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hey could you explain the Bell & Clarke blue/tan shirt thing?

Hey anon! Sorry I’m replying to this so late, I just wanted to make sure I was able to think of a good answer for you.

I think a lot of it has to do with them being two sides of the same coin. And their shirts swapping colors runs throughout the entire series, not just s1 and s4. Like really. I was looking through old stills and they both literally only wear tan or blue with rare color changes in between

For reference, here’s a pic from Clarke in s1:

Tan shirt. and s2:

Blue shirt. And bellamy also wears a blue shirt in s2 (and s1 but we all already know that):

And he wears tan in s3:

I also found one more thing that I thought was interesting. The only times they wore anything but their colors (blue and tan), was when bellamy wore the mt. weather guard’s uniform (white)

And when Clarke started wearing black at the end of s2

and throughout s3

But then she’s right back to blue in s4

Look for yourself in other pictures even. Besides maybe a few times, they are always wearing these same colors and I don’t think it’s a coincidence. The fact that they swap them could also mean that they’ve really gone through everything together. They share most of the same burdens and completely understand and empathize with each other. It’s almost as if it’s an unspoken “i know you”

But really, you shouldn’t take my word for it. I honestly have no experience in costume or makeup in a field like this so please, if anyone else feels like they want to add something, feel free to do so. 

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# 33, # 57, # 115 - Stop grabbing my ass │Sit on my lap │Is that my shirt; Bellamy Blake

Mornings were a hard thing to wake up to in this camp. Teenagers were notoriously lazy but, here everyone got up when they needed to. Hunters left in mornings to get food for the camp, night guards swapped with day guards and builders started their days.

The only people who didn’t want to get up during this time was you and Bellamy. Hell, Bellamy never wanted to leave you in bed alone. He hated to see you wake up to an empty bed and no sign of him. He knew about your anxiety of being left alone, about your past of hiding in a small space when you had your attacks. So, he swore he’d never leave you alone.

Sure, he dumped you on Clarke or Monty when he had to leave camp and you didn’t want to come with, but you didn’t mind. He knew you didn’t because you saw what happened to Jasper and had a fear of the grounders, therefore rarely went beyond the wall unless the thing you needed was close by.

His fingers traveled up and down you spine. Taking in every small detail. The freckles and small knicks on your back. The way your hair fell onto the pillow. The way you slept with your mouth open as if you were in complete and utter bliss. He placed his lips against your shoulder, making you whine.

“Bell, it’s too early.” You muttered, hugging the pillow under your head a little tighter. Bellamy couldn’t help but smirk.

“It’s not early, it’s time to get up.” He whispered against your skin, one hand trailing down to your ass and gripping it softly. A small squeak come from your mouth as you whipped your head to face him.

Stop grabbing my ass!” You gasped when he had a smirk on his face.

“Make me, beautiful.” He growled playfully.

You chuckled, switching your position so you were straddling his waist with his hands on your thighs. To say you were the most gorgeous thing to him was an understatement. When everyone first came down here, Bellamy was alone with his sister to protect. But then the Ark fell, with you on it. Seeing you made his life become so much brighter.

Is that my shirt?” He cocked his head to the side as you looked down at the tank top you wore to bed.

“Maybe.” You mumbled, making him sit up with you still on his lap. “Do you like me in your clothes?” He laughed, nodding as he kissing you passionately.

“I like when you sit on my lap like the good girl I know you are.” He whispered against your lips. A shudder shot down your spine as his hands explored underneath the tank top.

“I am a good girl.” You whispered back, Bellamy nodded.

“Yes you are.” His hands lifted the tank top as he placed another kiss on your lips, this one lingering as his hands massaged your thighs. A moan escaped into the kiss when he pulled you closer to his chest. “I love you so much.”

You laughed, pushing your forehead against his. “I love you too.”

  • Yang: *Yang walked into the office of her wife who is hard at work despite it being so late at night.* Hey Blakey. Time for bed.
  • Blake: Uh-huh. Just give me a few minutes. *Blake mutter, typing at her computer without even looking from the screen.*
  • Yang: Sigh, Really Blake?
  • Blake: *Blake's ears perked up as she paused for a moment raise her head to see her wife in her pj's crossing her arms.* What?
  • Yang: You are doing it again.
  • Blake: Doing what?
  • Yang: *Yang sighed loudly, rolling her eyes as she walks over to the deck Blake sat at.* You are over working yourself again with the White Fang. Again.
  • Blake: What? No I'm not. *Blake frowned.*
  • Yang: Yeah. You are. *Yang corrected, taking a seat on Blake's desk Watching her wife checking her body out.*
  • Blake: Sigh, Yang. *Blake started, shaking her head slightly to regain her focus.* I have an important document I have to go for my dad about the new Faunus human worker's rights in Atlas. I'll be with you in bed once I'm done. I promises. *Blake said as she began to type once more which was halted by Yang hopping off the desk and turning her chair towards her blonde wife.* Hey.
  • Yang: But you said that for the past four night, kitten. Most of which you didn't come to bed till four in the morning, getting only an hour of sleep or didn't at all. Plus last night you didn't at all. You fell asleep right here. *Yang reminded Blake as she leaned down to eye level with the cat faunus.*
  • Blake: *Blake quietly gulped and a glance down Yang's loose top reveal much like must nights they slept Yang wore nothing underneath.* I lost track of time is all.
  • Yang: Yeah I know. That's why I came in here to save my beautiful wife from her workaholic self. *Yang smiled placing her hand on her chest as she took a dramatic pose.*
  • Blake: Heh, What's that suppose to mean? *Blake smiled back at her wife's goofiness.*
  • Yang: What time is it?
  • Blake: *Blake Raised an eyebrow and turned her head to the clock.* Uh, It's like nine sommmmmmmmmmmmmmmfuck. *She curse not realizing that is was nearly one o'clock in the morning.*
  • Yang: *As Blake groaned, massaging her tired eyes, Yang took this opportunity to take a mount herself in Blake's lap facing here as she wraps her arms around her shoulders and giving her wife a kiss.* I know that it is important to you that after all of your hard work of taking back the White Fang and actually making great headway on equal right for Faunus. I know you want to help out you dad and mom as much as you can and I will help in every way I can. But you have to slow down. I love you and hate to see you work yourself to death. *Yang smiled, kissing Blake softly as the cat Faunus places her hands on Yang's hips, leaning forward to deepen the kiss.*
  • Blake: Hehehe, okay. Okay. You made your point, babe. I'll call it a night and We'll go to bed. *She laughed as Yang kissed her cat ear as she saved her work and turned off her computer.*
  • Yang: Yay. My kitty is getting a full night sleep tomorrow!. *Yang cheers throwing up hands briefly before Kiss Blake again.*
  • Blake: Yes Ye-Wait? Tomorrow? Why not... to... *Blake questioned until Yang removed her top.*
  • Yang: Well. *Yang smirked* It's already late. May as well stay up and have fun. Wouldn't you agree? *Yang asked slowly removing Blake's shirt.*
  • Blake: I wasn't tired anyway. *Blake smiled as she picked Yang to move themselves to a more comfortable lace to have their fun.*
  • ~Two days later~
  • Kali: So How are my girls?
  • Yang: We're great. Blake is sleeping now.
  • Kali: And the advise I gave you?
  • Yang: Works like a charm.
  • Kali: Hahaha. Like Father like daughter.