blame dunya

All of the HP crossover art recently alsjdf ^q^. Here’s Hufflepuff Arthur haha. #blame Dunya

He (and pretty much everyone else) probably has no idea how he got in that house, until his animagus animal turns out to be the badass honey badger… 

 U_U Too bad he’s probably stuck in that form because he hasn’t mastered the skill. (Or, unbeknownst to everyone, a certain Slytherin feigning obliviousness as he cuddles Arthur was the actual culprit who planned the sabotage… and everything is going according to plan. 6q6 how sneaky)

your prayers
often feel empty
reminding you of just how
alone your body feels
before having to drag
your soul
back home -
you blame it
on this dunya and
its temptations
and how it has
seduced you into
living a life of sin
and frankly,
you’re embarrassed
as your love for him
has outgrown your
love for Him
“he would never
allow my soul
to be burdened
with pain” you tell yourself
hoping it’ll bring
comfort to your heart
but guilt has taken
shelter inside of you
and he notices how
your body tenses up
when he leans in for a kiss
but your body is trying
to speak to you
and it’s a shame
he listened to it before you did
“your love for me
has blinded you from
your creator” he tells you
even though you know
he doesn’t believe in Allah
but he understands
your love for Him must
outshine your love for any man
in order for you to love just right -
it’s taken you
462 days and a broken heart
for you to try again
and so you pray
and you pray
hoping maybe this time
in sujud
you will feel again
maybe just maybe
this time when
you feel mountains away
from He who has created you
from dust
you’ll understand
He hasn’t moved an inch
—  suhur, he loved me and so did He