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happy anniversary to the loveliest and rowdiest bunch of boys~ i hope this year and all the years to come are wonderful and full of blessings~ ೕ(⁍̴̀◊⁍̴́ฅ) featuring yoongi and a restless night. 2013.6.13→2016.6.13~FOREVER

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The Arrangement (Part 9)

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Summary: You and Dean have an interesting morning, but Sam interrupts. Later, you and Mary have a little heart to heart, and Dean says something surprising.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings (don’t read unless you want some spoilers): mild smutiness / smutty thoughts, language, sexual tension per usual

A/N: Because the response to this fic has been so amazing, and I love you guys, here’s part nine early!! (Also I feel bad because this is MORE buildup to the gala. But I think you’ll like it) Once more, feedback is always welcome!

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The dangers of sarcasm

Lisa: Unnie how did you get Jennie unnie to love you?

Jisoo *smirking*: Easy, I just threw my love at her until she accepted it.

*Lisa throws a giant stuffed heart at Rosè’s face*


Jisoo: *facepalms and sighs* Somehow I feel as though I’ll be blamed for this.

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#CAN I JUST TALK A LOT#ABOUT MY FEELINGS ABOUT DEAN & WOMEN // please? i really want to hear this actually! //settles in to listen

Hee, Becky. You indulge me. They’re mostly scattered, but to start off–the main thing (which will be a shock to you I’m sure) is that I just like how nuanced Dean’s interactions with the other sex can be. Like, for example:

  • He appreciates women on a purely aesthetic level–not afraid of waggling his eyebrows, ooh she’s hot, like with Piper (”She smelled good, too!”)
  • Simultaneously, that aesthetic appreciation doesn’t devalue them as people, at all. They’re not objects to fuck–he’s not looking for a pretty fleshlight, because otherwise he’d pick up prostitutes. He likes to get to know the person inside the pretty flesh.
  • With that said, though, he doesn’t put women on a pedestal, which is so great. They’re people, just as much as men are, and he’s perfectly willing to see all of their flaws. He doesn’t seem to treat them as especially fragile, or even special. See how he deals with Jo’s little claim of sexism when she wants to be a hunter–it’s not that she’s a girl, it’s that she’s an amateur, and he’s not at all afraid to tell her so even if he initially wanted to get into her pants.
  • Some people would point to Dean actually skewing into sexism, particularly in the early years with how the female villains were all called ‘bitches,’ which admittedly is not so PC. However, when Dean said it, I never got the sense that he was aiming his vitriol at those villains as women; he called them bitches in the same way that he called the male villains ‘dicks’. Not gendered, really, just general invective. (Though they have toned that down a lot in more recent years, which is probably for the best.) However–look at how unthinkable it would be for Dean to call a woman who wasn’t interested in hooking up a bitch. He would never, ever. That’s the difference, and it’s a fantastic one.
  • Think of the scene that prompted this–Pretty Waitress comes up to him and gets his attention, and he’s perfectly happy to have his attention got even if he has no idea who she is. And then she slaps him, and he goes, “Welp, okay,” and walks off. No hard feelings. Think also of when we first met Lisa, where he walked in hoping for a weekend of bendy banging. When he’s confronted with a kid and a birthday party, what does he do? He doesn’t storm off and find some other chick. He just–resignedly eats birthday cake, and still has a pretty good time, and doesn’t blame Lisa for one second. His self-esteem isn’t wrapped up in acceptance or rejection by women, even though his (brief) relationships with women are important to him. How healthy is that! How fantastic! Especially in a rugged male hero!
  • Going off of that, but also going back to point three: I think it’s great that in many ways Dean (as a character) rejects a lot of the traditional elements of rugged male hero. He’ll rescue a damsel in distress if he has to, but he’d actually prefer that the woman stand up on her own feet. Think about, say, the girl from Wendigo–he flirted with her and saved her, sure (though in fact Sam had to save Dean as the damsel, which again is a nice little reversal), but he really liked that she was willing to stomp off into the woods to save her family. It’s not even that he necessarily likes the take-charge women more–it’s just that he doesn’t require damsel behavior in order to look at a woman as a “proper woman.” Fragility is fine, but not required.

There’s all sorts of other stuff, of course. He lies to women through his teeth about his real job and his history, but the essence of who he is still shines through. He’s happy to bang them and happy to walk away. I think there’s a (misguided) reading of Dean that, because he treats women as ‘sex objects’ somehow he’s anti-feminist, or something, but there’s nothing wrong with cheerily liking sex. It seems to me that, because he’s willing to let women be wrong and stupid and evil, he’s actually quite feminist in his own way. –but now I have to run omg so I can’t go on at even greater length, so–abrupt ending!


HEAVEN (reluctantly) takes the stage!!

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house of balloons | yoongi pt.2

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a/n: this is the last part, feedback is appreciated!

genre: angst, fluff

word count: 2.1k

warning: swearing


I sat in front of her as she ate the waffle and stared at the people passing by staring at her too. It’s not every day you see a girl eating waffles at a cheap dinner in a floor-length gown and heels that probably cost more than the actual diner.

“What?” she asks looking at me.

“It’s funny,” I begin.

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Fresh Start - Make a Decision

A/N: Part five of my Mechanic!Dean x single mom!Reader AU. Again a huge thanks to my beta who really helped me out on this when I got stuck @thorne93. Hope you enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated.

Summary: Dean struggles with figuring out how he feels about Lisa and the Reader, maybe mom can help figure it out.

Characters: Dean, Reader, Sam, Jess, Lisa, Mary.

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader.

Warnings: Language, arguing, awkwardness with a little hint of angst on top. Lisa being a huge bitch!!! (The Lisa in my story doesn’t really match the Lisa in the show)

Wordcount: 2317


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Dean rang Lisa’s door and waited for her to answer, he knew that there was most likely going to be a huge fight tonight, Lisa had been pretty pissed when he dropped her off at work earlier. He kind of understood though. It was in fact the second time he had forgot an appointment with her in the past two days because he was hanging out with you. He was surprised when Lisa opened the door with a huge grin, or maybe confused was a better word to use.

“I’m just gonna grab my coat and then we can go.”

“Go where?” Now he was more than a little confused. He was happy about the fact that Lisa didn’t seem interested in talking, but he knew that this conversation needed to be had sooner or later.

“Oh, did I forget to mention-” she threw on her jacket “- a friend of mine from work invited us to dinner with her and her new fiancee.”

“No you didn’t mention that,” he said, slightly annoyed.

“That explains the clothes.” She wrinkled her nose and made a motion towards him with her index finger. “We can stop by your place and get you changed. Better to show up late than in flannel,” she joked, but Dean didn’t find it funny at all.

“Come on Lis. I thought we were sorting out our fight from earlier.” He didn’t know what would be worse, dinner at a fancy restaurant with some snobby bank lady from Lisa’s work, or to spend the evening talking about his feelings.

“We can do that later, Dean.” She gave him a ‘don’t start with me’ look. “I think we can manage to be civil for a few hours.” It wasn’t a request, Dean knew that the shitstorm coming would be a lot worse if he didn’t just tag along with this.

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“Are you deranged like me? Are you strange like me?
Lighting matches just to swallow up the flame like me?
Do you call yourself a fucking hurricane like me?
Pointing fingers cause you’ll never take the blame like me?”

Something Left to Burn (A SPN Darkfic)

Warnings for heavy character death, violence, murder, revenge. Not a pretty read. Not a happy ending. Probably one of the more hideous things I’ve written in my career of making horrible things. I’m a stinker I know. I’LL WRITE A FLUFFY SHIP THING OR SOMETHING NEXT, I PROMISE.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

She finds and kills the tall one first. It’s easy enough to capture him because he seems to know her (does know her), seems to think she’s not a threat (knew she wasn’t a threat). By the time she’s shot him in both legs and he’s leaving slippery trails of blood as he crawls toward his duffel, she’s already straddling his stomach and bringing the knife down into his chest; she doesn’t want him to suffer for too long, because this is strictly business with his brother — he’s just unfortunate payback, long arms flailing to grab at her while wide, wet eyes roll from the untouched bag on the bed to her face. Her stomach twists. There’s something deeply regretful there, but she couldn’t — she wouldn’t let it throw her off. She wouldn’t ruin this opportunity, three years in the making.

“You didn’t stop him,” she says, trying to keep her voice level. “You didn’t stop him and now I’ve lost everything. And now he’s going to lose you.”

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Love Child Part Two.

You can read one here.

“Not now Jai.” You whispered back just as harshly as all three kids looked on curiously at you and Jai. Jai looked back at the kids and found himself staring at his son.

“Alyssa can you take them back upstairs?”

“They wanted a snack.” Alyssa informed.

“Of course. There is plenty in the fridge or they can have some of what Lisa and I made earlier.”

All three kids found a stool to climb on to see what goodies they could eat. You glanced over at Jai and his face was hard as stone. It was as if he was frozen in place as he stared at his son. You could just imagine what his mind was going through.

“Mom I want some spring rolls.” Your son told you. Out the corner of your eyes, you saw Jai flinched when your son called you mom.

“Sure baby. Wait until Alyssa bring some plates for you, Lola and Nakola.” It seemed forever as Alyssa grabbed three plates and filled them with what the children requested. You and Jai were silent and just watched the children as they grabbed their plates and headed back upstairs. As if he was holding his breath the whole time Jai exhaled sharply as soon as the kids were out of sight and he turned his attention back to you.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Jai voiced raised at you.

“Jai, I had good reason-” Jai cut you off.

“What was it? What could it possibly be for you to hide something as important as my child from me?!” Jai walked up to you as his voiced raised even more at you to where he was almost shouting. You flinched at his massive figure towering over you as anger radiated throughout his whole body.

“I was thinking of your career. You could not be tied down with a child. You were just starting to get big roles. You would not have the time to be a father. I know acting is your passion and I was not going to be the reason if you had to give it up.” You tried to explain. Jai searched your face for a few moments and you both stared at each other. You were silent as you let what you explain to him process. Maybe you should have said something as you saw his beautiful blue eyes turn a stormy grey.

“Are you fucking kidding me!!” Jai was now screaming and you noticed his massive body trembling with anger. “That is the most bullshit I have ever heard in my life Y/N! You had no right to keep him from me!”

“Jai please calm down.” You told him as calmly as you could.

“Calm down! How the hell can I calm down after finding out that you kept me from my son?!” Jai yelled.

“Yo! Brother calm down.” You heard Jason’s voice enter the kitchen. You sighed with relief as Jason grabbed Jai’s arm and pulled him out of your personal space. Lisa rushed in the kitchen her face frowned with worry.

“So I guess he knows.” She whispered to you as she pulled you further away from Jai.

“I knew this was a bad idea.” You whispered back as your body started to tremble also from Jai’s reaction.

“He needed to know.” Lisa told you as Jason pulled Jai out the kitchen.

“You need to calm down Jai. The whole house heard you.” Jason told him as he motion for Jai to sit on the couch.

“Did you know?” Jai tried his best to calm himself down.

“They just recently told me when you and I first met. Trust me it was hard for me not to tell you but I promised my wife I would not tell you. I can’t imagine what you are feeling right now but you can’t yell at Y/N like you just did. I know you are angry at her but just put yourself in her shoes. She did what she thought was best at the time. Lisa told me it was very hard for her.”

“Hard for her?!” Jai had to stop his voice from rising again.

“Why don’t you concentrate on getting to know your son.” Jason suggested.

“Yeah… are right. I just don’t know if I could ever forgive her for this.”

“You will in due time. Let’s just take one step at a time. Get to know your son. He is a great kid.”

Jai nodded his head as he let out a long sigh.

“You think you are calm enough to talk to her and not yell?” Jason asked as he got up from the couch.

“Yeah.” Jai said as he also stood up to face you again in the kitchen.

“He is so angry Lisa. I have never seen him so angry before.” You said biting you nails as you paced back and forth in the kitchen.

“Y/N can you blame him?”

You shot Lisa a look.

“Who’s side are you on?” You asked angrily.

“Hey don’t get pissed at me. I have always told you to tell him. You made your bed and now you have to lie in it. He deserves to know his child. How can you deny little Jai from knowing his father? That is something I never understood with you. Y/N I love you very much and you know I would do anything for you but you are dead wrong in this situation.” Your best friend told you.

You sighed as you stopped pacing and slumped your back against the fridge defeated. She was right. Hell she was always right. That was one trait that irked you about your “twin”. You both looked up at the entryway of the kitchen as you heard Jai and Jason walk in.

“Is he calmed?” Lisa asked protective of her friend.

“Yes.” Jai answered as he looked at you. The anger was replaced with pain in his eyes and you felt as if a dagger stabbed you in the heart. How could you have hurt him so bad? How could you keep his son away from him for so long? How could you do this to someone you still loved after all these years?

“I’m sorry.” Was the first thing you said when Jason and Lisa left you two alone once again.

Jai let out an angry chuckle. “I’m afraid that does not even scratch the surface.”

“I know.” You looked down at your feet. “What’s done is done Jai. What do you want me to do?”

Jai walked up to you and you found yourself mesmerized by him as if he was not even real. After all the years that past here he was standing before you.

“You can start by letting me get to know my son.” As angry and in pain as Jai was he could not help but softly pull on several of your locs and twist it around his index finger. He had a son. A son with you, the woman he could never get out his system after you broke his heart.

“Don’t you want a DNA test? I’m sure your girlfriend and family would want you to have one just to be sure.” You tried to step away from him but he would not let you move.

“I knew as soon as I looked into his eyes he was mind. My God Y/N he looks so much like me I might as well gave birth to him.”

“I want you to have a test done for anyone who may question it.”

“If that is what you want then fine….but I want to spend time with him and tell him who I am.”

“Not tonight. It’s getting late and don’t you have to get back to your girlfriend.” You tried not to say the last sarcastically but it came out that way and Jai noticed it. A small smile played on his lips at your obvious jealously.

“Tomorrow then….you stay with Lisa and Jason?”

“No. I have a place not too far from here.”

“I need the address.” Jai stated as he leaned in closer to you. Your breath start to quicken as the father of your child pressed himself against you.

“Jai what are you doing?” You whispered as he pushed your locs behind your ear, leaned in and lightly grazed your earlobe with his lips.

“Is this still one of your spots? I have not forgotten what turns you on.” Jai said in your ear just before nipping your earlobe.

“Jai please don’t.” You almost let out a moan.

“I see it still is.” Jai nipped your ear one more time before pulling away from you. “Give me your address.”

Jai now allowed you to move from the fridge and get a pen and paper. You wrote your address, phone number down, and handed it to him.

“Noon tomorrow good?”


“I want to say goodnight to him.”

You called for Alyssa to bring little Jai down.

“How was the spring rolls little man?” You asked your son as he carefully walked down the stairs.

“How old is he?” Jai asked you as he watched his son come down the stairs.

“Four and a half.”

“They were good mom.”

“Mr. Jai wants to say goodnight.” You told your son as he reached the bottom of the stairs. “He is also going to come over tomorrow to see you.”

Little Jai smiled at his father. “Is it because we have the same name?” Your son inquired.

“That’s one reason.” Jai told him as he picked him up. “It’s so nice to meet you Jai. You sleep good tonight and I will see you tomorrow and we can do something fun together.”

“Ok.” Little Jai said excitedly. Jai reluctantly let his son down and watched as he walked back upstairs. Jai looked at you and his eyes were red and misty.

“He is beautiful.” He told you. You nodded in agreement. “I better go before I get angry at you again.”

You had nothing to say in defense. He most likely will be angry with you off and on for a long time as he gets to know his son.

Jai sat in his car and stared at his house. He needed to get himself together emotionally before he went in. As he was driving home, he could not help but cry in anger at you. As tears fell down his cheeks he thought of all the years he missed out on his son’s life. If he had knew about his son he would have been there every step of the way. People have careers and children all the time so your excuse angered him even more. Jai wiped his face with his hand as he watch his front door open and his girlfriend step out waiting for him to get out the car. How was he going to tell her he found out tonight that he was a father? How was he going to tell her that in the last couple of hours his feelings for her had completely shifted? Jai sighed as he got out the car. It was going to be a long night.

Part three (the last part…I am vowing to myself) will be up soon.

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Here's a prompt. Holly comes back to Toronto after 6 months (her project lost funding and cut her position) and she tries to avoid Gail when Lisa tells her that Gail is dating another woman (not true) but Holly keeps seeing Gail everywhere.

At Home

Holly was starving. She had clocked in just over ten hour on her first day back at Toronto’s city morgue without a lunch break. But she could not blame forgetfulness for her achingly empty stomach. She could however blame Lisa.

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To Love Again

Part 3 of Back to Love, end of the story. 


Words: 1100ish

Warnings: ANGST ANGST AND ANGST. Don’t read this while having a bad day. Really. You’ve been warned; Swearing, Hellhounds, oh, and Angst

A/N: Here it is… The last part! It’s been amazing writing this, even though I broke your heart and mine! Thank you all so much for the feedback and I hope you enjoy this. I’m sorry in advance. 

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Below is a copy of a letter L.J. Smith wrote talking about her being fired from writing the TVD books

“Thank you for your beautiful email. I completely understand why some fans get overeager—and especially if they think there is bad news for them. I hope that you will enjoy Midnight, as it is truly the story of Damon finding his deepest feelings for both Elena and Bonnie and his feelings are definitely not platonic. In fact, to be blunt, without Bonnie and something that Bonnie does at the end, Damon would be permanently dead.

But right now I have to tell you something that makes me so sad and devastated as bad, in fact, as I have ever felt except for when my mother died. It’s confidential, but it’s been so long now that I just can’t keep up a charade with good-hearted readers like you.

To put it briefly, I’ve been fired from writing the Vampire Diaries. And I’ve been fighting and fighting this since last fall, but there is absolutely no recourse. Midnight is the last L. J. Smith book in the Vampire Diaries series.

It probably sounds completely impossible to say that I am fired from writing my own books.But the truth is that they’re not mine, even though I write every word. When I was called by an agent and asked to write the vampire trilogy, that agent wasn’t from a publisher, but from what is now Alloy Entertainment, Ltd. And they are a book packager. A book packager sells books, already made with covers and all, to publishers, like HarperCollins—my publisher for The Vampire Diaries and The Secret Circle. And both these series were written “for hire” which means that the book packager owns the books the author produces. Although I didn’t even understand what “for hire” meant back in 1990, when I agreed to write books for them, I found out eventually, to my horror and dismay. It means that even though I have written the entire series, I don’t own anything about The Vampire Diaries. And from now on, the books will be written by an anonymous ghostwriter, just as Stefan’s Diaries are. It will say “Created by L. J. Smith” on the cover, but I am not allowed even to change a word in the ghostwriter’s book.

You might wonder why the book packager and Harper would do this to me. I am not sure either, but usually a book packager gets very submissive, non-assertive writers to write for them not to mention that most of them, writers or ghostwriters, have had a lot of publishers turn their books down. Book packagers are used to do a lot of editing on their author’s books—because the books need intense editing.

But I’m not submissive, and I always fight editing. In Midnight, I had to fight to keep many Bonnie scenes in the book. I’m not at all sure they liked the things I was doing with Bonnie and Damon—they kept trying to cut such scenes. And of course they didn’t like Elena’s behavior at all. They want strictly Stelena books.

So last fall when I gave them the book Phantom, they didn’t bother to give me edits. Instead, I was given a letter addressed to the ghostwriter by name, telling her to completely rewrite my book. They wouldn’t even listen when I pleaded and promised to do Phantom as they required. The simply took the series and gave it to the ghostwriter … to write not only The Hunters trilogy, but whatever comes after that.

They have always tried to minimize my participation in The Vampire Diaries. On the very first original books in 1990 my name was almost invisible on the cover. And now they have my manuscript of Phantom, and the book the ghostwriter writes from it may even sound like I wrote it in places, because they have the right to use my work as they see fit. But the book after that … that will be pure ghostwriter. I would guess that they think you readers won’t see or care about the difference in writing styles and skills.

I have said this to another Bamon fan, and I’ll say it now. I had so many plans for Bonnie in The Hunters trilogy. First of all, in Phantom, I had her showing a lot more emotion, grieving right along side Elena because—well, because Damon does something almost unbelievable for Bonnie in Midnight and he doesn’t get out unscathed.

I won’t spoil it if you don’t know. But they wanted Bonnie to have just put it all behind her—and with Bonnie’s character, I don’t think so! She is always completely openhearted with her emotions; even though she has matured so much in Midnight, she’s still Bonnie, who says exactly what she thinks, even if she hasn’t had a dose of Black Magic wine.

I wanted to write Moonsong, and give Bonnie an admirer who is just as sweet and even more naïve than she is—a pure white wolf with radiant blue eyes, who happens to be a werewolf with moonlight colored hair and the same blue eyes when he’s human. I wanted to show Damon’s surprising reaction to Xander the good werewolf (not at all happy about it—so much that he “accidentally” almost kills the poor innocent wolf) .

I also wanted to show how Damon rescues Bonnie from a vicious wolf-pack attack, and then let her fly away with him. And I wanted to show how Bonnie, who knows a little medicine from her sister Mary, helps Damon deliver Caroline’s twin babies when she goes into labor deep in the woods. But that’s one scene that I would have had to fight tooth and nail for, because even the glow that Damon and Bonnie share at seeing new life come into the world wouldn’t be enough for them to call it decent. They would undoubtedly have tried to make me cut it. But I still want to write it, so badly.

I even had the last book in that trilogy plotted out, where Stefan’s worst nightmare comes true and he takes so much blood from Elena that has to be taken to the hospital for a massive transfusion. He then decides to Influence Elena so that she will forget his existence, and he does so, to Damon and Bonnie and Meredith’s consternation. I wanted to show how this affected each one of the characters, and how Bonnie once again begins to write in her diary, since Elena’s diary is also forgotten, along with Stefan. I like to write things from Bonnie’s point of view, as I did in Dark Reunion. But none of these things will happen, beause I won’t be around to write it. And I just can’t keep up the pretense any long with wonderful fans like you. I can’t pretend that Bonnie and Damon’s relationship will continue to grow as Damon learns to respect her as well as to love her. She has become “his girl” but I can’t follow up on that. I had to tell the ghostwriter that he would address Bonnie as “little redbird” when he speaks to her.

Sorry for the long rant, but the charade is over for me. I don’t know how Phantom will turn out, with a blend of my manuscript and the complete rewriting of it by the ghostwriter. But I dread it, and even more do I dread what the next books will be like. I’ve worked so hard to make Vampire Diaries a good series, only to have the unthinkable happen to me. And I have no one but myself to blame for not being submissive enough.

L. J. Smith”

—So even the author of The Vampire Diaries wants Damon with Bonnie.