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Hey if you're still accepting prompts, can I ask for a fic where polydins are a thing and they go to a planet where everyone on there wants lance and it ends up with the rest of the paladins and allura just get so possesive (please include a scene where keith litterly hisses like a cat at someone).Congrats on all the followers!!!!

I’ll be accepting prompts for the rest of the week, so don’t hesitate to send more prompts my way if you think of any later on. :) thank you for the prompt btw!


“now, everyone remember. we are here to gain a new planet in our alliance. which means we have t be on our best behavior throughout our stay. that means no flirting with diplomats or challenging their guards.” Allura gives a pointed look towards both the red and blue paladins, one of which just so happen to be avoiding eye contact. Lance on  the other hand acts distraught over the accusation “Allura! you know i only flirt with my boyfriends and girlfriends now. i would never break their trust like that.” the over dramatic from their boyfriend helps ease the tension in everyone, and a few of them can’t help but chuckle at Lance’s theatrics. “ alright, alright. just make sure that you all treat the species with respect, please.“ everyone nods their heads in agreement , a much lighter atmosphere hanging around them, ready to add another planet to their alliance.


once the castle touched down on the planet, the team waits by the grand entrance, standing behind Allura as she thanks the king and queen for allowing them to stay on their planet, and wishing for an alliance between them. the team each have their helmets on to keep up appearances as professionals, but secretly they’re all whispering into their headsets about how different yet similar these aliens look like humans. they have somewhat of the same build as most humans, although the four arms are a definite difference between them. but also, their skin coloring is very widely ranged. some of them look as pale as Shiro and Pidge, and they even spot some with much darker coloring like Hunk. and then there were some that just really different; some were light blues or a pale greens and some pinks and reds.  it was really mind boggling to see both skin colors that they’re so used to and then see another being with green skin.

“and now may i introduce the Paladins of Voltron!” Allura snaps all of them back to the present, introducing them to the crowd of on lookers. Shiro takes his helmet off, and down the line, everyone takes their helmets off. Lance is the last to take his helmet off, and its as though the mood changed slightly once his face was visible to everyone. it was pretty weird, but the team tries not to let it get to them. they have to stay professional while their here. besides, its probably nothing.


it was definitely not nothing. every chance they got, diplomats would either shove either eager children or even themselves into Lance’s face and they would not so subtly flirt with him to no end. not that Lance exactly turned them away, trying to be civil and not insult any of them. it seems that Lance’s skin color is something entirely new to this race, and thinking back, none of the others really saw anyone with Lance’s skin tone. and that made him highly sought after by any of the diplomats or their daughters or sons. even the king and queen daughter had made a pass at Lance more than once.

the team tried to not be possessive about their boyfriend, not wanting to botch this alliance, but one by one, they each reached their breaking point. not that Lance really mind, it was nice to know that his boyfriends and girlfriends can get so jealous and possessive. and to be honest, it was getting to be too much even for him. so he wasn’t complaining  whenever one of his loved ones would pull him away from an overzealous diplomat trying to ‘woo’ him.

the first of he team to reach their boiling point was Pidge, who sat down between lance and a very handsy duke (he literally had at least half of his hands on Lance since he introduced himself to him) when the duke tried to get Lance to sit right next to him. and anytime the duke tried to flirt with him or reach a hand out to him, Pidge would intercept him by obviously taking Lance’s hand in her own or talking over him when he tried. of course she would always ‘apologize’ each time, mostly because Allura would give her a bit of a scowl for being ‘rude’ to their hosts, but no one called her out on it, all very thankful of their girlfriend’s actions.

the second to lose their cool was Keith, which wasn’t all that surprising. it was after the feast, and everyone was dancing in some sort of dome ballroom. one of the daughters that has been hovering around Lance had dragged him into dancing with them. and that in itself wasn’t all that upsetting. it was that Keith had overheard one of the other girls talk about how this specific song and dance was a sign of declaration of love in their culture (not that lance knew, he just kind of mimicked what he saw other doing). that is what set Keith off; he stormed over to them and pulled them apart. the girl was not happy about this and tried to reach back for Lance. Keith latched onto her hand and whipped around and actually hissed at her. she immediately backed off, and Keith pulled Lance away from the dance floor. he looped their arms together, making sure that Lance didn’t dance with anyone besides the team.  of course Allura ad to apologize to the girl about Keith’s behavior to her and try and smooth over any ruffled feathers. but Shiro wasn’t complaining, he even slipped in a high five to Keith.

the next one was Hunk. it was the next day and everyone had hoped that their hosts would catch the hint that Lance wasn’t really single. unfortunately, it seems that none of them did. it was early in the morning, and while everyone was groggy with sleep, some duchess was able to steal a seat next to Lance, who was probably the only morning person of the entire team. no one really paid mind to it at first, since she wasn’t overly blatant about her interest in the blue paladin. that is, until the morning meal was served. that’s when the duchess constantly tried to feed Lance from her own plate, always proclaiming how delicious their food was. Lance always politely declined, but the duchess was persistent, and no matter if it was already on Lance’s plate, she would try and feed him. that’s when Hunk probably did the most outrageous thing possible. he leaned over lance and ate off of the duchesses fork, much to everyone’s surprise. Hunk looked her dead in the eye and simply told her that the food is delicious and sits back down on the other side of Lance going back to eating from his own plate silently. what no else saw was that lance patted Hunk’s leg under the table in as a silent thank you.

 Shiro and Allura were the last ones to finally break after the last two days of having to watch Lance being flirted with constantly. it wasn’t that surprising that they had the most self control, but to be honest, if the others hadn’t intervened when the did either of them would have done the exact same thing. but it was when they had secured  the alliance with the planet and were packing up all the food and resources that the queen had gifted them, and Lance was pulled aside and was talking with the Princess of the planet, she seemed to have taken a liking to Lance, which after how everyone else on this planet have been trying, it was almost normal. that is until Allura saw the princess trying to back Lance into a corner. still trying to be polite, Allura called over to Lance to help them carry the boxes back to the castle. lance tried to slip out of the corner, apologizing halfheartedly about the team needing him.

that’s when she blocked off Lance’s escape and planted her lips on his.

in front of the entire team.

and it seems that the princess wasn’t going back down so easily.

and that didn’t sit well with any of them at all. but it was Allura and Shiro who took action. Shiro pulled them apart and let Allura deal with her. he spun around and checked over Lance, making sure that he was okay and that she didn’t try anything else they didn’t see. meanwhile Allura was putting the princess in her place, telling her off for not only forcing herself on one of the paladins of voltron, but also breaking their trust with her by doing such a thing. the princess seemed to realize how much she screwed up and begged that they don’t break the alliance with their planet. Allura looks back to Shiro and Lance, her eyes silently asking if Lance was alright. it looks like he was a bit shaken, but was alright. Allura merely said that the alliance wasn’t in jeopardy but it would be best if she learned the meaning of consent before they ask for Voltron’s help. with that Shiro gathered Lance in his arms and walked off with Allura following close behind.


it wasn’t until the castle had left the solar system and everyone had crowded themselves into Allura’s bed that Shiro finally loosened his hold on Lance, letting everyone else cuddle close on the large bed.

“you okay Lance?”

“yeah, it just kinda freaked me out when she did that.”

“you sure she didn’t do anything else? because if she did I’ll-”

“I’m sure Mullet. she didn’t even get a chance to turn it into anything more before Shiro and Allura came over.”

it was silent for awhile, everyone letting the calm soothe their frayed nerves. since it was so quite, everyone could easily hear Lance whisper  “thanks you. all of you.”

‘for what?” pidge asked, trying to stifle a yawn.

“for helping me with all of…that. you guys are the best. even when your jealous and over pretective.” that last comment got Lance an elbow lightly jabbed in his side, only making him laugh at the little effort put into it.

“you don’t need to thank us for helping you out. you’re our boyfriend. as if we’re going to let someone make passes at you without getting mad.”

lance chuckles again at the blatant trust and love and faith that his team. his boyfriends and girlfriends put in him. he got pretty lucky getting the best relationship ever. he would never give it up so easily. and he’s glad to know his team wouldn’t either.


tada! there you go! i hope you like this! thank you so much for the prompt again, i had a lot of fun writing this!

I think people like writing angst, but they honestly can’t like reading angst. Can they?
—  The Husband, severely misjudging the entire Dirk Gently tag

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Okay, theres a lot of legitimate reasons to dislike Robert Baratheon, but it seems a lot of fandom hates him for being a hormonal teenager? Because he slept around and fathered a child /prior/ to his betrothal to Lyanna? The fact that he was unfaithful after his marriage is never brought up as much as the fact the he had sex as an unattached teen. I don't get it?

I think I’m exposed to a different corner of the fandom because I haven’t seen hate toward Robert for his early promiscuity, but you have touched on part of why I wanted to rant last night when I reblogged that Robert post. I have seen other posts about Robert being unfaithful, in particular by @lyannas but I’m not sure I have posted about it myself.

The thing is, Robert slept with a lot of women when he was young, and he never grew out of it. The quote from Lyanna in Ned’s pov, “Robert will never keep to one bed,” was proven true. It really irritates me when people buy into the “if Lyanna was alive” idea that things would be different, as though it is the woman he married that makes him be this way. Cersei has her faults but she is not responsible for Robert’s actions. He’s a man child and nothing was going to change him.

Robert is Robert.

He slept with other women during the rebellion. He slept with other women every chance he got.

He would have been unfaithful to Lyanna too.

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Psst. I think Tumblr cut off the first part of your nice ask. How many things do I need to put about myself?

This is why I shouldn’t Tumblr while tipsy.