “I’m always so nervous around him. I never know what to say. It’s not like with you. You’re so easy to talk to.”
  • “You see, _____, nothing about you and me should ever be rushed. I made that mistake before. But I’m not gonna make it with you. Because we got time. We got all the time in the world.”
  • “We were made for each other.”
  • “You wanna make out or something?”
  • “All guys wanna make out. But I just want to hold you.”
  • “What’s better than this?”
  • “I don’t need another friend. I already have two.”
  • “Do you ever think about heavy stuff?”
  • “I knew that you were like me.”
  • “Are you stoned?”
  • “Don’t be such a pig.”
  • “I’ll figure it out. It’s not a big deal.”
  • “What is that? Is that supposed to be funny?”
  • “That was the biggest come on I’ve ever seen. She was practically feeling you up.”
  • “This is my chance. You know how important this is to me.”
  • “You had to go and quote the Star Wars, didn’t you?”
  • “In the cafeteria today, the school mascot fell and broke his arm. It was pretty scary.”
  • “I couldn’t stop thinking about you. I just had to see your face.”
  • “I don’t wanna get you in trouble.”
  • “Do you think there’s a subliminal message in there somewhere?”
  • “Breaking up with him was like a nightmare.”
  • “Just be careful with her because she’s a liar. She likes to screw people over.”
  • “If you feel yourself start to fall asleep, pull out a nose hair. It’ll wake you right up.”
  • “This place is turning into a cult.”
  • “Could you give me a ride home?”
  • “Don’t do it. Please.”
  • “So… You gonna let me know what’s going on?”
  • “It’s just… It’s going too fast, you know? I need my space.”
  • “You don’t keep going steady with a boy just to be nice. If it’s not gonna work out, you need to muster your courage and let him know.”
  • “You were supposed to be here an hour ago. I don’t like having to wait around. I had other stuff to do.”
  • “Remember, you have to do what’s right for you.”
  • “If there’s anything else you want to talk over, I’m always here for you.”
  • “I can’t be seen with you.”
  • “I just don’t want you to get too hung up on him, just in case, you know, he won’t go out with you or something.”
  • “Please don’t break it. It costs like six hundred dollars.”
  • “Now’s not the time to get all weepy.”
  • “I knew I shouldn’t have told you anything. You know, from now on, just stay out of my life, please.”
  • “If you’re mad at me, this is a really obnoxious way of showing it.”
  • “I can’t understand anything that you’re saying.”
  • “I sort of thought that maybe you and me should take a break for a while. What do you think of that idea?”
  • “Who the hell are you?”