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[Why I Love] - Chpt. 10

Kiss Me

Negan x Addison 

A/N: ( ̄ω ̄;)( ̄ω ̄;) – i’ve pretty much outlined my chapters up to this point, so it may take me some time before I post the next one, depending on how bad the writer’s block is hahaha xx 

Chapter 9 || Masterlist 

(gif by @normannipples

“What are you two doing here?” 

Naomi and Jade both stood in front of my door with mischievous smiles on their faces. Jade was holding onto three glasses, and Naomi revealed a bottle of wine she had hidden behind her. “We call it the new wife initiation” 

“New wife initiation?” I laughed. 

“Yep, you’re one of us now. I think that deserves a toast”. They walked inside, taking their seat on the floor. One of us now. That still sounds weird to me. Jade poured the drinks, as Naomi handed me a glass. 

“I just want you to know that you’ve got friends here” She admitted. I gave her a smile. She’s been so supportive and nice to me, even when I haven’t exactly reciprocated the same kindness. “You guys are awesome” I replied.  

The three of us toasted, taking a sip of our drinks. We were having a great time talking about life, love, and all the things we missed about the old world. The night and wine eventually turned us into three giggling girls, time passing by quickly without any of us realizing it. 

“So, have you and Negan…?” Jade raised her brows suggestively at me. 

“” I admitted taking a sip of the wine, nervously tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. 

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Rebecca stood up from her chair in an effort to stop him…

 putting his hands on her shoulders, he looked her in the eye and said “ Rebecca, maybe I haven’t been handling this the best way but…This isn’t working between us. I don’t want to make up… I’m sorry. But I don’t want to be in a relationship because of work. And Quite frankly you deserve better, you deserve someone who actually loves you.. unfortunately, thats, not me.” 

Rebecca was silent.  

“ This is because of that FAT SLUT isn’t it?” she spat suddenly 

Teddy gave a hard stare. “ No. its not, its because you are a spiteful and manipulative woman, look at you blaming her and calling her foul names simply because you feel she’s your competition, it pathetic and immature and i don’t have time for it. I trust you know the way out…” He said before dropping her hands.

Welcome Home

Pairing: Teen!GWashxTrans!Reader (angst to fluff)

Summary: The reader gets kicked out for being transgender (FTM). His best friend, George, takes him in immediately and showers him with love.

Words: 2,326

Warnings: swearing, transphobia

A/N: I want to thank @hamiltryingmybest for inspiring me. I had never read a trans!reader fic until I read Home. I didn’t know people wrote them. It made me very emotional and it was something that I could relate to on a very personal level. Thank you. x (If anyone is wondering, requests are open!)

You smile as you pick up the back of men’s underwear. You stare at the male model in envy for a moment before making your way to the cashier. You proudly place the item on the counter.

“Are these for your little brother?” she asks, trying to strike conversation as she rings them up. You feel your heart ping. You couldn’t blame her. They were the smallest size you could find, and it would seem like they were for a child to you if you were in her position.

“N-No. They’re for me,” you correct. She looks up and raises an eyebrow. You take the bag she offers and slide a ten dollar bill across the counter. You turn and exit quickly, embarrassed and nervous.

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Tips for Dating Idealists

Tips for Dating an ENFJ Personality

  • Consider finding creative ways to indulge your partner in his or her ability to pick up on the emotions and feelings of others is a great way to show that you care. A local play, for instance, would give your partner tons of feelings to pick up on and can be a very moving experience for a “giver.”
  • The time may come when you need to offer your partner some constructive criticism. Be careful how you deliver your thoughts and feelings, as ENFJs are extremely sensitive in this regard. Failure to do so could leave your “giver” blaming his or her self and feeling unworthy. 

  • Avoid taking a tone that implies accusation when speaking to your ENFJ. Having a few solutions ready to offer can help your partner feel less emotionally attacked. 

  • They may seem overprotective or have a constant need to hear a partner verbalize their feelings and/or thoughts. The latter can be healthy in moderation but in excess you may begin to feel as though your partner isn’t giving you enough space.

  • If you begin to feel unhappy then you need to express these feelings to your “giver” in the smoothest way possible while asserting your positive feelings for him or her at the same time. Explain that you care about them and you appreciate that they want you to be happy, but that their overzealous attempts to provide for your needs have become stifling.

  • Your partner may also be prone to completely forgetting their own needs. When you partner begins to do so, take a page from their book by perceiving and fulfilling your significant other’s needs yourself. Not only does this show how thoughtful you are, but it will help you to feel more productive and active in the relationship. 

  • When your “giver” begins to lose his or her self in the personalities of others, do something to remind them of who they are. A well-versed love note is a wonderful way to remind your partner of why you care for them and can shake them out of any “chameleon personality funk” they  might fall into.

Tips for Dating an INFJ Personality

  • A prospective partner needs to understand the INFJ’s need to take it slowly when revealing their inner self. It can be difficult to be around someone who so easily seems to understand you, especially when they give so little back in the way of opening up. Patience and an appreciation for your INFJ’s passionate and enthusiastic nature will go a long way in the relationship.

  • Eventually you will crack the stubborn shell of your “protector” and get to know the creative, sensitive, and compassionate soul that lies beneath. 

  • You will find that your INFJ partner has high expectations of you. For the most part, these will be reasonable expectations but don’t be afraid to speak up if you begin to feel that your partner is laying the pressure on too thickly.

  • If you begin to feel overwhelmed with your significant other’s need to seek control, take the chance to gently remind your partner that you deserve to have your opinions and thoughts heard. 

  • Ultimately, don’t take your partner’s feelings about you lightly; if they are willing to stick around then you should know that they genuinely care for you and will eventually let you through each layer of their being.

  • Your INFJ partner easily picks up on the moods of others around them and often seeks a way to make everyone happy. This can be exhausting for your companion, so respect their inevitable need to “recharge” after a social situation. 

  • Some quiet time at home will usually do the trick. Although your partner may appear to be a social butterfly, remember that at heart he or she will struggle to divulge their own feelings to others, even your friends; so don’t be too upset if your partner doesn’t instantly open up to your pals. 

  • Also, too much spontaneity and impulsiveness can send up a red flag to your partner, making it difficult for them to view you as a stable, long-term partner. Ultimately, this may lead to an inadvertent relationship sabotage.

Tips for Dating an ENFP Personality

  • In order to be a good prospect for the ENFP, you need to be capable of going with the flow. Rigidity and strictness, especially in your schedule, will make your partner feel stifled which can inevitably cause the relationship to fail. 

  • Be prepared to travel, try new hobbies, and amaze your partner with thoughtful acts that will take them by surprise. 

  • Your efforts will keep your partner on their toes which is exactly the kind of lifestyle that the “inspirer” craves! It doesn’t always have to be dramatic, but try to keep things fun. Your partner will thank you by meeting or exceeding your efforts in order to see to your happiness, too.

  • ENFPs are excellent conversationalists blessed with the ability to talk, gauge a person’s reaction, and carry on in just the right direction to hold their audience’s attention and interest.

  •  Being able to react and contribute to such conversations will impress an “inspirer.” Your partner has a knack for expressing his or her self very well and you should be able to listen attentively 

  • Give your honest input whenever necessary – but keep it gentle, as this kind of persona is very sensitive and struggles to take criticism without suffering a serious emotional blow.

Tips for Dating an INFP Personality

  • Your INFP partner has a desire to keep things interesting and in order for this to happen you will have to be willing to slacken the reins and allow your partner to keep things interesting in his or her own way. In addition to this, you will also need to throw your own effort into trying new things, suggesting new activities, bringing home an occasional surprise, and also picking up the slack in everyday activities that are too mundane for your partner to complete all the time.
  • Contrary to your INFP’s perfectionist tendencies, you may find that he or she has trouble keeping their personal space clean. This could be a car, hobby room, bedroom, or even an entire house – basically any space that serves as their “private place” where they can completely unwind and recharge after social activity. Don’t be too pushy regarding this area as your partner may feel you are trying to trespass into an area that is very special to them.
  • Remember that your partner’s inner self contains many layers. You will have to show gentility and patience in order to access a new layer and in most cases it will be a lengthy process. Don’t expect to know all of the ins and outs of your partner overnight. Prying will only cause your partner to clam up even tighter. 
  • INFPs are often much more capable at expressing themselves through the written word. If you have trouble getting your significant other to open up, consider asking if he or she would be willing to write letters or create a journal to which you are granted access.
  • If you’ve known your INFP for a while, you may have noticed that they can become very emotional when something upsets or impassions them. In times like this you will need to be the kind but truthful voice of reason, especially in a serious situation where your partner is completely failing to see logic. Your significant other will likely balk during a crisis, in which case you will need to be the dependable one.
*I’ve Missed You Pt 2* Newt x reader

Part one here!

Synopsis: Years after Newt’s mysterious expulsion from Hogwarts, you never hear from him and your friendship fades away. You graduate and end up engaged to the current head of Aurors. One day your paths cross and the old feelings from years ago begin to rise to the surface.

Pacing outside Boris’s office, you suddenly see the handle turn and the door open. Stepping back, Newt exists with Boris following after.

“Ah, Y/N, please see that Mr. Scamander here is escorted to the fourth floor. And make sure his little furry friend doesn’t get loose again. Thank you.” Boris sauntered off and left you and Newt standing alone in the hallway. You turned to look at Newt who was clutching his case and looking at the ground.

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2 Hours and 9 Minutes

A Yuri on Ice Fanfic
Written for @seungchuchuweek

It’s past 2 am and he has training in five hours. Four hours and fifty-two minutes to be exact. He went to bed and turned the lights off two hours and eight minutes ago… Two hours and nine minutes now…

He has just spent two hours and nine minutes scrolling through the pictures on Phichit Chulanont’s sns account. To be fair, considering it has taken him that long, it says something about how often the other posts. (Way too much) It also says something about how far gone he is on his fellow skater that he finds it adorable. (2091 pictures? Really?)

Seung Gil is not good at this sort of thing. Has always believed getting involved with someone at this point in his career would only prove to be a distraction. Hadn’t even sought out friendship with the other international skaters because what was the point? They were competitors after the same prize. Would proclamations of friendship really withstand that competition? 1.09 points between a place on the podium and going home empty handed? Wouldn’t they hate each other two events later?

Apparently some people can’t take a hint, though. He’s actually grateful for that right about now. Even if part of the outcome is how a casual comment about him needing to check out his sns by Phichit has him up at some ridiculous hour of the morning. Because he obviously didn’t have any self control when it comes to hundreds of selfies of his one-sided crush.

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yuri x reader (request)

POV: Reader
Pairing: Yuri (SNSD) x Reader
Rating: G
Comments: I don’t know if I executed this the way I wanted to. It also took my six tries to figure out how to start it. Hopefully it’s not awful and you guys like it. 8D

Summary: “for SNSD’s Yuri, a scenario where she is a CEO and she has to work with the reader for a next project, but they kinda hate each other, so it’s a hell for both. One of the few final days, they are working late at night for the so called project at Yuri’s office and they start to realise that they actually don’t hate each other that much and they like to be in each other presence, which is cool because their secretaries ship them hard.” - Anon

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His prescription, combined with other circumstances, has encouraged some biographers–who did not require prompting from him–to remark that Hamilton in choosing a wife had an eye to fortune and family.  Many a true word, they observe, is spoken in jest.  Able and ambitious, but born out of wedlock, and a young stranger in a strange land, his future would be furthered, in resources and respectability, if he became the son-in-law of General Philip Schuyler, whose social position and wealth were conspicuously established.  To enter that interlocking kinship would remove a curse, and the political influence thus opened was a prize.  Betsey’s own qualities, while happily acceptable, were secondary, runs this commentary.  Intellectually she was his inferior, and her formal education, as shown in her faulty spelling, had been small.  She has been compared, to her disadvantage with her unusually sprightly older sister Angelica, Mrs. Church, whose letters to Hamilton have been thought to betray a more than sisterly affection, which, by similar supposition, he returned.  Betsey was even dull, and found in fidelity, religion, and good works a satisfaction that would not have been contented one of acuter mentality and feeling.

What we know gives the lie to these insinuations of motive.  Hamilton’s letters to Betsey, from his courtship at Morristown to the last hours of his life, show a tenderness, confidence, and deepening regard.  She shared his plan, perplexities, and his triumphs.  His conjugal lapse–perhaps more fully self-documented than that of any famous figure–was to his discredit, not his wife’s.  Her faithfulness and whole deportment in the sequel had a glory to equal any achievement of his life.  Hamilton, prescient and calculating on the public account, was not always deliberate in his private affairs, where his strong emotions took command. Prudence, let alone design, is not the notorious accompaniment of falling in love, and Alexander Hamilton, by all the signs, fell in love and remained in love with his Betsey.  Certainly his prospects improved by marriage into her family and connection, but at no point in his career, before he had this powerful help, was he at a loss for opportunity, or ability to profit by it.  When he met Betsey, he was already a favorite among those of his own age and admired and trusted by his elders, who included many of the country’s principal men and women.  Well educated, of creditable military performance, acknowledged by all who knew him to be full of promise, he stood in the closest confidential relationship to the supreme man in America.  In any sensible estimate, he had as much to offer as to ask in a marriage–supposing, what is most unlikely, that his Cupid was so canny.

—  Alexander Hamilton Youth to Maturity by Broadus Mitchell.
All Good Things: A Theo Raeken Imagine

So this is the first smut I’ve ever written, it’s cringy and long af and I’m more than happy to crawl into a hole and never come out! Enjoy x


Theo had you on the cool metal table of the Dread Doctor’s lab, hands gripping your thighs, while he attacked your neck.

You tugged at the hem of his shirt, wanting, no, needing it to come off.

“All good things come to those to wait, Y/N,” he chuckled.

“Well, I’m not a very patient person.”

And with that, you used your claws to rip that black shirt (which showed off his abs so well) in half.

Theo looked down, a devilish grin adorning his face.

“Shame, I liked that shirt.”

“Tough shit,” you said, grabbing the back of his neck and pulling his lips back to yours.

But Theo had other ideas. He pulled away.

“What the fuck?” you growled. But your cry of anger was soon cut off when he grabbed hold of your wrists, pulling you down so you were lying on the surface of the table.

He began placing feather light kisses on your stomach, gently biting as he made his way down, getting closer to the place where you needed him most.

And closer.

And closer.

And then his fucking phone rang.

“Don’t answer it”, you pleaded, desperate for him to continue.

But no-one tells Theo Raeken what to do.

Giving you that killer smirk, he climbed off your body, and put the phone to his ear. In a matter of moments, he was pulling up the zip of a black drawstring hoodie.

“It was Tracy. Pack emergency.”

Of course it was.

You jumped off the table and stepped towards him, fiddling with the zip of his hoodie in an attempt to lure his attention back to your shirtless body.

“It’s always an emergency with her. You know, I’m pretty sure she just uses it as an excuse just to see you. I don’t blame her though,” you moved your hands down his stomach, feeling the abs that often occupied your dreams.

He chuckled.

“You don’t want me to go?”

“You know what I want, baby, but I never seem to get it.”

“Are we talking about sex or killing Tracy? Because I’m pretty sure I give you the first one frequently.”

You moved your hands lower, they were now resting on his hips. A few inches lower, and your boyfriend would be putty in your hands.

“Maybe both. In fact, definitely both.”

Your hands moved lower, causing Theo to grab your wrists and look at you smugly.

He loved the effect he had on you.

“Nice try, princess. As for what you want, sex later and I’m not killing Tracy just because you’re jealous.”

You huffed in annoyance.

“Then don’t kill her because I’m jealous. Kill her because she’s annoying.”

He laughed again, as he so often did when it came to you. Letting go of your wrists, he placed a chaste kiss on your lips. The kind that always left you desperate for more, and he knew it.

Fucking tease.

“I’ll see you later, okay?”

“Fuck you Raeken.”

“You will, soon enough.”

And he walked out the door, leaving you extremely frustrated.

Theo was gone for what felt like centuries. What made things worse was that he knew the state he’d left you in.

And he was playing with you.

You paced around the apartment angrily, methods on how to kill Tracy swimming around your head.

Throat slash? Too generic.

That weird stuff the Dread Doctors used to kill chimeras? Not really original and where were you going to get that anyway? Theo avoided it at all costs.

Whatever you came up with just didn’t seem torturous enough. You soon directed your mind to other thoughts. Such as Theo’s head between your legs.

“All good things come to those who wait”, you mumbled to yourself, “well, this better be fucking worth it.”

You were beyond irritable now.

You needed him.

So when you heard the key in the lock, it was as if all your Christmases had come at once.

Theo strolled into the apartment, as if he didn’t have a clue of what torture you’d endured throughout the day.

But he knew.

He could smell it on you. The stench of desire spread though the apartment, causing him to smirk.

“Somebody’s a bit needy.”

“What on earth makes you think that?”

He didn’t even have time to register your response before you attacked him, pinning him to the wall.

“You know, I’ve only been gone two hours.”

“Two hours too long,” you snarled.

“Tracy asked after you. Wondered how you were doing.”

Bastard. He knew that you were more frustrated when you were jealous.

“Did she really?” you said through gritted teeth, feeling your fingernails lengthening into claws.

“Yeah, I told her you were fine.”

Your eyes flashed werewolf-blue. For a while, all that was heard was silence, before Theo spoke.

“Tell me what you want, princess. Tell me, and I promise I’ll give it to you.”

Finally. The cue you’d been waiting for.

“Just shut up and fuck me.”

That was all it took for Theo to grab hold of you, spinning you around so you were the one pinned to the wall.

The almost electric current that went through you when Theo’s lips attached themselves to yours, nearly made you fall to your knees.

This. This was what you’d been waiting for.

You felt Theo’s tongue on your bottom lip, and without hesitation, you granted him access. You both battled for dominance, Theo’s tongue dancing with yours, the feel of it enough to make you lightheaded.

The chimera was definitely making up for the torture he’d let you endure.

But you weren’t that easily swayed. Theo Raeken was going to pay. And God, were you going to enjoy it.

You broke away, pulling his earlobe in between your teeth, gently biting down and tugging.

“Princess, what’re you doing? I thought I was meant to be the one pleasing you.”

“You are. But that doesn’t stop me from getting my own back.”

You licked a stripe from his earlobe, along his jawline, smiling when you heard him moan.

“Who knew the Alpha was such a puppy?”

You dipped your head to his neck, teeth scraping across his throat, eliciting a growl from him. You smirked against him.

Normal Theo was bloody great at sex. Jealous Theo was phenomenal at sex. But Theo who thought his masculinity was being threatened was by far the best at sex.

It took only a few seconds before you felt Theo’s hand in your hair, and your head being yanked back.

“Wipe the smirk off your lips Y/N. The only thing coming from them should be your fucking screams. And trust me, there’s gonna be a hell of a lot.”

Scratch the previous statement. This. This was definitely what you’d been waiting for.

Theo used his claws to rip your shirt in half, before removing his hoodie, earning a hum of approval from you, as you and him admired each other.

Theo planted hard kisses down your neck, growling in pleasure when you moaned.

It was music to his ears.

“You’re. All. Mine,” he said between kisses.

You were way too dizzy to do anything but moan back at him.

“Say. It.”

You mustered up all the effort you could to force words to come out of your mouth.


Those three words sent Theo into overdrive, making his chimera eyes flash gold as he bit into your neck, causing you to scream as the pleasure you felt numbed the pain.

“Jump,” he whispered into your neck, his nose trailing down the column of your throat.

You did exactly that, wrapping your legs around his hips, as you swung your arms around his neck, kissing him passionately.

He kissed you back with the brutality you had grown to love, as you both crashed through the bedroom door. He threw you onto the bed you two shared, climbing on top of you.

As he kissed down your stomach, his hand moved to your back, unclasping your bra and throwing it to the side.

If the fucking phone rang now, you would actually murder someone.

It was as if Theo could hear your thoughts as he looked up at you, and said, “No-one’s gonna bother us. My phone’s turned off. Don’t want my little princess throwing a tantrum again.”

“Good. Now get back to work.”

He unbuttoned your shorts, as you worked at his belt, both of you pulling the other’s clothes off them. Theo took one look at your panties before using his claws to rip them to shreds.

As he bent down to place his head where you needed him the most, you stopped him. Two hours ago, you would’ve been happy to lie there and let him do whatever he saw fit, but…well, that was two hours ago.

“No time for foreplay, Theo. I need you. Now,” you begged.

“You really are impatient, aren’t you?”

“You would know.”

You grabbed ahold of his boxers, pulling them down and admiring the sight in front of you.

Theo Raeken in all his naked glory made your mouth dry, and your core ache with need.

He entered you without warning, slamming into you, fingers digging into your hips, leaving bruises that would heal as quickly as they appeared.

“Fuck princess,” he mumbled against your neck.

You screamed his name, just as he’d promised, biting into his shoulder as you both released.

Soon enough, Theo rolled off you, both of you breathing heavily.

“That was-”

“Yeah. It was.”

He pulled you into his side, brushing a lock of hair that was plastered to your forehead behind your ear, as you snuggled into his chest.

“Feeling better now?” he said, kissing you on the top of your head.

“Much. Do that to me again though and I might actually leave you.”

“You wouldn’t. You love me too much.”


There was silence as the two of you tried to catch your breath.

“Still think you should kill Tracy though.”

anonymous asked:

There's this person I like and they're really cute and funny and they like all the same bands and stuff I like, but the problem is that they're 4 years older than me and live in a different state and I only know them through Tumblr. They're my best internet friend, but idk if they feel the same about me. Advice?

Talk with her about your feelings and don’t blame her if she doesn’t reciprocate your feelings.

Waste The Night

I wrote this for my friend and I think it kinda sucks but I hope you guys like it anyways! This was inspired by Waste The Night by 5sos btw I am obsessed with that song right now!

Originally posted by yass-jams

You couldn’t believe your boyfriend… Well… Ex-boyfriend. How could he? After a year of what you shared he left for her. Her of all people. You had been crying into your pillow for too long and now you had just run out of tears to shed. You were going through the break up phases. There was sadness and then anger and then regret. Sometimes you blamed yourself but others you blamed him and most of the time you blamed her.

All your crying made you feel weak and cold and you didn’t want to do anything. Your bedroom door was open, letting in a small breeze and allowing you to hear the cars passing by on the street below. It was dark now and your room was lit up by the street lights. You didn’t want to feel this way ever but you also didn’t want to do anything.

Your friends had been texting you and even your ex-boyfriend tried to contact you. You wanted to block him or at least erase his number but you couldn’t bring yourself to do it. Some friends wanted to go out to cheer you up and others offered to bring over ice cream and movies but you weren’t up for any of it. You laid in silence, drowning in your own thoughts until your phone buzzed again. You didn’t want to check it but you were curious to see if maybe, just maybe, your ex had changed his mind.

You checked your phone and was surprised to see who it was.

~Open the door~
Was all it said.

You didn’t know why him of all people would text you at this time especially since he was friends with your ex. You would think that it was some form of bro code not to talk to you. You sighed as you forced yourself up. You had nothing else to do and you really didn’t want company but something made you open the door.

You walked to your front door and turned on a few lights so you could see his face. You opened the door and slightly hid behind the door so he couldn’t see how disheveled you looked. “What do you want Taehyung?” you asked in a hushed voice. He looked nervous, just standing in the doorway. His hands were shoved into his pockets and he was biting his bottom lip. He looked you straight in the eyes and had what looked like a sad expression on his face.

“Suga’s an ass,” is all he said. You would’ve teared up but you were too tired to at the moment.

“Is that all?” you asked, not understanding why he was even there. He took a deep breath and shook his head. He put his hand in his dark brown bangs and put a soft smile on his face.

“I came to cheer you up. You don’t deserve to cry over him,” he spoke. You moved to let him into your place but he shook his head. “This way…” he said, moving to let you pass him.

“No Taehyung. I look like a bum,” you huffed. He frowned and rolled his eyes.

“You look fine. You always look great,” he complimented you. You found yourself blushing at his words but went back to the situation you were in.

“Where are we going?” you questioned him, not understanding what he was up to.

“Anywhere. Anything that gets you to smile,” he answered you. He had never acted like this with you before and you were just taken aback. Suga was his friend but instead of sticking with Suga he’s here being your friend.

“I don’t even have shoes on or my purse,” you argued.

“Slip some shoes on and you won’t need your purse,” he explained. You were really against doing what he asked of you at the moment but every time you hesitated his smile weakened a bit and it made you feel bad so you slipped on some shoes and grabbed your keys, shoving them into your pocket.

“This better not be some mean joke,” you warned him, pulling your jacket closer to you. It was chilly once you got outside and you were a bit nervous being alone with him. You guys had always got along but he had always kept his distance.

He started walking a certain way and you quickly followed. It was late so the streets weren’t as crowded but it was still dark. You walked for a time way past your patience and you began to complain. “Taehyung, please just tell me where we are going,” you whined.

“Not until I figure it out,” he replied making you stop in your tracks.

“I’m not in the mood for this. I’m going back home,” you sighed.

“Oh no you’re not! You’re not backing out now,” he spoke. All of a sudden he picked you up and slung you over his shoulder.

“Put me down!” you exclaimed, starting to get angry with him. It was pretty much midnight and you were alone with someone that you probably shouldn’t be.

“No! I promise you’ll have fun tonight,” he protested. You sighed in defeat, not wanting to fight at the moment. He kept walking with you over his shoulder until he suddenly stopped.

“What?” you asked, not able to see over his shoulder.

“There’s a dark grass field over there,” he said excitedly.

“That sounds scary,” you remarked.

“No! That means fireflies!” he cheered. He began running to the field and once you got there he put you down.

“Fireflies? How is that supposed to make me smile?” you scoffed.

“Well, try looking around. You never know,” he shrugged. You looked around you and saw the never ending flash of small yellow lights. You had never seen so many in one place and you had to admit it was gorgeous. “Isn’t it cool? I’ve never seen so many.”

“Yeah… Me either,” you replied. It was like stars all around you and for a moment you forgot about Suga and everything he had made you go through. You reached out to catch one and smiled softly when you saw it glow inside your hand. You didn’t let Taehyung see your smile though. You wanted to see what else could happen.

“Oh! I just got an idea,” Taehyung gasped. He grabbed your hand and began to run back towards the street. You were sad to leave the magical moment but you were curious to see what would happen next. You ran around corners and down alleys, hand in hand and your heart was beating fast from it all. You finally stopped when you reached a public, indoor pool. You looked at Taehyung in confusion.

“It’s closed,” you stated. He just smiled and shook his head.

“Not when we have easy access,” he chuckled. Still holding your hand he dragged you around to a back door. You were now scared of what was going on. Why would he want to go in there anyways?

You reached the back of the building and saw no clear opening for you to get in. Taehyung finally let go of your hand and walked towards the door.

“What are you doing? It’s closed!” you whisper yelled as if someone was nearby to hear you.

“No. It never is,” he replied, opening the door with ease. “They haven’t locked this door since I was a little kid. I would come here with my younger siblings all the time when we were little.”

“Ok, but what are we going to do in there anyways?” you raised an eyebrow.

“I’ll show you,” he smirked as if he knew you would freak out. He disappeared into the dark building and you had no choice but to follow. You lost him in the dark hallway and got a bit scared, not being able to see anything. You got to the area with the pool and took off your jacket. It was warm in the room and you were nervous not knowing where Taehyung was.

All of a sudden you were falling into the clear water. You screamed as you fell into the surprisingly warm water and fell deep into the liquid. You rose to the top and wiped your eyes. You looked up to see a smiling Taehyung.

“What the hell?! You could’ve given me a heart attack!” you yelled at him. You kept kicking your legs to keep yourself above the water and struggled with your shoes still on your feet.

“No I couldn’t! Now watch out because now it’s my turn!” he cheered. He jumped into the water, making a big splash so you had to shield your eyes. You saw him rise to the surface and shake his hair out of his face. “Take your shoes off!” You glared at him as you slipped your shoes off and threw them to the side of the pool.

“I hate you right now,” you grumbled. He just laughed and went back under the water. You looked around, afraid he was going to do something stupid and you were right to be afraid. You felt his arms wrap around your legs and bring you under the water. The pool was lit up so you opened your eyes so you could see him. He rose to be face to face with you and gave you his signature square smile.

You loved that smile and even though you tried to stay mad you couldn’t help but smile back. You ran out of breath and went back to the surface and began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” he asked, not understanding what you found so humorous.

“I guess you just really surprised me. Also, your hair is sticking up,” you kept laughing. He rolled his eyes and splashed you. “Hey!” you gasped, splashing him back. You got into a game of splashing and a fit of giggling before you surrendered to his waves of splashing. “We should leave. I’m afraid we’ll get caught.”

“Yeah… Let’s get out,” he sighed. You both made your way to the edge of the pool and he lifted himself out with ease. You struggled with how high the ledge was. He offered you his hand and lifted you out. You looked up to say thank you and froze when you realized how close your faces were to each other. You never noticed but now you saw just how handsome Taehyung was. His deep eyes and perfect lips had you staring at him and for some reason he was looking at you. Neither of you looked away and you found yourself blushing. “You’re really beautiful,” he whispered as if you weren’t meant to hear it but you did.

You blushed even harder and you saw him shift nervously. “Sorry,” he whispered again and looked away.

“Why?” you asked him, not understanding his actions.

“No, I don’t want to ruin the night,” he argued.

“You’re ruining it by not explaining,” you remarked. He looked back at you and let out a deep breath.

“You’ve always been Suga’s girl. I never had a chance when you two were so close so I kept my distance because I really liked you. Well, I still do,” he chuckled anxiously.

Your thoughts raced. You thought back to all those times you thought you had done something wrong so Taehyung didn’t talk to you as much but you saw it now. Whenever you were with Yoongi he always seemed distant.

“Good thing Suga’s out of the picture right?” you told him. He looked surprised by your answer. “What?”

“I thought you were going to tell me I was crazy or something,” he replied honestly. “I mean you did just go through a break up with one of my best friends.

“Well, then maybe I’m the crazy one,” you shrugged. “Now let’s not waste the night. I have place I want to go to,” you smiled at him. You quickly put your wet shoes on and grabbed your jacket before racing out of there. The two of you ran back the way you came and returned to your apartment building.

“Why back here?” he asked.

“You’ll see,” you answered him and walked up the stairs to the front entrance. You rushed up the stairs inside and put Taehyung in confusion when you passed your own apartment door. You ran all the way to the top until you reached a door.

“The roof?” Taehyung asked. You nodded as you opened the door and showed him the place you had made a long time ago even before you had dated Yoongi. There were two couches, a table and a few blankets up here on top of the gravel floor. “Whoa,” he gasped.

“It’s my little hide out and I guess it can be ours now,” you smiled. The two of you walked to the couches and looked out at the city. You could see pretty far out and the city lights looked like stars scattered around the Earth. You turned on the light you had plugged up on the roof and relaxed onto the couch. Taehyung fell down next to you and looked happier than you had ever seen him.

“So, you never showed Yoongi this?” he asked, his eyes still glued on the scene.

“I never had the time to. I haven’t been up here in a while myself,” you admitted. “But you made me think about it after all those fun things we did.”

“Well, I’m honored,” he said, finally looking at you. You made eye contact and your heart went skipping beats again. You didn’t know why you felt like this all of a sudden but Yoongi didn’t even cross your mind as you shared this moment with Taehyung.

You unconsciously leaned into him and neither of you hesitated. Your lips touched, creating a soft kiss that flashed with sparks. The longer you stayed like that the more passionate the kiss became and your bodies soon collided as well. It was a feeling you had never had with anyone and you never wanted it to stop. He placed his hand to cup your cheek as the kiss deepened and you placed your hands on his chest. You both pulled away only to come back for more, hungry for each other’s lips.

When you finally pulled away for good he bit his lip holding back his excitement. He had dreamt of that moment for way too long and you had waited to feel that with someone forever. It wasn’t the same with Yoongi. It felt too normal with him and this felt like an exciting journey with no destination. The trip is the best part and you were ready to pack your bags for that one way road.

You both looked away to see the sun peaking up from the horizon.

“So was the night a success?” he asked as you both kept your eyes on the light blue tint in the sky.

“You tell me?” you replied with another question. He smirked and cocked his head to the side, his hair following his movement. You shared his expression as you leaned into him again. The whole night had been yours and you couldn’t wait to own a day together too. You spent marvelous hours together and it was a night spent discovering something new. You would never waste another night without the thought of Taehyung and the feeling he brought with him.


ENFJ Relationships & Compatibilities

ENFJ Relationships

As mentioned earlier, ENFJ relationships are usually a lot of fun. ENFJ individuals are outgoing and will never cease to inspire and entertain a partner. As this type of personality thrives in a social atmosphere, “givers” are happiest with individuals who are comfortable having a large social circle and the societal responsibilities that can be entailed in this type of lifestyle. ENFJs will put forth all of their efforts to give a relationship a genuine shot and are always looking for the long-haul relationship. They are excellent communicators of their own thoughts and feelings and can also sense the needs of their partner, which makes for a very open and honest relationship.

Most ENFJs will overlook their own needs in lieu of seeing to the needs of others. This is usually done without a thought, although some individuals will elect to ignore their own desires, even some of the most basic ones. This can be an unhealthy practice in a relationship and it is important that ENFJs train themselves to reflect on their own needs and to ensure that they take positive action to see them fulfilled. Where an ENFJ fails to do this, the partner must take it upon his or her to anticipate these unfulfilled needs and to address any unbalance within the relationship. For instance, Joe might tell his “giver” that he appreciates that she is always seeing to his happiness, but he would like an equal chance to make her happy, too. Partners have to stand their ground and ignore appeasing comments like, “Seeing you happy makes me happy.”

The “giver’s” need to make others happy and to “do what’s best” can kick into overdrive and become smothering. A companion would need to be bold and speak up when their ENFJ partner becomes overprotective or oppressive. They may frequently ask what their partner is feeling or thinking about in an attempt to search for a nook and cranny in the relationship that has been left unfulfilled. If left unchecked this kind of behavior will push away the “giver’s” partner and inevitably destroy the relationship. This isn’t an easy task for a partner to take on, however, as ENFJs tend to be sensitive and will take criticism very seriously. Broaching the subject of overprotection/smothering will need to be done delicately and in a manner that lets the ENFJ know that he or she isn’t a bad person or companion – just a little overzealous in the Care Department.

ENFJs will try to fulfil their role as a partner/spouse/parent to the best of their ability and generally make good parents. Although prone to being overprotective, “givers” are very affectionate parents who want to see their children well-adjusted. Their own extravert nature may cause them to push their child into social activities such as play dates, sports, or after-school programs from a young age. However, if they sense that their child is unhappy or if their partner drops hints that the child is being overwhelmed, the ENFJ will most likely back off.

Compatible Personality Types

The personalities that seem most compatible with the ENFJ are the INFP and INTP. An introverted personality will complement the extraverted ENFJ nicely by allowing the “giver” to exercise his or her ability to draw out an individual’s personality. It also provides them with the goal of peeling back each layer of the introvert’s personality and being rewarded with a closer look at the true individual beneath. Another intuitive individual would best suit the ENFJ because they would have the shared ability to sense and provide for one another’s needs. This is very important for a selfless “giver” who will eagerly ignore his or her own wants. Perceiving individuals, with a flexible and adaptive lifestyle can help to loosen-up the structured lifestyle of the judging personality. This trait will also ensure that the ENFJs partner is open to on-the-fly or last-minute social plans.

Relationship Guidance for the ENFJ

As an ENFJ, you probably anticipate the opportunity to be useful in a relationship. If you don’t have a partner, then you’re most likely throwing yourself into all sorts of social activities, maybe even secretly hoping that Mr. or Ms. Right will be in attendance. Make sure that your efforts to find contentment in a long-lasting relationship does not involve utilizing your chameleon ability to mimic the behavior, thoughts, or feelings of others. If you aren’t being your true self then you may find yourself in a relationship where you don’t feel free to be you, and your desire to keep your companion happy could prevent you from ending such a relationship. Your total dedication to your mate, present or future, and your penchant for warmth and encouragement will bring out the best in your mate. Your hands-on nature and your fondness for making a plan, making a decision, and moving forward might get out of control sometimes. Remember to include your companion in any decisions that will affect him or her or your relationship.

If you find yourself hovering or asking your significant other too many worrisome questions (i.e. “What are you think about,” “How are you feeling right now,” “Can I do anything for you?”), remind yourself that these questions asked once in a while are acceptable – and even nurturing – but when asked in excess a partner may begin to feel smothered by your concern. A simple reminder once in a while that your significant other is free to come to you with anything should be sufficient. If, on the other hand, you pick up on signs that your mate is obviously concerned, distraught, or unhappy, then use your gift of gab to gently coax your significant other into opening up to you.

If your partner isn’t as much a social butterfly as yourself then try to tighten the reins on your social schedule a little. Don’t make yourself miserable, but consider that an always-packed schedule may quickly wear an individual down. Sometimes a fun evening at home – just you and your companion – can be enough to allow your significant other time to recharge their batteries in preparation for your next social outing.

Tips for Dating an ENFJ Personality

Dating a “giver” can be a truly amazing experience. ENFJs are in it for the long-haul – they want the kind of relationship where they can spend the rest of their lives with the same partner. If you’re not into this, an ENFJ may not be the right match for you. You should be prepared to expand your social circle because “givers” tend to have a lot of friends and acquaintances that they enjoy spending time with. If you are extremely introverted and have trouble understanding and appreciating why a partner would want to spend so much time hanging out with and talking about their friends and family, then you might not be content with a “giver.” If you can handle this kind of life then consider finding creative ways to indulge your partner in his or her ability to pick up on the emotions and feelings of others is a great way to show that you care. A local play, for instance, would give your partner tons of feelings to pick up on and can be a very moving experience for a “giver.”

The time may come when you need to offer your partner some constructive criticism. Be careful how you deliver your thoughts and feelings, as ENFJs are extremely sensitive in this regard. Failure to do so could leave your “giver” blaming his or her self and feeling unworthy. Avoid taking a tone that implies accusation when speaking to your ENFJ. Having a few solutions ready to offer can help your partner feel less emotionally attacked. One topic that you may feel moved to confront your partner about is coddling. “Givers” have a tendency to worry about those around them, especially when it comes to the happiness of their partners. They may seem overprotective or have a constant need to hear a partner verbalize their feelings and/or thoughts. The latter can be healthy in moderation but in excess you may begin to feel as though your partner isn’t giving you enough space. If you begin to feel unhappy then you need to express these feelings to your “giver” in the smoothest way possible while asserting your positive feelings for him or her at the same time. Explain that you care about them and you appreciate that they want you to be happy, but that their overzealous attempts to provide for your needs have become stifling.

Your partner may also be prone to completely forgetting their own needs. When you partner begins to do so, take a page from their book by perceiving and fulfilling your significant other’s needs yourself. Not only does this show how thoughtful you are, but it will help you to feel more productive and active in the relationship. When your “giver” begins to lose his or her self in the personalities of others, do something to remind them of who they are. A well-versed love note is a wonderful way to remind your partner of why you care for them and can shake them out of any “chameleon personality funk” they might fall into.


anonymous asked:

Don't blame NH for your "perfect relationship"sasusaku has. Sasuke subtly reciprocated her feelings somehow, but he loves being out of the village, she kept waiting, waiting, and wishing for him. After everyone in the village got married, Sakura got jealous and chased after Sasuke, is not our fault. Like seriously someone spends so much time editing out Hinata on family edits must be jealous, NH never takes out Sakura out of any T7 edits, unlike you amateurs, keep your iPhone edits LMAO.

You know, I might be rude sometimes, but I’m no bully. If you’re so keen on getting fisted, why didn’t you just ask? Instead you sent me this clusterfuck of pent-up emotions and insecurity, mixed with some kindergarten-leveled insults, trying to make yourself look like all grown up, smart and pretty much everything you’re /not/.
But, ah well, as I said, I’m no bully. Give me your hand sweetie, and we will go through this mess together. But don’t come back to me crying, I warned ya.

Now, where do we start. 

-Don’t blame NH for your “perfect relationship"sasusaku has-

Now, why would I do that? Why would I blame your off-paneled canonized, forever second in row-ed ship for the relationship SS has, that entails mutual understanding, on panel interaction and canonization, several interviews that confirm it decided both NS and NH, and most importantly, is also Kishi’s most talked about ship? I mean, last time I checked, NH wasn’t responsible for any of those. Besides, I’m pretty content with that. I ain’t blaming anyone, in fact, I’m praising Kishi to all heaven while you’re busy pooping out more of your salty - hold on, I think my bacon is ready, k, moving on - cringeworthy opinion that nobody cares about?

-Sasuke subtly reciprocated her feelings somehow-

Ah, the sheer satisfaction of imagining you sitting there like a crying toddler because ‘UWU SOMEHOW HE DID BAAAH BUT ONLY SUBTLY BAAAH DONT TELL ME OTHERWISE OR ELSE I WILL NEVER STOP CRYING BAHH’
Poor you. Even Sasuke’s VA thinks otherwise
Speaking of feelings, how did it feel like to have Naruto and Hinata hold hands, only for him to call Sakura his girlfriend few seconds later, and, which I find worse, how did it feel like when you realized their only interaction in 699 would be them standing in front of Neji’s grave - who had to die and was called a cupid by Kishi himself - right after your folk claimed it NH would get an on panel kiss while SS would become canon behind the scenes?

- After everyone in the village got married, Sakura got jealous and chased after Sasuke, is not our fault.-

Boruto and Sarada are the same, so you actually managed to falsely believe this is anti SS when it’s in fact very pro. It just showcases once again how far ahead their relationship was. Oops. She was never jealous. It’s not our fault you have to cling to filler material either, yet we’re still here. Crazy, no?

- Like seriously someone spends so much time editing out Hinata on family edits must be jealous -

Jealous of what? Filler material? Knowing NS had more interaction than your ship? Off panel canonization? No relevant on panel interaction as a married couple? The pity comment? Passive aggressive comments by Kishi? So jealous~

- NH never takes out Sakura out of any T7 edits-

Cute how you mention this as if anyone cares. There will always be someone, somewhere, who does this or that. But guess what, nobody cares. Except you.

- unlike you amateurs, keep your iPhone edits LMAO.-

Why would we not keep them? I know you guys have a massive problem within the fandom that forces you to beg SS artists and writers to do shit for you, but please, don’t bother /me/ with that.

Next time, just ask me directly and stop hiding behind asks that make me think you’ve been used as a football one too many times as a baby.


I want you to know, I have no regrets.

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Maybe its bad of me but I dont blame Mabel that much for being worried about Dip bonding with Ford over the game. I mean its still kinda selfish and shes not totally free of blame but she probably would have been fine if Dip was playing with a random kid. But she sees a split forming and she wants them all to be friends together not splitting into Smart Twins and Fun Twins. She was being a bit selfish but not totally unreasonable imo. Maybe that says something bad about me tho.

Few things:

  1. Mabel did something bad and negative for her character.
  2. Mabel is worried about Dipper and her splitting up. She’s over thinking things.
  3. She’s not being unreasonable, but she is being selfish.
  4. These are all okay things to think about a character you love.

These characters are people and they live and breathe in their world. The writers and animators are doing a great job bringing these characters to life in realistic, humanistic ways. That means people are good but make bad decisions. There are good intentions and worst consequences. There is reasonable selfishness. There is good and bad in everyone and that’s totally okay.