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Glee Klaine AU__   The Perfect Boyfriend

Kurt and Blaine are bestfriends since forever and Kurt has a huge crush on him. One day Blaine finds a website where he can create and buy his perfect boyfriend and decides to fill the form with the features of his ideal man.

The next day Sam Evans, alias Blaine’s perfect man, arrives at school. After the initial shock the two of them start dating and Kurt is more and more jealous about this new relationship so he tries to explain his feelings to his friend.

Sam, who knows What’s best for Blaine, helps him getting together with his one true love.

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"I was trying to take a sneaky picture of you because I told my friend about the hot guy on the train and she wanted to see but you totally noticed and yeah this is awkward" au with Klaine! I actually did something like this before but it was at a library and I succeeded or at least I think so haha the guy was soooo cute. ;)

I did it too at a Starbucks ^^

Blaine needs to take a picture of that guy.

Since they left Columbus, he has been texting Sam about the hot guy who got on the train and looks like he stepped off a fashion magazine—or is on his way to a photoshoot—and Sam calls bullshit.

You need to get laid, bro

I told you I could be your wingman at a gay bar

Or you could let me introduce you to one of my friends from high school

Since Sam went to High School in Kentucky and then in a public school in their common homestate, Blaine suspects a closeted jock who could look like Sam if Blaine was lucky.

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Fic: Unforgettable

Based off the AU:  “You probably don’t remember but you saved me from some bullies once in middle school and god damn it every year you just get hotter”

~2150 words (holy shit), PG, fluff.

Okay, first period calc, second period physics - ugh, gross - third period WHOA.

Blaine stopped dead after rounding the corner to his locker, lifting his head from his schedule to see Kurt Hummel at the other end of the hall, looking even more stunning than usual in his close-fitting Cheerio uniform. Even his face seemed more angular - and were those highlights in his hair? Jesus.

“How is this even possible?” he said under his breath, not wanting anyone else to hear him. “God, I thought he’d peaked last year, but I was wrong. How am I always wrong? It’s been almost five years!”

He regained his composure after a moment and went over to his locker, easily getting it open and starting to organize his books inside.

“You see your eye candy yet?” Sam asked, appearing out of nowhere and almost making Blaine smack his head on his locker door.

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Klaine - My friends dared me to go on this rollercoaster but now that we're at the top it looks way too scary and hello hot person sitting next to me (careful i might puke) au

Klaine Bingo : Balloons

I changed the rollercoaster for a ferris wheel, I hope you don’t mind!!

Blaine is going to kill Sam.

He doesn’t care how big the canary-shaped plush toy that he’s supposed to win for Blaine is, this is so not worth it.

Blaine already knows it, and he’s only in the line for the damn thing.

“Move it!”

Blaine nearly jumps out of his skin, and he takes the two miserable steps that separate him from the person before him in the line.

Who is holding two balloons, both soft pastels–one blue, one orange–and for a little while, Blaine focuses on how cute the balloons look against the afternoon sky.

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When Blaine goes out to party for his co-star and best friend Rachel’s batchelorette party, he never expects to meet anyone, let alone the love of his life. The only catch? Sam is a stripper who has no shame in showing off his assets. Will it be love at first sight, or will it be a one-night stand that never should have happened?

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Klaine - “I was imitating a fight scene off this anime I watched and accidentally hit you in the face.” But instead of an anime, maybe Blaine & Sam were Star Wars play-fighting when he hits Kurt? Just seems a little more likely.

Klaine Bingo: Makeup

Kurt doesn’t quite know why everything seems to be upside down.

Or why it feels like he’s lying down.

Or–and that’s the most worrying part–the side of his face feels like he has been bitch slapped several times by something very hard and very long.

He snorts at the definitely pornographic (if bad pornography) image this brings to mind, but this simple gesture is enough to make him see stars all over again.



Oh my God.

Okay, his memory is returning to him.

He somehow got roped into accompanying Elliott at some sort of Star Wars marathon at a theater in Chinatown and while they were waiting in line, two guys, in full costume and makeup started reenacting scenes from … meh, one of the movies, Kurt can’t pinpoint which one exactly, with bright “light sabers” and Kurt had gotten interested in spite of himself because their choreography was on point and their make-ups were really good, and the shorter guy in red and black really looked good, okay.

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