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Who killed Jason Blossom?

Audience: Nahh… You would never do this.

Cole: Of course I would. You never know what Jughead might be hiding under that beanie.

Audience: Yeah, but he would never lie to Betty.

Cole: That might be true, but… *Lili walks in* Lili! You agree with me, right?

Lili: On what, Cole?

Cole: Jughead killing Jason. It could be possible, right?

Lili:  Nahh… He would never lie to Betty about this.

Audience: Told ya.

Cole:  Tch, how can you be so sure about it?

Lili: Because… *holds his hand and looks into his eyes*  I believe you, Juggie…

Cole: *blushes*….. Okay, you got me… I didn’t do it.

Lili: *winks at the audience*

Audience: *squeals*


i could do this all day. | bucky version.

I remember the first time I ever walked the Wrong Jedi arc.

I don’t specifically remember crying when Ahsoka left (though I’m sure I did), but I vividly remember crying during this scene in To Catch a Jedi

I was in a hotel room with my parents watching it on my phone with ear buds in. And I legit cried legit tears. It was rough

Thinking about it now this is a super-sad scene, and not just to my 13-year old self. 

First off, Ahsokas slow head shake and Anakins face are just

And it’s just so sad bcuz they both think they are abandoning each other. And then after the end of the arc, they both worry that the other thinks they abandoned them

I’m sure there’s a better way to put that into words but ya. This arc is sad. Clone wars is sad

We Could Be Heroes||Hamilcast -Prologue

Look at me, finally posting something for this fic!!! I actually have the first chapter done and I’ve started the second one, but chapter one is under heavy editing, so it won’t be up for another few days. But until then, enjoy this!

Shoutout to the mastermind behind all this, @ham4fan-fiction

And all the people that have asked to be tagged: @daveeddiggsit @imagineham @maybe-mikala @always-blame-jefferson @musicalmiranda okay you didn’t ask but you’re in the story so I’m tagging you anyway and the same goes for @secretschuylersister

And tagging my forever fave @fangiri because you will forever be tagged in anything I write.

Warnings: brief mentions of torture-ish??? Some pretty sad backstories and terrible government. I think that’s it, but come yell at me if I forgot to warn about anything.

Word count:2488 (*pats myself on the back because that’s not too shabby*)

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was flirting w/my crush and just suggested that we punch each other

im blaming drarry for this
Full of Grace - Chapter 1 - DreamingPagan - Black Sails [Archive of Our Own]
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They are taking them. The thought penetrates Miranda’s mind - cuts through the haze and the panic and the horror that she feels at the sight of James’ limp form being carried out the door, his bare feet dragging, eyes closed, blood still welling from the scrapes he’s received during his short-lived bid for freedom. They are taking Thomas and James away from her.

Or: Alfred orders both Thomas and James to be taken to Bedlam. Miranda is left to rescue them with the aid of Admiral Hennessey.