got ribs like matchsticks, like flint stones, like strike me and start a fire. i don’t know where smoke ends and body begins. i don’t know the difference between love and suffocation, anyway.

let’s set fire to this. let’s set fire to everything. pull me close and let the goddamn temple burn. drop the match and start running and i’ll douse myself in gasoline.

if i take the blame, at least i’m left with something. if i take the fall, at least it doesn’t have to hurt anymore.

—  girl on fire // s.o.

INFP when praised:

person: Wow thanks for saving the world!!!

INFP: oh…thanks that was nothing rly..kbye….


INFP when blamed:

person: Hey I think you took my pen.

INFP: OH MY GOD! I’m so sorry about that! YES it’s my fault! What can I do to be forgiven? I will understand if you hate me I don’t deserve even talking to you I will go disappear forever…..