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Sam’s favorite part about coming home after his weekend with the guys was seeing her. Blonde hair covering her face as she was curled up on the couch, a book in her hand, the record player still going, a soft song playing throughout their small apartment. It was a comforting sight, knowing she was safe here, happy, and resting peacefully right where he left her. 

She snores a little, and it makes him smile, leaning down to scoop her easily into his arms. It was always easy for him, and he loved being able to hold her like this. She only rustled a little bit, but soon enough sighed and practically purred like a cat, nuzzling into his chest. 

Sam carried her into their bedroom, setting her under the covers before stripping out of his jeans and slipping in next to her. She woke up slightly, mumbling his name, bright eyes squinting at him. He smiled softly and leaned in to brush those wild curls out of her eyes, kissing her forehead and telling her to go back to sleep. 

She hummed and did as he said, falling back into her deep slumber, snores and all. He smiled, knowing she didn’t know that she did so, but he figured there was no use in telling her since it helped put him to sleep. It was a reminder that she was there, with him. 

Sam’s favorite part about waking up is the way she stretches and kisses his jaw, the way her hair tickles his nose until he’s close to sneezing. She’ll smile and he can’t resist kissing those lips; how the two of them always hit snooze, deciding to stay in bed for at least five more minutes

He loves that she’ll tug him into the shower on the weekends, just so he can wash her hair, wrapping her close and holding her against him until the water runs cold. She’ll squeal and jump out, only to come back in one of his shirts and a pair of panties. It’s his favorite outfit on her, and he loves wearing the shirt the next day, knowing it smells like her. 

Sam’s favorite part about her is that she’s Jess. 

He loves that she laughs at stupid jokes that don’t make sense and lets him tease her for it, even if it means he gets playfully slapped on the arm. That she’ll dance in her underwear and bake him cookies when he does good on an exam or feels shitty about himself. He loves that music plays in the apartment and she’ll tug him off the couch and they’ll dance until it’s midnight and the neighbors tell them to turn it down. That she kisses him on the nose when he’s falling asleep after a long day, and give him massages after a stressful one.

He loves that she laughs with her head thrown back and doesn’t mind the wind in her face. That she knows how to defend herself and can always dismantle the argument before it becomes too much to handle. Sam loves when she sings in the shower, only slightly off key, but she rocks it like it’s her own personal concert. That she texts him during class to remind him to pay attention and that she’ll be waiting for him when he gets back. He loves that she moans lowly and shudders perfectly when she’s beneath him, because everything about her is so beautiful. 

But most of all, Sam loves that Jess loves him, and that even if she’s the only one he’ll ever get, she was the perfect first love. 

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