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Damian as a parent.

Last one for tonight. I blame @maybe-its-5sos for my growing love of Damian. Okay more like thank but now you all get another older Damian headcannon because of it yay.

- He was scared to death. Like he would rather go against all the rouges in Gotham then raise a child at first because he thought he was sure to fail. One cannot blame him after all the League is not an A plus parenting material.

- He will go to Alfred a lot with questions. Like him and his s/o stayed at the manor for a bit after the birth of their first child.

- You know he is going to spoil them. Like they all have at least two pets.

- Thankfully his s/o is great at putting her foot down on how many animals in the house.

- If patrol is slow he will call his wife and ask how the child is doing.

- On a bad patrol night he will sit by the their bed because it is the only thing that calms him down.

- He will change diapers to help out.

- So many babysitters. Like his whole family plus Jon too will help.

- His children love to ride on Jon’s back while he is flying.

- Very hesitant about allowing Talia around his children at first. 

- Followed them for a month after they were allowed to go solo.

- Super protective in the field and in civilian life.

- One of those parents that will brag non-stop about every little thing the child does.

baby girl hood being so fascinated by her daddy’s tattoos that calum decided to bring her along for his next one. she’d sit and stare in awe as the tattoo artist drew on her daddy and she’d laugh a lil whenever calum winced at the pain and when he was done, he would show it to her and be like “can u see what it is?” and she’d get all excited and yell “it’s a crown!!! and it says my name in it!!” and calum would laugh and explain “that’s ‘cause your my princess” as he’d pull her in and kiss her lil chubby cheek and she’d push him away like “daddyyyy stooop!” with a giggle and then she’d look at the tattoo artist and mutter “can i get a drawing too?” and the artist would probably laugh a bit and calum would shoot him a look before smiling at his baby and going “of course you can sweetheart” and the artist would lean down and and smile as he asked “what do you want?” and she’d think for a moment before excitedly exclaiming “i want a superhero!!! like daddy!!” and both calum and the artist would laugh before calum lifted his little girl into the chair thing and pulled up her sleeve and then the artist would grab a marker and draw a cartoonish version of calum in a superhero outfit and idk man it would just be so cute and calum would be so happy and smiley and he’d just love his little baby girl so much


Luke Hemmings Smut Imagine

Request: Could you write a v long jealous luke smut where he doesnt like u talking to calum so he ‘punishes you’ and gets v dominant with a lot of teasing and tieing up? Ily thanks x

Description: Luke gets jealous when he sees you talking to another boy, so you guys go home and he punishes you.

Rating: DIRTY AF

Words: 2,022

This is my first time writing smut so it might not be great. Also, this is waaaay overdue so I’m sorry for that. Enjoy yourself.

- V

Luke hardly ever got jealous. Even when he was, he’d just tell the guy who was flirting with me that you were his and he was yours. Calum was one of his best and closest friends, so that’s why you were so surprised when he got really jealous of him.

You wore something sort of revealing today. You just threw a tank top and some high-waisted shorts on this morning. While you and Calum were talking, you noticed his eyes drift down to your body a couple of times. You pretended you were oblivious to it because confronting him would be a bit awkward. Not to mention Calum was acting pretty flirty all morning long, but that’s just how he usually acted to everyone.

You guys were currently in the studio now. You could see Luke through the glass window, recording some lyrics to a new song that they were writing. He glanced at you a couple of times and you knew he was getting irritated with Calum because he could hear your conversation through the window.

“So have you ever heard of the band Don Broco?” Calum asked you.

“No, I haven’t,” You replied.

“Well you should check them out,” He suggested. “They’re pretty sick.”

“Maybe I will.”

“Maybe?” He playfully narrowed his eyes on me.

“Yeah,” you grinned. “If I don’t forget.”

“Knowing you, you probably would,” He laughed.

You laughed along with him.

“So hey,” He started, “Do you maybe wanna go to McDonalds after this?”

It was a simple and harmless question.

“Sure,” You agreed. He was just a friend, anyway.

You heard the door to the recording room slam and Luke walked out with an angry look on his face. You noticed Calum take a couple of steps back away from you and threw his hands up at Luke to show that he was backing off.

“I think I’m going to call it for a day. I’m just going to go home now,” Luke announced to everybody in the room. “Are you coming with me y/n?”

“Oh, uh,” you sputtered, taken aback by it, “Yeah, of course.” Luke usually didn’t want to go home so soon and it was only the afternoon. He usually stayed up till midnight until he got kicked out by the janitors when it came to songwriting.

He didn’t say anything else. He just grabbed your hand and pulled you along with him out the door. You guys walked silently down the halls and out the building. When you all got in the car he asked you, “Do you like him?”

“What?” You furrowed your brows. “Who?”

“Do you like Calum?” He repeated the question as he started up the car.

“I like him as a friend,” You told him.

“Didn’t seem that way to me,” He mumbled underneath his breath and started driving.

“Are you serious Luke? He’s just a friend.”

“He wanted you though. I saw him checking you out,” He argued.

“I can’t believe we’re even having this conversation,” You said exasperated. “Why have you been so jealous lately?”

“Because you’re mine,” He barked. “I hate seeing you talk to Calum wearing that.”

“He’s your best friend and I’m your girlfriend!” You threw your hands up. “Aren’t you supposed to trust us?!”

“I do trust you guys,” He defended, “But it’s obviously clear that he was checking you out though!“

“Well, I’m sorry, I can’t control that,” You bit back.

“Did you notice him checking you out?” He asked.

“Well, yeah.”

“And you let him?”

“Well-” You tried to explain yourself but got cut off again.

“I’m going to have to punish you,” He interrupted and your eyes nearly bulged out of your sockets.

“What?” You asked, shocked, not knowing where this was coming from.

“You heard me,” He hummed as he pulled into our driveway.

“P-punish how?” You stuttered.

He looked at you before he bit his lips, that lip piercing driving you crazy.

“I think you know how,” He replied huskily.

The way he spoke made you feel hot and you felt a familiar sensation building up in the pit of your stomach. He had never acted like this before, and to be quite honest, you were liking it a little bit too much.

“Get inside the house,” He ordered and stepped out of the car. You followed shortly and went inside with him.

You wondered how he was even going to punish you?

You both stepped inside the bedroom you shared. He took off his leather jacket, tossing it onto a chair. He then looked at you, biting his lips again.

“Strip,” He said. “Leave on your panties and then lie down on the bed.”

“Huh?” You said dumbly.

“You heard me, princess.”

That name sent little shocks through your body and you complied immediately. You started taking off your shirt before he turned around and went to a drawer to look for something. When you were naked, leaving on your panties as he had said, you went to lay down on the bed. He continued to rummage through the drawer, leaving you on the bed exposed and waiting in anticipation.

Luke finally found what he was looking for soon and turned around, a bandana in his hand. His eyes darkened when he noticed you there naked.

“What are you going to do with that?” You asked him worriedly.

“Do you trust me baby?” He questioned, looking into your eyes. You nodded my head and he came closer. “I’m gonna tie you.”

“O-oh,” Was all you could say.

“Put your arms through the bar frame of the bed,” He ordered. You did as he had said, reaching your arms up. He took the bandana and tied your hands together through the bar so that they couldn’t escape. “Our safe word is pineapple, okay?”

“Pineapple?” I questioned.

“Pineapple,” He repeated.

You grinned and asked, “Why pineapple?”

He blushed a little, getting out of character. “It was the first non-sexy word that popped into my head, okay?”

You rolled my eyes. That was so typical of Luke.

For the hundredth time today, he bit his lip again. “But hey, you look really good right now though.”

“You’re not going to tease me again, are you?”

“Baby, remember, I’m punishing you,” He said huskily and you groaned. “You’re mine, remember that.” He got up and took his shirt off. He then unbuckled his belt but left his jeans on. You wanted nothing more than to kiss him at that moment. You tried to get up, but you remembered that your hands were bounded, leaving you there in your own frustration. He chuckled at you, amused at how frustrated you were getting already.

He then wordlessly went between your legs, spreading them open, and leaned down to you, using one of his hands to support himself up while hovering over your body slightly. The other hand gripped your hip tightly as he placed a kiss along your jawline. His lips trailed down your neck, sucking and biting.

“God, you’ve been making me crazy all day, princess,” He whispered against your neck. You felt your core heat up even further at his words. He continued to kiss down your neck until he reached your chest. He kneaded your breasts with one of his hands and placed wet kisses around your sensitive buds.

“Luke,” You moaned. “Don’t tease me.”

He smirks against your skin before he latched onto a nipple and your breath immediately hitches. He continue to kiss down, teasing you with his lips and you wanted nothing more than to run your hands through his silky blonde hair. You were getting more and more restless from his touch.

His hand reaches down to your core and he rubbed his fingers up and down through the material, putting slight pressure on your sensitive clit. He then reaches down into your panties and continued to rub me.

“Fuck,” He groans, “You’re so wet.”

You continue to moan as he inserts one finger into you. The familiar feeling of your climax gradually started increasing. He took his fingers out soon before he grabs onto your panties with both hands and pulled it off, leaving you completely bare. His eyes trails down there for a moment before he starts fingering you again. He pumps two fingers into your soaking core, leaving you in a mess of moans. He then leans down and starts sucking on your clit, and that had done it for you.

“You close yet, princess?” He mutters against your skin, the vibrations of his lips sending you into a frenzy.

You nodded as you felt your orgasm getting closer and closer. Before you could experience it though, Luke had pulled out, leaving you angry and frustrated.

“Fuck!” You cursed. “What the fuck are you doing Luke?”

“I told you, I’m punishing you.”

“Fuck me please,” You beg, desperate for more stimulation.

He contemplates for a moment as his thumb gently brushed over your clit. You buck your hips up, wanting more pressure from it. He then runs his hands down your legs before they went to his jeans, unbuttoning them slowly. He got off the bed to take off his jeans and boxers off, springing out his hard length that you craved for.

He pumps his length a few times before huskily asking, “You want this baby?”

“Oh god, yes sir,” You had slipped out moaning over the sight.

He froze. This was the first time you had called him that. He could already feel his cock getting harder, if that were even possible. As if an animal had been let out, he immediately grabs your legs and spread them apart. He quickly grabs the condom on the shelf and placed it onto his length.

“I’m gonna fuck you so fucking hard,” He growls as he positions himself in front of your aching core. He teases you by rubbing his length against your pussy a few times, encouraging another moan from you. Before you knew it, he slams into you, levering himself down and he kisses one of your nipples. You scream from pleasure and ball up your hands because they had nowhere to go and grip for support.

He thrusts into you deeply, making sure you can feel all of him. He watches as your boobs bobbed up and down from the force of his thrusts, which turned him on even more. He starts going faster as he felt his orgasm coming. You could also feel yours coming soon too.

Luke buries his face into your neck, his hands gripping your waist tightly as he roughly and sloppily thrusts in and out of you. His groans and your moans were the only sounds that filled the room. The orgasm that had built from his teasing back there was building up again.

“Luke I-” You sound wrecked as you tried to get your words out, “Fuck, I’m so close.”

“Me too,” He groans against your neck. He speeds up a bit more and soon, your legs were quivering, your core tightened around his shaft, your mouth formed an ‘o’ but made no sound, and you had released an orgasm that felt fucking amazing.

He continues to thrust into you before he lets out a loud moan and cums.

“Fuck,” He curses as he takes his shaft out of you when he finishes.

You breathed heavily, still feeling the euphoria from that orgasm. “Oh god, that was amazing.”

He takes off his condom and ties a knot before disposing it. He collapses next to you soon, wrapping his arms around your waist and closing his eyes. Your bodies were slick from sweat and both of you were tired, even though it was only the afternoon.

You giggled at Luke. “Maybe I should get you jealous more often, cause that was pretty amazing.”

“Yeah, sure,” He said dryly but smiled against your skin.

“Also, Luke?”

“Hm?” He mumbled tiredly.

“Can you like, I don’t know, untie me now?”

This band is making us all terrible drivers because of all the swerving they’re having us do

I mean we have Ashton over here looking all hot, then all of a sudden

Here comes Calum looking like the puppy we all know he is 

Then Michael has to give us all kinds of feels because of his new hair

And finally we have Mr. Luke Robert Hemmings, happy birthday btws, looking like this^^^ causing even us non-Luke girls to have feels

Blurryface pt.i

Luke Hemmings ➳ Twenty One Pilots inspired au

Originally posted by fightlashton

“It’s just screaming.

Screaming into the depths of confusion and desperation, craving for a touch too frozen to feel. Yearning for a sob, a cry of helplessness too loud to be noticed.

It’s shouting into the void waiting for answers, fighting an intangible dispute while clinging onto hope like a ledge at the end of a hundred kilometer drop.

It’s singing loudly enough to songs written by an entity, praying that someone will recognize it as a beacon of caution and not just another song good enough to hum along to and shrug off.

Scribbling, ripping apart, and crumpling paper like it was your own soul, getting addicted to a tube of ink in a plastic encasement as if it was an hourglass and it was only a matter of time before you, too, run out of things to say.

Touching others with calloused fingers and sore fingers as if the skin was your own and you’re just itching to escape the vessel flowing with blood, and flesh, and memories.

Holding a microphone close enough to your own vocal cords as if it would help send a message because quiet is violent and sometimes there’s no sound to hide behind so getting up on that platform has become a last resort because where else would you stand, Luke, but silently within the crowd like trees?”


Luke fights against the pounding migraine in his head and of course, there’s a thunderstorm outside.

His hands are gripping tightly against the bathroom counter and he justs wants to suffocate. There are voices in his head but he can’t drown them out and he’s already trying to go over the lyrics in his head as another attempt to make them stop.

The rain continues to patter against the tour-bus roof and he’s locking his eyes on his reflection.

He can’t seem to look away and darkness is seeping through the cracks in his vision, and suddenly he’s scared of his own image, scared that he doesn’t know what’s inside of him because he’s shaking hands with the dark parts of his thoughts, a separate entity.

It’s standing behind him, face blurred hands dipped in black ink, and he’s frozen as he watches it disappear and appear again like static, wrapping its hands around its throat.

Luke is paralyzed and starting to fall under its hypnosis but then someone is banging loudly on the other side of the door.

“Luke! Are you okay?”

A large inhale of breath bubbles in his throat and it seems like he hasn’t been breathing, feeling like he was drowning under agony, but he comes back to reality.

“Hey, Luke, are you alright?” the soft voice outside the door says, and Luke opens the door to his best friend looking worriedly up at him. He smiles at her but she knows it doesn’t reach his eyes and she rests a hand against his cheek, and he leans into her touch automatically.

y/n takes note of the dark circles under his eyes and his cheekbones are more prominent and she knows Luke’s been completely drained of his energy and she feels her heart clench because she doesn’t know how to help him.

“Have you been sleeping lately?” she whispers to him, holding his face near hers. Luke hesitates before shaking his head.

y/n sighs before grabbing his large hand in her small one and leads him to the bunks, Calum and Ashton sending questioning eyebrows her way while Michael helps her get the six-foot-four into his own bunk without a word and she’s grateful.

Luke’s asleep the second his head hits the pillowcase and his neck lolls to the side, y/n pulling the curtain to engulf him in darkness.

She walks with Michael to the other two and Michael asks, “How is he?” because she’s not the only one who’s noticed the singer’s weird behaviors. She smiles sadly at him, resting her head on Calum’s shoulder while Ashton pats her sympathetically on the knee.

“I don’t know what’s wrong with him so I don’t know how to help him, and he may be asleep right now but I know he’s going to wake up in an hour or so and go back to square one.”

“What about the concert tonight?” Ashton considers, leaning back against the couch.

“He’ll be normal for the concert and put a mask on but the second he gets off stage, he’s going to go back to being closed off and silent,” Calum mumbles in response, pulling y/n closer and mimicking Ashton. y/n buries herself deeper between Calum and Michael as the four of them lean back, and she chuckles humorlessly.

“It’s like he doesn’t wanna hand me his troubles and I have to watch him struggle but at the same time, he wants me to stay.”


“Haven’t you taken enough from me? Won’t you torture someone else’s sleep? Won’t you go to someone else’s dreams? Won’t you go to someone else’s head?”

He wails but he’s blindly spinning around in an endless darkness, his feet knee high in fog and he knows someone else is there with him and the tears and fears begin to multiply.

“Like I said, Luke,” a voice rings from somewhere but it’s echoing everywhere around him, “Tell me, do you know riddles?”

“Who are you?” he shouts in response, and his voice sounds like it’s caught underwater and he’s falling farther, farther into the unknown.

The voice chuckles and its rough and it sends chills down his spine, and he screams again but this time, his own voice echoes back to him as a response. He’s cold, and he’s stuck, feet planted firmly on whatever ground he’s on and he doesn’t recognize his own mind.

He keeps trying, keeps crying out but he’s facing and empty sky and he’s crying now, because it feels like his heart is being ripped out of his chest and getting torn apart.

He closes his eyes and he feels it- one half of his heart his free, the other half of his heart feels a lot similar to his current state of sanity.


tattoo artist!luke’s private sketchbook filled with personal, mostly dark drawings. he drew countless women but they were all faceless, only various bodies etched onto the paper. but as soon as you walked into his tattoo parlor, nervously asking for a piercing, he just had to draw you. you were so pretty and so fresh, your skin blank from what he could see. god, he wanted to decorate every inch of your skin with his art. to turn your beautiful, blank canvas into something meaningful and stunning. he watched as you and calum interacted, talking about whatever piercing it was you wanted, and his hand move on its own accord, smoothly drawing on the white paper. even after you disappeared into the back with calum, he stayed hunched over his desk as he finished the drawing of your face. when calum came over and saw, luke ignored the crude comment he made but perked up when he mentioned how he was pretty sure he convinced you to come back again to let their finest tattoo artist, luke hemmings, sketch you up something nice.


for peaceof5sos surfer and barista!5sos blurb night :-)

mornings were usually tough for you, which is why you walked into that small deserted coffee shop in the first place. its location only being ten minutes from your apartment, made it very easy for you to be there at 6:05 am everyday. you would step into the small shop and the coffee aroma would engulf you, always making you smile. it was a quiet, peaceful place for you to collect yourself and start the day off right, and going so early would be beneficial to the work you let go so long. the cute sleepy boy who stood behind the counter with the gray beanie hiding his bed hair was just a bonus. everyday was the same. your annoying alarm would blare loudly at quarter of six, making you immediately in a grouchy mood. you’d change out of your pajamas and brushing your teeth before venturing out into the crisp autumn air to get to the coffee shop. at 6:05 on the dot, you’d push the door open and the little bell above signaled that you had walked in, making the tall boy door around with a small smile on his face. you’d say your order without stumbling, like you did the first few times when you entered the shop so early in the morning face to face the the attractive blonde behind the counter. you’d sit down at a table in the corner, one with a nice, discrete view of the boy’s back, and pull out your laptop to write while waiting for the boy to bring you your coffee. he’d smile and bite his lip, pulling on the black hoop, making you even more attracted to him.-everyday it was like that. there was no changing of plans on either of your parts. he would always be working the opening shift, and you would always come in at the same time, order the same thing, and sit and the same place. it was like that everyday but today. you overslept. last night you had stayed up later than usual to finish your latest story. you knew you had to get it out, for if you fell asleep then, you wouldn’t have it by the morning. it was only 45 minutes later than you usually woke up, but that was the time you should be walking into the coffee shop. it felt odd to be off routine, and you didn’t know what to do with yourself. you got changed quickly and headed straight for the door, walking faster than usual to get the place you spend every morning. the shop was different at 7 am. you only ever stayed until 6:50, afraid of the crowd that might pile in. you were right to leave then, because if everyday was usually like this, than it would ruin your peace and quiet that you loved so much. the small shop was consumed with people and conversations and you almost didn’t recognize it. you wouldn’t believe it was the same place if you hadn’t seen the reassuring smile from the boy behind the counter. he caught your gaze and gave a soft wave before returning to making the customers coffee. you stepped into line, something you weren’t used to doing, and waited until you were met with the smile you had fallen for weeks ago. you expected him to just take a cup and start on your order like he had done the past few weeks, but he stood and waited for you to reassure him.“the same as always,” was all you’d said as you stated into his eyes, a little more awake than you were used to seeing them.“i wasn’t sure,” he chuckled. “you’re changing things up with being late, so i didn’t know if you wanted the same order or you were shaking everything up.” if you weren’t so tired and flustered and if the mornings didn’t make you upset enough without being late, you’d probably would’ve laughed. you smiled a little, but that was it.“worked late last night and over slept,” was all you managed. “so, the usual?” you asked.“ill get that right to you.” he smiled and declined when you tried to give you the usual money for your drink. “on the house. sounds like you’ve had a rough morning.”“im not going to let you do that, here, just take the money, i don’t want to feel like i owe you anything,” you pushed harder, secretly loving the semi actual conversation you were having compared to the usual small glances as the only means of conversation. “maybe i want you to owe me something,” he bantered.“i don’t even know your name.”“you do know i wear a name tag? anyways, it’s luke,” the boy readjusted the beanie on top of his head as he combed through the little piece of hair sticking out of it.“oh. im y/n.”“yeah, i know, i write it on your coffee everyday with a heart next to it.” he blushed a little as he said it aloud. “what?” “i, um, you’ve never noticed?” the cocky demeanor he had seconds ago immediately disappeared as he turned bright red, scratching at his chin with nerves.“no, i haven’t, im sorry, how long have you been doing that?” you were confused and a little upset at the fact that he did something cute that you never noticed. “well, in that case, im going to need you to pay,” he joked as he tried to regain his confidence. “no, but, yeah, ive been drawing hearts and smileys for a while and actually today i wrote my number on the cup i made before you came but then you were late and now im rambling and this is probably really creepy right now, im sorry, let me just make your drink” he leaves the counter before you have a chance to say anything else. he comes back with your drink in his hand and before he can say anything else, your handing him a sheet of paper with your number on it and the words “sorry i messed your plan up today, but you should still call me :-)” above it. you say your thanks for the coffee and get out of the crowded shop as fast as you can, hoping luke will have the confidence to actually call you before tomorrow’s routine. your phone buzzes, displaying a blush on your face as you read the text “caution, your drink is extremely hot, oh wait, it’s just you. i get off at 12 if you’re free?”

who knew that over sleeping would lead you to a date with the boy that made your horrendous mornings enjoyable?

Barista!Calum would wait every Tuesday night for you to walk in. You called his attention from the first time you stepped in, the dullness in your eyes and the way your shoulders were always hunched over, your head bowed down always broke his heart. He wanted to approach you, to hear you day something besides your usual order. He wanted to make you smile and wipe away the tears that always spilled down your cheeks as you sat in the furthest corner of the room where you thought no one could see you.

It wasn’t until Michael, who was Calum’s boss, got fed up with it that he made Calum take his break early and offered a free drink for him that Calum finally got the courage to go up ato your table and sit down. Despite the awkwardness, he finally managed to break the silence and speak to you. You didn’t really say anything and just stared.

And for the following weeks, you continued to go to the coffee shop and Calum would always take his break when you were around. And he would talk about dogs and music and any other thing he could think of, and you would only stare.

But he never gave up on you because he noticed the slight change in your demeanor. The little light that started to ignite in your eyes and the way you would sit straighter everytime, or the rosy color that would spread on your cheeks.

And then one day you replied with the lowest of whispers until you finally had conversations about anything you could think of.

But then his biggest accomplishment was when he finally managed to make you smile. Despite it being small, the smile was the most beautiful one he’d ever seen and it lit up your entire face. And in that moment he realized that he fell in love with the mysterious girl that went to the coffee shop every Tuesday night.

What he didn’t know was that you fell in love with him since the moment you stepped into the coffee shop for the first time. And maybe that was why you went every Tuesday night when things got bad, just to see the barista that made the best coffee and that had the most beautiful smile you’d ever seen.

Calum is nervous to meet your parents because what if they don’t like him or think he’s good enough for you? so when you’re seated at the dinner table you can’t help but try not to blush as calum’s fingers make their way inside your panties while he’s talking to your dad about last nights football game and you can’t help but let out a whimper, only to cause three sets of eyes to look your way forcing you to make up an excuse about how badly Manchester played and Calum can’t help but smirk because he’s the reason you did it.

This Daddy 5sos thing made me think about this:

Imagine Calum’s son (let’s name him Rob from Robert) being a really good football player,like his dad,so he’s one of the most popular kids in his school.He’s hot,flirtasious,fun and popular so every girl likes him and he likes girls a lot.On the other hand imagine Ashton’s daughter (let’s call her Chelsea) she’s into music,she’s smart and she’s somewhere inbetween being popular and being invisable.Rob and Chelsea have known each other since birth and as along she could remember she had a crush on him,but she never said a word because she was sure he didn’t like her like that,she knew he was a player and she didn’t want her heart broken.Little did she know that Rob was crazy in love with her but he was afraid that he wasn’t good enough for her.He knew they can’t be just friends,he knew because friends don’t look each like that but still he wasn’t sure.All this flirt,all this game with girls was an idiotic way to ake her jealous.So one day Rob went to Calum and said “Dad,I need an advice” “About what?” he said lazily “A girl” Rob answered shyly “I thought you didn’t need any help with that” Calum laughed “She’s special,she’s smart,she has a wonderful laugh that is actually like a melody,she’s loves music,she makes me smile even when she does nothing,she’s there for me,she makes me want to protect her even we both know she can make it on her own and I think I may love her” “Write her a love song,since she loves music” “But I’ve never written anything and we both know that I’m not a great musician!!!” Rob said despertaly “Hey!Calm down,mate I’ll help you out.”

This is long!!!I didn’t mean to be that long!!!Idk how to end it !!Fuck !Should I write a part two?


This is why I really hate the society of today. The saddest part is.. This is only a very small portion of hate this girl constantly gets and only 10 of the many many screen shots I have of tweets like these.
Day in, day out Acacia gets so many mentions, indirects and hashtags made about her, her past, what she can and can’t Do, Like, Listen to, watch, her appearance and who she can and can’t hang out with!
A lot of which are complete bullshit and rumours that the girls sending her these disgraceful tweets have made up to make her look bad and give them a reason to hate her and send her unacceptable things. They literally spend hours photoshopping tweets,DM’s and tumblr asks to something that’s obviously not true yet still use it against her! It’s sickening. No one should ever have to get things like this sent to them, ever!
We have lost so many beautiful, amazing young people because they got sent things like this constantly, they never got a break from it and in the end didn’t have the will power to fight back and just gave up on life and have just ended it. I never want anyone to ever feel like that and I’m sure a lot of you do too.
Yet non of these girls care. They do not care that countless others have lost their life because of cyber bullying. They do not care if Acacia did actually give up and end her life. They do not care that they are bullies and are telling a girl who is around the same age as them to commit suicide and that is disgusting. Why do things like this happen. This is not right on any level.