In the year 1625, the five witches of the Fairbourne Coven established the town of Greycott, England. They extended the branches of their family tree, welcoming witches and warlocks from across the nation. But with so many witches gathered in one place, the Fairbournes feared humans would intervene with their craft. The coven made a pact with three supernatural families, offering them a permanent settlement in exchange for their blood. In channeling the energy of these monsters, the witches were able to form a barrier around Greycott that prevented non-magical creatures from entering the town. The Fairbourne, Delacroix, Blakesley, and Pan families transformed Greycott into a haven for the supernatural. They governed their own society and were free to display their animalistic behaviors for nearly three hundred years.

The arrival of Charlene Hathaway in 1902 dismantled the barrier surrounding Greycott. Born with both human and demon blood within her veins, the young woman negated its power. The supernatural families spent over a decade trying to determine the cause of this disruption. When they managed to identify Charlene Hathaway, the heretic had already began colonizing the city. The supernatural residents of Greycott were forced back into the shadows and forbidden from revealing themselves to humans. New laws were set in place to protect the community from bloodshed and tipping off hunters. Now, one hundred years later, the supernaturals have finally adapted to their new life style.