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Luke Hemmings He Doesn’t Approve BSM

SUMMARY: Luke is talked into letting Y/N wear what she wants outside.

Just a note- this was made for  c o m e d i c  p u r p o s e s  pls don’t be mad at me 


Shopping in the juniors section was always so stressful. Not because the clothes weren’t cute, but because your life had a dress code.

No shorts above the fingertips.

No spaghetti straps.

No cleavage.

No midriff.

They were Luke’s modesty codes, and to his credit he followed all of them, except for when he was shirtless. But he wasn’t shopping with you today, you had split up when you got to the mall and he had headed straight for the shoe store.

You had instead gone to look for shorts because it was hot out, and the only not pants you could find were either short shorts or capris. Normally you tried to avoid trying on shorts that looked too short at all, knowing you couldn’t get them anyway, but it was just too hot for anything else, so you swiped a cute pair off the rack and walked over to the changing rooms. They were a nice thin and breathable fabric, not at all clingy to your skin.

Pulling off your sticky skinny jeans, you replaced them with the thin cotton shorts that were a few inches off of the tips of your fingers, but still definitely covered your butt. Looking at yourself from all different angles, you had to admit that they looked nice, and felt so much better. They were a light blue color, with little pieces of lace on the side, definitely something you could see yourself wearing.

Biting your lip, you had to make a decision. Openly defy your brother in the name of all things comfortable, or go try and find something else.

In the end you had bought the shorts, squishing them between a summer dress and a Darth Vader tee.

You felt guilty, but not nearly guilty enough to tell Luke.

When you got home and unpacked your new clothes, you purposely hid the shorts in the bottom of your drawer, under the white jeans you were too scared to wear.

A few weeks later when you were in the middle of record heat, and sweating to death in your dark, skintight, jeans, the short shorts began to sound really good.

Your friends had invited you to go out with them to an outdoor movie, and there was no way you could do so in long pants.

Sucking in a deep breath as you realized you would be defying Luke, you got dressed with the shorts and a cute shirt. You braced yourself as you walked down the stairs, knowing you would have to pass Luke and Calum, who were watching a movie, in order to grab your sandals and phone to go.

You tried to wait until a point of action when they were both completely focused on the screen before walking past. Luke however paused the movie as soon as he saw you.

“I really hope your joking,” he said flatly, raising an eyebrow at you.

“Why’d you stop?” Calum groaned, tossing more popcorn in his mouth.

“Because Y/N is about to go outside half-naked!” Luke snapped, grabbing the popcorn bowl from him.

“Which half?” Calum glanced at you, “cause she looks pretty clothed to me.”

“No, those shorts are very short,” Luke countered.

“It really could be worse,” Calum shrugged, “what if she was like left naked? Like all of her clothes only covered her right side?”

“What are you talking about?” Luke made a face that simultaneously conveyed both the emotions of confusion and disgust.

“Being half naked,” Calum said, turning to Luke.

“Forget I said that,” he rolled his eyes, “just go put on longer shorts.”

“Luke it’s hot outside, I will die in jeans or capris,” you sighed, glancing at the time. You were going to be late if he didn’t stop.

“That’s true, she could get heatstroke and die,” Calum shook his head, “Liz would killllll you.”

“Shut up!” Luke elbowed him.

“The essentials are covered,” Calum kept on rambling, “her butt is inside of the shorts.”

“The rule is, fingertip length shorts,” Luke gritted out.

“What if she had freakishly long arms? Or no arms? Or no fingers? Or creepily long fingers? That rule is so dumb,” he chuckled.

“Just please put on longer shorts,” Luke begged, rubbing his temples.

“What do you have against legs?” Calum demanded. “Hashtag free the knee!”

“Oh my God,” Luke threw his head backward into the couch, “why do you even care Calum?”

“I fight for what is right! And those shorts are decently long!” He announced, throwing some popcorn in the air.

Luke looked defeated, “I will give you twenty dollars to put on longer shorts.”

“DON’T SELL YOUR FREEDOM!” Calum shouted.

You contemplated the offer, “make it fifty.”

Luke narrowed his eyes, staring at you, then let out a deep breath, “deal.”


“Shut up already,” Luke pushed him, “I’m already out fifty bucks.”

“Thank you!” You smiled as he put a few wadded up bills in your palm. You skipped up the stairs to change, much more happy to wear your jeans if you were making money on them. Thank yoooooou Calum!

baby girl hood being so fascinated by her daddy’s tattoos that calum decided to bring her along for his next one. she’d sit and stare in awe as the tattoo artist drew on her daddy and she’d laugh a lil whenever calum winced at the pain and when he was done, he would show it to her and be like “can u see what it is?” and she’d get all excited and yell “it’s a crown!!! and it says my name in it!!” and calum would laugh and explain “that’s ‘cause your my princess” as he’d pull her in and kiss her lil chubby cheek and she’d push him away like “daddyyyy stooop!” with a giggle and then she’d look at the tattoo artist and mutter “can i get a drawing too?” and the artist would probably laugh a bit and calum would shoot him a look before smiling at his baby and going “of course you can sweetheart” and the artist would lean down and and smile as he asked “what do you want?” and she’d think for a moment before excitedly exclaiming “i want a superhero!!! like daddy!!” and both calum and the artist would laugh before calum lifted his little girl into the chair thing and pulled up her sleeve and then the artist would grab a marker and draw a cartoonish version of calum in a superhero outfit and idk man it would just be so cute and calum would be so happy and smiley and he’d just love his little baby girl so much

Unpopular 5sos/5sos fam opinions

Because I have nothing better to do lol

1. Albums don’t need to be 3285338490 songs long. Like obviously having a lot of music is good in a way cause it means more sos for everybody, but I’d honestly much rather have a 10-12 song album that was perfected, where every song was their absolute best, than a nearly 20 song album where a few are tbh terrible. Like, including deluxe + target edition, sgfg literally had 19 songs total, and that’s not even including the others on the skh ep (like over and out) that came out 2 months begore sgfg. I don’t even know how many songs were on self titled since they had so many bonus track albums for different places, but it was at least 16 songs.
Most other bands that I listen to have 10-12 song albums and guess what!! The albums ten to be amazing beginning to end rather than having like 5 amazing songs, some okay songs, and some very clearly not as good songs. 5sos should be valuing quality over quantity. I know they’ve said before that it’s hard to narrow songs down but guess what!! It’s hard for other bands too, but they manage!!

2. This ones more about the 5sos fam than 5sos. Listen, I miss 5sos with my entire heart literally every single day and I’m absolutely dying to hear new music as much as the next person, but for the love of god yall, waiting for new music is not as bad as yall make it sound!! Holy fuck it hasn’t even been two (2) years since sgfg yet. Idk what bands yall follow, or maybe the problem is following a band is new for some of you guys, but 2-3 years between album releases is the norm. I was even seeing people expecting new music just a year after sgfg! Yall gotta be more patient!

3. Going off of #2, it’s so hypocritical to be complaining constantly about the break. Once again, I miss them too, but you can’t be posting nonstop during their tours about how 5sos don’t get enough breaks, and then bitch about how they’re taking too long during breaks. First off, 5sos already tour way more places than a lot of bands do and in a way shorter amount of time. If you look at other bands, a lot of them don’t even do complete world tours. They might do a North American tour, take a break, then a Europe tour, break, then Asia tour (etc). Some don’t even do all of NA. I’ve seen bands do like only one side of the US and call that a “tour”. What 5sos did during slfl was crazy impressive and as much as I miss them, they 100% deserved this nearly year off touring.
I know a lot of you are coming from 1D and are used to getting an album every single year (I actually didn’t know they did that my mind is blown rn?? That’s so many??) and tours constantly, but high key that’s how bands break up and resent their work. What 5sos are doing rn with their long break is 100% normal for every other band in the scene. If yall want 5sos to escape the “boy band” label so damn much, let them be like every other band and not overwork them to pieces.

4. Listen up Ashton’s singing voice is beautiful and makes angels cry. You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with never having Ashton sing, nor is there anything wrong with Luke being the band’s frontman. I love 4/4 with my entire heart and always will but it’d be perfectly fine for the focus to be put on Luke considering idk if yall noticed but,, it’s normal for bands to have leads lol. Also, how good they sing shouldn’t in any way shape their overall status as talented musicians. Plus, it’s mf hard to sing while drumming and the poor boy is a puddle of sweat at the end of concerts idk why yall want Ashton to sing so bad??

In conclusion please stop projecting the expectations and level of rigor that 1D were held to onto 5sos because not only are 5sos not 1D, but 1D is literally not like any band out there. Let 5sos act how normal bands act. Let them exist the way other bands do in this scene and other music scenes that 5sos are fans of.

Breaks are normal. Having short and long awaited albums is normal. Not having every single member singing is normal. And since 5sos always cite other rock/pop punk bands as their inspirations, I’d say it’s fair to hold them to the same standards of the bands that they aspire to be like, not the band that they opened for a couple years ago.


Luke Hemmings Smut Imagine

Request: Could you write a v long jealous luke smut where he doesnt like u talking to calum so he ‘punishes you’ and gets v dominant with a lot of teasing and tieing up? Ily thanks x

Description: Luke gets jealous when he sees you talking to another boy, so you guys go home and he punishes you.

Rating: DIRTY AF

Words: 2,022

This is my first time writing smut so it might not be great. Also, this is waaaay overdue so I’m sorry for that. Enjoy yourself.

- V

Luke hardly ever got jealous. Even when he was, he’d just tell the guy who was flirting with me that you were his and he was yours. Calum was one of his best and closest friends, so that’s why you were so surprised when he got really jealous of him.

You wore something sort of revealing today. You just threw a tank top and some high-waisted shorts on this morning. While you and Calum were talking, you noticed his eyes drift down to your body a couple of times. You pretended you were oblivious to it because confronting him would be a bit awkward. Not to mention Calum was acting pretty flirty all morning long, but that’s just how he usually acted to everyone.

You guys were currently in the studio now. You could see Luke through the glass window, recording some lyrics to a new song that they were writing. He glanced at you a couple of times and you knew he was getting irritated with Calum because he could hear your conversation through the window.

“So have you ever heard of the band Don Broco?” Calum asked you.

“No, I haven’t,” You replied.

“Well you should check them out,” He suggested. “They’re pretty sick.”

“Maybe I will.”

“Maybe?” He playfully narrowed his eyes on me.

“Yeah,” you grinned. “If I don’t forget.”

“Knowing you, you probably would,” He laughed.

You laughed along with him.

“So hey,” He started, “Do you maybe wanna go to McDonalds after this?”

It was a simple and harmless question.

“Sure,” You agreed. He was just a friend, anyway.

You heard the door to the recording room slam and Luke walked out with an angry look on his face. You noticed Calum take a couple of steps back away from you and threw his hands up at Luke to show that he was backing off.

“I think I’m going to call it for a day. I’m just going to go home now,” Luke announced to everybody in the room. “Are you coming with me y/n?”

“Oh, uh,” you sputtered, taken aback by it, “Yeah, of course.” Luke usually didn’t want to go home so soon and it was only the afternoon. He usually stayed up till midnight until he got kicked out by the janitors when it came to songwriting.

He didn’t say anything else. He just grabbed your hand and pulled you along with him out the door. You guys walked silently down the halls and out the building. When you all got in the car he asked you, “Do you like him?”

“What?” You furrowed your brows. “Who?”

“Do you like Calum?” He repeated the question as he started up the car.

“I like him as a friend,” You told him.

“Didn’t seem that way to me,” He mumbled underneath his breath and started driving.

“Are you serious Luke? He’s just a friend.”

“He wanted you though. I saw him checking you out,” He argued.

“I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation,” You said exasperated. “Why have you been so jealous lately?”

“Because you’re mine,” He barked. “I hate seeing you talk to Calum wearing that.”

“He’s your best friend and I’m your girlfriend!” You threw your hands up. “Aren’t you supposed to trust us?!”

“I do trust you guys,” He defended, “But it’s obviously clear that he was checking you out though!“

“Well, I’m sorry, I can’t control that,” You bit back.

“Did you notice him checking you out?” He asked.

“Well, yeah.”

“And you let him?”

“Well-” You tried to explain yourself but got cut off again.

“I’m going to have to punish you,” He interrupted and your eyes nearly bulged out of your sockets.

“What?” You asked, shocked, not knowing where this was coming from.

“You heard me,” He hummed as he pulled into our driveway.

“P-punish how?” You stuttered.

He looked at you before he bit his lips, that lip piercing driving you crazy.

“I think you know how,” He replied huskily.

The way he spoke made you feel hot and you felt a familiar sensation building up in the pit of your stomach. He had never acted like this before, and to be quite honest, you were liking it a little bit too much.

“Get inside the house,” He ordered and stepped out of the car. You followed shortly and went inside with him.

You wondered how he was even going to punish you?

You both stepped inside the bedroom you shared. He took off his leather jacket, tossing it onto a chair. He then looked at you, biting his lips again.

“Strip,” He said. “Leave on your panties and then lie down on the bed.”

“Huh?” You said dumbly.

“You heard me, princess.”

That name sent little shocks through your body and you complied immediately. You started taking off your shirt before he turned around and went to a drawer to look for something. When you were naked, leaving on your panties as he had said, you went to lay down on the bed. He continued to rummage through the drawer, leaving you on the bed exposed and waiting in anticipation.

Luke finally found what he was looking for soon and turned around, a bandana in his hand. His eyes darkened when he noticed you there naked.

“What are you going to do with that?” You asked him worriedly.

“Do you trust me baby?” He questioned, looking into your eyes. You nodded my head and he came closer. “I’m gonna tie you.”

“O-oh,” Was all you could say.

“Put your arms through the bar frame of the bed,” He ordered. You did as he had said, reaching your arms up. He took the bandana and tied your hands together through the bar so that they couldn’t escape. “Our safe word is pineapple, okay?”

“Pineapple?” I questioned.

“Pineapple,” He repeated.

You grinned and asked, “Why pineapple?”

He blushed a little, getting out of character. “It was the first non-sexy word that popped into my head, okay?”

You rolled my eyes. That was so typical of Luke.

For the hundredth time today, he bit his lip again. “But hey, you look really good right now though.”

“You’re not going to tease me again, are you?”

“Baby, remember, I’m punishing you,” He said huskily and you groaned. “You’re mine, remember that.” He got up and took his shirt off. He then unbuckled his belt but left his jeans on. You wanted nothing more than to kiss him at that moment. You tried to get up, but you remembered that your hands were bounded, leaving you there in your own frustration. He chuckled at you, amused at how frustrated you were getting already.

He then wordlessly went between your legs, spreading them open, and leaned down to you, using one of his hands to support himself up while hovering over your body slightly. The other hand gripped your hip tightly as he placed a kiss along your jawline. His lips trailed down your neck, sucking and biting.

“God, you’ve been making me crazy all day, princess,” He whispered against your neck. You felt your core heat up even further at his words. He continued to kiss down your neck until he reached your chest. He kneaded your breasts with one of his hands and placed wet kisses around your sensitive buds.

“Luke,” You moaned. “Don’t tease me.”

He smirks against your skin before he latched onto a nipple and your breath immediately hitches. He continue to kiss down, teasing you with his lips and you wanted nothing more than to run your hands through his silky blonde hair. You were getting more and more restless from his touch.

His hand reaches down to your core and he rubbed his fingers up and down through the material, putting slight pressure on your sensitive clit. He then reaches down into your panties and continued to rub me.

“Fuck,” He groans, “You’re so wet.”

You continue to moan as he inserts one finger into you. The familiar feeling of your climax gradually started increasing. He took his fingers out soon before he grabs onto your panties with both hands and pulled it off, leaving you completely bare. His eyes trails down there for a moment before he starts fingering you again. He pumps two fingers into your soaking core, leaving you in a mess of moans. He then leans down and starts sucking on your clit, and that had done it for you.

“You close yet, princess?” He mutters against your skin, the vibrations of his lips sending you into a frenzy.

You nodded as you felt your orgasm getting closer and closer. Before you could experience it though, Luke had pulled out, leaving you angry and frustrated.

“Fuck!” You cursed. “What the fuck are you doing Luke?”

“I told you, I’m punishing you.”

“Fuck me please,” You beg, desperate for more stimulation.

He contemplates for a moment as his thumb gently brushed over your clit. You buck your hips up, wanting more pressure from it. He then runs his hands down your legs before they went to his jeans, unbuttoning them slowly. He got off the bed to take off his jeans and boxers off, springing out his hard length that you craved for.

He pumps his length a few times before huskily asking, “You want this baby?”

“Oh god, yes sir,” You had slipped out moaning over the sight.

He froze. This was the first time you had called him that. He could already feel his cock getting harder, if that were even possible. As if an animal had been let out, he immediately grabs your legs and spread them apart. He quickly grabs the condom on the shelf and placed it onto his length.

“I’m gonna fuck you so fucking hard,” He growls as he positions himself in front of your aching core. He teases you by rubbing his length against your pussy a few times, encouraging another moan from you. Before you knew it, he slams into you, levering himself down and he kisses one of your nipples. You scream from pleasure and ball up your hands because they had nowhere to go and grip for support.

He thrusts into you deeply, making sure you can feel all of him. He watches as your boobs bobbed up and down from the force of his thrusts, which turned him on even more. He starts going faster as he felt his orgasm coming. You could also feel yours coming soon too.

Luke buries his face into your neck, his hands gripping your waist tightly as he roughly and sloppily thrusts in and out of you. His groans and your moans were the only sounds that filled the room. The orgasm that had built from his teasing back there was building up again.

“Luke I-” You sound wrecked as you tried to get your words out, “Fuck, I’m so close.”

“Me too,” He groans against your neck. He speeds up a bit more and soon, your legs were quivering, your core tightened around his shaft, your mouth formed an ‘o’ but made no sound, and you had released an orgasm that felt fucking amazing.

He continues to thrust into you before he lets out a loud moan and cums.

“Fuck,” He curses as he takes his shaft out of you when he finishes.

You breathed heavily, still feeling the euphoria from that orgasm. “Oh god, that was amazing.”

He takes off his condom and ties a knot before disposing it. He collapses next to you soon, wrapping his arms around your waist and closing his eyes. Your bodies were slick from sweat and both of you were tired, even though it was only the afternoon.

You giggled at Luke. “Maybe I should get you jealous more often, cause that was pretty amazing.”

“Yeah, sure,” He said dryly but smiled against your skin.

“Also, Luke?”

“Hm?” He mumbled tiredly.

“Can you like, I don’t know, untie me now?”

tattoo artist!luke’s private sketchbook filled with personal, mostly dark drawings. he drew countless women but they were all faceless, only various bodies etched onto the paper. but as soon as you walked into his tattoo parlor, nervously asking for a piercing, he just had to draw you. you were so pretty and so fresh, your skin blank from what he could see. god, he wanted to decorate every inch of your skin with his art. to turn your beautiful, blank canvas into something meaningful and stunning. he watched as you and calum interacted, talking about whatever piercing it was you wanted, and his hand move on its own accord, smoothly drawing on the white paper. even after you disappeared into the back with calum, he stayed hunched over his desk as he finished the drawing of your face. when calum came over and saw, luke ignored the crude comment he made but perked up when he mentioned how he was pretty sure he convinced you to come back again to let their finest tattoo artist, luke hemmings, sketch you up something nice.

From Princess to Queen - Ashton

“Y/N! hurry up the movie is about to start and i don’t want to rewind !!!” Ashton yelled to you from the living room.

 "Oh hush, I’m just getting us some blankets!“ you say walking out of your shared room, "you and i both know we’d get lazy during the movie and neither one of us will want to get them." 

You and Ashton had been together for almost three years now. Although the conversation of marriage was one you both have had a couple of times, you both agreed that you didn’t want to get hitched until Ashton’s career was less hectic. But with the band’s climbing fame that may not happen in the near future. Unbeknownst you, Ashton had other plans. Plans that held marriage in the near future, so near that he was going to propose that very night.

 As you both were cuddled up on the sofa watching Frozen ( though if anyone ever asked you both what movie you had been watching during Ashton’s proposal he would say 21 Jump Street ) he had put the movie on pause saying that he was going to get you both a snack from the kitchen even though you guys had so many in front of you on the coffee table. 

He’d walk back into the living room with two triple chocolate cupcakes from your favorite bakery, Mama’s Cupcakes, but on top of the one he had given you was a ring. As you turned to ask Ashton what his had on top (because as a kid you loved trading the rings that came on top of some cupcakes) you saw him on on knee.

 To say Ashton was nervous was a complete understatement, he could literally feel his heart almost fall out of his ass. Yet he powered through his nerves to ask one of the most important, if not the only important question of his life. "Y/N I know we said we’d do this once my career had slowed down, but baby I dont think i can wait that long. I want to be able to call you my wife, so, Princess will you be my Queen?" 

This band is making us all terrible drivers because of all the swerving they’re having us do

I mean we have Ashton over here looking all hot, then all of a sudden

Here comes Calum looking like the puppy we all know he is 

Then Michael has to give us all kinds of feels because of his new hair

And finally we have Mr. Luke Robert Hemmings, happy birthday btws, looking like this^^^ causing even us non-Luke girls to have feels

Barista!Calum would wait every Tuesday night for you to walk in. You called his attention from the first time you stepped in, the dullness in your eyes and the way your shoulders were always hunched over, your head bowed down always broke his heart. He wanted to approach you, to hear you day something besides your usual order. He wanted to make you smile and wipe away the tears that always spilled down your cheeks as you sat in the furthest corner of the room where you thought no one could see you.

It wasn’t until Michael, who was Calum’s boss, got fed up with it that he made Calum take his break early and offered a free drink for him that Calum finally got the courage to go up ato your table and sit down. Despite the awkwardness, he finally managed to break the silence and speak to you. You didn’t really say anything and just stared.

And for the following weeks, you continued to go to the coffee shop and Calum would always take his break when you were around. And he would talk about dogs and music and any other thing he could think of, and you would only stare.

But he never gave up on you because he noticed the slight change in your demeanor. The little light that started to ignite in your eyes and the way you would sit straighter everytime, or the rosy color that would spread on your cheeks.

And then one day you replied with the lowest of whispers until you finally had conversations about anything you could think of.

But then his biggest accomplishment was when he finally managed to make you smile. Despite it being small, the smile was the most beautiful one he’d ever seen and it lit up your entire face. And in that moment he realized that he fell in love with the mysterious girl that went to the coffee shop every Tuesday night.

What he didn’t know was that you fell in love with him since the moment you stepped into the coffee shop for the first time. And maybe that was why you went every Tuesday night when things got bad, just to see the barista that made the best coffee and that had the most beautiful smile you’d ever seen.