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I’m honestly terrified for tickets at this point. I love her with all of my heart and I would literally give her my kidney if she needed it but realistically speaking here most of us are either in high school or college and if merch prices are any reflection of ticket prices then we’re screwed. I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and trust her because she’s never let me down before but I can’t help but be a little concerned.

Is no one gonna mention how she references joe as a man and the others as boys… cause I’m living for it

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hey fam you might want to reconsider liking tyrell after tonight he's the reason one of your faves is dead

as much as i am horrified by the events of tonight and pissed off at esmail’s decisions and tendency to kill off his diverse characters, i seriously do not see how this is tyrell’s fault entirely, or alone. 

whiterose, who is also a favourite of mine by the way, literally orchestrated this entire event. she is the mastermind behind everything. she is the one who enforces all of the terrorism, suicide missions and framing of innocent people. tyrell is a pawn to her. he did what her people instructed him to do so elliot would not be arrested/killed.

it honestly baffles me how people consistently seem to forget she’s the one behind all of this? she orchestrated everything that happened tonight. like elliot said, whiterose is a terrorist. she is the reason one of my faves died tonight.

To all the people who ask “why did they wait so long to speak out”

Shut up, quit acting like you know what the hell you are talking about.

Let me clarify a few things for you as a victim of sexual abuse myself:

1. Your response is exactly the reason many women and men don’t come forward about sexual abuse, assault, and harassment. The fear that no one will believe them is one of the main reasons (along with misplaced shame and guilt) victims keep silent.

2. Asking for evidence of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment is like asking someone to prove the existence of big foot. These predators are CAREFUL and practiced. There often is no physical evidence or witness to “prove” that the person is guilty. That’s why many in law enforcement refer to these crimes as “he said she said”. It’s only when MULTIPLE reports occur that they often get taken seriously, and they often have to be from two different people.

3. False accusations are RARE. Stop acting like that’s the norm. You know what’s not rare? Unreported harassment, abuse, and assault. If there is one victim I guarantee there are more. No Normal person wants to get attention for a sex crime, people look at you differently (not in a good way) who the hell would volunteer for this shit?

4. “Why are so many coming forward now” because it’s easier to come forward and find your voice when someone else’s courage has inspired you. The idea that if ‘they can come forward then so can I’ is what has propelled this #me too movement.

To all of the victims speaking out:

I believe you. I stand with you. I am amazed by your courage and strength and I hope that you continue to inspire others to speak out against their perpetrators. We need to see these disgusting predators for what they are and stop supporting them.
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Unexpected midweek update! Chapter 14, aka the chapter that will make everyone hate me probably. So, enjoy that.

Why is tumblr making the link look so weird? Le sigh.

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'That was very gay, Mike! Nancy shrieks hysterically in his head. Very very gay!' im actually dead

I ACTUALLY ALMOST DIDN’T WRITE THAT PART but the idea of nancy being a voice of reason inside of mike’s head was just TOO GOOD TO PASS UP and i cried to myself as i wrote it bc I COULD HEAR IT. I REALLY COULD HEAR IT